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As we know, Skateboarding is not allowed in certain areas. When your skateboard is not in use, it is better to keep it in the backpack without holding it in your hand. You can also use your backpack while traveling. 

You can choose a backpack designed for normal use or a perfectly suited backpack for your needs. It all depends on what is most comfortable for you.

How to put a skateboard on a backpack? Your skateboard can be kept in the backpack in a variety of ways. But we will try to discuss some easy and smart methods to put your board in a backpack.

There are two main methods. 

  1. By using the Bag’s straps
  2. Use a holder type backpack

Bag’s straps

1. Put your board in the backpack normally.

2. Now, tie the backpack’s straps properly with the board so that it cannot move from its place. This will now prevent your skateboard from wobbling or toppling over when you are climbing up stairs or walking on narrow paths where there is less space to stand comfortably.

3. The skateboard handle should be facing outside while tying the strap into a knot around it. This way, you can carry your Bag easily and also hang it on hangers like hooks for coats, etc.,

Holder type backpack

1. For this type of backpack, the skateboard has to be kept inside a separate pocket or pouch where it will fit comfortably without moving from its place. This extra pouch can be bought online if you are unable to find one for your backpack.

How To Put Skateboard On Backpack

2. Now, take out the skateboard from its normal position and keep it in the extra pouch that is attached to your backpack properly.

3. This way, your board stays safe wherever you go! You can use this method when traveling by bus or train etc.

How to Carry a Longboard on a Backpack With Straps?

1. Put the longboard in the backpack normally, but make sure that you are wearing it on your back at all times while boarding.

2. Tighten up the straps properly so that it does not fall off when riding.

3. Now buckle up and tighten the straps of your backpack with a belt properly, so it doesn’t move again and again.

4. This way, the longboard will stay safe wherever you go! You can use this method when traveling by bus or train etc.

Do’s and Don’ts:  

  • When putting anything in a bag, such as skateboards, always try to keep it straight without letting it lean over to one side more than others because leaning one way more than another may cause it to fall off.
  • Always keep in mind not to put the weight of the skateboard on its wheels because this may cause damage and affect how well it runs or rides.
  • To stop your backpack from toppling over and falling, always try to tighten the straps around the board and your Bag correctly so that everything stays in place firmly.

Advantages of Carrying Your Skateboard With a Backpack

  • If your skateboard is not with you, it will be safe in your Bag. You can carry it along with you everywhere.
  • It prevents the board from getting dirty or wet when outside because of rain or humidity etc.
  • It also keeps other things perfectly organized inside the backpack, which makes traveling easier[1].
  • This method of carrying a skateboard on a backpack is good for people who are constantly on the move and want to ride their boards at places where riding is not allowed easily.


Now that you know how to put a skateboard on a backpack, you can save yourself from carrying it in your hand or pinning up one side of your jacket while riding. You can also attach a holder with certain backpacks which will help keep your board safe while traveling.

To use these methods effectively, make sure you choose a backpack designed for long use and a holder that will fit your backpack. This way, you can always enjoy safe skating and travel with style.

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