How To Carry A Skateboard Like A Pro

If you are new to skating, you might not be familiar with the most comfortable manner of how to carry a skateboard so that you appear natural. Indeed, all you have to do to figure out how they do it is to watch the other skateboarders at the local skatepark.

Yet, the reality is that even though there are several effective methods to carry a skateboard, there are also several ineffective ways to hold one.

And I am not even talking about the possibility of appearing to be a poser. It would be a shame to ruin your board because you had been holding it incorrectly.

How to carry a Skateboard

Holding your skateboard in a horizontal position under your elbow with your arm about centered between the truck and your fingers curled around the bottom edge of the deck is the best way to ensure it remains in the most excellent shape possible

Turn its wheels and trucks so that they are facing you to protect your clothing from getting messed up. If you do not mind getting gripe on your clothes and you want to ride in a more natural position, turn the trucks and wheels so that they are facing away from you and let grip tape do its job.

That does not make a difference. The carry remains the same no matter what, and it will not cause any harm to the board either way.

What is the Proper Way to Hold a Skateboard?

The tail and nose are the best grip points for transporting a skateboard. Get a skateboard strap if you plan on carrying it for an extended period. You can stow your skateboard under your arm if you are merely going for a stroll. 

Put the board’s centre under your arm and grab the ends with both hands. You can also hold it by one end in each hand and carry it that way. If you want to protect the wheels from harm, you should always carry them with the wheels pointing down.

Tips for Holding a Skateboard

One of the crucial things you will need to figure out if you are new to skateboarding is the proper method of holding your skateboard and how not to hold your skateboard. Holding your skateboard the right way makes you seem cool and protects your trucks and deck from being damaged.

The following are some pointers that will help you grip your skateboard like a pro:

  • Keep the board closest to you so you have a better feel for its movement and can exert more grip.
  • Bring a backpack with you. Because of this, the skateboard’s weight will be distributed more evenly, and it will be simpler to handle.
  • Consider purchasing a skateboard carrier if you anticipate carrying your board for a considerable amount of time while on foot. These carriers are attached to the back and allow you to carry your skateboard without using your hands. 
  • It is unnecessary to carry your skateboard by hand to transfer it because doing so is simple.

How to Hold Your Skateboard on Your Shoulders

How to hold a skateboard while walking? The “stocks” hold, often known as the shoulder hold, is a modification of the standard side hold.

This hold does much the same as a conventional hold, except it carries the board with its deck rather than by its components. Place your skateboard to rest across the shoulders with the trucks and wheels facing inward. 

Reach your arms up behind the skateboard and grab the top edge with your hands. This will give you a shoulder grip. A shoulder hold, similar to a side hold, should not cause any damage to the board in any way.

Because your hands are not on the bottom of the board, losing your grip while paddling with a shoulder hold is much simpler, which is one of the hold’s main drawbacks.

But paddling with one arm also has the potential to become exhausting after a while.

Holding Your Skateboard By The Nose

A nose pinch is an acceptable form of grip when you will not be gripping your skateboard for an extended period. To nose pinch your skateboard, you need only hold the front tail and pull it up towards your nose. 

After popping your board up between tricks, you typically transport it by its nose. It is correct to carry the skateboard in this manner all the time ), but hands will not appreciate you for it; thus, this is more of a quick carry method rather than a long-term carry approach.

How Not to Hold a Skateboard (The Mall Grab)

In skate circles, gripping your skateboard with one of the trucks is referred to as a mall grab. This method of holding your board is considered the most frowned-upon method for holding the board for the most stupid reasons.

The moniker originated in the 1990s when skateboarding was becoming more popular in the mainstream and skaters considered anyone who carried boards as accessories to be posers.

You have likely seen a lot of other individuals carrying their boards in this manner. Yet, they really should not.

And the following are a few valid justifications for doing so:

1. When you do a mall grab, your leg will suspend your board vertically. This implies that one of your kicktails will always be dangerously close to the ground.

It is possible to inadvertently kick your kicktail if you walk across curbs, ascend or descend stairs, or even walk up a steep hill. 

As you hit your kicktail more frequently, you increase the likelihood of getting chips in the tail and you also increase the likelihood that your deck plies will split. Walking with your board in that manner is an unnecessary risky endeavour.

2. When doing a mall grab, the grip tape on your shoes can only face in one direction: towards your body. This indicates that your grip tape may chafe against your jeans (or leg) when you walk, causing the damage that it will do.

3. If you hold your skateboard by the trucks, you run the risk of the bolts coming free. It is a minor problem, and if you bring a skate tool with you, it can be readily remedied wherever you are, but why put the extra wear and tear on your skateboard if there is no need to do so?

4. Skateboard trucks are gross. However, carrying your skateboard by truck will seem like a far less enticing option once you start grinding on it.

Grinding causes the trucks to wear out, making them harsh to touch, plus causes the trucks to gather considerable amounts of debris, mainly skate wax, as well as the dirt that tends to settle in skate wax.

Grinding also causes the trucks to wear out faster than they would otherwise.

If you grab the board by a truck immediately after completing a problematic grind, you will be reminded that trucks remain working components, not hand grips.

How to hold a skateboard on a backpack?

Let us see how to hold a skateboard on a backpack. Using a backpack that has been created for the express purpose of transporting a skateboard is among the most convenient ways to go around with your board. You can carry the skateboard easily and without using your hands if you do it this way, all while having it close to you. 

Because, of the wide variety of styles and prices offered by this selection of backpacks, it should be easy for you to choose one that satisfies both your requirements and your financial constraints.

Skateboard backpacks are more comfortable than conventional means of transporting a skateboard, such as holding it under one arm and protecting it from damage.

These backpacks allow you to travel around with your skateboard without worrying about hauling around a massive case if you enjoy travelling with your skateboard.

Benefits of having a Skateboard Backpack

A skateboard backpack is an excellent means of transporting your skateboard and all your other equipment. Skateboard bags come in various patterns and styles, so you may pick the one that best suits your needs.

Using a skateboard backpack comes with several advantages, some of which are listed below:

  • Skateboard backpacks were designed to secure your skateboard and maintain its security while travelling.
  • They are also big enough to contain additional gear, such as shoes, clothes, and safety equipment.
  • You can bring your board with you everywhere you go.
  • You will not be concerned about carrying your skateboard by hand or in a bag because skateboard backpacks offer a convenient way to move around with your board.
  • They come with various straps and compartments to help you arrange everything you require for skating.

Holding a Skateboard with Grip tape In or Out

While you are holding a skateboard, you should employ this easy method. Pull it in the centre, ensuring that the grip tape is in touch with your body, and the graphic should face either inward or outward. Holding a skateboard in this manner is the correct technique.

Your arm should be held out in front of the image, and your fingers should be wrapped around the binding just on the side of the board as you hold it. The board should be held tight to your hip.

How to Hold a Penny Board

It should come as no surprise that the same rules apply to a penny board as a regular-sized skateboard, given that they are only plastic versions of regular skateboards. A penny can be held in various ways, including under the arm, over the shoulder, or in the crook of the nose.

Nonetheless, you possess a few more transport choices because pennies are far smaller than regular skateboards.

Several penny board users report feeling at ease when handling the device in one hand. After a while, holding a penny this method will tyre you out, but then you may tuck this under your arm.

Penny boards are shorter than standard skateboards, which might make it more challenging to carry them over your shoulders. Despite this, you can easily carry them over your shoulder because of their short lengths plus light weights.

Hold Your Skateboard However You Want

After reading this, you are clear on how to carry a skateboard. That sums it up nicely. These are the techniques to hold your board so that it will not do any damage and you will not smash it on steps and curbs while riding it.

You should be alright as long as you can gain some leverage beneath the board and maintain a firm grip on it without tugging on the operational aspects.

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