How To Kickturn On A Skateboard- Pro Tricks for 2023

The skateboard is one of the best ways to get around in a hurry. In this article, you are going to know how to kickturn on a skateboard. The kickturn skill lets you change direction quickly and without too much speed, making it perfect for beginners who want some fun tricks but don’t know how yet. 

A kickturn is one of the most challenging tricks to master, but it’s worth all that practice. When you do the trick like this and nail its rotation n’ precision on your first try? 

It feels incredible.    

I’ve found the best way for beginners who want to follow these steps is by watching my footwork in slow motion during each phase (steps 1-4). And if those don’t work out as planned.

I always recommend practicing with family members or friends until something comes naturally enough so that riding without thinking about what needs to be fixed can become second nature again.

Balancing Yourself

A balance board is essential for staying in shape, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. All you need are two feet and some determination.

The first step of any good balancing act starts with positioning your dominant foot across the board tail while placing another just above the front wheels so that both knees bend slightly towards the centerline.

Next, adjust shoulders parallel with deck by making pressure down the back leg or lifting nose using an inchworm motion until familiarized no shaky arms/legs doing these steps together- without falling off Balance Boards never looked easier than now.

Standing in a kickturn Position

The way to do a kick turn on the skateboard when walking is by keeping your upper body movements in mind. The first thing that you should remember before anything else even starts happening or has been done

It’s essential for one foot from each side of their body’s weight to shift onto them. At the same time, they’re balancing themselves with steady breathing and relaxed arm muscles.

It eliminates bad habits such as swinging arms which assists people to stay stable yet still allows enough momentum needed due out circumstances like turning corners or going uphill without feeling too much strain over long distances.

How To Kickturn On A Skateboard

The second step involves bending knees slightly before changing positions, so both feet are facing forward at all times; however, don’t forget about using both hands equally rather than relying solely on them. 

Geographical Location

A safe practice area is a key to learning how to do a skateboarding kickturn. For best results, we recommend spacious flat ground without any ramps or obstacles that can cause injury in case of disaster. You’ll also want the space from your house’s driveway down into a primary street park.

These are great places for first-time skaters because they protect while giving you time gaps between practicing on carpet versus concrete surfaces before taking it outside with traffic already stopping at each intersection. 

Step-By-Step Guide

In the following section, you will find four easy steps to practice this trick right on the spot

  1. Start with a duck walk
  2. Frontside kickturn
  3. Backside kickturn
  4. Tic tac kickturn

Duck Walk

The duck walk is an essential skateboarding move that aims to improve your overall control of the board. As its name suggests, this step involves learning to walk forward while keeping both feet on top of it throughout all movements.

From direction changes instance, right down through stability, so you don’t lose balance behind or push off with one foot, too much before switching back again.

The first thing needed for executing this technique properly starts after getting yourself into position: 

Front Foot On-Board Nose + Weight On Backfoot.

For the best experience, it’s recommended that you get a high-quality skateboard from one of these top brands. A duckwalk is when an individual walks on both feet at once.

With their hands close to their body, they balance better than someone was just walking normally; this skill takes some getting used to. But will help in your quest for balancing.

Make sure that whatever board or shoe combo helps teach you how to step first, then shift weight onto different toes as needed before taking off again—no need to risk injury because there are plenty more tricks up our sleeves.

Frontside Kickturn

Now that you have pulled off the duck walk, it is time to learn how to do a Skateboarding kickturn turn. In short, a frontside kickturn directs your board towards one’s toes.

At the same time, in a regular skateboarding stance, bend your knees and move the upper body toward the side of the foot closest to the ground with arms steady.

Put weight onto back foot when reaching right timing push toes down nose immediately practice makes perfect so keep trying different exercises or ask an instructor for help before giving up.

A simple exercise that helps me identify flaws is frontside kicks around in a circle- this supports my ability to ensure stability during turns. 

Backside Kickturn

To kickturn skateboard, start by getting into the balance stance. For this style of backside turning, orient your upper body to one side with feet shoulder-width apart and bend your knees slightly as you put pressure on the front foot (heels).

As soon as it feels comfortable, switch sides so that now both sets weigh equally from heels when rolling onto the board’s edge, then push off again.

It is essential to use safety gear such as helmets and arm guards or knee pads while practicing kickturns because there will probably come a time when the skater has been going too fast without these precautions.

Tic Tac Kickturn

Tic Tac kick turns to combine frontside and backside turns that you will perform at high speeds. To do this trick, push extra weight on your back foot when in motion so it can help move the board forward without needing too much pressure from your feet pushing off the ground for stability.

Just make sure not to put all your force into doing one turn while making another with more resistance given by wheels instead. 

Final Verdict

Skateboarders who neglect to practice basic skills like this one may find themselves stalling out or having trouble switching between tricks.

They cannot sort out How To Kickturn On A Skateboard. This is because quick kicks are necessary for complete control of your board, and they should be timed correctly so that nothing unpredictable happens while you’re practicing with them. 

I hope these tips help make sure these basic skateboarding moves never go unnoticed again. 

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