How Much Does A Skateboard Weigh? Does Weight Matter for all riders

How much does a skateboard weigh? Does the weight of a skateboard affect its strength? Is it possible to do the same tricks on a light and a heavy skateboard? How does my own weight affect my performance?

The answers to these questions will be useful if you’re a skateboard enthusiast or an interested hobbyist. In addition, I addressed the question many people have been asking: Are there weight limits for skateboards and skateboarders? This article will liberate you with its facts.

Is skateboarding suitable for everyone?

During the early 20th century, the first skateboards appeared – crude boxes with roller skate wheels. Surfers had to wait for rolling waves at the time, so this was designed to relieve their boredom.

Eventually, this so-called “sidewalk surfing” evolved into a worldwide sport, recreation, and art that captivated millions of admirers and fans.

The thrill of skateboarding is no longer reserved for surfers. This activity does not require you to be a skilled skateboarder.

Is skateboarding a good activity for everyone?

Physically fit people, including children, can participate. The skateboard has become a popular mode of transportation as well. Skateboards, however, have their own limitations. When they are overstrained and overloaded, they can snap.

Weight Factor

Let’s start by discussing how a skateboard’s weight affects its strength and performance.

Skateboards are allowed to weigh between 3.1 and 5 kilograms (7-11 pounds), but there is no official limit.

Longboards used for transport, cruising, and downhill races weigh between 3.6 and 5 kilograms (8-11 pounds). The battery and motor of an electric skateboard (e-board) weigh more than 12 kilograms.

While light skateboards are easier to manoeuvre and perform tricks with, they are known to snap easily. Although heavy boards are less manoeuvrable, they can carry heavier riders and absorb more impact.

However, you should keep in mind that a board’s lifespan isn’t determined by its overall weight. A skateboard’s parts, including its deck and trucks with their respective weights and measurements, play a major role in its speed, manoeuvrability, and endurance.

Skateboard Deck

Skateboard decks come in so many brands, colors, shapes, and styles. So their weight varies accordingly.

Some skateboard decks are a bit heavier than others, so they weigh more than others. Generally, the deck comes in 7 to 9 layers. The fewer layers are, the low weight it is. The normal and recommended deck weight is 1kg to 1.2kg.

All those skate decks made from Bamboo wood are lighter than the deck made up of 7 layers of compressed maple. But in some cases, maybe the deck made from the same wood is lighter because instead of seven layers, just six or maybe five layers of the same maple wood is used in it. 

The lighter skateboard deck is easy to lift and maybe much more preferable than a normal board Because you can easily perform your skating tricks and stunts. 

Many experts claim that the lighter the board will be, the more lifeless it is. Usually, when you are jumping towards downstairs etc., it has a low capacity to bear pressure. 

  • Deck Width
  • Age
  • Shoe Size
  • Height
  • 7″ or Less
  • 8 or Younger
  • 6 or smaller
  • 4’4″ or less
  • 7″- 7.5″
  • 9 – 12
  • 6 – 8
  • 4’5″ – 5’2″
  • 7.5″+
  • 13+
  • 9+
  • 5’3″ +
  •  Skateboard Truck

    The truck is attached directly below the deck. The weight of skateboard tucks depends upon the size, design, and manufacturing companies.

     It weighs around 350g (0.77 pounds). We need a double truck, which means the total weight of trucks should be around 700g. 

    skateboard truck weigh, How Much Does a Skateboard Weigh

    Trucks are commonly constructed in the same way, but they differ in height, width, and material makeup. Steel, aluminium, titanium, and magnesium are used in its construction. The major components are the base plate, Hanger, axle pin, bushings, kingpin, and kingpin nuts.

    Whenever you are interested in buying a skateboard, make sure you are choosing the right truck for you because it decides the efficiency of your board.

    Skateboard Wheels

    Skateboard wheel weigh

    The standard weight of skateboard wheels is not supposed to be more than 250g (0.55pounds). 

    However, longboard wheels weigh up to 400 g because they are bigger. All four wheels are the same in size, shape, and weight.

    Urethane or plastic is used in skateboard wheels. At different degrees of hardness, they have different characteristics. The small and soft wheel has more grip with low resistance, while hard and larger wheels are good for slides and stabilization.

    Skateboard Bearings

    Skateboard bearings are the smallest part that plays a vital role in creating the wheel’s rolling motion. A pair of bearings are used with each wheel, so the skater needs eight bearings, weighing around 100g.

    Most people don’t know the actual functionality of skateboard bearing; actually, bearing helps the wheel roll on its axles. Each bearing contains 6 to 8 balls packed in the middle of two shields and wrapped in a disc-like body.


    skateboard grip tape weigh

    There are two sides to grip tape. One side is directly attached to the board. And the other side, like sandpaper, creates a good grip b/w the board and the skater.

    Usually, the grip tape varies in many colors and designs. It weighs 150, but after the plastic has been removed, the actual weight is 130 g.

    How to Choose the Right Size Skateboard?

    Suppose you are new and wish to pursue your journey as the best skater. We will help you to pick the best skateboard deck size to learn more easily in a very short era of time. 

    When you become an experienced skater, you will know which size is comfortable, but we recommend choosing a deck size on your shoe size until this time. 

    While selecting between different skateboard decks, keep in mind that always go with a larger and wider skateboard deck because it gives a lot of comfort and stability when riding on it. But On the other hand, for technical skating and flip tricks, a small deck is the best option.

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