How To Lock Up A Skateboard- keep skating safe

Are you looking to keep your skateboard or longboard safe? Do you have a board that is more of an investment than one for casual use? If so, it’s time to learn how to lock up your skateboard. 

Skateboarding can be dangerous if not done correctly, but locking up your board can help prevent damage and theft. Locking up your skateboard will require some extra steps, but it will be second nature once mastered. 

Here are some tips and some best skateboard locks that we recommend to keep your skateboard and longboard safe.

Types of skateboard lock

KeyLock – The key may be lost;
– It’sIt’s not difficult to break it with the hammer.
Combination lock – The code may be forgotten;
+ It is not easy to choose a combination;
+ Reliable.
U-shape lock + High level of security;
– Bulky and heavy;
– Hard to use.
Chain lock – Hefty and bulky;
+ Accuracy;
+ Easy to use and reliable.
Cable lock + Lightweight
+ hard to cut;
+ Adequate protection.

Best Skateboard and Longboard Lock.

The best skateboard and longboard locks are the ones that keep your boards safe from thieves. The best way to secure your board is to lock it up, but not just any lock will do. Make sure you use a high-quality lock for maximum security.

Using the wrong type of board lock could be dangerous for your board because it may not prevent someone from taking off with it or damaging it in some other way.

It’s important that anyone who owns a skateboard or longboard invests in the right kind of protection. So they can enjoy their ride without worrying about whether it’ll still be there when they get back.

After testing many skateboards and Longboard locks, we will suggest some high-quality skateboard locks to keep your board safe from thieves.

Titanker Combination Lock Cable

Best Skateboard and Longboard Lock.

Combined with a flexible steel cable and PVC coating, Titanker Combination skateboard Locks provide strong cut-resistance and help prevent scratches from letting you focus on shredding instead of worrying about your precious equipment. 

To help outfit the toughest cases we’ve, we made sure our lock operates well in all types of environments: salty winds, sleeting rain, wet conditions, and extreme heat. 

The 4-digit combination locking mechanism is easy to set, and resettable for personalized numbers from 0 – 9999. Titanker’sTitanker’s Combo Lock looks great too! It’llIt’ll look super cool contrasting against any color board. 

The Titanker Combination lock is the highest quality cable you’ll find out there. It’s built tough to last for years on end, but if it does happen to break, don’t worry because it comes with a lifetime warranty!

Wsdcam Lock with Remote Universal Security Alarm

How To Lock Up A Skateboard And Longboard

It’sIt’s all about the experience! That’sThat’s why the Wsdcam skateboard lock is more than just a smart way to protect your precious ride. 

With it, you can be confident that no one will steal what you love most without being able to enter the password first. Choose between various effective security modes with combinations of four numbers at up to 100,000 possible codes. 

The remote option allows for an additional level of protection against opportunistic thieves who might wait for someone vulnerable or distracted at another time or place before swooping in. 

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that skaters themselves designed this sleek alarm locks system. 

So they know how high expectations are and understand everything needed to make something that riders do want not to need.

Tips for preventing skateboard theft.

Of course, the best way to keep your skateboard safe is not to have it stolen at all. There are a few ways you can do this, but the following are just some of the most effective.

1) Get The Best Lock Possible

Skateboards and longboards require locks to prevent theft, which involves a lot of expense and inconvenience, but these steps will help ensure that you spend less time worrying about your board and more time enjoying it.

2) Only Bring Your Board With You When Needed

Another way to keep your board from being stolen is to only bring it with you when necessary. If you do have to take your skateboard or longboard out, always try to stay as close as possible, so it’s harder for someone else to take it without you noticing.

3) Alarm clock

A good tip for keeping your skateboard safe is to invest in a motion-activated alarm system that goes off when it detects movement. This works great because you can set up the alarm on your skateboard outside of your home. It will immediately go off if anyone picks it up, which might scare away potential thieves before they can get too far.

4) Find a Rack

Use a bike rack or other means to lock your skateboard up at home. This will keep it from being stolen anytime you aren’t around. If you want, get a second lock and attach it to the rack so that there is no way for a would-be thief to remove both without breaking either one.

5) Buy a backpack

If you don’t want to spend the money on a lock, then at least keep your skateboard in your backpack. It’sIt’s much harder for someone to steal aboard when in a bag, and they’re less likely to open up a closed bag anyway.


You’reYou’re skating can constantly be interrupted by someone taking your board. Theft is one of the most common problems for skaters, but it’s no reason to stop because there are many steps you can take to prevent it. 

It may cost some money upfront, but in the long run, you’ll thank yourself for buying a good-quality skateboard lock. If you don’t want to do that, then at least put your skateboard in your bag or use a bike rack so that you don’t have to worry about anyone stealing it while it sits outside.

No matter what, though, always remember to keep an eye on your board at all times.


How do you lock up your longboard or skateboard to keep it safe from theft?

To protect your board from being stolen, you can always use a bike rack, backpack, or even just a doorknob to secure it. You can also invest in a high-quality lock and use that with any of the other options.

Why should I use locks on my board instead of just straps

Locks are the most effective way to keep your board safe because locks can’t be cut off like straps. Even if you use straps, you should still invest in a good lock so that your board is extra protected.

Is there anything else that you would recommend doing to make sure that no one steals your board?

One thing you can do to keep your board safe is to invest in a motion-activated alarm system. This way, it will go off right away if anyone tries to take it, which will scare off thieves and might even catch them in the act.

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