Skateboard Speed Wobbles – How To Control It safetly

No doubt some people learn skateboarding in very little time. But yes, It is also true that many newbies face issues and troubles in their starting days. One of the most annoying issues faced by them is the Skateboard speed wobbles.

It is very frustrating when you cannot go fast because you cannot manage your Skateboard at high speeds. It feels like the Skateboard doesn’t belong to you at all, and it is almost out of your control. But don’t worry, the article helps you control the skate speed wobbles in a very easy way.

Causes of Skateboard Speed Wobbles:

The most common cause of speed wobbles is the lack of balance while going higher. A faster ride gives rise to some other problems, making it difficult for you to maintain stability on the Skateboard.

Riding the Skateboard with improper posture, not sitting straight on your Skateboard, and not maintaining your center of gravity are also another few reasons for speed wobbles

Skateboard Speed Wobbles

We have seen in some cases, that the wheels are unevenly worn out, which leads to speed wobbles.

If you are riding your Skateboard on a hard surface, it is more likely that you will face this issue more often than when riding on a softer or less smooth surface.

Lack of coordination between the upper and lower half of your body while riding fast is also a reason for speed wobbles.

How to Not Get Speed Wobbles on a Skateboard:

Maintain proper posture on the Skateboard:-

As said earlier, maintaining proper balance and having good coordination between your upper and lower body is very important when you are going at a faster speed. There should be no tension in your muscles.

Skateboard Speed Wobbles,

Otherwise, it can also lead to board speed wobbles. When there is proper coordination between the upper and lower part of your body, your center of gravity will automatically become stable, which will help reduce the speed wobbles.

Sitting straight on your Skateboard:-

Trying to sit straighter on the board and keep the pressure of your body more focused on the back trucks can be helpful.

It will help you make better coordination between the upper and lower part of your body which can also reduce Skateboard speed wobbles to some great extent.

Don’t try to skateboard faster than you can:-

It is always better to go at a pace that your body is comfortable with. Skateboarding too fast not only causes Skateboard speed wobbles but also makes it difficult for you to maneuver your way out of tricky situations.

Change to a softer surface:-

It is always better to ride on smoother and less hard surfaces when you are a beginner. This will make it easier for you to manage your Skateboard speed wobbles.

Try different terrain:-  

As we have said earlier, skateboards, especially wheels, limit the maximum speed they can go, so you should try to ride on a different terrain where you can easily maneuver your board. It will help in reducing Skateboard speed wobbles.

Well, these are some of the ways through which one can control Skateboard speed wobbles. If you follow these steps and apply these techniques in your skating, you will see a reduction in Skateboard speed wobbles.

Tips for Beginners:-

  • You must not ride your Skateboard on a crowded surface if you are a beginner. Its better to go for an empty place where you can easily manage your Skateboard.
  • It is always suggested that before you start riding at higher speeds, try to balance your Skateboard with the slower speed first. It will help you get to know about the tricks and techniques required for riding at higher speeds.
  • Do not use headphones when riding. The distraction of the music can make it more difficult for you to spot uneven patches on the ground.
  • If you are suffering from speed-wobbles, then while riding, try to jump off the board while it is moving. This will help in reducing Skateboard speed wobbles.


As it has been said earlier that speed wobbles are just temporary. You need not panic when you are going through these kinds of situations. It takes a few minutes to come back on the track when you know the main reasons for Skateboard speed wobbles.

So, if someone is inviting you for a race, choose your Skateboard wisely and set the necessary accessories before you start. It will give you an edge over your opponents.

Once again, we advise you to wear proper guards and knee pads and follow all the skateboarding rules and regulations to minimize the risk of any injuries or accidents.

And if you do some exercise to strengthen your muscles and work on your core coordination, it is one of the best ways to ride your Skateboard at a higher level. This way, you can quickly learn how to control Skateboard speed wobbles .’

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