10+ Best Skateboard Trucks for Beginners and Pro

Are you excited about skateboarding and want to get a pro? Remember, you cannot get the best skateboard until all the parts are at their best. One of the essential parts is good skateboard trucks. We are here to find the best skateboard trucks for you. 

Following is the list of the best skateboard trucks for beginners and at a pro-level for different types of skateboarding. 

Best Skateboard Trucks In 2023

1. Independent Stage 11 Skateboard trucks – Set of 2 (139(8.0″))

Best Skateboard Trucks
ModelDeck WidthAxle Width
1397.8” – 8.2”8.0”
1448.1” – 8.5”8.25”
1498.25” to 8.65”8.5”

Independent Trucks are one most well-known and best skateboard brands, with the Stage 11 Skateboard trucks being at the top of their game.

These low-height trucks have a large turning radius, which is good for stability as you quickly turn on your board. Land over more significant distances is more excellent from ground level into hills. 

Otherwise, uneven terrain without having difficulty controlling. Where exactly it will roll once launched off each footstep’s impact point downslope through various levels including flat spaces and silent except maybe birdsong heard faraway.

Heavy breathing spoke breaths away only barely discernible sounds sloshing water drops sputtering leaves rustling grasses crinkle paper wrappers flapping pages raven claws raking lightening crackles thunder. 

Over the years, Stage 11 trucks have proven to be one of skateboarding’s most versatile and durable truck brands.

They are best known for their high-quality street skating options which come with an excellent turning radius and sturdy metal bushings.

That makes them butter smooth on grinds without sacrificing too much control at lower speeds. It means you’ll find it easier than ever before to slide through every type of street obstacle or rail in your local area. 

The downside? These beautiful pieces can get pretty loud when first put into use, so keep some earplugs handy but don’t worry because this will go away after break-in time has elapsed.

The heavy-duty 11 stage skateboard trucks are perfect for riders who want to invest in their safety by slowing down progression.

These boards have an extra sturdy kingpin and axle with forged metal, making them strong enough even when they’re not spinning as fast.

  • Lightweight 
  • Durable
  • Grade 8 kingpin
  • Cushions with a cylindrical bottom
  • Best for street skating and grinding
  • A Little Costly
  • The trucks are a bit high in height

2. Thunder Polished Hollow Lights 2 Trucks

Best Skateboard Trucks
ModelDeck Width

Get the Thunder Polished Hollow Skateboard Trucks if you want to ride on any terrain and are looking for a robust and durable truck that can take whatever your skateboarding throws at it.

With high-end features like forged axels with hollow kingpins as well as lightweight baseplates made from aerospace aluminum alloys, these trucks will never let you down.

The smaller size 49mm low riding models may cause wheel bite due to their extreme cuteness, but nothing is stopping us risers, so we should be good and go ahead and order up.

But if you are looking for the best skateboard decks to use with your trucks, be sure to check out my post here. Thunder Trucks are versatile and robust enough to handle even large hills or rough terrain while still having excellent responsiveness in tighter spaces like small gaps between cars on crowded streets.

These things will give any trick-heavy street rider an edge over their competition, thanks not only to their strength but also how responsive these wheels turn, making them perfect for flip tricks as well as grinding all types of obstacles at high speeds.

Thunder Skateboard Trucks are the best truck for tricks, with a smooth grind and buttery response. They come pre-bound so that you can get on your board right away.

These trucks have some innovative features that make them stand out from other similar products, making them the best skateboard trucks. 

This set comes with complete bushings that will turn nicely without chatter or roll-off while flipping through gaps between whoops.

These are also known as ollies throughout park setups; finally, their hollow design makes landing quickly on flat ground because there’s less weight pulling down at takeoff height, making it easier to do flips over more significant obstacles.

  • Smooth grinds
  • The turns are perfect
  • Lightweight and 
  • Little maneuverable
  • Durable
  • Few products have shown wheel bite

3. Venture Polished Skateboard Trucks

good Skateboard Trucks
ModelDeck WidthAxle Width
5.0 Hi and Lo7.9″ and smaller7.62″
5.2 Hi and Lo7.9″-8.1″8.0″
6.18.62″ and up8.75″

Venture Polished Skateboard Trucks are the best for grinds and speed. They have a durable forged baseplate, polished aluminum silver hanger with loads of stability that will keep you going at full pelt but also gain enough acceleration to lose those pesky slower riders in your way.

If manual all day is what has been calling out, then these low truck options from Venture might be what you’re looking for.

The best skateboard trucks give more lean than standard high-end trucks without sacrificing turn radius or maneuverability too much.

They are perfect if grinding on the flat ground runs dry spots more easily while feeling less sketchy about turning because plenty is happening underfoot, whether cruising around town or slalom racing down hillsides.

The hanger is straight while the radius is small, meaning when you grind, you can catch on chunky ledges. To prevent this, lean back so that your weight doesn’t push all of those trucks together. Make for hang-ups during a manual or trick landing with these boards. 

Thanks to their hefty construction, they have an active but sturdy pop, which feels great as it lands after doing something tricky.

They’re also perfect if you want more control over how high up they go by using pans at either end – giving snappy tricks extra oomph because there’s less chance of getting stuck mid-air thanks again for its wide kingpin clearance.

  • The best pinch compared to other trucks
  • Budget-friendly
  • Great for landing skateboard tricks
  • Quick
  • A bit heavier

4. CCS Skateboard Trucks

good Skateboard Trucks
ModelDeck Width
109 – Raw Only7.0”
129 – Black Only7.5”-7.7”
139 – Raw & Black8.0” – 8.25”
149 – Raw & Black8.5″+

CCS Skateboard trucks are the best choice for beginners looking to learn tricks and street skating. They come with hardware, have a great turning radius (compared to manual), medium pop when riding on them compared to other types of skateboards.

These also make it easy to make basic moves like ollies because they provide a good grip without feeling too soft or hard, depending on your preference.

One downside about this type? The weight they’re not light. But if you don’t mind having more durability over speed, then go ahead & take advantage during those first few months until everything clicks smoothly into place.

CCS skateboard trucks are medium quality but still the best skateboard trucks and come in several different sizes depending on your riding style.

They’re not as durable but offer excellent essential performance for ollies or three stairs. Their slim baseplates make them perfect for rails. This pair of trucks is recommended if you plan on grinding some curbs. 

  • Best skateboard truck for beginners
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Budget-friendly
  • Can wear out quickly

5. Paris V2 & V3 Skateboard Trucks 

Best Skateboard Trucks
ModelDeck WidthAxle Width

Paris V3 Trucks are known for being one of the best skateboard trucks, but they make smaller trucks perfect for smaller cruisers and skateboards.

These heavy-duty sets have a urethane bushing made with high-quality materials that last longer than many others on wheels or boards alike.

They also come pre-installed with an 8mm grade 8 steel axle paired up to precision ground ball-bearing metal kingpins designed specifically by Paris themselves.

This means no more worrying about stripped axles while out sliding around town (or even just cruising).

If you’re looking at getting some new reverse King Pins, these would be great ones since riders recommend them highly when it comes down to making technical moves feel less complicated, thanks in part due.

The V2s and V3s should be your go-to trucks if you want to cruise or practice tricks. They’re durable, curvy but also strong enough for grinding.

The downside is that they can squeak after some time, so it’s best not to use these in skate parks with other boards where there are lots of people who don’t know how to fix them when something breaks – just oil them up quick before an encounter though because the metal makes this bearing anyways.

The good news? It doesn’t take much lube at all: apply thin layers between each cup (and its corresponding bushing), then smear around until everything feels evenly coated; repeat as necessary.

  • The product is highly durable
  • Best for grinding
  • Not available for street skating

6. Ace Classic Lightweight Skateboard Trucks

good Skateboard Trucks
ModelDeck WidthAxle Width

If you want to turn your board like butter, get the Ace Classic Skateboard Trucks. These trucks are made from 7071-series aluminum and 3056 steel axles that have been heat-treated for precision turning, easy flow, and smooth grinding. 

They are also offering a lightweight experience with rockered hangers, making them better than most other grinders out there.

The slightly lower kingpin configuration makes these things go precisely where you point it giving way fewer instances of getting stuck on anything or having any awkward stall during turns at high speeds (which we all know can happen). Plus, they come in several different widths, so finding one suitable enough to fit yours will be super easy. 

The top bushing is tall and hard, making it difficult to turn. If you need any adjustments, leave the stock bottom bearing with the washer alone but swap in another more elevated component for more responsive filming on your next skateboarding adventure.

With Ace Trucks being higher than most trucks, they’re perfect if that’s what does suit your style. These parts will help keep speed through turns and deliver an unpredictable edge while sliding downhills.

While performing stunts like ollies over gaps–in other words: stay low-lying when riding these bad boys so as not to break anything important (I recommend getting at least two pairs).

  • Durable
  • Best for the griding and pool skating
  • Available in Different sizes and models
  • Take some time to adjust

7. Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks

good Skateboard Trucks
Deck WidthAxle Width

Aluminum alloy is used in Havoc Skateboard trucks to make them strong and lightweight. They’re affordable, making them some of the best skateboard trucks for kids or beginner skaters who want to save money on their purchases. Still get quality equipment without having too many different decks from brand-name companies like Plan B. 

If you’re looking into investing your hard-earned cash on something that will last long enough before needing replacement, then there is no better choice than these top-of-the-line Havocs 5pcs KPS72mm+ mounting hardware kits, meaning they give excellent grip tape options as well. The King Pin screw placement also helps prevent wheel bite.

The bushings in my trucks made me feel like I was skating on concrete.

They were not great and very stiff, so instead of skating them out with the stock ones. It is recommended to replace it with bones that already have a nice flex but are also much softer than steel or aluminum.

That way, you can break these bad boys down without feeling too disappointed when there isn’t enough give left behind by an old set. 

  • Available in a lot of different colors
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Solid
  • Kingpin is long 
  • Paint scratches

8. Tensor Trucks

Best Skateboard Trucks
ModelDeck WidthAxle Width
5.07.5″ – 7.9″7.625″
5.257.8″ – 8.2″8.0″
5.58.1″- 8.4″8.25″
5.758.3″ – 8.7″8.5″

Tensor trucks are known for providing stability and durability. They’re not as heavy, so hitting the ground isn’t going to hurt as much when you ollie or grind on them; this makes it easier to get higher by pushing your feet less to being planted in contact with dirt while doing tricks.

Testers also noticed that these wheels could make spinning more effortless since they’re smoother than other types like IRs, which create resistance during slides because their baseplates angle inward at dangerous angles. Something we all know how difficult those things were backside 180’s.

However, if someone has more giant shoes (and doesn’t have money), they might want them. When you find a truck on complete setups, it’s usually because they’re great for all-around use. My Globe Cruiser had these types of trucks.

Though beginner riders might not mind their lack of turning capabilities as much, experienced skaters will always turn up their noses at something less than perfection when it comes to performing tricks with ease or stability in mind. If I wanted those things going forward, the heavier duty would work better.

Eric Koston skateboard wheels made from magnesium tend to break faster but provide more durability, so if serious stuff matters most, this could be worth considering before buying anything else.

In the world of longboarding, skaters want their boards to go as fast as possible. But when you are trying to keep up and maintain speed for a prolonged period at one spot, in particular, there is no time left over from any other activities like eating or talking, so that can become frustrating too.

But thankfully, Tensor Truck upgrades have made the lightest trucks accessible by many different brands. It means we’re all able to break some ground on what was once thought impossible feats with our skateboards just because everyone now has access (and hopefully will continue doing so).

  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for grinding and technical tricks
  • Lifetime guarantee 
  • Bushings have better control
  • A little be careful while using very durable

9. Grind King Trucks

Best Skateboard Trucks
ModelDeck WidthAxle Width
5.0 Disruptor87.5″ – 8.0″7.67″
5.5 Sparks and Disruptor8.0″ – 8.25″7.87″
6.0 Sparks and Disruptor8.5″ 8.5″

The Grind King trucks are iconic for a reason. They have an almost perfect design, with just the right mix of colors and graphics that make you want to skate them all day long.

The best part about these bad boys is how they ride – nobody can argue against this company’s quality when using any product they produce.

And now? Well, if someone didn’t know better than me, I would say great things come back from hiatus. After just being gone a while because sure enough, there was some Radness (that word again) coming out of Canada as well, giving us another winning pair in 8-Ball bearings + concrete decks readymade?. We may be small, but our reach.

The bushings (with built-in washers) aren’t for everyone, and it will take quite some time before you break them in. If that sounds like something your jam is doing, these are perfect.

This set has a lot of great benefits, such as being suitable to use on medium concave decks with steep angles.

Which provides plenty amount pop while also giving off an excellent manual balance feel at speed. They have a more fantastic grip when landing tricks require more stability or if there’s no room left due to their inverted kingpin design providing even better clearance than other brands.

  • Lightweight
  • Super strong
  • Suitable for grinding
  • Non-wheel bite
  • Design for trick skateboarding
  • A little noisy.

10. Krux

good Skateboard Trucks
ModelDeck WidthAxle Width

The Best skateboard Krux Trucks are among the most reputable and best skateboarding brands. Krux Standard Silver Polished truck has hollow down lows. 

The base plate makes it perfect for street skating or manuals. Still, it can be stiff at first, so ride them with an edge until they’re broken in.

Later, tighten up just enough to avoid looseness when turning on your board to help maximize grip without compromising responsiveness.

At the same time, turn the bushings into shape depending on what type of riding style suits you most. Loose-footed aggressive skaters will want bushings outfitted with lots more turns; those looking specifically toward stability might opt instead. 

Having an excellent kingpin clearance is essential if you plan on grinding a lot.

  • Lightweight
  • Affordable for a small budget
  • Suitable for grind
  • It takes a few days to adjust

11. Mini Logo Trucks

good Skateboard Trucks
ModelDeck WidthAxle Width

The Mini Logo Raw Skateboard Trucks are perfect for skaters who want to grind all day and not break a sweat. They come with precision 8mm axles, an upward-curved hanger that locks you into your grinds, lightweight baseplate combined with medium 94a bushings that will keep them responsive, so no matter what tricks get thrown at us.

These trucks can still hold up. Not only do they look good but also provide durability, thanks in part because their construction uses high-grade pivot cups alongside raw aluminum King Pins (no, seriously).

The wheelbase length is short, making it an easy turn without sacrificing stability or power while allowing enough room between each tooth of wheels; this makes ollieing feel effortless. 

The Mini Logo Skateboard trucks are suitable for street skating, and the turning ratio is less turny than Independents. These trucks make it easy to pop your board, but you will have a more challenging time ollying or doing other tricks that require higher pops because they don’t give as much leverage when grinding on these grinds with these plates in place.

They also happen smoother due to having flat spots, which makes them perfect if all you want to learn is how to skate (or practice) without worrying about messing up anything by trying something new too quickly. The only drawback may be plastic pivot cups, so keep an eye out if any break–replace them immediately. 

  • Budget-Friendly
  • Suitable for grinding
  • Accurate turns
  • Durability
  • The pivot cup needs a little more support.

12. Bullet Skateboard Trucks

Best Skateboard Trucks
ModelDeck WidthAxle Width

If you want to start skateboarding, I highly recommend Bullet Skateboard trucks. They are durable and lightweight with a high-grade cast aluminum hanger that has no slip for the best stability during turns or when pushing off of hillsides, like some other brands do not offer this feature.

These features make them perfect for first-time skaters because their low design makes it easy on beginners’ knees while still having straight solid wings so they can grind well as long as there are suitable bushings installed onto your wheels.

I recommend taking the bushings out and sanding down a few millimeters from each kingpin. The trucks have an improvised washer-less bottom seat which makes tricks easier.

  • Good for Beginners
  • Pocket Friendly
  • Grind well
  • Bushing needs improvement

13. Core Skateboard Trucks

good Skateboard Trucks
ModelDeck WidthAxle Width
7.09.0″ +9.63″

You can’t go wrong with Core Skateboard Trucks. They are made of lightweight aluminum alloy hangers and heavy-duty baseplates. Which have super high rebound (SHR) bushings to make them responsive or smooth depending on your preference.

They also provide a consistent ride no matter where you’re going up hills. Plus, these trucks give plenty of clearance for grinds, so whether it’s street skating in downtown LA or alpine slopes near ticker-tape downpours – these low-profile ones will get the job done. 

These trucks are perfect for those looking to step up their skating game. These rams guarantee that you can turn on a dime, and they’re durable enough not only in the park but also outside of it.

They come with all kinds of options, so maybe these will work well with them regardless of your skill level.

Even an advanced skater who wants more stability while turning at high speeds or someone just starting as a beginner would benefit tremendously. 

This purchase is more accessible than ever before, knowing how much control one has over their board when riding Downhill style without having too much trouble controlling steepness.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Available in Different Colors
  • Suitable for grinding
  • Quality is Normal

What are the Best Skateboard trucks: and why do you need them?

A skateboard without the right trucks is like a car with no wheels.

Skaters can customize their ride by purchasing different types of boards and selecting from an array of bushings, baseplates (or Trucks), hardware kits, or grip tape to create something unique for themselves as well as match what they’re doing at any given time.

Whether it be sliding down hills on your own two feet OR racing another person along city streets.

A skateboard truck is the metal housing that attaches to your board and provides stability.

The trucks connect in three ways: kingpin (at each end), cunt- mounting hub at the middle, or Swiss Cheese system with both types of axles on one side only for Independent Trucks – which means they don’t need a pivot like other types of wheels to do.

Skaters use these parts because each type has its pros/cons depending upon how you plan on using them: some riders prefer lighter ones while others would rather keep things heavy-duty all around; some find that having more traction helps make tricks easier.

The Different Types of Skateboard Trucks

Don’t forget that street and bowl skating require different types as you plan what kind of truck to buy. Street riding may be better with more loose trucks, while ramp skateboarding requires tight ones for stability at high speeds.

For street-style riding, you may need a flexible and comfortable truck for bowl skating or cruising on the vert ramp – where stability is key to keeping yourself upright while maintaining speed.

Then it’s good if your board has tight trucks that won’t bounce around during fast movements.

How to Choose the Best Skateboard Trucks for Buying

When looking for the right size of skateboard trucks, they must be flush with your board. If you know what width is being used and feel whether or not this will cause wheel bite issues, go ahead and get them.

All different styles come in various sizes ranging from straight hangers, which allow for turning quickly without hitting anything else on top of each other; to curved mountings such as hollow kingpins made out of steel alloys plus bushings inside these parts, so no metal touches any part underneath when turned 360 degrees – making stunts easier than ever before

The type I recommend most would be called “thrusters.” These types can turn faster because there might only be three set screws holding everything together.

Features of a Good Skateboard Truck

Truck Width

The question of what size trucks you should get depends on the width of your deck. If it’s too narrow, they will be unstable and unable to turn well. If more than an inch between decks, wheel bite can happen, which hurts speed control when pushing or cruising around town.

In both cases, this causes frustration for skaters looking to ride smoothly without having their shoes hit any obstacles along their path. 

If they are too wide or narrow, you will experience wheel bite on either side due to instability when trying not only to rids but also to push yourself around in a straight line with one foot planted firmly against it at all times.

A good rule would be ¼ inch from being an exact match if possible; anything less might result in problems later down the road.

Truck Hangers

When looking for the best trucks, there is one crucial detail that every skateboarder should know. The hanger or “T” shaped part of your truck holds onto an axle and pivots so it can turn quickly on flat ground. However, different shapes will do this differently depending upon their purpose.

Wider ones are better at riding than shorter ones with less stability. They allow skaters more room to move around while still providing responsiveness in tight spots like street skating, where movement matters the most. 

The type of hangers available typically comes down to two major categories:

 Long Asian-style Pivotal (or short Swedish) Axle Mounted Versions have recently been popularized here due to their suitability for some types of risks. 


Baseplates are a crucial component to any board, as they mount the truck and hold its parts in place. The kingpin is attached with pivot cups that connect onto base plates for stability when driving or scooting around turns. 


Axles pass through the hanger to hold your wheels in place. The bearings sit between each set of holes, allowing for free movement no matter how much weight you put on them. 


Bushings are the small urethane cushions that help turn as you apply pressure from your feet into your trucks. Like picking out skateboard wheels, there is a wide variety of stiffness to choose from, depending on what kind of ride you want.

Stock Bushings usually provide just enough softness for beginners who would rather have their board be stable than accelerate quickly, but hardcore may prefer more responsiveness.

They’re equipped with harder ones instead. If it’s easier when riding smooth pavement or trying massive tricks where speed matters most, look no further because this will make all the difference.

Pivot & Pivot Cup

When installing your truck, be sure to apply some wax before putting the pivot cup back on. Wax will stop any noises caused by friction and help keep your board in top shape for longer. 


The kingpin is the component on a skateboard that holds it together. It faces inward, like inverts for longboards and backward grip frames, whereas short-sided downhill boards use an outward-facing design with their trucks to provide clearance when turning sharply or riding off of jumps.

Grind King’s inverted style helps riders who want more stability underfoot due to its ability to mount backward, so there isn’t interference while making turns. 

The truck profile

A low truck means it has a shorter kingpin. These trucks sit more down to the ground, which offers more stability and extra clearance for grinding on street skating or technical terrain like trails with roots that could cause you trouble if not prepared properly.

I recommend getting this type of deck because then your wheels will turn easier without any risk at all. A high-truck would also offer better compatibility when looking into larger than little kid’s sized equipment, so feel free to take advantage while they last. 

Difference Between Tight Trucks and Loose Trucks

You might think that tightening your trucks will make you faster and more maneuverable. But tighter trucks are better for vert skateboarding than loose ones, as they offer stability at high speeds like making big drops when doing tricks such as kickflips; plus, tight trucked boards don’t get wheel bites.

Losing the tension on a board can help in certain situations: these looser wheels allow riders to do crooked grinds or smithies with ease. But beware of getting caught up by their looseness if attempted carelessly.

It’s best not only to pick out which kind suits your skating style most effectively through trial-and-error but also to invest wisely into tools designed specifically towards adjusting either type too. 

Skateboard Trucks to Get according to the Styles of Skateboarding 

Skate Park

Transitioning from ground to ramp skating, vert skateboarding involves doing tricks on or next to an elevated structure. I recommend getting a versatile truck-like Independent Skateboard truck for this type of punishment. 

The transition between flat ground tricks and ramps can be challenging. It would help if you had something rugged enough to not only take your abuse but also offer excellent handling characteristics.

Hence, you’re able to get up there fast without slowing down too much while performing these acrobatic moves that require quick reflexes to execute them well enough.

Vert Skateboarding

Vert Skateboarding is a sport that involves riding on skate ramps. Most people transition from horizontal to vertical to perform tricks, and I recommend getting super stable trucks like Independents if you want better control over your board while doing so.

Bowl Skateboarding

Bowl skating was developed in the late 80s and early 90s. It’s all about doing tricks while turning at an angle, kind of like bowl-shaped curves on a skateboard.

Bowl trucks are looser, so use them if your truck is too stiff, or else they may cause some slippage when you turn, which could lead to unwanted accidents with obstacles along the way.

Indy Trucks do well for this type because it’s got plenty of grips but didn’t get stuck easily even though it rolls slowly compared to other brands’ boards. 

Street Skateboarding

Street skating is all about tricks and grinds. I recommend getting the Thunder Skateboard Trucks as they are low profile, making it easy for beginners to learn new techniques without risking.

When trying out slides or other advanced moves, a high-profile skateboard truck in their mouth requires an increased risk factor due to potential collision with sidewalks along busy city streets where speed bumps could be present. 

Don’t forget: Safety first – always wear protective gear while doing your favorite activities like this one so you can have fun without worrying about sustaining injuries from falls onto concrete surfaces. 

Mini Ramp

If you want to do a vertical transition, I recommend Independent Trucks. They’re great for skating half-pipes and vert skateboarding.


For cruisers and skateboarders who don’t want to deal with longboarding, I recommend using Paris Trucks.

They turn quickly, which makes cruising a breeze. If you are looking for some awesome boards with outstanding durability and style while doing it, check out my blog post about the best brands in this niche.

Final Verdict

It’s no surprise that the best trucks for skateboarders come from Independent, a company known to make high-quality products with good durability.

The Stage 11 Skateboard Trucks are perfect if your riding style is all over the board – they have an excellent turning radius and balance, making transitions easy as pie.

These bad boys can take care of themselves when you put them through their paces on mini ramps or pool decks, too, so go ahead pick up some new wheels today.

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