10 Best Blank Skateboard Decks Reviewed & Rated in 2023


Skateboarding is a passion sport. You are able to design the best blank skateboard deck for yourself as you want to. This article will provide you with all the basic information about the blank decks. what are the thing need to be consider for selecting the board as desired.

Skateboard decks can help you explore your creative side. If you are looking for the best blank skateboard decks, you can customize a deck to create something. That’s as unique as it is functional. 

But some custom skateboard decks can be low-quality and don’t perform very well. Just because your new deck doesn’t look like a standard one doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time to review this particular option thoroughly beforehand lest you tick off your skater friends who may have grown attached to their current board design.

We have finalized the list of the best blank skateboard decks for you, which I have personal experience with. You will not regret buying any of them.

Also, we’ll discuss specific features to look for so you get a better idea of what to look for when purchasing the best blank skateboard decks.

Top 10 Best Blank Skateboard Decks In 2023

1. Bamboo Skateboards Mini Cruiser Blank Skateboard Deck

Best Blank Skateboard Decks

Sizes: 18”-22”

Bamboo Skateboards produces a remarkable board with the stamina you need to pull off some tricky moves. One of its best features and making it the Best blank skateboard deck is that it’s built with sustainable materials.

Not only that, but as it’s made from bamboo and maple woods, it’s helping to prevent deforestation in the United States by reducing demand for American maple wood fiber. A cruiser deck would be the perfect replacement for the deck on a new cruiser.

This board is specially designed to fit users of all heights so that you can take the perfect ride regardless of your stature or age. Unlike other boards designed for cruising leisurely downhills, this model has subtle grooves along the bottom, adding support and making-at-home tricks easier to pull off.

  • The best blank skateboard decks is durable and flexible
  • Suitable for heavier riders
  • Perfect balance 
  • The concave structure provides more stability and control
  • Size is small

2. Bamboo Skateboards Best Blank Skateboard Decks

Best Blank Skateboard Decks

Sizes: 7- 8.75 Inches

Do you need the best blank skateboard that will last a long time and have a fantastic pop? Form over function? That is not what you should be looking for in a skateboard.

Instead, you want a product that blends the two seamlessly. You can find exactly what we’re talking about, i.e., the Bamboo Skateboards Blank Skateboard Deck. 

Manufactured by one of the best skateboard companies out there, this board is made of bamboo, which gives it both intense strength and keeps it light at the same time.

Another benefit to this material is that it’s shock absorbent which means you can glide over railings with ease and jump over obstacles without a care in the world. 

Our customer reviews have told us numerous times that happy customers are thrilled to have bought such superior quality skateboards built to last even after car accidents. 

  • Suitable for the pop
  • Environment-friendly materials are used
  • It is durable as both a maple and bamboo hybrid deck 
  • Light-weight and shock absorber
  • Too flexible for some riders

3. Skateboard Collective Shaped Blank Skateboard Deck

Best Blank Skateboard Decks

‎ Sizes: 33 x 9 x 2 inches

If you need a blank deck to draw whatever you want on the bottom of it, the Skateboard Collective Shaped Blank Skateboard Deck may be the best choice.

The base of this deck has been left blank so that you have more room to create your customized art on a skateboard.

However, the deck may be so expansive that a long-wheelbase would help support it. A short wheelbase may lead to wheel bite (when the wheels cut into the deck).

Although this board is great for cruising and commuting from place to place, it isn’t recommended for riders who want to practice complicated tricks.

  • Stable and durable deck
  • Suitable for cruising and commuting
  • The wheelbase is short

4. CCS Logo Blank Skateboard Deck

Best Blank Skateboard Decks

Sizes: 7” to 8.5”

Last on our list is the CCS Logo Blank Skateboard Deck. Another one of the good blank skateboard decks for cruising and tricking, this 7-ply Canadian maple deck is excellent for beginners and pros, not unlike the brand that gives it its name.

You’ll find this deck in six different sizes, including the standard size with 32-inches in length and 7.5-inches in width.

A concave plus asymmetrical design provides more stability and balance. Include, too, that its shape makes it ideal for riding in skateparks and on streets, making this a versatile option for any border.

  • CCS is known as Brand decks
  • The concave plus symmetrical design
  • Stability
  • Great performance
  • Not Lightweight

5. ICE DRAGON Maple Skateboard Deck

Best Blank Skateboard Decks

Sizes: 8.00”-8.375”

Although I’m getting older, I still love to skateboard, just like an adult version of when I was younger, as a teenager. One thing that helps in this is these boards that make it possible.

The Canadian Maple Skateboard Deck from ICE DRAGON is one of the best-looking decks and has something so particular about it, which makes it stand out among other boards already on the market. 

This 7-ply 100% Canadian maple skateboard deck is a pro-quality deck made with context stains that may differ from standard 7-ply Canadian maple wood – making each board look unique! It also has a mellow concave structure which offers a bit more control over the action on your skateboard when using this deck.

And lastly, there’s an excellent graphic design featured on it, so if you order one these days, you will be sure to have fun and look good doing it simultaneously.

Besides the overall size of the skateboards, there are different size wheels, and you could choose to go along with your boards.

There is a difference in length for sure, but the width of all three sizes are uniform at 1.96”, which makes them ideal for most kinds of tricks and stunts you would want to perform on your board or simply cruising around with.

  • Canadian Maple seven-ply structure
  • The bearing load capacity is at 280 lbs
  • Concave performance 
  • It doesn’t have gripping tape

6. NPET Blank Skateboard Decks

Best Blank Skateboard Decks

Sizes: 8.0″,8.25″,7.75”

If you are looking for an extraordinary double kick board with a super strong deck made from 7-ply Canadian Maple, look no further than the NPET Blank Skateboard Deck.

Measuring a total length of 31 inches and a width of 8 inches, this deck will give you just the right amount of concave so you can perform ollies and backflips.

One of the most attractive things about this paddleboard is how strong the materials are. The product can withstand appalling weather conditions thanks to its UV and water-resistant wooden core.

When compared to other paddleboard boards, NPET’s decks have additional stability and balance, making it easier to find your center of gravity while standing on them. It’s so lovely that you can enjoy all these features at a pretty affordable price, making it a lot more fun to use.

  • Concave is perfect for tricking
  • Perfect for large weight
  • Versatile deck 
  • Pre-drilled holes 
  • It can have surfaced over cracks over time

7. Stoked Ride Shop Blank Skateboard Deck

Best Blank Skateboard Decks

Sizes:7.75” 8.0” 8.25” 8.5.” 

As Stoked Ride has over 12 years of experience in the skating industry, there can be no doubt about its decks’ quality.

If you’re looking to find a great board, we suggest looking into the Stoked Ride Shop Blank Skateboard Deck. This board is 7-ply Canadian Maple, and it has just the right amount of stiffness and flexibility for any rider out there. 

What’s more, the double-kick popsicle shape is ideal for cruising as well as performing tricks either for a beginner or a pro skater – whether you’re learning how to skateboard or not!

This board could be an excellent choice if you are searching for something that may prevent blisters on your feet or improve your overall skating experience.

To add even further, this professional quality deck measures 32 inches long and about 7.875 inches wide, so it can be easily stored away when not in use.

  • The double-kick popsicle deck 
  • Suitable for tricking and cruising
  • Quality construction material
  • Grip tape is not available

8. Moose Blank Skateboard Deck

Best Blank Skateboard Decks

Sizes: 7.25-9.00 Inches

There are a total of 10 sizes available. You were looking for a Canadian maple deck that can stand up against moderate impact as well as is lightweight?

Look no further than the Moose Blank Skateboard Deck. Not only does this board look cool, but its 7-ply Canadian Maple has been pressed together with industrial glue and is flexible enough to withstand any obstacles you might come across while skating. 

In addition to durability, this board is known for flexibility which prevents it from snapping in half when faced with brutal impact. Finally, we’d also like to throw in there that the deck features a modern concave, so the nose area is larger than the tail, something we think you’ll enjoy once you start skating your new deck.

The top-notch truck hardware this board employs supports any and every type of skateboarding style you can think of. Originally designed to last for five months, this board is still going strong even over a year later. What’s more, the price is excellent for what you get.

The most common problem with this board is that the wood sometimes comes apart. We’ve done our best to combat this problem by implementing a special glue, but it still happens sometimes. While we are on the topic of adhesives, it’s worth mentioning that some people feel the grip isn’t an ideal choice for comfort levels.

  • The blank deck is very much flexible 
  • Stable because of modern concave 
  • Lightweight 
  • Grip tape quality needs improvement

9. Blank Decks Warning Skateboard Deck

Best Blank Skateboard Decks

Sizes: 7.75 and 8 Inches

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly deck, this is a great option to consider. It’s made of high-quality wood and should last you up to 2 years with proper care. The warning board comes in two sizes. One is 7.75 inches wide, and the other is 8 inches wide. 

The wider size is good if you are starting because it allows you have extra room to stabilize yourself while learning the correct stance to be in control of your skateboard.

If you want a board that’s good for dancing, then the Warning is one of the best dance skateboards out there! We liked how it fit the needs of beginners looking for proper instruction when coming to know about the mechanics behind skateboarding.

It’s fantastic that you can use this product on any surface or terrain, too, because not all characters are created equal, and soils can vary as well.

Also significant is that no matter what kind of weather you’re up against, your dance skateboard will be fine because of its waterproof design. 

  • Budget-friendly for your pocket
  • Use it ideally for two years
  • The deck has enough space
  • Extreme temperatures do not change the quality
  • Beginners will enjoy it more than pro skaters

10. Cal 7 Blank Maple Skateboard Deck

Best Blank Skateboard Decks

Sizes: 7.75, 8.0, 8.25 and 8.5 Inch

Moving on from our previous recommendation, we’d like to introduce you to the Cal 7 Blank Maple Skateboard Deck.

This deck comprises seven layers of Chinese maple wood instead of 6 with many other blank skateboards you can buy in stores.

Cal plans when it comes to construction and the quality of materials used. This board will certainly not snap under pressure.

Whether you want to play a little just for fun or prefer more action when you’re cruising the streets, this Cal skating deck’s asymmetrical popsicle concave design allows it to be great for many different types of skating.

  • et exciting colors and sizes
  • Maple over the paint can be seen clearly
  • Symmetrical popsicle concave is for all riders
  • Durability is weak

What are you going to get?

Blank decks have a natural, rugged aesthetic to them. They don’t include any official logos or graphics usually. Either; they’re just the natural wood of the deck. If you’re broke, blank decks are a great way to save some money if you want to get into skating because getting one is cheaper than buying an actual logo board. 

You’ll probably be able to assess quality pretty quickly, even if you’re new to skateboarding too! As long as it’s not your first time buying a skateboard and you already know your size, replaceable decks are good in case you end up breaking one. 

And don’t forget, if you want something that features the brand name or other graphics for personal reasons later on when you’ve progressed in skill level, there are always pro decks out there that aren’t meant for beginners but experts. 

Why do you need to Buy Blank Skateboard Decks?

Here are some crucial features that compel you to use the blank skateboard deck. The width of the wheelbase is one of the most important measurements when considering buying a skateboard.

The standard size ranges between 13 and 15 inches, with an average measurement of 14 inches. The last skateboarders consider the height they are using on it. You might have noticed that tall people typically prefer a wider wheelbase than those shorter in stature.

This allows them to feel more at ease while skating down the lane instead of feeling overwhelmed or less secure riding a smaller deck. If you decide to make some alterations to your board, be mindful of how they could affect your experience while surfing around with it. 

Price of Blank Skateboard Decks 

As mentioned earlier, Blank decks are comparatively cheaper than pro-boards. In a blank deck that you can design yourself, the additional costs for graphics are cut down.

Moreover, Blank Decks are plain and available in many vibrant colors that you can choose as per your taste which is mostly not available on professional decks.

And as they say, “Necessity is the mother of invention!”, Grabbing a board game is like inventing yourself.

Customization of the blank deck is more straightforward.

Skateboarders are naturally attracted to blank boards because of the limitless opportunities they open up for creativity. A blank skateboard is just a blank surface until you decide how to decorate, design, and modify it. For example, you can paint, add stickers, and apply deck sleeves.

Even if your chosen sport cannot be altered – which many techniques are something that skateboarders do to make their sport more fitting to them – then there’s nothing stopping you from modifying your board’s shape or style.

Some professional skaters even make their look unique by creating their designs on blank decks. If you want to customize your board according to your personality, go out and purchase a blank deck and try putting some sketches down on paper first to understand what feels suitable for you.

Own Your Identity

Personalizing the graphics of your board shows how much you love skateboarding. You can always pick pictures that match your style, but it’s always more fun to make a custom design.

Think about all the different things you love to do while skating and try to include them in your masterpiece.

Features to Look for Buying the Best Blank Skateboard Decks

Material of the Deck

Style matters, especially when it comes to skateboards, but the brand is more important. Knowing your style and pushing the limit of quality will never go out of fashion.

Usually, decks with bamboo or carbon fiber layers infused to add more strength and flexibility are made from 7-layered plywood. Many great brands such as Sector 9 and Girl also feature 8-ply or even 9-ply construction.

Decks made in Canada are known for their quality and materials. Excellent quality can be found in Canada and the US, where most skaters prefer to buy their equipment. Whatever you choose, make sure it feels appropriate for your lifestyle as a skateboarder.

The shape of the best Blank Skateboard Decks

When choosing the best blank skateboard decks, you have some room to customize it according to your preferences. However, consider style and shape in line with your skating ability, weight, and height.

It is essential to observe the weight capacity to protect yourself from injury and preserve the product’s life. The shape of a board should match the way that you skate.

If you are looking for assistance or specific advice regarding what size or type of deck might suit you best, contact our friendly customer service staff, who are always at hand!

Know the Brand

When shopping around for the best deal possible on high-quality blank skateboard decks, you should begin by looking at the manufacturer. Take into account any review sections or comments on different skateboard forums that may help inform you about which brand has the highest quality.

Also, make sure to see what else those brands might offer, such as bearings or trucks for skateboards, that could further improve your overall experience. And of course, be sure to check out where else blank skateboard decks are sold.

Rails of the best Blank Skateboard Deck

If you need to know about rail shapes for ramps, flow parks, and pools, you should familiarize yourself with a few popular types. These unpolished rails will keep your shoes in place during riding.

Wheel Base

In the case of skateboard trucks, two bolts control the width of each track. The distance between bolt holes is usually 13 to 15 inches. In addition, there is also a lever that allows you to alter the distance between trucks from 0 inches to 12 inches.

You can go for a long-wheelbase if you’re tall and need stability while riding, whereas shorter people tend to choose a shorter wheelbase if they feel insecure while rolling down the pavement.

Bear in mind that the alteration of your wheelbase will affect your riding variations – it will play a vital role in how you feel when biking down the street.

Pros and Cons of the Blank Skateboard Deck 

Lastly, it’s vital to start thinking about a brand and what you’ll want from the deck as you’ll need to decide based on the manufacturer and quality of the product; with so many different choices and options, it can be challenging to pick one out.

While many brands offer reasonable prices and value for money, there are also others that charge upwards of $100 for a single the best blank skateboard decks because they’re made from wood instead of plastic – be sure not to get caught up. In a cat-and-mouse chase for resources.

We suggest looking at customer reviews or finding some on different skateboarding communities so you can find the ideal place to buy blank skateboards if you’re still not sure what’s right for you.

Final Verdict

Finding the best blank skateboard decks is a tad more complicated than it sounds. However, with some thorough research and a little guidance, you can easily find something that suits your riding preferences.

If you’re looking for decks for beginners, you have many great options. 40 out of 50 top-rated models are beginner-friendly.

The selection would be somewhat tricky if you’re looking for boards that suit other disciplines like board sliding or street skating. Here are some points to help get you started:

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