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If you have a lot of room on your wall or want to save up some space and make it look neat for yourself, this article will show you How to hang a skateboard on the wall.

I think that one great way is by mounting them directly onto the board itself with nails because they can be easily removed if needed in the future; unscrew two screws holding down each wheel rim. 

The other option would be using hooks like these – but beware of any artwork hanging above since those may sometimes bump into their mountings, causing injury.

Ways To Hang a Skateboard on the Wall

With Wall Anchor

This creative solution is perfect for hanging their boards without the hassle of nails or screws. This can also be an excellent way to make your room appear much more interesting than just having a board up on display with no hoops otherwise used! Follow these simple steps: 

How To Hang A Skateboard On The Wall

First, create an opening where it says “Hole 1” using whatever type of drill that’s appropriate based on what kind of wall material it made out. Concrete walls will require something more substantial.

Then place one end into this new hole before fastening closed by tightening another plastic anchor until snug against both sides. If necessary, use sandpaper wrapped around. 

To mount your deck, attach it to the wall using a pack skateboard wall mount, including hangers and screws. First, drill two large holes in between where you want your board(s) displayed, then thread these through for mounting purposes.

Next, place 4-40 nuts onto each of its top posts with one going against an attached metal plate below; tighten these securely until they’re snug but don’t overtighten them or risk damaging any parts on either side. 

With Fishing Lines

Skateboard trucks are an essential part of a skateboard, but they can be tricky to work with when you want something that is permanently mounted on the wall.

Luckily there’s always a fishing line! All you have to do is take your screws out and pass one end through some way so holes in the drywall where ever will go (you could even use nails!).

Next, create a granny knot at either side about 12 inches apart. Then attach them by tying another more miniature fisherman’s knots around each section until it’s tight enough not to fall off during normal household activities. 

With Plastic Ropes

Hanging your skateboard up with wheels is an easy DIY project that anybody can do! First, cut a piece of rope that measures about 25 inches long. Next, make another knot at each end and wear gloves if you have sensitive skin or plan to handle hot metal objects often because this will get messy quickly after all.

Then find where it would be most convenient for mounting purposes – remember these measurements need to match evenly, so don’t forget them when measuring–and screw into place using drywall screws (or other hardware). Voila: A beautiful feature wall decoration awaits. 

How To Hang A Skateboard On The Wall Without Drilling?

To get the most out of this product, you must take a few minutes every day to exercise and stretch your arms. If possible, try not to use any other device while doing so, but if for some reason cannot, then hang up our fishing line with a nail or hook on one wall to ensure there will be no finger fatigue when performing tricks later down the road. 

Final Verdict

A skateboard can be a great addition to your home, but if you want it up high where there’s room for two and don’t have the strength or ability of an athlete-you might need some help. Luckily we’ve got just what every decorator needs.

In this simple tutorial, anyone will know how to hang a skateboard on the wall. There will be no fuss at all. So get ready because our team is about to break down these walls one skateboard animation at a time to make things easier on everyone who wants that perfect piece of equipment, no matter their age.


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