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Do you love skating but hate the thought of a possible head injury? Well, have no fear. There are some great skateboard helmets on the market these days that can take the brunt of a fall.

In this post, we’re going to explore some of the best skateboard helmets available and give you our top picks. So whether you’re just starting or are a seasoned pro, read on for the best protection your noggin can get. 

Whether you’re an aggressive skater or prefer to take it easy and cruise around town, we’ve got the perfect helmet for your style.

You need a good quality skateboard helmet that will keep its wearer safe while they are out on their board; therefore, I would recommend looking at our selection of Best Skateboard Helmets Young generation helmets too.

Top 12 Best Skateboard Helmets Reviews

1. JBM Skateboard Helmet

Best Skateboard Helmets
  • Small 19.7”-20.9”
  • Medium 20.9”-22” 
  • Large 22.8”-23.6”. 

An excellent Best Skateboard helmet for skating or biking, the JBM Skateboard Helmet offers a premium stiff PE plastic outer shell with breathable polyester fabric inner pads.

The EPS foam is impact-resistant and anti-shocks, so you know it’ll protect your head in case of an emergency.

This product has been certified both by ASTM & CPSC, which means that this safe bet will keep any player happy on their next adventure out there exploring new terrain. Plus, its lightweight design makes them easy to carry around all day long – no pun intended.

The smooth exterior combined with adjustable straps makes these helmets durable enough while remaining stylish, too.

They come complete with a transparent knob placed right behind where we attach our strap for those who want more stability. 

The JBM skateboard helmet is perfect for both kids and adults. It has three different sizes, so you can find the one that fits your head just right. The only complaint some people have about this product is how losing it feels on their heads.

Because of its flimsy strap or bulky size compared to other helmets they’ve tried before. However, these issues won’t matter once you’re in action anyway because there are no worries about getting dizzy while riding downhills. 

  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable spin dial
  • Available in multiple colors
  • A bit bulky and on your pocket

2. Thordarson Skateboard Helmet

best skateboard helmet
  • Small:18.11″-19.68″(46cm-50cm)
  • Medium:19.68″-21.65″(50cm-55cm)
  • Large:21.65″-24.01″(55cm-61cm)

The Tourdarson is one of the best Skateboard Helmets. It is a one-of-a-kind helmet with an ABS outer shell and EPS high-density foam.

Moreover, the lightweight design includes multiple vents, breathable material for less sweaty rides, and adjustable buckles or straps.

It also has removable inserts so you can clean up all of those sweat droplets when it’s time to take off your protective gear after shredding down some hills in style.

 The only downside may be how shaky the whole thing feels sometimes. However, this doesn’t affect safety because they are designed aesthetically and structurally.

Meaning no matter what happens, their head stays firmly attached, and there won’t even be any room left over. 

  • Affordable
  • Ventilation is good
  • Available Multiple colors
  • Lack CPSC or ASTM certifications

3. Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike Skateboard Helmet

Best Skateboard Helmets Reviews
  • XS/S fits 18.9 – 21.25 in (48 – 54 cm)
  • S/M fits 21.5 – 22.75 in (55 – 58 cm)
  • L/XL 23.25 – 24 in (59 – 61 cm)

Triple Eight is a top-of-the-line company when it comes to skateboard helmets. They have been around since the early 80s, and their products are always well made, durable for use by children or adults alike, with their classic style that stays true in any crowd setting.

Not only does this Dual Certified (CPSC/ASTM F1492) Skateboard certified helmet comes equipped with an ABS shell but also an impact-absorbing EPS foam liner, making sure your head feels safe while onboard.

No matter where they take you. With straightforward adjustable buckles all over and side-release buckle closure systems, anyone can wear one without worrying about getting stuck like glue. There isn’t anything more important than having what matters most fitting for your safety. 

The helmet is made with a few different sets of easily adjustable pads to fit your head perfectly. 

The retaining straps come off the front and back, so you can easily wash them in hot water, along with an additional sweat-saving pad for extra cushioning during intense activity or when it’s sweaty out.

But don’t worry, this thick feeling product isn’t just any ugly-looking skull but the Best Skateboard Helmets. Because Triple Eight offers customizable options through their website, users might choose from softer materials such as leathers, making all those vents seem pointless at first glance.

The Triple Eight helmet is perfect for longboard sliding. It has a tight fit, so you might want to go up one size when ordering it and get the most protection possible with your new board.

The best thing about this skateboarding gear is its safety features:

 1. They stop riders from going as fast as 20 mph by providing them comfort while doing so which in turn makes it easier on their heads during those crazy tricks at high speeds. 

2. Not only that but due to how soft these helmets feel and look, many skaters will wear them even if they’re just cruising down the road or city streets because of all six points protecting against impacts along the way.

  • Good ventilation.
  • Lightweight
  • Used by pro skaters
  • Specially designed for skateboarding
  • Costly

4. DaCool Kids Bike Helmet

Best Skateboard Helmets

DaCool Kids Bike Helmet is a high-quality, anti-scratch PVC shell helmet perfect for children aged 5 to 10. The outside of the helmet has soft EVA padding and liners made from top-notch materials like polyester.

Which will ensure that your kid stays comfortable while riding their bike in Dacool’s fine-looking stylish protective gear and one of the Best Skateboard Helmets.

With adjustable straps and vents on both sides, you can be sure this baby won’t let them down no matter how far or fast they go even if it means taking some spills along the way.

The best part? We’ve got pads. Not only do these come included with every set purchased, but we also have options available as add-ons, so there isn’t anything left out. 

The helmet is a great starter skateboarder’s accessory. One downfall, however? The stick padding inside loses its tack quickly – which can make for some pretty painful head injuries if you’re not careful about how often your kid takes off their mask to breathe in the fresh air.

But fear not: there are other ways to solve this problem. It fits sizes 3 through 8 years old with weights ranging 15-40lbs; adjustable elastic straps keep it tight without being too close on smaller heads or adults’ large noggins. Yes, I know what they’re called. 

  • Adjustable
  • The wearing is very Comfortable
  • Ventilation is good. 
  • Padding loses stickiness 

5. KAMUGO Kids Adjustable Helmet

Best Skateboard Helmets

The KAMUGO Kids Helmet is a safe and durable helmet designed for children 3-8 years old.

This CPSC-certified product comes with high-grade materials, which make it comfortable to wear all day long; its shock-absorbing EPS protects from falls as well, resulting in Best Skateboard Helmets. 

The only downfall is that this sturdy lid may feel tight around your child’s chin when first putting it on but don’t worry because there’s plenty of room in the front so that you can adjust accordingly afterward. 

If these few minor flaws aren’t an issue, such as not covering ears, then get yours today before they sell out again. 

  • Budget-friendly
  • Specially designed for kids’ heads
  • CPSC certified 
  • Only suitable for kids

6. Apostle Skateboard Helmet

good Skateboard Helmets
  • Small:48-52cm/18.89-20.47 inches 
  • Medium:53-58cm/20.86-22.83 inches 
  • Large :59-62cm/23.23-24.41 inches 

The Apostle Skateboard helmet is the best skateboarding helmet because of its high safety standards. The ABS shell and EPS inner layer make it super safe for anyone who boards, making this one of only a few CPSC-certified products on today’s market.

It has 12 vents that will keep you cool during your sessions with plenty of airflows thanks to them being adjustable via an internal dial at chin length perfect if you have long or short hair like me. And while we’re talking about comfortability here.

You can easily adjust this bad boy using their built-in strap adjustments, which are also nice not having all those pesky velcro patches ruining any personal style possibilities. 

The Apostle helmet is a fantastic starter helmet for young riders. It’s got tons of colors and styles, making it easy to find one that matches your personality or bike.

This commutable model also has some downsides- like being bulky in size although there are adjustable straps, so not everyone will be able to wear this type of lid all day long, but on the upside, you’ll always look great with its bright hues at traffic lights with this Best Skateboard Helmets. 

  • Safety certified
  • Affordable Price
  • Perfect beginners’ helmet
  • Good Ventilation sweat-free
  • Available in Bright colors
  • A bit heavy

7. TurboSke Skateboard Helmet

Good Skateboard Helmets
  • Size:  2 sizes 
  • S/M for head circumference 21.25”-22.25” (54cm -57cm).
  •  L/XL for head size 22.25”-23.75” (57cm -60cm). 

TurboSpoke skateboard Helmets are designed to protect the head during a fall. The helmet is made of high-quality materials and comes with adjustable nylon buckled straps, a soft chin pad, a ventilation system that helps keep your noggin cool in hot weather or warm on cold winter days. 

 ABS hardshell construction for increased safety standards compliance and ASTM certification make these Turbo Ske Skater Helmets CPSC Safety Standards compliant.

Plus, they’re so sleek you’ll want one just like them even if there weren’t any motorcycles involved at all. The TurboSke Helmet is an excellent choice for e-skateboarders. With its adjustable dial, you can find the perfect fit no matter what size head there is. 

It comes with thick and thin padding, but two sets of replacement pads are provided so that each user may have their own customized experience upon wearing this helmet.

A TurboSke helmet is an excellent option for those new to e-skating. Be sure to find out which electric skateboard will work best under $500 here. 

  • Budget-Friendly 
  • Modern look
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Bulky

8. LEDIVO Kids Adjustable Helmet

Best skateboard helmet

Kids’ helmet size: 48-54 cm or  18.9”- 21.3”

The LEDIVO Kids Adjustable helmet is one of the best choices for your child. This well-made, comfortable, and brightly colored protective headgear comes with an adjustable strap that can be lengthened or shortened depending on their age and size (3-8 years old).

The ABS shell provides excellent protection from external harm while being light enough not to feel burdensome during sports activities like biking, skating, etc. It is often done on hot summer days.

It has breathable pads, so they stay cool inside even when you’re sweating buckets outside, thanks to our sweat-absorbing material lining it. Plus, there isn’t any risk whatsoever posed by pinching chins.

There’s no need to be afraid of falling with this helmet. The protective gear comes included, and it will keep your head safe from harm.

One downside is that you might have an issue obtaining a proper fit because the size runs small. But don’t worry-we’ve got everything else covered for you here at Skatevella, the Best Skateboard Helmets. 

  • Available Bright colors
  •  Details are Adjustable 
  • It comes with additional protective gear
  • Not safety certified

9. OUWOR Skateboard Bike Helmet

good skateboarding helmet
  • Small 48-54cm (18.9-21.3 inches)
  • Medium 54-57cm (21.3-22.4 inches)
  • Large 57-61cm (22.4-24 inches)

OUWOR Skateboard Helmets is the best helmet for skating because its two reinforced layers make it strong, solid, and well made.

The ABS shell protects your head while EPS foam absorbs shock from falls or crashes with 11 vents that keep you cool on hot days.

This helmet comes in tons of cute colors like pink, so even adults can enjoy them too although they do come in sizes just for kids age 5+. It is with adjustable straps to fit any size head.

This sturdy lid will have you smacking bombs without worrying about breaking away from control, thanks to its sturdy design. The colors are accurate to the picture, so you know what you are getting.

  • Durable and Strong
  • Available in Good Colors
  • Spin dial and two sets of pads
  • High on the head

10. Flybar Skateboard Helmet

Best Skateboard Helmets
  • S/M (53-55cm/20.8-21.6in)
  • M/L (55-58cm/21.6-22.8in)
  • L/XL (58-61cm/22.8-24in).

ABS outer shell and high-density EPS foam inner lining make the Flybar Skateboard helmets strong, safe to wear.

With 23 vents for airflow, you will always feel relaxed no matter how much of a beating your session takes on this helmet that is super easy to get the perfect fit with adjustable spin dials.

These are dual certified protection from CPSC (the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission) and ASTM F1447 – American Society for Testing Materials. 

They make sure there are extra measures in place if an accident does occur while wearing it so YOU can be at peace knowing everything possible was done before sending yourself out into public places again.

The Flybar Skateboard helmet is a top-rated product for its solid construction and affordable price. The extra padding on the chinstrap makes it very comfortable. Still, some say that adjustments are needed too often, or the straps can be short.

Both cases make wearing this type of lidless ideal because you would need to take off your protective gear just as much during transportation from spot A (wherever YOU ride) to B, where MY FLYBARS skatepark resides. 

The nine color options allow them to match their preferred style while still getting protection against weather changes such as ice storms with wind speeds exceeding 40 miles per hour – so they’ll never miss out again. 

  • Budget-friendly
  • Best Ventilation
  • Adjustable with spin dial
  • Available in multiple colors
  • It is not possible to detach the pads

11. Punisher Skateboards 13-Vent Skateboard Helmet

Punisher Skateboards Bike-Helmets 13-Vent Skateboard Helmet Reviews
  • Small – 53cm – 55cm 
  • Medium – 55cm – 57cm 
  • Large – 57cm – 59cm

Punisher Skateboard helmets are a great way to get your child into the fun, healthy activity of skating. These dual certified skateboards have an ABS protective shell and EPS impact absorption liner that make them safe for biking or rollerblading. 

With 13 air cooling vents, it is easy on their heads, too, so you won’t have any problems with heatstroke before they hit puberty which sometimes comes early. 

The bright anti flake metallics give these lids high visibility, which will keep other road users aware when sharing space at intersections – don’t worry about getting sideswiped because we’ve got you covered. 

The Punisher is among the Best Skateboard Helmets and is an excellent choice for any head size.

It has 13 vents to keep your metabolism going strong and a dual-density foam shell that will give you maximum protection from childhood diseases such as cancer or influenza.

The straps make this baby feel sturdy on top of being comfortable too, which means there’s no need to worry about headaches when riding downhills.

Thanks again to those adjustable dials at each side allowing quick-release buckles – plus, they’re made out of durable nylon so that nothing can break them easily in half either.

  • Stylish
  • Anti-flake paint will not fade in the sunlight
  • Comfortable wearing
  • Good ventilation.
  • Costly
  • More oversized fit not for young kids

12. Krash! Youth 8+ Mohawk Helmets

Size 54-58cm

The most excellent and edgiest helmet you can get for your kid is the Krash. Mohawk. These helmets are made with an EPS inner material that absorbs shocks, so spills or falls won’t ruin their day. They also come in multiple colors to match any look.

There are even spikes on top of each side, complete with sturdy silicone, which stays put but doesn’t add unnecessary weight like traditional bicycle bike helmets do, making these bad boys super light-weight less than 300 grams. 

The cool-looking design will be sure to make them want to wear one too when they see how awesomely unique it looks compared to other styles out there today. Krash. Helmets are perfect for those who want to be the best in their sport. 

They have aerodynamic cooling vents and nylon straps adjust so you can get a comfortable fit that snugs up against your head just right.

The one drawback? It doesn’t come with adjustable knobs. But this is arguably better because it limits how many times someone could break something on purpose while adjusting its settings.

  • Available in multiple colors
  • Lights up your game
  • Give you a cool look
  • The adjustable knob is not available 

What are the best skateboard helmets, and why do you need one?

Best Skateboard helmets are designed to protect against serious injuries, including the risk of skull fractures.

They’re made with tough shells that offer excellent protection and air vents for incredible relief on hot days; inner pads help absorb any impact during accidents, so you won’t feel anything worse than discomfort if it does happen.

Skaters need not worry about saving up money, though, because most affordable models come fully equipped.

Different Types of Helmets

Leisure Helmets

You’re out for a fun-filled night on the town, cruising around, or just having some casual skateboarding. You want to look stylish and not get caught wearing something too normal.

The Leisure Helmet from Rat Bike Co. features plenty of colorful designs with neon lighting effects. So you can impress all those who see it while still being unrecognizable when riding by yourself at dusk in complete stealth mode.

Road Helmets

The Road Helmet is a perfect option for those who love to ride their longboard or do tricks on the hill. It’s a sturdy, rugged, and durable skateboard helmet, which means it’ll keep you safe while down-hilling. 

Full Face Helmets

Full Face Helmets can be used for various sports, but the skater community generally employs them.

They provide an additional level of safety when doing downhill racing because it is difficult to see what’s coming at you in front or behind while negotiating turns on your board without wearing one. Get a fun time with the Best Skateboard Helmets.  

Kids Helmets

Getting a helmet for your child is an important decision that will affect their future in skateboarding. The best way to ensure they choose the right one and stay safe while doing it, make sure you look out for these features.

A dial-on or replacement pads can grow into different sizes without having any difficulties adjusting themselves.

Benefits Of Using A Skateboard Helmet

Skating helmets help prevent the chances of head injuries and trauma.

The entire reason to wear a helmet is for safety, but what if you don’t look cool doing it? Skaters looking stylish on their boards need not worry because there’s plenty else besides style that matters when skating around town. 

You can be safe from serious injury by wearing one; you’ll feel confident knowing how much protection your skull offers with every collision or fall.

The dirt embankments in the fall, thanks in large part to these innovative designs specifically tailored towards keeping skater heads intact. After all those spills they have had alongside us during the ride. 

Features to look for in a Best Skateboard Helmets. 

In addition to style, ventilation, and materials, you should look for a helmet that offers adjustability. Many skating helmets come with different sizes of inner padding, but one great feature is an adjustable spin dial which will allow you to find the perfect fit without hassle. 

You should never have to sacrifice safety for style. That’s why we offer both attractive options and ones that are more functional.

Our polypropylene and EPS helmets provide excellent ventilation without sacrificing any comfort, and they also come in different sizes so that you can find one specifically made just for your head shape or size. 

An adjustable spin dial lets us adjust the fit quickly & easily too. Likewise, polypropylene comes pre-expanded, meaning that when hit, it maintains its shape while providing full support.

Choosing the Right and Best Skateboard Helmet

If you ever wondered how do I choose the best skateboard helmet? There are many features that you should take into consideration before finalizing. 

Helmet Fitting

When picking out the perfect skating helmet, get one that’s just right for your head. The fit should be snug but not tight or uncomfortable.

And it shouldn’t make you feel as if there are many spaces between where pieces join together on top of something firm like an inside layer would do when someone wears glasses with thick lenses, which also happens to me.

The best way I’ve found is to achieve this level of precision while remaining comfortable during use. The helmet should not shift or move while skateboarding.

Helmet Size

It is essential to get the right size helmet for you. If it’s too big or small, then there will be gaps between your head and the top of the skateboard helmet that can let rain in and protect other parts such as eyesight due to its proximity with watery environments while skating outside on rainy days when wearing a poorly fitted lid may result. 

Straps & Buckles

There are many types of skateboard straps available on the market, but not all of them will give you optimum comfort.

Most skaters prefer to use one class, in particular, a strap with extra padding around its chin component for maximum convenience and ease while wearing it during long sessions at high speeds without having any problems whatsoever.

I recommend getting helmets with “V” shapes under each earlobe area to ensure complete protection against impact trauma caused by falls onto hard surfaces below.

Such as pavement or concrete sidewalks because they’re unprotected from road hazards like cars speeding past.

Safety Standards Certifications

Skateboarding is a dangerous sport, and many different safety standards need to be met when making skateboard helmets. The ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) rules ensure the best possible protection against impact.

Still, some people also want CPSC certification because they know it will withstand higher impacts than what’s considered an average bicycle or cycling helmet can handle.

This means these products may not last nearly as long before replacement due to damage over time from falls on pavement.

ASTM certification is a great way to ensure you’re safe on the board no matter where your head hits. It has more safety features that can withstand multiple impacts, even at different angles.

Shell Material

Rugged and durable, the many colors make for a great accessory. 

Choose your favorite color to create style in any room of your home. These rigid plastic helmets are among the safest types out there for safety on an adventure with friends or family members. 

Ventilation in Helmet

The summer heat can make you sweat, so it’s essential to have a helmet with excellent ventilation. The best way of preventing yourself from getting too hot or uncomfortable is by ensuring that there is plenty of space for airflow through your headgear. They also come equipped with removable sweat pads, which will help save any face oil spills before they happen. 


The padding is a soft, flexible material that can be removed to wash or replaced if it becomes dirty. The interior of your helmet should feel as comfortable on the outside with moisture-wicking fabric designed for maximum breathability and temperature regulation during hot summer days when exercising outdoors all day long.

Padding comes in various sizes, so you’ll have no trouble finding one just right for yourself at any time of year. Without wasting money buying multiple types beforehand, only find out they are too big after purchasing them.

It also absorbs most impact from bumps because they’re made from highly resilient substances like polyurethane foam which means better protection than other materials such as steel wool pads. 

Final Verdict

What’s the best way to stay safe while skating? You need a helmet. Whether you are looking for one specifically designed with skateboarders in mind or just want something that will protect your head during any activity on wheels. There is no better choice than choosing wisely right now.

 My pick would be Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike Skateboard Helmets because they have been around long enough and offer excellent protection from falls and other accidents.

The helmet is safety certified, has a classic style, and is super comfortable. Plus, it’s worn by pro-skaters like Tony Hawk or Mike Vallely.

All of the above mentioned lists are the Best Skateboard Helmets. The open grill allows you to breathe easily while on your board without getting too hot in the summer sun.

Plus, there’s an extra air intake vent just below where they usually wear their noses so that every breath feels fresh. 

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