10+ Best Longboards for Heavy Riders in 2023 – Latest Reviews

Having the best longboard for heavy riders will be great. It would be best if you had the best quality longboard that is suitable according to your weight.

Weight does not matter as long as you are interested in the sport and practice frequently. More importantly, choose the right deck size, the best wheels, and the best materials too.

If you want to learn more about the best longboard for heavy riders or bring one to your home, this article is for you. We give our best recommendations of the top 10 best longboards below:

1. Sector 9 Aperture Longboard

est Longboards For Heavy Riders

The Sector 9 Aperture longboard is the best for pro riders, in general, and heavy ones too. It has a sturdy bamboo deck with responsive trucks.

That will make you feel at ease and provide stability when riding on hills or rough terrain such as concrete sidewalks, which can sometimes cause wheels to lock up due to lack of traction.

The company also specializes in making boards tailored specifically towards specific purposes like our “heavy” mode. They do it by adding extra concave near each end, allowing users who weigh more than 220 lbs (100kg).

But they still want their board to snap back after falling inclination without gaining excessive speed along way downhill, thus becoming dangerous if the rider wasn’t expecting rebound force reaction time.

This skateboard’s 36″ long and 9″ wide deck is perfect for large guys to land making it the best longboard for heavy riders.

The premium wheels are as large as 74mm 78X, affixed with ABEC 5 bearings, making them smooth and durable on various surfaces (including skating over cracks).

Additionally, the bamboo flex gives off a dampening feel when you’re pushing into your turns while also remaining quiet during its ride, thanks in part to drop-through trucks that keep rubbing away at speed or if you want to go hard without slowing down too much. 

  • Ensure Stability
  • Wide board
  • Good quality bamboo wood
  • A little costly

2. VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete

est Longboards For Heavy Riders

The VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard may be an excellent choice for female riders thanks to its stylish design and durable construction.

The large deck of this longboard measures 43 inches in length, making it longer than most other boards from similar manufacturers that typically range from 36″ – 40″.

 Additionally, 8-ply heavy-duty maple wood makes up all parts except the trucks, made out of 5Star polyurethane bushings (you can find these at any skate shop).

This material withstands weight capacities ranging between 150 lbs – 250 lbs without breaking or cracking under pressure, meaning you’ll have no problem riding around town as well on hills.

I also like how symmetrical decks reduce wheel bites while giving smoother rides because they’re easier. 

The 78A large wheels and 7-inch Reverse Kingpin trucks take this board to the next level. The ABEC-9 bearings give you all of your speed without sacrificing accuracy, which is perfect for any rider, regardless of their size or skill set. 

  • Friendly on the pocket
  • Best shock absorption
  • Stable
  • High-quality material
  • The grip tape needs improvement

3. Atom Drop (41-Inch)

est Longboards For Heavy Riders

The Atom Drop is a longboard that has been primarily for heavy riders. It features an aggressive design and low concave, which allows you to push harder while still being able to maintain control of your ride.

This board includes all sizes, so no matter what your needs are or how big or small they may be, we have something perfect just waiting in the wings right here at our shop.  don’t wait another minute before checking them out today.

The Atom longboard is a 41-inch deck that’s similar in size to some others on this list, meaning heavier men will find it comfortable and stable making it the best longboard for heavy riders.  

The combination of maple laminate, urethane materials with aluminum components ensures the board won’t get broken down even through speedy or bumpy surfaces.

What’s more? Reverse Kingpin trucks wide super high rebound wheels ABEC 9 Bearings are available for secure riding fun no matter where your adventures take you.

It rides smoothly over any terrain while staying firmly attached, thanks to its reverse kingpin. Mounted disc brakes make stopping easy without having too far reach

  • Best for downhill and cruising
  • Durable
  • No wheel bites
  • A little noisy

4. Loaded Boards Dervish Sama Bamboo Longboard

est Longboards For Heavy Riders

The Dervish Sama Bamboo Longboard is a high-performance loaded board for beginners and pro riders – as long as you understand how to use it properly.

Made of bamboo with two layers of sandwiched fiberglass, the board weighs only 10 pounds but still responsively flexes when riding through hills or pumping your legs on the pavement.

The dimensions are genuinely spacious at 42×9 inches. There’s plenty of space between each wheel so that stability isn’t compromised whatsoever, even though this comes at smaller sizes than most other boards do nowadays. 

It has three different ratings: beginner-friendly 45-degree concave shape (perfect if starting); medium mellow spinal curve 60 degrees convex 30 percent of belly flatness middle.

You can use a longboard over multiple terrains. Meanwhile, the Dervish Sama won’t be off after one ride.

  • Comfortable wide deck
  • High-Quality materials
  • Expensive

5. Kahuna Creations Longboards

est Longboards For Heavy Riders

Kahuna Creations Longboards are the last on my list, but it’s one of those boards that heavy riders rave about.

The features include an ultra-heavy and durable deck with sturdy trucks for stability. There is also an excellent paint which I didn’t mention before. 

It doesn’t need to be said since it’s an integral part in making this product appealing due to design specifications like 10 inches wide (47 inches long), weighing around 260 lbs maximum rider weight capacity.

You can ride all day without getting tired of worrying about breaking something if you are not careful enough.

Even though these decks may seem difficult at first because they’re significant. You’ll find yourself adapting quickly once again after. 

  • Maximum weight limit
  • Reliable trucks and materials
  • Smooth carving
  • The trucks need adjustment 

6. Bamboo Longboard 

est Longboards For Heavy Riders

The Bamboo Longboard is the next big thing in boards. At first glance, you might think that this high-quality and straightforwardly crafted piece of wood will do nothing for your riding experience. But we’re here to tell you its features fit for any size rider with a 190lbs weight limit.” 

The deck itself is out of durable bamboo, which eco companion as well as being able to withstand an average-sized person pushing down from their feet comfortably without too much difficulty or discomfort – making these great and making them the best longboard for heavy riders. 

In addition, the trucks are 5-inch aluminum. By providing excellent support during games and reducing weight without sacrificing durability or quality, this upgrade is sure to please your inner collector. 

The only downside might be some squeaking noise from time (or lack thereof), but you can fix that by greasing up those hinges with a little more lube than what’s on hand right now while we’re still at home.

The truck mount will not only make skateboarding easier for people who want an all wheels setup. They’ll also add new levels of customization through different inserts such as urethane bushings if desired – something even.

  • Budget-Friendly
  • ABEC-9 bearings and aluminium trucks
  • Durable 
  • Trucks need adjustment

7. Magneto Longboards Bamboo Longboards

est Longboards For Heavy Riders

When you think of a bamboo board, the first thing that comes to mind may be Magneto Longboard Bamboo.

True enough this high-quality ride sells itself and makes it ideal for different riding styles from cruising to dancing with its lightweight construction made up of 3-ply bamboo, which provides excellent flexibility combined with fiberglass reinforcements.

The materials and construction speak volumes about durability: The deck consists of sturdy three layers; one being pure peeled strips while another two are composed mainly by fibers pre-glued together into what we call “matrix”.

This blend gives way better strength than either component alone without sacrificing any flexibility or traction properties. 

You can ride with confidence on this board because it’s lively and responsive. It has the right flex for riding whether you are carving turns or pushing out of turns–it won’t make your feet feel numb from being too stiff or soft.

The concave also offers extra comfort underfoot when doing tricks where some might end up landing near their heels due to deeper kick tails that provide more control during landings.

  • Comfortable deck
  • Durable material
  • Designs are ideal 
  • Flex is reasonable for heavy riders
  • The trucks are a little weaker

8. WiiSHAM Longboards 42 inches Complete

est Longboards For Heavy Riders

As you can see, the WiiSHAM Longboards are pretty similar to their competing products in terms of price and quality. For example, they have symmetrical decks with impressive illustration art that make for a great ride experience.

Similarly, they also craft high-quality Canadian Maple wood, making these boards at their core and ABEC 9 bearings. 

Ensuring maximum responsiveness when riding off-road or indoor surfaces alike while still handling hills efficiently without feeling sluggish during turns because there’s extra traction. 

You won’t be able to tell the difference between VOLADOR’s 83A hardness wheels and durable aluminum alloys. They will support your slide on asphalt or streets, but one more feature worth noting is their stents.

These small additions make for a complete package thoughtfully planned by designers who know how important such details can be in skateboarding as an activity.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Durable board deck
  • High-quality trucks, wheels, and bearings
  • Speed is low

9. 121C Boards Orbiter Carbon Fiber Cruiser board

est Longboards For Heavy Riders

Orbiter Carbon Fiber Cruiser is the smallest board on my list. If you’re looking for a lightweight, compact Longboard that’s affordable, this is a good option.

This carbon fiber frame is lightweight yet holds incredible weights, even though made from carbon fiber. The deck on the 121C may be unbeatable.

The deck on the 121C is from upcycled carbon fiber. Due to its lightweight and strength (think hypercars, rockets, etc.). It is essential to keep the weight of 121C very low – only the wheels and trucks are of any fundamental importance.

The only downside is the price of this complete. It is pretty expensive. Although the total cost is about the same as other premium boards on the market, it isn’t that bad.

26inches long, 7.5inches wide, and with a small kicktail, this deck measures 26inches. It is comparable to the size of a penny. The room is a bit small, but it’s great if that’s exactly what you’re looking for. 

Finally, its components are pretty high-quality too. On the whole, this board is a good build. If you prefer a more giant board that is more comfortable, it is small for many riders. You might want to consider getting the 121C size if it suits your needs.

  • Made of pure carbon fiber materials
  • Matte and smooth finish Waterproof, truck proof
  • All parts are in the USA
  • Lightweight 
  • Expensive 

10. Landyachtz Evo

est Longboards For Heavy Riders

This longboard is solid hard, and the platform is low. The decks at the drop-down are more prone to stress fractures. 

The Canadian hard maple tree wood makes this board solid and durable. One of my favorite riders, Bricin Stickers, uses it regularly to ride Evo.

It’s easy on the feet because it’s low to the ground but still has that powerful pop at faster speeds or over different types of pavements.

The deck of this skateboard features a wedding, which allows for more stability and easier balancing while still making the board agile.

The 9-ply maple construction makes it strong enough to take people where they need to go in their daily lives, whether that’s school or work. 

The trucks are high-quality Bear 852s with grip tape on them. So you can accelerate hard when needed. Without worrying about slipping or rolling away due to durability. Suppose anything was ever at your truck during an accident.

Lastly, but most importantly: big fat 72mm wheels mean no matter how steep those hills may seem, there’s always space between each wheel groove, just waiting anxiously at your fingertips. 

The Evo is a high-quality board that doesn’t break the bank. It may not come as cheap, but you won’t regret your purchase if it’s anything like my friends who were all pleased when they got their hands on one and me. 

The reviews are glowing for this longboard, backed by a reputable brand name in the snowboarding/skating world.

The White Wave Company, which has been around since 2003, makes them an established company with years worth of experience behind the release of its product.

  • Board is flexible 
  •  solid and keeps feet locked 
  • Great board for beginners 
  • High-quality construction and materials
  • Trucks may be loose. 
  • The grip tape wears quickly.
  • Heavier 
  • Costly 

Buying Guide for The Best Longboard for Heavy Riders

We list the best longboards for heavy riders of all levels. It doesn’t matter if you are just a newbie or already experienced in longboarding.

We have the best longboards that suit your weight and skill level best. The factors to consider when buying the best board for heavy riders include:

Maximum Rider Weight

What matters most in this section is the maximum rider weight the board supports. As you surf/roll downhill, more weight from your upper body will add to the stress on any weak parts.

That’s why it’s a must to make sure your best board can safely take up 120 kg in weight before making a purchase decision. For lighter riders, this figure may drop down to 100 kg maximum supported weight.

Deck Size

You might have heard that the best longboard for heavy riders is best on shorter boards. That’s half true only. While the more enormous deck offers more surface area to balance your weight, the high leverage will put tremendous stress on any parts of the best longboard.

If you are concerned about getting less speed because of a higher center of gravity, check out the best drop through mount board, which allows you to reduce the height of the board by 8 inches or so without losing too much surface area for balance and stability during riding.

For best cruiser longboard, slightly longer decks are best suited for big/heavy riders as they allow more foot space while using the same size wheels.

See Also: Top 10 Best Longboard Decks

Wheel Base 

This section relates how far front trucks are from rear ones. The best longboard with a short wheelbase of 10-11 inches will give the best experience to lighter riders with good balance and stance skills, whereas heavy/older players might find it too small.

If you are either big or planning to use the best longboard for downhill racing, the best board with a 12-14 inch wheelbase is best suited for you.

Importance of Flex 

You don’t need the best flexible longboard if your weight is high. Even the stiff one will work great if your skill level is high enough to keep up with it.

However, avoid very stiff decks (like pine wood) that cause extra stress on joints (ankles, knees, etc.) when riding hard downhill with steep slopes.

Best Longboard Deck Material

While the best longboard for heavy riders should be of the best quality maple wood, other materials like bamboo might be best suited for lighter-weight players.

Longboard Truck Size & Type: 

Heavy decks require beefier trucks as well as precision bearings to withstand higher stress. However, if you are a lighter rider and experienced enough to make the best use of smaller boards/trucks, they will work best with heavier weights.

More importantly, try to reverse kingpin longboard trucks if planning to use them for more downhill racing/sliding.

Other Features:

If you are riding mainly for fun or cruising around town casually, choose an all-terrain best drop-through board, which works best with all surface types without any best longboard issues. Another feature to consider is the best kicktail for freestyle best longboard tricks.


Last but not least, the best inexpensive best drop-through board works best for you if you are on a tight budget.

However, do put some more bucks into it if you can afford, as said earlier, better materials equal a better experience. Just don’t go overboard.  

1. How can big guys play carving on longboards?

Big guys need to have the best longboard for heavy riders. Longboarding is all about carving. If you just put some new tricks on it and get yourself a new best longboard of severe riders, you will be able to blast out the best downhill longboards.

2. Is there a weight limit for longboards?

Well, the best longboard for heavy riders is an expansive deck and wheelbase. That’s not all. The weight cannot stop you either.

3. What sizes should heavy riders choose for their longboards?

Riding stylesBoard lengths (inch)
Cruising28 – 46
Downhill36 and more
Freeride38 – 42
FreestyleNo limit

4. How to keep the painting on the longboard durable?

Choose from a variety of options, including acrylic paint, house paint, or sharpie. We recommend oil-based paints because they are durable and easy to blend with vinyl stickers that can stick before painting over them for added protection against scratching the board itself. 

Final Verdict

Are you feeling overwhelmed by our selection? Picking the best longboard for heavy riders can be challenging. But it’s worth your time to search for one that fits you.

The best longboards are listed above, and we have a buying guide with even more details. So it becomes easy for you to choose in the market and narrow your selection by considering the above options.

Don’t worry if you are a heavy rider anymore. Longboarding is for everyone despite the figures and numbers. Choose any one according to your style of longboarding.  

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