How to wrap a skateboard for Christmas? A Detailed Guide

A skateboard is one of the most enjoyable and valuable presents you can give to a child, a friend, or a family member.

The only catch is that wrapping the skateboard may be highly challenging. This post will show you where and how to wrap a skateboard for Christmas or a gift  so that the present you give to the person you care about will be much more meaningful.

How To Wrap a Skateboard Gift

Because of their distinctive outline, skateboards can be challenging to wrap appropriately as gifts. In this guide, we will discuss wrapping a complete skateboard, which differs from covering only the skateboard deck in that it includes the skateboard deck, wheels, trucks, and other hardware. 

Wrapping is one basic art but it is important to know how to carry one also. Wrapping just the skateboard deck requires less time and effort.

Skateboards come in various sizes and forms, which can make wrapping them a challenge; nevertheless, the width of the standard skateboard is approximately 8 inches, and its length is about 30 inches.

The trucks and wheels of the skateboard will protrude, making it impossible to wrap the skateboard in a level manner. 

This is the part of covering a skateboard that presents the most significant challenge.

If you have a skateboard box that is big enough to fit your skateboard, wrapping it as a gift in that would be an excellent alternative; however, finding a container that is big enough for this purpose is challenging.

 If you have a big enough package, wrapping your skateboard as a gift would be an excellent option.

The most challenging aspect of wrapping the skateboard is not just the board’s shape but also the fact that you want the person to recognize that it is a skateboard after a certain point.

Therefore, to prevent the skateboard’s wheels from piercing through the wrapping paper, we suggest you first wrap the boards in thick paper when you wrap them.

What Do You Need To Wrap a Skateboard?

You will need some fundamental tools and materials to wrap a skateboard. To begin, you are going to require a piece of grip tape.

Sticky and abrasive, the grip tape is just a substance that helps maintain your feet planted firmly on the board. It is essential to select a piece of grip tape for your board that is the appropriate size for the board.

You will also need a piece of laminate or vinyl for this project. You will use this material to wrap the board to finish the project.

Vinyl is more long-lasting and straightforward than other materials, although it typically costs more. Laminate is more affordable, but it only lasts for a short time.

You will also require a set of scissors and a utility knife to complete this step. You now have everything you need to begin wrapping your skateboard, so go ahead and get started.

Step-By-Step Guide for Wrapping A Skateboard

The procedures necessary to wrap the skateboard gift box in a way that is both effective and aesthetically pleasing are outlined in the following paragraphs.

Wrap The Skateboard With Butcher Paper

If you want the gift to look less like a skateboard, you should wrap the skateboard in butcher paper or another type of thick paper first putting on wrapping paper. This step is recommended if you want the gift to appear less like a skateboard. 

This will provide it with a squarer shape, and it will hide its wheels so that they will not be visible through the wrapping paper.

Begin Wrapping the Skateboard

Because the butcher paper has caused the skateboard to become flat, it is now time to begin wrapping the board in wrapping paper.

Turning the board over so that the wheels are facing upward will provide you with a flat surface as you are nearing the end of your wrapping process; therefore, we strongly suggest you do this. 

When wrapping something, it is essential to proceed with caution and avoid applying excessive pressure, as this may cause a skateboard wheel to tear through the wrapping paper.

Use Plenty of Tapes

We strongly suggest that you use many tapes while covering the skateboard to ensure that the wrapping paper stays in place and does not come undone. Skateboards have a distinctive shape, which makes it difficult to wrap them.

 In these situations, the tape can be helpful since it can maintain the wrapping paper linked and prevent the wrapping paper from unraveling.

Be sure to turn inside the corners at the end of a skateboard so that the wrap completely covers the board. Please do so to avoid the wrap covering the board entirely.

How To Wrap a Skateboard For Christmas?

We all like the holiday tradition of exchanging presents. Still, finding an appropriate wrapping method for an item not of standard rectangular or square form can take time and effort.

If you want to put your skateboard under the tree in style, here is a simple tutorial about how to wrap it. Put down some wrapping paper as a base for the board.

The piece should be large enough to fold around the board multiple times. The next step is to take two strings and cross them inside the middle of the board to create an x.

Now, wrap the paper around the board and secure it with the string. Wrap the board in several layers of paper, then bind it with a bow. Wrap it up, and finish by attaching a tag. Putting your skateboard under the tree is a done deal.

How To Gift Wrap a Skateboard Without a Box?

It is optional to head out and purchase a specialized box to come up with an original approach to present a skateboard that has been given to someone as a present.

You need some ingenuity and imagination to wrap a skateboard without using one. You will require the following supplies: ribbon, scissors, tissue paper, and packing tape.

To begin, spread the tissue paper evenly across the surface. After positioning the skateboard in the middle of the article, wrap the piece around it and secure it using packing tape to keep it in place. 

Following this, take a pair of scissors and cut two identical lengths of ribbon. Wrap both ends of each piece of stripes around the skateboard in a clockwise direction, crossing over one another in the center. You are finished once you trim away any excess ribbon. 

This approach could take more time, but it is undeniably valuable and well worth the effort.

Gift Ideas for Skateboarders

As anyone who knows them can attest, skaters are constantly on the move and seeking ways to improve their skills. Here are some gift suggestions that are sure to put a grin on the face of any skateboarder in your life.

Getting a skateboarder and a new pair of wheels is a terrific idea. A new wheelset will excite them, whether they are searching for cruiser wheels to roll around town or street wheels to push their skating to a higher level.

Skateboarders always appreciate a new deck as a present. Purchasing a new skateboard deck is guaranteed to put a smile on their face, whether they want something fresh to shred the streets on or something retro to add to their collection.

You can go right with a personalized skateboard gift box. The box can be customized to meet their preferences and requirements, making it stand out from the crowd.

It is the Christmas season, so use your imagination and make them happy. Indulge the skateboarder of your life this holiday season with one of these excellent presents. Get out and do some shopping.

How to make a skateboard gift box?

A bespoke skateboard gift box is a great way to show appreciation for a skateboarder while standing out from the crowd. A cardboard box, some tape, some scissors, and some ribbon would all come in handy. 

Get a cardboard box big enough to hold the skateboard first. To decorate the box, cut two lengths of ribbon and use them to tie a crisscross knot on opposing ends.

Remove the extra ribbon, and you are done. It is both creative and environmentally responsible for wrapping presents in this way.

You can save resources and money by reusing the cardboard box and ribbon. In addition, the individual touch would be greatly appreciated.

What are some alternative uses for butcher paper?

Instead of wrapping presents with it, butcher paper may be used for many other things. Use this paper for arts and activities like crafting bunting or banners. It is also frequently used for shipping and transporting soft goods like clothes and linens. 

It is not uncommon to see butcher paper being used as a placemat. Butcher paper is a multipurpose substance that may be used for many things, including gift wrapping.

What Should You Do if You Don’t Have a Cardboard Box?

Although transporting items through cardboard boxes is the standard practice, alternative options are available. There are many alternatives to using a cardboard box if you do not have one on hand or do not want to.

A garbage can, if clean and big enough, could serve as an alternative to a suitcase or duffel bag. If you need to provide additional cushioning for fragile objects during transport, you can use blankets or towels to line the bottom of your chosen container.

Then again, you can always use trash bags in an authentic jam. There are several alternatives to using a cardboard box, so do not fret if you do not have one.

What materials are needed to wrap a skateboard for Christmas? 

To wrap a skateboard for Christmas, you will need wrapping paper, scotch tape or double-sided tape, scissors and some sort of padding material such as bubble wrap or foam. You may also want to use ribbon and gift tags to personalize your gift.

What is the best way to wrap a skateboard for Christmas? 

The best way to wrap a skateboard for Christmas is to first choose an appropriate size of wrapping paper that will completely cover the board.

Then cut out pieces of padding material and place them on each side of the board, making sure to completely cover the board.

Once the padding material is in place, wrap the gift in wrapping paper and use tape to secure it. Finally, decorate your gift with ribbon and a personalized tag.

What should I do if my skateboard does not fit in a single piece of wrapping paper? 

If your skateboard does not fit in a single piece of wrapping paper, you can either use two pieces of wrapping paper that overlap and tape them together or you can cut the wrapping paper into smaller pieces to accommodate the size of your skateboard. 

How To Wrap a Skateboard Gift?

To wrap a skateboard gift, start by wrapping the board in bubble wrap or foam padding to protect it. Next, lay out your chosen wrapping paper and place the board in the center of it.

Gently pull up each side of the paper and secure with double-sided tape or scotch tape. Finally, decorate the gift with ribbon and a personalized tag. 

Does wrapping a skateboard require any special tools?

No, wrapping a skateboard does not typically require any special tools, just regular scissors and tape.

However, if you want to get creative with your gift wrap, you can use specialty wrapping paper cutters or gift tag punches to help create unique and personalized designs. 


When you think about how to wrap a skateboard for Christmas, it is more complex than it might first appear.

Using the appropriate materials and techniques, you can make your skateboard seem like a work of art.

If you follow these easy steps, you will be well on your way to impressing your buddies (or even just branding yourself), and it will take you only a short time.

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