How To Choose Skateboard Trucks for great ride- Buying Guide

When skateboarders need to replace their skateboard parts, they face problems selecting the right board part according to their needs. So if you are searching for how to choose skateboard trucks, the post helps you get complete knowledge about board trucks.

We are happy that you will make a healthy decision before buying skateboard trucks after reading all this information. 

Top 3 Best Skateboard Trucks Of The Year

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  • Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks
  • Gullwing Sidewinder II Longboard/Skateboard Trucks Set of 2

What Are Skateboard Trucks? 

Skateboard trucks are metal T-shaped axles attached to a skateboard deck and hold a pair of wheels. Trucks enable a skateboarder to steer the board and control its motion. A complete set usually comes with eight double-sided axles, four wheels, two baseplates, eight bolts, two kingpins, two cushions, and two nuts.

Trucks are found on the underside of the board. Two hanger rods connect the front and rear truck assemblies. These hanger rods include threaded holes where wheel axles fit with nuts used to secure them in position.

Skateboard trucks are applied in various skating disciplines, including freestyle, downhill, slalom, and freeride. The most popular type of skateboarding trucks is the ones that are tailored for carving or cruising. 

What Are Skateboard Trucks Composed Of?

Skateboard trucks are composed of four parts, the baseplate, hanger, Bushings, and kingpin.


The base plate is a flat piece of metal attached perpendicularly to the underside of the board. It has angled edges and drilled holes where the truck assembly bolts are inserted. Materials used for this part include aluminum, magnesium, and steel. Aluminum is lighter than other materials. 

As such, it makes for an excellent choice for freestyle skateboarding. Also, it is pretty sturdy, which makes for a great base plate, especially when doing tricks.


The hanger is a metal rod attached perpendicularly to the baseplate. Hangers are found on both sides of the skateboard truck assembly. The front and rear hanger rods have two holes drilled in them so the kingpins can pass through them.

Materials used for this part include steel, Chromoly, aluminum, magnesium, and even titanium. These materials offer various benefits such as strength, durability, and weight.


The bushings are teardrop-shaped rubber rings that fit into the hanger of the skateboard truck assembly. Drilled inside the bushing is a hole for the kingpin to pass through with some play, so there is room for movement. 

There are two types of bushings, which include:

  1.      Permanently Molded Rubber Bushings: These bushings come in one general size and fit in most trucks but can be made to work better if sanded slightly. It has a firm feel and is ideal for downhill skating because it offers control over stability.
  1.      Removable Rubber Bushings: These bushings are designed to be removable for adjustments in the trucks. They have a soft feel and are ideal for carving skateboards because of their rebound ability.


The kingpin is the main bolt that holds all of these parts together. Kingpins come in different lengths and threads. The right size and type of kingpin should be used according to the desired truck performance level. 

In most cases, a long kingpin that is threaded down to the baseplate is ideal for carving or cruising trucks, while a short kingpin with minimal threading gives you more stability at high speeds.

Choosing The Skateboard Trucks’ Size 

Skateboard trucks are available in various sizes, which include:

How To Choose Skateboard Trucks
How To Choose Skateboard Trucks


     These are standard board-mounting truck sizes. This is ideal for most types of skateboarding. These fit smaller boards with a deck length of seven inches or less without any modification. It can be used with decks that have mounted wheels and wide trucks. These are the least stable truck that offers more turning ability than any other size.


    These are mostly used for downhill, carving, and cruising decks. Their large body makes them very stable at speeds, but it also prevents turns while making skating difficult on short decks without mounting holes or on too small boards.


    This is considered to be a medium-size truck because of its stability and medium turning radius, which makes it suitable for all types of skateboarding. It has the advantage of fitting decks with or without mounting holes so long as they are not less than seven inches in length without compromising stability at speed.


    This is a standard skateboard truck that you will find on most skaters’ boards because such trucks can be used on any board, even those without mounting holes. It has more stability than 180mm and less than 250mm, making it perfect for street skating.


    This is the largest standard-size truck that offers stability at high speeds. It is found to be ideal for beginners because it allows them to focus on conquering basic tricks without worrying about speed wobbles or falls. 

These are also popular with downhill skateboarders who want high-speed performance. However, skating with them on decks that are less than eight inches will require some modification.

Choosing The Skateboards Trucks’ Styles 

On, the basis of style skateboard truck is classified into three types, which include: tops, mids, and lows. Based on their names, you can determine their height. 

As a result of the wide variety of skateboard wheels available, manufacturers categorize skateboard trucks into three groups.

Choosing The Skateboards Trucks’ Styles 
How To Choose Skateboard Trucks style

High Trucks 

High Trucks are designed for larger wheels. They are suitable for most types of skateboarding because the distance between the hanger and baseplate is greater, which results in more stability. This makes it harder to do flip tricks but easier to handle speed wobbles without falling off your board.

Mid Trucks

Midsize trucks are perfect if you have average-sized wheels on your skateboard. This gives you the ideal balance of stability and turning ability.

Low Trucks

Low trucks are suitable for small wheels as such trucks feature a shorter distance between the hanger and baseplate, allowing more mobility but less stability at higher speeds. This is perfect for those who like to skate on smaller decks with bigger wheels. 

For those who prefer to use decks with no holes or extra long, this is the best truck style as it will allow you the flexibility of mounting the trucks on any part of your deck.


7.25 – 7.6257.4
7.4 – 7.8757.6
7.6 – 8.07.75 / 7.8
7.75 – 8.258.0
7.875 – 8.3758.125
8.0 – 8.58.25
8.25 – 8.758.4 / 8.5
8.5 – 9.258.75
8.75 – 10.09.125
9.0 – 9.759.25
9.25 – 10.09.5
9.75 +10.0

Choosing The Wheel Size For Your Truck

Wheel size is an important consideration when buying a new truck because it can affect your performance. These are based on two measurements, which include diameter and width. Here are some things to consider:

Given that smaller wheels have less contact with the ground at a time, they offer you more control over your board but will result in lower speeds. This is ideal for those who skate on small and technical obstacles and tight spaces where speeds are less important.

On the other hand, large wheels can be difficult to control as they offer high speeds but leave you with less control over your board. However, those who prefer covering more distance at a time would find large wheels to be perfect for long-distance skating or cruising.


After reading the article on how to choose skateboard trucks, you may understand the importance of skateboard Trucks in equipment.

Since there is a wide range of options available, the best way to narrow down your choices is to figure out your skating style and preferred board size. Once you have done this, you are ready to make an informed decision that matches your needs.

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