How Much Does A Skateboard Deck Weigh? Does It Matter to the Speed of Ride?

How much does a skateboard deck weigh? Does its weight have an impact on your performance? 

These questions may be pop into your head the first time you purchase any setup, but knowing what’s best can be tricky without some research done ahead of time and while we’re at it. 

Let’s take care not to get too overwhelmed by all those numbers when looking through possible decks; they are different for everyone and could influence which trucks or wheels would work well depending on where one wants their style (or preference). But before getting started with finding YOUR perfect setup. 

Keep reading below about some tips from someone who knows exactly why these things matter so much. 


Width6.5 – 6.75 inches
Average Weight Capacity45 pounds
Skater’s Age5 years old and under
Shoe SizeSize 3 or under


Width7 inches
Average Weight Capacity59 pounds or under
Skater’s Age6 – 8 years old
Shoe SizeSize 4 – 6


Width7.3 inches
Average Weight Capacity63 – 89 pounds
Skater’s Age9 – 12 years old
Shoe SizeSize 7 – 8

Full Size

Width7.5 inches and beyond
Average Weight Capacity195 pounds
Skater’s AgeOver 13 years old
Shoe SizeSize 9 and up
How Much Does A Skateboard Deck Weigh
How Much Does A Skateboard Deck Weigh

A Skateboard Deck Weigh

Decks are the boards that skateboarders ride on. They come in different shapes and sizes, with the most popular ones being made from maple wood laminate layered together to form a sturdy yet lightweight deck measuring 7-8 inches wide by 2 1/2+ pounds (1 – 2kg). 

Bamboo is another common material used for making decks; it’s noticeably lighter than Maple but still offers lots of grip due to its grain patterning beneath your feet when skating.

The more wood plies the board consists of, the heavier it becomes. However, some efforts have been made to lower weight by constructing a six-ply construction with glue used. It can be problematic because they often weigh just as much if not more than what’s deducted from your skateboard deck due to its technology infused into them.

Which makes it more robust and lighter for optimal performance, among other things like durability, so while there are many variables when looking at how heavy or light any given, one might start out depending on where you buy yours locally vs. online, etc. Generally speaking, though, if we’re talking about people who skate recreationally, then typically.

Element Helium Endeavor is known for being the lightest skateboard deck available. It could be designed to have featherlight technology and reduce weight without compromising durability with five hollow air chambers.

Like other manufacturers’ attempts at making a lighter product usually do, this ensures that skaters will execute different skills with ease no matter what type of discipline they are involved in. 

Different Factors Influencing The Deck Weight

Material of the Deck


Maple is a lightweight and dense wood, making it one of the most widely used materials in skateboard decks. The fiber-rich characteristic makes it more robust than other heavier types such as oak or Douglas fir. 

However, this also means that maple boards are incredibly stable upon impact. Maple has 7 to 9 layers with an epoxy coat for increased durability up until 220 pounds. 

With carbon fiber making stronger, quality boards that are considerably lighter than maple wood, Revolution Enterprises’ Revdek is a prime example of this new trend in the world of skateboarding.

“Carbon versus Maple: Which One Will Give You More About Board?


A bamboo skateboard is an excellent choice if you’re trying to be environmentally mindful. Bamboo boards are lighter and less durable than maple ones, but they offer other advantages, such as being more flexible for handling rough terrains or making sharp turns with little hassle.

Vinyl Plastic:

Some people like to skateboard on vinyl plastic Penny boards. Although these are lightweight, they’re not as strong or stiff enough for tricks. They can be challenging to maintain because of the material’s flexibility, making them more suitable to commute than performing stunts in a long-distance event such as vert skating. There might not always be someone around who knows how tight spots feel good when you need help. Bamboo Skateboards will hold their shape better if something goes wrong during transportation, causing damage rather than breaking all over again.


  • The Classic Popsicle is the most popular shape for street and park skating. It features a nose, tail that is similar in shape to make it easy to switch stance. 
  • The old-school shape, with a longer nose and tail, makes it more comprehensive than other skateboarding styles. It’s intended for transition riders who want to smoothly change between landings rather than doing jumps or anything else in their repertoire of tricks – though many new skaters like using this kind because they’re easier on your feet when skating around town.
  • The transition-style board is a combination of old and new, perfect for riders who love both street skating as well as sliding around on hills. The modern shape offers pronounced pop popsicle concave with an arced tail. 


The size of your skateboard deck will affect how heavy it is. The wider the board, the more material is needed for construction, which adds extra weight on top of what you’re pushing around. 

The larger or smaller a skater’s style – from aggressive-cruiser riders down to small toddler cruising–the more specific their ride needs to be in order not only to feel comfortable but also stay injury-free.

At the same time, they shred through city streets at high speeds every day after work ends early enough days. Thanks again, technology overload is creeping its way into our lives. 

Final Words

A lightweight deck helps you pull off the tricks easier and contributes less weight, making transporting it on a plane less hassle.

You’ll want to make sure that your skateboard matches what’s been mentioned in this article since its size can affect performance if not chosen correctly–so be careful when choosing.

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