Can You Skateboard On The Sidewalk? – International Laws

Many people wonder if they can ride their skateboards on the sidewalk. Unfortunately, there are no clear-cut rules to answer this question. It all depends on where you live and what your local laws say about skateboarding.

There might be some areas that allow sidewalk skating and others where it is prohibited by law. The article (can you skateboard on the sidewalk) contains complete information on what the rules are for skateboarding on the sidewalk in the USA.

Can You Ride a Skateboard & Longboard on the Sidewalk?

Skateboarding on the sidewalk is usually not allowed. However, skateboarders should always use common sense and courtesy when riding on the sidewalk. Even though it is illegal to ride a skateboard on most (if not all) sidewalks in the United States, local laws vary across the country.

Skateboarding on the sidewalk can be dangerous for pedestrians who are walking on or near the sidewalk. Some of these dangers include:

  • Falling while riding over cracks and potholes, curbs, and other uneven surfaces. Skateboard riders may also lose control while making sharp turns at intersections or changing directions quickly.
  • Wearing headphones, listening to music through speakers with earplugs, or using an iPod Touch while skateboarding can distract people from noises around them that could alert them to dangers like cars, bicyclists, and other pedestrians.
  • Because helmets are not required for skateboarders in most states, the risk of head injury is much higher when compared to bicyclists or inline skaters (people who wear skates on their shoes).

Sidewalk riding may also inconvenience people because it can make sidewalks less accessible. Some commuters choose to walk or ride a bicycle to nearby destinations instead of taking public transportation.

Can You Skateboard On The Sidewalk.

Because they enjoy the fresh air that walking or biking provides—but this could be dangerous if there are skateboarders on the sidewalk. Walkers and bikers should always keep an eye out for skateboarders when sharing the sidewalk with them.

Skateboarding is illegal in many states. However, the following states allow skateboarders to ride on the sidewalk:

New York New YorkTwo people should not ride near each other.
Don’t forget about other people walking by.
It’s impossible to balance.
FloridaMiami Beach
The whole state
License is needed.
You cannot ride on the police station’s ground.
AlabamaAuburnRiding is not allowed in commercial regions. 
Maine BiddefordIt is prohibited to ride a skateboard on the sidewalks of the Street.
VirginiaVictoriaMain Street is a no-ride zone.
CaliforniaLos Angeles
San Francisco
The whole state
Court grounds and libraries cannot be used.
Don’t ride at night.
Not allowed to ride in the bus stationsWearing protective gear.
TennesseeDon’t play music while driving.
Using more than one vehicle at a time is not allowed.
OhioNorth Canton
Using more than one vehicle at a time is not allowed.
Don’t play music while driving.


Can You Skateboard on an Asphalt Road?

In some cases, sidewalks are constructed from materials that can be ridden on. In these cases, skateboarders must ride the sidewalk as though they were riding on asphalt. Doing this can be dangerous because of uneven surfaces, bumps, and potholes that are common in sidewalks. If you have to ride the sidewalk, you should always use caution.

Is It Illegal to Skateboard in a Parking Lot?

Since people park their cars in parking lots, it is illegal to skateboard on most of them. If you are caught skating in a parking lot, you may have to pay a fine, but in the end, it depends on the owner of the parking lot.

Why Is Skateboarding Illegal in Public Places?

Skateboarding is illegal in public places because it can be dangerous for the skateboarders and pedestrians around them. State laws concerning skateboarding are different in each state, so please check with your local government to learn more about the laws that apply to you.

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