How To Upgrade Your Electric Skateboard more faster

You might have a cool electric skateboard right now. And maybe you’ve been riding it for years and want to update your skateboard but don’t find a push to start.

Many of you think that it is not easy to convert your bit-old board into a better-looking and fast-running skateboard. But believe me, it’s very easy to do it. 

The article ” How to upgrade your electric skateboard ” contains complete information on why it is necessary to update your electric skateboard and how to do it properly. 

How to upgrade your electric skateboard

Increase range

Use one motor:

To increase the range on a budget, you need to change the battery. A higher voltage can provide more energy per rotation and therefore extend your board’s range.

We would suggest that only experienced riders purchase only one motor board. Changing wheels is not enough, as you have no control over how many rotations of each wheel you get.

The minimum voltage for a single hub motor electric skateboard is 36V. If you purchase a 24V or 20V, the only thing that will change is your speed, not your range. So please avoid this mistake if you are looking to upgrade your board’s performance.

Use smaller wheels:

Smaller wheels mean you will be spending less power to rotate the wheels. So if you are looking for a motor that provides more range per watt, then smaller wheels are your answer.

Please note that this solution doesn’t apply to all cases. If your board comes with big diameter wheels, it would not be worth buying small diameter replacement wheels.

Use bigger motors:

How To Upgrade Your Electric Skateboard

Bigger motors mean more torque and more power, which will give you a longer riding range. It would be worth buying if your board comes with small wheels (100-120mm). If the original motor is of high quality, it will also provide better climbing ability and Acceleration.

Increase your speed

Use bigger wheels:

Bigger wheels mean bigger diameter so that they will provide you with faster speed for given motor power. Also, when rolling on flat ground, the bigger wheels would provide better Acceleration and hill-climbing ability.

How To Upgrade Your Electric Skateboard

The downside of using big wheels is obviously that they are heavier in weight. So if your board is already rich, then using Biggers wheels might make it difficult to control your skateboard when doing some crazy stuff like carving.

Increase battery voltage

Voltage is the most direct way to increase speed. Of course, it will also increase power consumption proportionally. If you want a faster board but don’t want to add more batteries, increasing voltage can be your best option.

Use two motors:

Using two motors will give your board twice the speed power. This solution is costly because it requires buying expensive dual hub motors to work properly.

If you are thinking of using two motors, please make sure that your electric skateboard’s deck can support two hub motors, or there might be some severe problems with its stability and safety if you decide to install them on normal decks.

Torque, Acceleration, and Hill Climbing Ability increase

Increasing Battery Discharge Capabilities: 

Lithium batteries nowadays come in various forms and performances. The most common one that we would recommend is the 14.8V battery pack. If you want to increase torque and climbing ability. Use a minimum of 20AH for lithium-ion and 30AH for lifepo4 (if it has a discharge rate of 10C or higher).

If your board comes with 20-inch wheels or smaller diameters, changing them won’t affect anything because all direct-drive hub motors have similar power limits. It means they could only generate enough power to give you decent speeds and hill-climbing abilities. Even if you use heavier 26-inch+ tires on those boards.

This is why we always recommend our customers upgrade their skateboard batteries. If they want faster speeds with better hill climbing abilities. You will need to increase your board’s voltage or install dual motors. But the result would be worth it. A better battery would require you to use a bigger deck for installation. But don’t worry, there are many boards out there that have removable battery decks.

Increase motor size

What if you already have a heavy-duty 36V 20AH lifepo4 pack installed on your board. But you want to get more torque and Acceleration? If the answer is yes, you should consider replacing your smaller direct drive hub motor with bigger ones like DD Series 16×900 or 18×1000.

This solution will give you twice the power for hill climbing ability. (especially if your battery voltage is around 22.2V) and speed. But because of its torque, it might require changing your controller’s software parameters. To prevent accidents caused by too much throttle sensitivity.

Please be sure that there are no water crossings along your way before upgrading/switching any components on an electric skateboard! And always wear protective gear while riding on the road!

And of course, we would recommend that you use the right tool and wear protective gear. When servicing your electric skateboard. If you don’t know how to disassemble or assemble your board correctly. You should ask an expert at your local service center.

Use smaller wheel sizes.

If you have a shorter wheelbase with a smaller wheel size, your board might accelerate faster and torque more. So if you want a speed increase without increasing battery voltage or motor size. Consider changing the wheel size for better acceleration and hill-climbing abilities.

How To Upgrade The Electric Skateboard Look

If you already have a decent electric skateboard, you should start considering making it more eye-catching and performance-oriented by changing some of its parts.

How To Upgrade Your Electric Skateboard

When it comes to modding an electric skateboard, the most popular is changing the trucks for better stability. Please be aware that doing this might result in your board not being balanced properly anymore. So make sure that you know what you are doing before attempting any mods on your board.

Following these steps will help you improve your board’s look and performance:

1. Install a new deck with a bigger wheelbase to reduce speed wobble

2. Increase/Install bigger motor(s) without sacrificing Acceleration or hill climbing ability. Many dual-motor hub motors are available on the market, so you can easily upgrade your board’s performance.

3. Install a new servo/motor to control speed wobble. This will help you minimize the speed wobble during braking and acceleration phases. There are many electric skateboard brakes/accelerators on the market which will do this for you. Including new products from Endless-Sphere like Electric Skateboard Speed Controller V5

4. Change soft bushings to hard ones – not only will they increase the overall stability of your board. But they will also improve its carving abilities by enhancing lean angles. But please be aware that some of the retro-fitted trucks might require new kingpins as well.

5. Use a smaller wheel size for better Acceleration and braking

7. Install a new larger ESC to increase hill-climbing ability – depending on your driving style. You might want more torque or maximum speed for fun.

8. Smaller wheel size for higher top speeds with same motor power levels. Please be aware that some motors cannot spin under a 22-inch wheelbase, so it’s best if you do your homework before choosing a new engine.

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