Nose and Tail Skateboard: What’s the Main Difference?

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Skateboarding is a beloved sport. We all love the great masterpieces done by skateboarders on-ramps, but have you ever wondered What the main difference between a nose and tail skateboard is?

Let’s start our article by explaining the clear difference between a nose and tail skateboard.

Common Skateboard Shapes

Before you get straight into the topic, let’s know the common skateboard shapes.

Rounded Nose or Tail

One of the most common types of skateboards is a rounded nose or tail shape. Most beginners start on these boards because they are easy to learn with, and it does not take much effort to maintain balance.

Tapered Nose or Tail

This is one of the most common shapes on the market. It has a good balance between weight and pop, making it a great choice for many skaters.

nose vs tail skateboard

Cruiser Nose or Tail

These types of skateboards are perfect for beginners to start on because they have a larger surface area allowing them to balance easily. They also have a lower center of gravity, which makes the board easier to control.

Drop-Through Nose or Tail

This is one of the most common shapes amongst professional skateboarders. If you are looking for a board that can easily get through slides and tricks, this might be your perfect match! However, it is not suitable for beginners because it is harder to learn.

Difference Between The Nose And Tail Of A Skateboard

Differentiating the nose from the tail can be accomplished in several ways. Such as

  • Shape
  • Color
  • Brand name
  • Protector


The easiest and most useful way to differentiate between the nose and tail of a skateboard is by its shape. The nose and tail often have different shapes. This difference will be the easiest way to identify the two, as its distinction is very clear.

nose vs tail skateboard


The nose and tail also have very different colors. In most cases, the nose area is much lighter than the deck itself. The tail is darker in color because it’s been stepped on by thousands of skaters. If you’re ever in doubt about which end is which, look at the colors.

Brand name

Different brands have unique designs. Some of the most common skateboards will have a distinctive cut or color for the nose and tail area. It is also possible that different brands could come in slightly different shapes, but one thing is for sure, they are both easily distinguishable.


The protector is another way of differentiating the nose and tail. Some boards come with protective plastic attached to the noses and tails for extra protection against damage.

As we mentioned before, pro skaters step on these areas, so they need this added protection. The pro board typically has a thicker piece covering the area near the trucks, which helps prevent cracks or damages.

Nose vs. Tail Skateboard: Which One Should You Choose?

It is no secret that there are several types of skateboards out there. All of them have different shapes and colors. However, suppose any of these items come with a protector attached to either the nose or tail area. 

In that case, it makes it much easier for our users to differentiate the two because they’ll be able to find their preferred style much faster.

Now that we’ve learned about the main difference between nose and tail skateboards, go ahead and check our collection of best skateboard brands. We’re 100% sure you’ll find your best skateboard there!


With all of that said, the nose and tail are quite different on skateboards. The nose is longer than the tail most of the time, which also makes it lighter in color. The brand name might also help you to identify which one is which! 

Different shapes, colors, and additional protectors for added protection are also helpful ways of differentiating the nose from the tail!

Whenever you have a question or a problem to discuss, you can ask in the below comment box. 

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