Top 15+ Best Skateboard Bearings In 2023- Enjoy smooth skating

Looking for the Best skateboard bearing? Depending on if you prefer doing tricks or riding street, your preference in type matters.

There are various kinds of skates available with different materials that will help them glide smoother and roll faster when they hit ramps and handle taking curbs/staircases or ollies.

So it’s essential to find out what kind meets all those needs before making any purchases. So here is our self-tested list of the best skateboard bearings for you. 

Best Skateboard Bearings Reviews

1. Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings

good skateboard bearings

If you’re looking to buy some affordable and great-quality skateboard bearings, look no further than Bones Reds. These famous ball bearings have one of the most classic designs in skating.

They come with a 22mm outer diameter x 7 steel balls per pair (forged from high-grade stainless steel) precision cut Dragon spacer.

Which helps optimize performance by creating an interference fit between races that reduce noise when rolling across cracks or pavement while also providing more control over your ride due its smooth transition properties.

The sealed bearings are easy to take apart and clean when needed. If you maintain them, they will last for ages.

These pre-lubricated reds skateboard Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings do not come with washers or spacers, but it comes with a good quality tool that helps break in any new graphics easier on your board trucks as well if need be. 

The Bones Reds bearings are perfect for trick skating like ollies, and the nylon ball retainers have so much strength that you can ride rails, curbs, or streets.

They’re also silent when they spin, which makes them safe on any surface – making these your go-to skateboard bearings.

Bones uses high-quality materials to ensure durability in even the roughest environments; their speed rings provide great range per kick while maintaining good traction at all times thanks to faced compositing technology used within each one.

Bearings manufactured by Bones do not have ABEC ratings, but the Bones Reds bearings can be compared to bearings with ABEC ratings.

  • Budget-Friendly
  • Best skateboard bearings for beginners & all levels
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Perfect for trick skateboarding
  • Gets dirty quickly

2. Bones Super Swiss 6 Skateboard Bearings

Best Skateboard Bearings Reviews

The Bones Super Swiss 6 Skateboard bearings are one of the best you can get for trick skateboarding like ollies and flip tricks. Plus, they’re versatile enough to handle any style from street skating all way down into vert ramp competition. 

The only downside might be their price tag which at first seems hefty. Still, when considering how long your wheels will last due in part thanks to these high-quality balls fitted tightly within each hub, this isn’t so bad compared with other options available. 

The Bones Swiss 6 bearings are the best for durability and speed. They have steel balls that last four times longer than reds, which means you’ll be able to go much faster with less pushing on your board.

These super-swiss precision-made parts roll smoothly without creating too much noise or friction while they glide over hillsides like an ice rink in wintertime when no one else can skate because it’s so cold out there.

Bones is committed to not just making our skaters happy but giving them what they need every time–excellent performance from great quality products at fair prices.”

The first time I installed these, some clicking noise emerged. After careful inspection of the tightening procedures, in-person and online videos revealed steps to take when installing different wheels, which helped me fix my issue with no further problems. 

  • Suitable for heavy riders
  • Smoother
  • Great bearings for trick skateboarding
  • Quiet
  • Durable
  • Expensive

3. Zealous Bearings for Skateboards

Best Skateboard Bearings

Choose Zealous Bearings for your next skateboard bearings purchase. These high-quality steel and green rubber shields will keep dirt from getting inside while making them virtually waterproof, meaning you can enjoy the ride without the worry of corrosion or wear on the inner parts happening over time due to moisture in water environments.

I recommend these proven as best beginner’s choice when choosing what kind of bearing system works for you aboard. 

Zealous Bearings are the closest to waterproof bearings you can get, and they’re easy to clean. They don’t need as much maintenance because of how well-designed these skateboard wheels are for downhill riding so that speeds will stay high over long periods with no decrease in momentum or glide.

Make them perfect on pavement and off-road where there may be obstacles such as rocks or cracks between your landing spot and ground zero.

The best part? Once broken in (which usually takes about 10 hours), Zealous Drivers keep their speed easily without ever slowing down too fast, making this type-safe even if you start out going quickly.

Zealous Bearings are affordable, smooth, and have much-staying power. They’re perfect for any beginner or pro looking to build up their wheelset.

The drawback is that these bearings come with spacers attached, so they feel heavier than usual when riding on different types of terrain (like stairs).

  • Pocket Friendly
  • Very fast with durability
  • Waterproof with easy maintenance
  • Easy to install
  • Low spin time

4. KVENI Ceramic Skateboard Bearings

Best Skateboard Bearings Reviews

The best skateboard bearings for beginners are KVENI Ceramic Skateboard Bearings. Made of chrome steel and ceramic balls, these high-quality 608 size bearings come with a 22mm outer diameter comparable to ABEC 9 standards.

They’re very affordable at just $1 each. These starters will provide you with all the smoothness needed in your ride while still handling jumps or other tricks without any problems. 

They’re essentially waterproof, too, so if you manage not to die from slipping off, then this product should do well under wet conditions but keep in mind it doesn’t include spacers/wear nor washers which could be an issue depending on how hard someone rides their board.

KVENI bearings are slow until broken in but are aware that they were never super-fast, making them perfect for beginners. If you want faster ceramic bearing, I would suggest higher quality like Bones Swiss 6 or HRIC+ balls. 

These have durable nylon retainers to absorb impacts and clean easily with just one side of the shield on each wheel hub.

As well as making sure there’s no dirt getting into your truck since it stays pretty dry overall due to its low friction characteristics combined with long spins giving off a silky smooth feel without any noise whatsoever.

They’re pre-lubricated with racing fluid and ready to ride right out of the box. They need virtually no time break-in; they are really easy to install, disassemble for cleaning (and protection) dirt rocks dust. However, KVENI’s bearing accuracy is fairly consistent between sizes.

  • Waterproof
  • Great for beginners 
  • Low maintenance is required
  • Smooth and quiet.
  • No spacers available

5. Fireball Dragon Skateboard Bearings

good skateboard bearings

This is a great set of bearings for those looking to take their slalom skateboarding skills up another level. The Fireball Dragon Skateboard Bearings come with an outer diameter measuring 22mm, 7-8 Micron width, and 8 mm axle size – making them perfect whether you’re doing tricks or just cruising around town. 

They also feature high-grade steel cages that reduce friction. While providing firmness when needed most, your board will always stay balanced no matter what type of speed modes are on hand.

Even built-in spacer wheels alongside washers make installation easy as pie without worrying about alignment issues ever popping up out of nowhere.

The Fireball Dragon bearings are a great option for heavy riders. The durable and smooth design reduces the chances of any slop, as well it should since they’re specially made to handle weight distribution problems like yours better than other brands’ products can.

These noise-reducing Bearings also spin easily without making too much sound when turning or stopping on an edge while riding around town.

This is perfect if you want people watching from afar but still hear what’s happening up close. Thanks to Lithium Grease filled inside each wheel hub cap where friction meets metal plate instead.

  • Best for heavy riders
  • Easy to install
  • Waterproof
  • Little Noisy 

6. Heady Shake Pro Skateboard Bearings

Best Skateboard Bearings

The Heady Shake Pro Skateboard Bearings are smooth, fast, and reliable. They come in the standard 608RS bearing size with 22mm outer diameter, 8 mm inner diameter 7 mm width. This means they will work for any situation you throw at them.

The high-quality ABEC 9 single-sided rubber shield makes these bearings perfect during intense tricks or when skating long distances where comfort is key while propelling oneself downhills without losing speed due to binds.

Heady Shake, Pro Skateboard bearings are the best of both worlds. They’re durable, have a quiet rotation, and smooth out-of-the-box experience that will last for years to come.

These versatile wheels provide you with fast enough speed but slow down as well so beginners can learn how to ride them without getting too frustrated when they make mistakes on shorter bearing types like ones found in some high-end trucks or bowls 3 inches 53mm up from the floor.

Heads have created this product keeping everything into consideration – its price point ($50), the durability they’ll last longer than average skateboard Bearings because these things don’t wear easily at all, the quality sound output noise level during use. 

  • Perfect for beginners
  • Spin time of more than 3 minutes
  • Versatile
  • Suitable in all temperatures
  • Stable and easy to control
  • Washers are not available

7. Yellow Jacket Premium Skateboard Bearings

Best Skateboard Bearings

Premium Skateboard Bearings manufactured by Yellow Jacket is the Best skateboard bearings available on the market.

Each bearing is made with the highest precision, German steel, and unique color seals. Best of all, they can be purchased at a low cost for the best deal.

There are many bearings available on the market, but not all of them are created equal. When choosing a path for your skateboard, you want to make sure you get the best quality products possible. That’s why we recommend Yellow Jacket bearings.

Yellow Jacket is a company that specializes in manufacturing top-quality skateboard bearings. Each bearing is made with precision German steel and features unique color seals. Best of all, they can be purchased at a low cost.

So if you’re looking for the Best skateboard bearings available, look no further than Yellow Jacket. The seals on each bearing are colored to help you easily identify them, which is excellent for organization and maintenance. These bearings come in multiple colors for customization.

 They have a 22mm outer diameter, 8mm inner width, and 7 mm axel size, making them perfect for any skateboard wheels.

The stainless steel roller cage is injection-molded with high-speed race lube so you can ride smoothly from day one out of the box.

Regardless of your deck requires grip or glide protection. Thanks to their industry-leading performance, these bad boys got it all covered expect nothing less than excellence.

  • Best quality materials 
  • Unique color 
  •  Low cost
  • Wide variety of sizes 
  • Easy installation 
  • Limited availability 

8. Bones Super Reds Bearings

Best Skateboard Bearings

Bones has always been known for its high-quality products, and these bearings are no exception. They come pre-lubed with speed cream making them fast without any need to wait around while they’re being put on your skateboard or scooter. 

These super Reds also have steel races which provide durability against damage from scratches during intense periods of use – an essential feature if you want something that will last as long as possible out there in the world.

These bearings are comparable to an ABEC 7 bearing, but they will glide with no resistance. They’re durable and easy to clean. You just need a cleaning cloth or chamois (don’t use water). 

These smooth ride super reds also get dirty quickly, so be prepared for that. But if you are looking for more durability than speed, I recommend getting the Swiss 6 series instead, which means faster speeds without any hassle.

I hope this helps answer some questions about what type of skateboarders out there might want my help designing their next perfect ride.

  • Pocket Friendly
  • No Break-in Needed
  • Wheels keep spinning – glide with no resistance
  • Good Quality
  • No spacers or washers

9. Spitfire Burner Skateboard Bearings

Best Skateboard  Bearings

These high-quality roller skate bearings are perfect for heavy riders. They’re impact-resistant, making them great in the park where boards can sometimes get banged around on concrete.

On other hard surfaces without protection from scratches that might occur when using softer materials like plastic balls used by some people who don’t know any better. The downside? You’ll need to buy your spacer if it isn’t included.

 Otherwise, installation could be easier. If you want to make your ride as smooth, fast, and strong in the skatepark, then get Spitfire Burner Skateboard Bearings.

These ABEC 7 bearings are impact-resistant, making them perfect for heavy riders who put their board through some tough moves because they easily move with any weight up to 380lbs. 

With an easy installation process without spacer kits available right off of the box, it’s no wonder why they’ve considered one best bearing sizes out there today. 

  • Value for money
  • Good for heavy riders (up to 380lbs)
  • It doesn’t come with spacers

10. Bones Big Balls Reds Skateboard Bearings

good Skateboard Bearings

Bones Bearings are known for their durability, and the Bones Big Balls Red Skateboard bearings don’t disappoint.

They roll faster than other brands thanks to 6 large steel balls instead of 7 smaller ones like with most skate bearing sets on the market today. 

This enlarged ball size means that dirt will never stop them from rolling through your city streets or making long-distance riders proud when they hit those vert ramp days at an open airpark. Alongside being strong enough in all conditions- rain included.

You’ll love how easily removable shields make cleaning up after yourself stress-free, too. No more soaking pads full of water every few minutes trying to remove stuck grime particles. 

With these bearings, get ready to go as fast or slow at your own pace. They come pre-lubricated for a silky-smooth ride and will allow you the ability to easily adjust speed depending on what type of terrain is being faced. Whether it’s hills or flat surfaces, they’re perfect.

The high-speed nylon ball retainer ensures no loss in strength while still maintaining lightweight properties.

This means when pushing hard up an incline, expect less strain than heavier roller skate wheels counterparts would cause otherwise causing fatigue quicker due to mileage increase over time from skating everyday usage (about 2 miles per day).

  • Budget-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Great for street skating
  • Smooth a
  • Four bearing spacers
  • Electric skateboards will be difficult to handle

11. Wellgo Skateboard Bearings

Best Skateboard Bearings

Wellgo skateboard bearings are perfect for beginners because they come in at the standard 8mmx22mm size.

It means that these quality rollerblades will fit onto any board without having too much excess noise or play, making it easier than ever before to find your wave.

The double rubber shield keeps dirt out and shields a deep grove made of carbon steel which is resistant to deformation under heavyweights.

You can use more serious gear while still maintaining smooth-riding performance even when pushing up hills on carpeted surfaces like sidewalks (or wherever else). And unlike some other brands’ lowest grade products, Weblogs low-cost option.

The bearings are designed to last and perform well. They come with a standard ABEC 11 rating, 10 of which will be sufficient for your needs if any is inconsistent or not performing as it should; you’ll also have backups.

These noisy yet smooth spinning globes offer good traction on most surfaces, including wood floors (although I recommend securing them tightly).

The long break-in period means they need some love before putting it into practice, so make sure there isn’t anything caught between those plates – give ’em an oil job while spin testing each one individually first just once over lightly, then return back into their storage box until next time.

  • Great for beginners
  • Easy to install
  • Good for heavy riders
  • Does not spin for very long

12. CCS Premium Skateboard Blue Steel Bearings

best skateboard bearings

CCS Premium Skateboard Bearings are a great option for those on-the-go riders who want to enjoy their time outside.

These bearings come preinstalled with chrome steel balls and a double shield, making them perfect not only while skating around town but also when taking the long route back home during winter months because they’re so warm. 

In addition, these removable shields allow you easy access should something get stuck inside of it without having any problems removing excess debris from within your wheel’s hub thanks to its vacuum effect – meaningless winds = cleaner streets.

Lastly, if there was ever one product guaranteed to make my year better, let me say this. It would be these amazing skateballers.

  • Suitable for beginners
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to install.
  • Easy to clean
  • Highest quality bearing

13. Bronson Speed Co. G3 Bearings

Best Skateboard Bearings

Bronson Speed Bearings are not just for skateboards. These bearings have been made specifically to reduce side impact damage and breakage, making them a great choice for longboard riders too.

The standard 608 size means these will work with any trucks or wheels out there on the market today (though we recommend using matching colors). They’re built deep groove raceway style, which protects against sharpenings.

 By preventing dirt from getting trapped under its edges while you ride; also helps prevent warping over time due to wear.

Additionally, cleaning makes cleaning easy since all that needs to be done in between sessions at home is simple to swipe across an oiled surface – no scrubbing is required. Bronson Speed Bearings are the best high-quality bearings on earth.

 They will never let you down, and their low friction makes them super fast while still being able to handle pressure amazingly well.

The only downside is that they need an extra little bit of time in order for these amazing pieces of machinery to work perfectly – but once breakin’ happens? You’ll be winning races before long. 

  • High quality
  • Easy to clean.
  • Deep grooves prevent breakage from impact
  •  Spacers and washers are available.
  • Breakin Requires time

14. Oldboy Premium Ceramic Skateboard Bearings

best skateboard bearings

The Oldboy Premium Ceramic Skateboard Bearings is one of the good skateboard bearings brands that promise to last longer than your average bearing.

They come in at the standard size of 608, which means they are 8mm inner diameter, 22 mm outer diameter, and 7 mm wide.

Not only do these bearings resist rusting or becoming damaged by water, but they also have a low-friction design with seven super hard balls for better performance during rough terrain.

The nylon cage doesn’t crack even when you ride as hard as possible, thanks to its durable construction built from high-quality materials, so it won’t wear easily over time.

Additionally, this set includes a 1 x 6 package alongside some lube oil to make sure everything goes smoothly on startup. Oldboy Premium Skateboard Bearings are perfect for riders that want to hold up 360 lbs and will never let them down. 

These durable bearings have been known as “The Last Foundation Of Your Deck” because their quality is unmatched, which makes it one of our top picks on this list. 

As mentioned before in the intro paragraph about breaking-in time; when riding around town or at home, if you don’t take care of your board, then these awesome plastic retainers might pop off from heavy use – but hey, we’re talking mainly Bowl & Ramp skating here so no worries there. 

Oldboy Premium Skateboard Bearings are one of the cheapest ceramic bearings you can buy. But, their price is such an amazing value that it’s worth trying them out, even if just for curiosity’s sake. 

  • Perfect for heavy riders (up to 360 lbs)
  • Affordable for ceramic bearings
  • Very durable – will last for years
  • Break-in requires a long time

15. Shake Junt ABEC-7 Triple Og’S Bearings

Best Skateboard Bearings

Shake Junt ABEC-7 Triple Og’s Bearings are a great option for those looking to save some money. They come pre-lubricated and disassemble easily, making maintenance easy when necessary.

The only downside is that they do not include spacers with your purchase, but you can get them cheaply in order to solve this problem. These lightweight bearings might be perfect if you’re just starting out due to their affordability as well as ability.

However, experienced skaters may find themselves frustrated by screeching sounds from time after a while because of how fast they roll across the board surface while spinning at high speed, making long-distance slides possible without feeling any resistance or slowing down significantly between their turns.

  • Affordable
  • Good for beginners
  • Easy to clean
  • It does not come with spacers

What are Skateboard Bearings?

Bearings are small round pieces of metal that allow your skateboard wheels to roll. They come in many different types, each with its own unique property, which can affect how fast and smooth you ride based on quality materials as well as if they’re smoothly rotating or not.

For example, some will have steel balls while others use ceramic ones. These sit between an inner race followed by an outer one, ensuring noises go around without getting stuck anywhere along this path – providing a much smoother riding experience than other less sophisticated designs might offer.

The different skateboard bearings can be confusing, but it’s important to know which one you need for your specific needs.

For example, regular road trucking (rollers) would work best if handling rough surfaces is what matters most. However, there may come times when street skating or trick riding becomes more interesting, and those kinds of rollers would do nicely too.

So make sure before purchasing any item that has “bearing” in its name goes around because not all items function equally well with various kinds and often even within the same type of rolling element installed inside them.

Depending on how many wheels traction independence each design provides against differing terrains ahead.

The Different Types of Skateboard Bearings

The bearing you need will depend on the type of skating you want to do. 

What are the Good Skateboard Bearings for Street Skating?

Bone Reds Skateboard Bearings are the best for street skating. Not only can you ride around, hit curbs and rails without worrying about breaking a bearing.

But they’re also strong enough to take abuse from hitting obstacles while still being quiet so as not to disrupt your day-to-day life with annoying sounds or vibrations.

In addition, these bearings have an affordable price point making them easier on the wallet than other brands out there – just one kick will do it all when using this type of specific product like ours here at Bone Big Ball skateboarding. 

Best Skateboard Bearings for Tricks?

I really love Bones Bearings for doing tricks on my skateboard. They are affordable and durable, making them perfect for ollies or riding rails to street furniture like curbs and garbage cans.

The Reds Nylon retainers make it easy when you want some extra grip while trying new moves that require more tension in the wheels – no need to worry about breaking anything because these bearings take abuse well (and will keep spinning after impact). 

You can also use Super Swiss 6’s if you have a great set of decks made out of stiffer material than what we offer here at our shop.

Even though they cost just a little bit more than regular Skoo Boards ($37 vs. $32), I think people would appreciate having higher quality equipment.

What are the Best Skateboard Bearings for the Skatepark?

The Bones Super Swiss 6 Skateboard bearings are undoubtedly the best in its class. They can perform ollies, flip tricks, and other high-speed activities with ease while being built for durability, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking when skateboarding at night or offering ramps. 

The Spitfire Burner’s solid construction also means that it holds up well against abuse from sharp objects like cracks between boards, making this type of bearing perfect if your favorite pastime has involved crashing into everything around. 

What are the Best Bearings for Beginner Skateboards?

If you are looking for the best skateboard bearings, I recommend getting a versatile and affordable bearing like Bones Reds or Zealous Bearings. They come ready-to-go, so there’s no need to attach speed rings or spacers. 

These two specific types of skates (KVENI & Heady Skate Pro) have slower speeds, making them perfect for beginners who want to learn how to control their board without fear of it spinning out from under them too quickly.

What is the Fastest Skateboard Bearings?

I recommend fast bearings, but the fastest has to be from Bones Swiss 6 Skateboard Bearings. They spin well and can last for a long time because there are only seven smaller balls compared to other types of skateboarding ball sizes like Fireball Dragon or Yellow Jacket Premium. 

What are the Smoothest Bearings?

Skateboarders looking for the best bearings should get Fireball Dragon Skateboard Bearings. These are fast, solid, and clean like butter.

Yellow Jacket Premium Roller Bearings make it easier to turn smoothly while still strong enough to not wear out quickly or lose its grip over time.

The super swiss six bones are another good choice because they’re smooth as silk with low friction – perfect if you want your board ride to be silky. 

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Skateboard Bearings

Do you want to know how to choose skateboard bearings? You should consider a few features when you make your choice.

Bearing Ball Materials

The manufacturer’s information for a skateboard bearing could be found on one of the balls in that particular set.

The material it is made from will determine its strength, precision, and control capabilities which may help you enjoy your time riding without worrying about breaking anything.


Ceramic balls in bearings mean your wheels will be long-lasting and strong. They are harder than steel, deform less, and resist corrosion better. Also, they don’t wear down as easily over time due to the high-quality ceramic material that makes up their interior surface.

The downside is this type of bearing cannot take harsh treatment like skatepark ramps or stairs without getting weakened first, which means you might have some trouble with durability on rough terrain if those activities happen more often than not. 

Still, for those who ride at parks constantly alongside other people’s boards while doing tricks where impact strength isn’t really necessary, this wouldn’t pose many problems since most ceramics can handle mild impacts before breaking under pressure from harder surfaces.


Steel balls in skateboard bearings are a lot more common and affordable. They make perfect sense for beginners who want to learn how but don’t have the cash flow or desire to spend lots on their first real board.

What’s great about steel? It’ll never rust – so you can leave it outside all winter long without worrying about being waterproof again- plus high-quality steels sometimes get used by some companies making these things which enhance the durability even further. But there ARE downsides. Unlike ceramic/ plaster

ABEC Rating System

The ABEC rating system doesn’t really matter when picking out skateboard bearings. All it means is that the higher number, the greater are the revolutions per minute of wheels they can handle and accelerate quickly while spinning at high speeds without slowing down too much (which would be desirable).

The only problem with these highly rated products? They’re usually quite expensive. But then again, who cares about saving a few cents if you need to buy new hardware anyway?. I recommend anything above seven otherwise known as “great” or thereabouts.”

Bearing Size

The best bearings for your skateboard are a standard size, with just enough width to fit most wheels. They’re also heavy-duty and durable, so they’ll last you longer than any other type of bearing out there.

The standard size for a skateboard bearing is 6mm with an 8mm outer diameter and 7 mm width. This will fit 99% of the boards you buy. 

Spacers, Washers, and Speed Rings

Spacers and washers (also called speed rings) provide clearance between the axle of your skateboard truck wheel hubs.

Without them, bearings would be putting pressure on their axles, potentially causing damage or scoring any surface beneath it.

A lot if not all bearing has spacers built right in. However, you may need some extra hardware for other types.

I recommend picking up one package when buying new ones just to ensure compatibility with what’s already there rather than scratching another set entirely because they didn’t work out the first time around.

Bearing Shields

A bearing shield is a rubber or metal wall that prevents dirt from entering your precious bearings. 

The more shields on one side, the less likely it will be to clog up and make cleaning difficult for you. I recommend getting either kind because they’re easy enough when maintaining them with some Simple Green scrubbing solution instead of other materials like napkins – which can get messy quickly depending on how much there was in begin.

Should you Lubricate your Skateboard Bearings?

You should always lubricate your skateboard bearings when you clean them because this will help the wheels spin fast and roll smoothly. Most bearings come pre-lubricated, so installing new ones is easy; however, if they start feeling dry.

I would recommend greasing them first with a light coat of the same type of grease that came in their box before installation for extra protection against friction.

I recommend trying out Bones Speed Cream, Liberty Oil, or Oust Metol Speed oil.

How Do You Install Skateboard Bearings?

You should always lubricate your skateboard bearings when you clean them because this will help the wheels spin fast and roll smoothly. Most bearings come pre-lubricated, so installing new ones is easy.

However, if they start feeling dry, I would recommend greasing them first with a light coat of the same type of grease that came in their box before installation for extra protection against friction.

Final Verdict

Many companies make skateboard bearings, but if you’re looking for the best brand of them all, then Bones Bearings is where it’s at.

They offer affordable and high-quality products while also catering to beginners in need of quality bearing parts and pro skaters who demand nothing less than perfection from their wheels.

If I had my choice between these two top-notch options or any others on their lineup, such as Super Swiss 6 Skateboard Bearings, which will have your board spinning like never before thanks to its precision engineering design? 

You know exactly what type I would choose without a second thought – no matter how expensive or cheap said item, maybe (they’ve even got big balls reds).

The Big Balls 2-in1 bearing is perfect for beginners or people who just want something simple and easy. It has six durable steel balls, which means there’s less friction when riding on it.

The only downside to these bearings is their price tag, but if you don’t care about spending too much money, then go ahead.

Get yourself a set of the more affordable Little Bighorn Bearings instead since they still provide great quality service in both low speed and high-speed use – I recommend trying them out before buying anything else. 

1. What bearings are best for street skating?

  1. Bronson Speed Co.
  2. Bones Reds
  3.  Bronson Ceramics. 
  4. Bones Swiss 6 balls
  5. Bronson G3. 
  6. Bones Super Reds.
  7. Bronson Raw. 
  8. Bones Red Ceramics.

2. What are the fastest skateboard bearings?

Skateboard bearings from Bones Swiss Ceramics are some of the fastest markets. Speed Cream racing formula lubricant, Cerbec silicon nitride ceramic balls and a frictionless, non-contact shield combine to win.

3. Is ABEC 7 or 9 better?

There are five tolerance classes in ABEC: 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9. The widest tolerance is 1, and the tightest is 9. Hence, bearings with higher ABEC ratings have tighter tolerances, which means greater precision and efficiency, as well as the ability to accommodate applications that require high speeds

4. Which skateboard bearings last longest?

Skateboard bearings that last longest are BRONSON SPEED CO SKATEBOARD BEARINGS

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