Is It Illegal To Skateboard In The Street? – know your location first

Is It Illegal To Skateboard In The Street? Although you might think that skateboarding in the street is always illegal, it depends on where you are. In some places, it’s not against the law, and there are designated areas for people to skateboard.

In other places, if a person is caught riding their board in public, they can be fined or arrested. If you’re thinking about going out and skating around your neighborhood, make sure to check local laws first.

Not all roads are made for skating on. If you want to skateboard on the road, you should first find out if it’s legal in your area. In some places, people can use their boards on the road so long as they have reflectors and follow certain safety guidelines.

For example, kids under the age of 16 who are skating in road traffic must wear helmets that meet certain standards set by law. It’s also illegal for anyone over 16 to skateboard at night without proper lighting equipment, just like bicycles.

Is It Illegal To Skateboard In The Street

In other areas, using a skateboard or scooter in any public traffic is completely banned. If you’re ever caught riding one of these devices driving your car or riding your bike, you could face a fine of up to $1,000.

In some places, people who are caught using devices that can be used for transportation in public traffic will have their skateboards or scooters taken away from them by law enforcement.

Common Street Laws

City (State)Famous places for skateboardingSkating in the street: yes or no?
Los Angeles, California+JKwon Plaza.
+LA Courthouse Ledges.
+Hollywood High.
+Green Ledges.
– Under 40 mph allowed
San Francisco, California+Wallenberg.
+China Banks.
-No, It’s Illegal
New York City, New York+Tompkins Square.
+Black Hubba.
+Union Square.
– Not entirely legal;
– Avoid interfering with or injuring others.
Las Vegas, Nevada+Courthouse C Pads.
+E Wyoming Ave Wallride.
+Lone Mountain Ledges.
+River MTN Trail Ditch.
– It is not allowed on public roads.
Atlanta, Georgia+Black Blocks.
+Totem Poles.
+Pleasantdale 11 Stair Rail.
+Freedom Pkwy Bridge Bank.
– It is prohibited on roads and sidewalks.

As you can see, the authorities of even the most popular cities forbid driving on streets or roads of public importance. There are some exceptions, such as the 40 mph speed limit in Los Angeles.

If you want to skate in the streets, We advise you to contact your nearby skate park and take advice.

You can also check with local authorities or police departments before going out and skating. Just because street skating might be illegal where you live now, that doesn’t mean it will stay like this forever.

A Few Rules of the Rider Demeanor

1. Always yield the right of way to emergency vehicles and never drive in front of an ambulance with its sirens blaring.

2. Never take any wooden nickels or cut corners, especially when making a left turn at intersections.

3. If you are skating in a public place, make sure to be courteous towards all other traffic on the road, obeying all traffic signals and street signs!

4. When crossing streets, make sure that cars have enough time to see you before crossing their path.

5. Make yourself visible – wear bright clothing so that drivers can see your presence on the road!

6. Wear safety equipment such as helmets, kneepads, etc., to protect yourself against injuries while skating!

7 . Skate in open, well-lit locations that are easy to access.

8 . Don’t skate in the dark or in areas where visibility is low – when you can barely see, it’s very easy for anyone (including yourself) to get hurt when skating!

9. If possible, when skating on roads, make sure there are at least 7 feet of space between you and parked cars in case they suddenly decide to pull out.

10. Watch out for pedestrians who might walk onto your path – if someone walks unexpectedly in front of you while you’re riding fast, your chances of crashing will increase dramatically!

11. When boarding or exiting the roadway, wear reflective gear so that other traffic won’t be surprised by your presence on the road!

12. Be aware of the road conditions and stay clear of wet or slippery areas, leading to falls and collisions.

13. Always be prepared for the unexpected as traffic accidents can occur due to various reasons.

14. Try your best not to drive in other people’s way, always give cars space so they can yield to you! 


Skateboarding can be a safe, fun, and exciting activity for everyone, so long as you familiarize yourself with the local laws and only skate in legal areas.

If you’re ever pulled over, speak politely to authorities and ask them what you’re allowed to do. Skateboarding in the street is illegal. But there are plenty of other legal places to practice your board skills. Be safe out there!

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