Can I Buy A Skateboard Pre-Built Or Do I Have To Build It Myself?

How familiar are you with the plethora of available skateboards, wheels, trucks, and bearings? Most likely, you did, and making choices can be challenging just starting.

Anything other than a plastic skateboard for kids will do.

Once you have mastered riding and feel more confident, you will have a clearer picture of what you require. People often wonder, “Can I buy a skateboard pre-built, or do I have to build it myself?”. 

The answer to this question is using a ready-made skateboard is acceptable as a first step. They are common to cost less than building one from scratch.

Getting an entire board when you are just starting and need to learn more about skateboard settings is best.

There is no perceptible difference between high- and low-end parts; however, the trucks should be adjusted accordingly. If you want exactly what you want out of a skateboard, you should have one made to order.

Examine your skateboard’s trucks, tires, bearings, and bushings to see if they are still in good working order. That is great news since you will need a skateboard deck and some grip tape to get rolling.

Pros of Buying a Complete Skateboard

There is no need to go out and hunt for individual parts. You may make blunders, like going with trucks that are too big or too small. Wheels that are huge, too harsh, too soft, etc., are also options.

It would be best not to go full throttle on the skateboard during your first few sessions. It is possible that you will not enjoy skateboarding and will quit after only a short time. The cost would be too high for the return.

A high-quality system and some conventional components will sound similar to you. I am not talking about one of those plastic pretend skateboards; the difference is noticeable.

Skateboarding progression focuses on when you start doing what you are doing now. Although you will see a change if you begin grinding rails or curbs, getting to that point will take some time.

In the meantime, you can focus on improving your skating skills and keep going until you need to replace parts.

Complete skateboards are typically more affordable, even though it can be challenging to locate identical components. Changes might be made gradually to improve the situation.

You start by upgrading your truck, car, etc., with more excellent wheels that complement your style.

Cons of Buying a Pre-built Skateboard

If you are wondering, “Can I buy a skateboard pre-built or do I have to build it myself?” you must consider the cons of buying a pre-built skateboard.

It is possible to make a terrible purchase that leaves you feeling remorseful; for example, Amazon is rife with cheap boards made with low-quality parts. 

If you choose one of the complete skateboards I suggest, you will not have to worry about buying something that will shatter on the very first day.

These will serve you well until you can afford a better one.

The CCS full is the most cost-effective and second-best alternative. Skaters widely vouch for this complete as a must-have.

To begin grinding curbs, you should upgrade to better trucks. Long ago, I put this board through its paces and was pleased with what I found. 

At first, I was not convinced, but considering the cost, this board is fantastic. Though not of the highest quality, this entry-level system should serve you well for some time.

Building Your Own Custom Skateboard

Ensuring everything fits together correctly is especially important if you are starting. The width of your deck and the width of your truck’s axles should be the same.

You should not choose either too soft or too hard wheels. It is also essential to consider the skating surface. Get a skateboard with a 99A rating if you intend to frequent skate parks. 

Accidents are inevitable when using low-quality materials. It is essential to keep your skateboard in tip-top shape, so make sure you regularly inspect and oil its moving parts.

Many skateboarders prefer to assemble their boards. However, most skateboard stores will do so if asked.

Do You Already Own a Skateboard?

Only go out and buy a whole new setup if you already own a good skateboard. You may find a use for a few of the components.

You can put that cash toward a more expensive purchase, like a professional deck with fancy artwork. A buddy of yours may have some spares sitting around.

There was a moment when I first got into skateboarding when everyone was always lending each other parts.

Once in a while, I will obtain a skateboard, but it will only sometimes fit my trucks. It is fine with me, though, because it gives me an excuse to upgrade my truck fleet.

How Much Does a Complete Skateboard Cost?

A mini logo can be purchased from their shop, which is cheap and well-suited for novice skateboarders.

Genuine maple wood is used; however, there is no print.

While the trucks are not new and shiny, and the wheels or bearings are not the best, they will do the job as long as you do not grind curbs all day.

Something resembling a complete Element deck, but containing the same components as a tiny logo, may be had for roughly $20.

Another good option for newcomers is the Alien Workshop, which includes CSS hardware and retails for approximately $100.

However, once grinding begins, the trucks will likely need to be replaced within a year.

You should expect to spend between $100 and $130 on a more luxurious mode of transportation.

These complete have high-quality components, such as trucks from Independent, Thunder, Venture, or Tensor, and wheels from Bones and Spitfire.

Do you want a blank page with no design, or do you want elaborate graphics? Skateboards with blank decks can be purchased for $20-$35.

Costing between $50 and $75, branded skateboard decks are undoubtedly costly. Take care while purchasing from China.

These decks can be equally expensive as name-brand alternatives, but they tend to fall apart far more quickly.

Cheapest Complete Skateboard?

Do not get a cheap toy skateboard, period. They are unsafe due to the low quality of their construction. Even worse, going skating is a miserable experience.

If you buy a blank skateboard, you should spend around $70-$90. A good skateboard with none of the unnecessary frills will be yours.

Skateboards that cost between $100 and $120 are complete and decent options.

Even though you can pick up a cheap skateboard at a store like Target or Walmart for only twenty dollars, it is in your best interest to wait and save up for a more high-quality model.

Cheap skateboards often crack when you do your first trick. In all likelihood, a blank skateboard will last longer than ten toy decks.

If You Have the Budget, Assemble One Yourself

If you can afford a higher-budget skateboard, the answer to this question, “Can I buy a skateboard pre-built, or do I have to build it myself?” is yes.

If you desire the best, you should expect to pay more than usual. You should expect to spend about $160 on a complete professional-grade skateboard. 

Skateboards with excellent wheels, bearing, trucks, and a custom printed graphic on the deck bottom cost that much money.

If you are starting, I would advise against doing this. There are still factors like deck width, wheel hardness, and vehicle type that you need to figure out.

It will take a while, and you may wind up wishing you had not spent so much. Putting together a skateboard from scratch is a breeze; the only real difficulty lies in applying the grip tape.

How to Recognize a Good Skateboard

Attention is especially needed if you are just getting started in skateboarding. Some cheap plastic skateboards can fool even the most seasoned skateboarder.

Again, visit your neighborhood skate store; some are even concave, adding extra difficulty. One characteristic that most professional skateboards have is thinner and lighter decks.

The heavyweight is due to the low-quality timber and fillers used in their construction. Plastic packaging is a red flag.

You can test how long the wheels spin for yourself at the store. Toy stores and big-box retailers like Target and Walmart should be avoided.

Here is a guide to help you determine whether or not you are looking at a high-quality skateboard.

  • Ply or compressed maple wood layers. Generally speaking, seven layers is the minimum for a good-quality deck. Birch is used for making low-quality boards. Just compare the heaviness of a decent deck to that of a cheap one in your hands to see what I mean by “lightweight.”
  • The concave describes the overall shape and curvature of the board from the tail to the nose. With concave, you will have more control over your board and be able to pull off more tricks. Skateboard tricks are more challenging on a deck that is not ideally round. Depending on your taste, concave might range from shallow to deep.
  • There should be a 90-degree angle between the nose and the tail; the nose is typically longer.
  • A low-quality deck will bend with little pressure.
  • Knocking on wood is an easy way to tell the difference; a gentle thud indicates a subpar deck, while a loud thud indicates quality.
  • Other attributes, such as pop and longevity, are more difficult to discern. High-quality decks are costly because of how difficult they are to produce.

Brands You Should Look For

Skateboards tend to be made by something other than the companies who sell them; many different brands originate in the same factory.

You can go right with all of these skateboard manufacturers. Some manufacturers have been around for decades and consistently produce high-quality skateboards.

Skaters have differing views on which company makes the best skateboards, and it would be futile to try to convince them otherwise.

Choosing a side boils down to personal preference and which team’s website has the finest visuals.


Those looking for an all-around board can find one in Girl’s lineup; it is robust and reliable. Skateboards that are great for both the bowl and the street in equal measure.

Not overly rounded or flat, concave decks provide fantastic, long-lasting pops. This brand is recommended because of how rarely they break.

Plan B

Another well-established label. Plan B has excellent volume and longevity because of its high-quality construction.

They have excellent concave and are less likely to break. Others despise the company because it seems to have bought up all the famous skateboarders.

Their professional squad is fantastic, which is likely why they are so well-liked.


There is no one answer to the question, “Can I buy a pre-built skateboard, or do I have to build it myself?“. It depends on your budget and choices. When searching for a complete skateboard, you can pick from various options.

Pre-assembled, blank skateboards are the most cost-effective choice. You would be mistaken to dismiss a skateboard with an empty deck as uncool. Blank skateboard decks are popular among skateboarders.

Skateboards were not designed to be used as fashion accessories. The user can add stickers and graphics at any time.

You can go right with any skateboard in a skate shop’s inventory. As a novice, it does not matter whatever skateboard brand you choose.

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