About Us

Skatevella is a skateboarding related blog with many other related categories. We offer almost all kinds of information related to skateboarding and longboarding, such as tips and tricks, skating techniques, reviews, buying guides, and accessories.

These categories have articles that help you to understand the basic to advance knowledge of longboarding and skateboarding. And finally, you can choose the best board that fit your needs. 

Who is the founder of skatevella?

Jerson Taylor is the founder of skatevella, and he writes all the articles on this blog. According to Jerson he is in the field of skateboarding since his childhood. What he is writing is the experience of many years that he spent in this field. 

The specific purpose of the foundation of Skatevella is to spread knowledge and years of experience with all the enthusiasts’ people. Those who love to get some valuable knowledge from the most experienced skateboarders to increase their understanding. 

Skatevella’s mission

The majority of players fail at games despite having a great deal of knowledge about them. Why? They may be masters in their field, but they are unaware of many hidden secrets related to it.

So that is why the main purpose of skatevella is to share all the secrets you need to know to polish your skills. You are lucky that you are reading about someone who invests his precious time, money into different skateboard brands and accessories and shares the final results with you to save you time and effort.

Our team works day and night to share fruitful knowledge with you that helps you achieve your dreams quickly.

If you have any problem or question you can contact us through over contact form we are happy to guide according to your queries.