How To Ride A Longboard For Beginners To Pro Level

The longboard is a famous skateboard among newbies, but many don’t know how to ride a longboard for beginners in the right way. It appeals to both sexes and helps people be more robust as well as sociable-friendly.

That’s why we are here with an extensive guide on putting your first steps into this great sport – because practice makes perfect after all, and there will always come back up when you need us.

Should Beginners Choose Longboards?

If you are a beginner, longboards are your best bet. They’re easier to control and ride than skateboards at first because they have less slope on them, making falling much more likely for new skaters just starting in this sport.

A short longboard is a type of skateboard with smaller wheels and soft urethane or plastic slides. The deck length varies, but it’s usually around 24 inches long to 30″. This size helps new learners who have not yet gained confidence balancing while standing on the board without falling off.

How To Ride A Longboard For Beginners

They are more comprehensive than other brands’ shorter boards which would’ve made them more unstable in this position at first without practice from riding different sizes until finding one you enjoy best. How some people prefer cruiser bikes over mountain types depends on their personal preferences.

The shape itself typically has big trucks for stability when attempting tricks as well; these help measure distance between your feet since longer distances equal higher risk factors involved, so take extra care if going fast. 

Tips For Beginners On Longboards

Selecting The Suitable Longboards

A longboard is a versatile and fun way to commute, skate or cruise. Pick your type based on what you want from it, whether that’s sliding down the street without worrying about traction with hard wheels in mind for experienced riders looking at beginner-friendly options.

Selecting The Suitable Longboards

Wanting something more prominent so it’ll feel easier and give more stability during turns because of its increased size (the longer ones will accommodate those who have mastered their skills better). No matter which one you decide upon, there are some essential details before making such an investment:

Wheel size choice can also make all kinds of different types come alive depending on how fast-paced one wants their ride. At the same time, material quality helps keep things reliable over time too. 

Select Good Protective Gears

Longboarding is an exciting, adrenaline-fueled sport that people of all ages can enjoy. As long as you have the proper protective gear and know how to use it properly, your chances of injury are virtually eliminated.

You should wear a helmet when performing tricks like street freestyle or downhill style because bad landings would result in severe head Trauma if not protected with proper safety equipment such as slide gloves/gauntlets, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, etc.

How To Fall Should be First Learning

I learned to fall in the best way possible—with both feet on the ground. Learning how to land correctly will help reduce your risk of severe injuries and make you a better longboarder, too!

Fall backward or forward off your board as needed for different surfaces: dirt roads are more accessible than hardwood floors, so use that knowledge accordingly when learning this technique.

Roll onto one shoulder first before rolling over onto another side by pulling arms inwards towards the head. 

It would help if you always were careful about falling because being aware enough can save us from getting injured badly.

 Need Partner To Practice Together

The sport of longboarding requires many qualities, such as patience. Not everyone can start at the beginning and master it right off the bat so keep motivated. Partnering up with someone else will help you in your journey towards the balance on board.

How To Ride A Longboard For Beginners

Somebody there when we fall too many times is also suitable for our spirits because they support us. Sometimes that person might push themselves into dangerous areas due to encouragement from others around them- like friends or siblings–to get back out there again. 

Watch Videos To Learn How To Ride A Longboard For Beginners

The Internet has a vast source of instruction videos for you on the very first days of longboarding. It’s more visual and tangible than theories only–the best part being that there are tricks available in every level from beginner to expert, so even if your skills aren’t up yet, someone else can show them through video! Plus, it helps keep things interesting, and who doesn’t want new challenges?

The search engine on YouTube alone contains over 55 million videos with step by steps showing how complex skateboard moves like ollies or manuals could be executed flawlessly (depending upon what kind they happen).

The easiest way I’ve found finding good tutorials quickly was by doing an advanced Google.

Determining Your Feet and Stance:

How do you know which foot is the front? Is it your right or left? Will they be bearing all your weight as well? When turning or kicking with another one in between them? 

If that’s a question for beginners to answer – then we’re talking about regular stance here! Otherwise also known as scissors, goofy-stance, etc., but most likely not yet knowing what feels best because this basic stuff takes time if one wants any progress made on their skating skills in the first place, so don’t worry too much. 

Start with Using A Low Stance

Learning to ride aboard is far more than just standing up and balancing on one foot. It’s necessary, though not as vital as finding your balance point or stance when first learning the ropes of skateboarding.

That you see an appropriate position for sitting towards the back with both feet planted firmly into their corresponding trucks (the bearings holding wheels). As this basic foundation has been established, it will become more manageable—and ultimately funner!

The critical factor in determining which type of riding posture works best out-of-the-box: low vs. high+forward


If you’re starting to learn how to ride a longboard for beginners, then keep reading. In this article, we’ll cover the basics and share some tips that every beginner should know.

We also have a video for complete beginners who are looking at taking up board sports like skateboarding or surfing as their hobby – it’s called Rocket boards 2″ inch wide.

The Manual 45 rpm speed truck’s flat bottom aluminum alloy dual-wheeled short deck curve carver authoritarian slide shape agility street style urban trend toy with ABEC 7 bearings. 

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