Best Skateboard Helmets For Kids In 2023

You cannot talk about skateboard safety without mentioning helmets. While helmets are certainly not the only piece of safety gear out there, they are by far the most essential because of the way that they function: by protecting a critical part of your body and ensuring a comparatively smoother ride after spills happen.

When it comes to kids who are still learning how to properly handle bikes while they’re in motion, having a helmet is more critical than ever before. In light of this reality, today’s guide will be focused on helping you weed through one of the best options out there for children looking to get involved in skateboarding.

Kids Skateboard Helmets Certificate 

Skate-style helmets are all the rage for kids who ride skateboards and scooters. But skate-style helmets and skateboard helmets are pretty different. The outside of this headgear may look alike, but their functions inside are rather other.

 The best kids skateboard helmet is dual certified by the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) and ASTM (The American Society for Testing and Materials). The CPSC certification covers biking and scootering, while the ASTM certification covers skateboarding and trick roller skating/blading.

When worn correctly, a certified helmet can help prevent superficial injuries to a child’s skull because it also disperses and absorbs any crash energy, thereby minimizing potential brain injury.

best skateboard helmets for kids

1. JBM Skateboard Helmet CPSC

  • Size Small
  • Color Black
  • Recommended Uses For Product Skateboarding
  • Brand JBM international
  • Vehicle Service Type Scooter

The skateboard is available in three sizes, and the measurements are given as follows:

  • Small: 18.1’’-19.7
  • Medium: 19.7’’-22.8”
  • Large: 20.9’’-23.2”

The best kids skateboard helmets are lightweight and have no noisy elements. This helmet has passed CPSC (cycling) and ASTM (skateboarding) certified impact resistance testing thresholds.

This is a budget-friendly skate for your pockets if you want to get two or more of your child. 

Thes aesthetic design is unisex, and it is Pepto pink. The siblings can share the skate for the ride.

The helmet’s hard outer shell is made out of plastic and a thin layer of foam. This design allows the helmet to be safer during crashes.

When the rider falls or hits their head against something like a rock, the impact will be absorbed by the inner foam and passed along to the outer “shell,” which keeps it away from the rider’s head.

  • Budget-Friendly
  • Efficient 
  • Available in all colors 
  • It covers a good range of head sizes: your child can blend in at any age
  • Not adjustable 

2. Triple Eight Little Tricky 3900 – Flexibility

  • Size X-Small
  • Color Black Rubber
  • Recommended Uses For Product Cycling, Skateboarding
  • Brand Triple Eight
  • Outer Material Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Wearing the best kids skateboard helmets is an essential part of staying safe while skating, but some kids don’t like to wear theirs because they can be uncomfortable to wear long enough for the skating trip to be worth it.

These helmets are great because they have adjustable straps and buckles that you can use to find a snug and comfortable fit. There are also thin liners included with each helmet for extra protection. 

Even if your kid needs something more than just the basic lining in the helmet, there are additional lining pads included that can help stabilize the helmet and make sure it stays put on your kid’s head while they are grinding up rails.

The only issue we’ve encountered with these helmets is that their weight might make it difficult for smaller kids.

Or younger kids who haven’t yet grown into the helmet to keep them on their heads for long periods without experiencing some neck or head fatigue from wearing the helmets too long.

  • Great Adjustable strap
  • buckle lock for fit
  • Dual certified
  • Heavyweight

3. XJD Kids Bike Helmet – Best For Comfort

  • Size Small
  • Color BLUE
  • Recommended Uses For Product Cycling
  • Brand XJD
  • Vehicle Service Type Scooter

Many bike helmets are uncomfortable to wear and can cause a lot of discomfort throughout the ride.

Thankfully, our XJD Kids Bike Helmet doesn’t have this problem and that makes it into the list of Best kids skateboard helmets.

The intelligent design is lightweight and features an adjustable spin dial on the back and a double buckle strap at the chin area that allows the helmet to fit securely without being too tight or too loose.

The adjustable dial will also allow your child to adjust it themselves when they grow older, so there is no need to buy a new helmet right away.

  • An adjustable dial 
  • double buckle strap
  • Breathable pads 
  • Strap clips are Loose

4. GoTrax

  • Size Large
  • Color Red
  • Recommended Uses For Product Cycling, Skateboarding
  • Brand Gotrax
  • Vehicle Service Type Scooter

Almost all best kids’ skateboard helmets are pretty heavy compared to a standard biking helmet.

While many kids aren’t bothered by this, some may resist wearing a dual-certified helmet because of its weight.

Our testing panel noticed the difference and saw that the GoTrx skateboard helmet is not only the lightest dual-certified helmet we’ve found. It’s actually as lightweight as your average bike helmet. And HALF the weight of the Triple eight helmets.

The padding on this model just disintegrated over the first two years of wear – to be honest, most reviewers were surprised how well it still protected their heads despite how thin and flimsy it felt.

Notably, our testers liked how easy it was to adjust this model’s fit – but as a safety feature, the preferred models with more concrete pads provide better comfort and protection.

  • Sweat absorbent quick technology
  • Unpleasant sweaty reduction
  • Dual certification safety
  • Available in small sizes

5. Mongoose MG77927- Best For Tough Boys

  • Color Black
  • Recommended Uses For Product Cycling
  • Brand Mongoose
  • Vehicle Service Type Street Bike
  • Age Range (Description) Youth

This Magnetix MG77927 is on Amazon’s Choice list, and this should help you decide which pony you should buy.

The Skull style look will allow your son to look outstanding when performing Skateboarding moves. With the entire outer shell made of hard plastic, this helmet will remain beautiful and durable for a long time.

However, the helmet may be too large for some children with small heads. However, there is only one size option. Consider carefully before buying this item.

This Magnetix model being on the list of the best kids skateboard helmets has met the ASTM F1492 Standard for Skateboarding items.

That’s why your child can rely on it for ultimate head protection while doing complex skateboarding techniques.

  • Hard plastic and quality 
  •  High durability
  • The skull design is unique
  • ASTM F1492 certified 
  • No Size option

6. Triple Eight Gotham 3316 – Best For EPS ConeHead Technology

  • Size X-Small/Small
  • Color Baja Rubber
  • Recommended Uses For Product Cycling, Skateboarding
  • Brand Triple Eight
  • Inner Material Expanded Polystyrene

We love this product because of the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System that comes with it.

Its EPS foam lining made from ConeHead tech can absorb and disperse energy when an impact happens, keeping your child’s head protected.

Also, it features collapsing cones that spread the force of an accident outwards. Hence, you know your child will be safe doing activities such as biking, skateboarding, rollerblading, and roller skating.

On the bright side, we found the helmet to have a lot of ventilation holes. They are large enough that they don’t make your child sweat even after long hours.

If your child sweats a lot or is just not comfortable when wearing helmets, this may be a good buy, so your child doesn’t get too hot while riding his bicycle.

Also, I got my son to try another competing brand, and he doesn’t seem happy with it because he says it feels too stuffy inside after long hours of wearing it.

  • Impact absorption
  • Energy redirecting
  • CPSC & ASTM certified
  • Stuffy to wear in summer

7. Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet 

  • Size Youth
  • Color Geo
  • Recommended Uses For Product Cycling, Skateboarding
  • Brand Razor
  • Vehicle Service Type Street Bike

During the summer, your kid can skateboard freely. The Razor V-17 Youth’s optimal airflow will keep its head dry and cool throughout its skating session.

Helmets are no easy feat. They need a lot of work and energy to design, manufacture, and market, and there is one thing that makes research and development so important: safety.

This product was created with the utmost care in mind, resulting in a helmet that looks amazing and features 17 air vents to help optimize wind intake for better breathability.

The designers claim this is a revolutionary design for helmets, making it even more impressive. 

For those looking for a way to make their children’s helmets larger, you will be relieved to know that this product is much bigger than its medium size suggests.

Simply combine the lining – which comes with the lining attached – with an additional pad to receive a thicker lining for easier adjusting when fitting your children’s heads into their helmets.

  • High breathability
  • Prevent Sweating
  • Quick adjusting
  • Only CPSC certified

8. Triple Eight LIL 8 Kids Skateboard and Bike Helmet

  • Size Kids
  • Color Neon Pink Rubber
  • Recommended Uses For Product Cycling, Skateboarding
  • Brand Triple Eight
  • Athlete Skateboard

If you’ve been to the skatepark, you’ve probably seen a Triple eight helmet. One of the most well-known and popular skater brands out there (and for a good reason), all of their kids’ helmets are dual-certified.

But be aware, they’re also the heaviest dual-certified helmets we’ve found. The Lil’ 8 was too heavy for our young toddler testers but was less bothersome for older toddlers and preschoolers.

The Little Tricky is a larger version of the Lil’ 8, with one significant difference. It does not have a dial-adjust knob for easy sizing adjustments.

Instead, it comes with a few sets of pads that have different thicknesses. You swap out the places to adjust the fit for your child’s head circumference.

While this is common with adult skateboard helmets, we’ve found it problematic for kids because it’s straightforward to lose the extra pads.

As your child’s head grows and you need the thinner set as a quality of the Best kids skateboard helmets, you may not be able to find it.

  • Dual-certified for a skateboard helmet
  • Sweat saver pads make for a more padded 
  • Less-sweaty fit
  • The chin strap is Padded 
  • Dial-adjust system 
  • Too heavy for the littlest guys

9. Bell Girls Hello Kitty 7074672 – Best For Girls

  • Size Toddler (3-5 yrs.)
  • Color 3D Ears & Bow
  • Recommended Uses For Product Cycling, Skateboarding
  • Brand BELL
  • Vehicle Service Type Street Bike

The helmet is with the face of a Hello Kitty cat is a fun buying along with the features of the Best kids skateboard helmets. Fits head sizes: 48-52 cm.

These awesome helmets are head-turners, literally. Your daughter won’t be able to resist using the helmet every day on her way back home after school or just for a simple trip to the supermarket.

This superb helmet design is well-inspired by an adorable kitty cat, and with its lovely pink color, your daughter will feel like an outstanding princess.

Its most charming feature, though, is its ability to protect your child’s head in case of any accidental impact while riding your electric bike.

  • Cute Hello Kitty design
  • Maximum breathability
  • ASTM and CPSC approved hard shell
  • Not suitable for young boys

10. Outdoor Master

  • Size Medium
  • Color Blue
  • Recommended Uses For Product Cycling, Skateboarding
  • Brand OutdoorMaster
  • Vehicle Service Type Scooter

Dial fit offers a quick and easy way to adjust the helmet, so your child gets the best comfort possible.

For skateboard riders, this is especially important since there is plenty of sweating that goes on, and we need gear that’s going to keep up with it.

The inside padding on this helmet is made from moisture-wicking material, helping to ensure it doesn’t turn into a sponge, keeping you dry and comfortable even during those long days out skating.

Meanwhile, the sealed pads seal in sweat, so it doesn’t drip down onto your face when you’re out having fun at the skatepark.

A few other key plus points about this helmet include having a hypoallergenic and soft nylon cloth covering, adjustable elastic headband for an ergonomic fit, Velcro chin strap closures for a flexible, secure fit, as well as air vents to keep your cool.

  • Cool Designs
  • Available in a large variety of colors 
  • Available in excellent dial fit
  • Adjustable on side straps
  • Removable padding along with spare padding
  • Airflow is not good in Hot Weather.
  • Heavy and Bulky

11. Bell Span Youth Bike Helmet

  • Size X-Small (49-53 cm)
  • Color Gloss Black/Retina Sear Stoked (2018)
  • Recommended Uses For Product Cycling
  • Brand BELL
  • Inner Material Expanded Polystyrene

The helmet comes with a dial adjustment, which means that your child should be able to find the perfect fit for themselves.

Both the straps and linings offer a snug hug around their heads, so you don’t have to worry about this helmet shifting or moving as they go about their skateboarding.

In regards to safety, it meets five different quality standards: ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials), CPSC (the Consumer Product Safety Commission), CE (Conformité Européenne), and EN 1078.

No matter what sort of riding your child is doing, whether it’s just casual or aggressive skateboarding, they’ll be very well-protected from high impacts with this model.

It only has two sizes available: extra small or negligible. While many children will fit into these sized helmets just fine, large children may not get the opportunity to try out this great model.

  • Significant dial adjustment for a custom fit
  • Four certifications
  • ABS hard plastic shell 
  • Extra protection
  • Available in small and extra small sizes

12. KAMUGO Kids Helmet

  • Size Small
  • Color Blue
  • Recommended Uses For Product Cycling, Snowboarding, Skateboarding
  • Brand KAMUGO
  • Athlete Skateboard is rollerblading riding a scooter bicycle.

It’s no secret. Almost every parent in the world worries about their kids. Whether they are caring for a baby, toddler, or young adult, as we say, kids will be kids.

However, especially when it comes to chasing after their kids around the house, helping them use biking equipment, and playing outdoors with friends, there’s always an element of responsibility they must adhere to.

No one wants anything wrong to happen to their children – even from something ostensibly fun and innocent like skateboarding.

But since accidents do happen, the best thing that parents can do is purchase the Kamugo helmet and protective pads for them, so nothing disturbs their good time of zooming all over the driveway without woe.

The helmet kit includes knee, elbow, and wrist pads for a very reasonable price and comes in five colors: black, red, blue, pink, and purple. The helmet measures 48-54cm/18.9-21.3 inches. 

The additional pads are a bonus for the parents of a particularly daring nipper. 

The pads are strapped on Velcro; the younger kids can get organized without too much parental help/interference (depending on their mindset).

The fabric they’re made with is woven PP (Polypropylene), a type of material that is breathable and extremely lightweight.

It also possesses a fair bit of durability, hence why it’s commonly used for textile manufacturing. Thus you don’t have to worry about cheaply made or poorly stitched together. 

Regardless of whether or not your child uses them for skateboarding purposes, if you do decide to go ahead and purchase them, then be sure to tell your child that they’re allowed to take them off every hour or so to wipe down around the inside of the joints and across their wrists.

  • Durable
  • The Ride is Stable
  • The adjustment is easy
  • Comfortable Ride
  • The safety gadgets come in small, large sizes. 

How to select the best kids skateboard helmet For your loved ones?

It can be challenging to make decisions when you don’t have enough information to fill in the blanks or if there isn’t enough time to do so. Imagine having to buy a gift for someone who doesn’t know what they want, and you also need to find something that will fit in with just about any of their fashion choices.

No matter your son or daughter’s age, it can be frustrating trying to purchase helmets for them, but it doesn’t have to be.

In this guide, I will help you walk through all the steps needed to buy the best kids skateboard helmets for kids and give you an idea of precisely what you should consider when getting a helmet for your little one.

Prefer Choice of your Child

The most important part of skateboarding for kids is to wear proper gear. That’s because even when you get your kid a safe helmet, it won’t be helpful if they don’t want to wear it.

(As we all know, kids can be very stubborn and refuse to do anything they don’t like). It might have all the bells and whistles, certifications, and the most comfortable padding.

But if it looks unfit or uncomfortable on their heads, then it will get tossed in the closet and left unused. So make sure you buy a helmet that is stylish enough so that your child loves wearing it on their head.

helmet size chart for kids

Right Measurement

To measure your client’s head for a helmet, you will need either a piece of string or a rope. Wrap the string securely around their head in the exact location on their forehead just above where their eyebrows are.

Make sure it isn’t too loose or too tight and that the ends meet with ease – be sure not to pull extra hard. Once you have verified the fit, it is time to match it up to the sizing guide against your helmet brand of choice.

helmet size chart

If there happens to be no existing sizing guide, refer back to your manufacturer’s instructions for more guidance.

You’ll want your client’s helmet size in both inches or centimeters as well as any other specifications like these: X-SMALL (57-58cm), SMALL (56-57cm), MEDIUM (53-55cm), or LARGE (51-52cm).

Does Pricing Matter?

Pricing doesn’t matter, but it usually reflects how comfortable a helmet will be and if its shell is made of high-quality materials or not.

For example, a helmet like the Triple 8 Little trick will be comfortable and have a high-quality ABS shell. Our cheapest helmet, the Provider, on the other hand, won’t have a nice feeling shell and will just be sufficiently comfortable enough.

Unless you intend to use your helmet every day or more than a few times a week, cheap helmets are okay if they have the relevant certifications. Unless you are looking for an excellent design or comfort, the price will not matter too much.

Safety Standards

Not only are safety certifications something that your skateboard helmet should have, but they are the most vital piece of equipment a skateboarder can get their hands on.

For example, many pads will absorb force when you hit them with a skateboard, elbow, and knee pads, but no place can ever protect your brain from sustaining an injury.

Your skull may be solid and able to take a beating, but not so many cushions your brain against the constant pounding it takes and sustain some damage as a result. 

Bangs to the head can lead to concussions, memory loss, or even death, depending on the severity. The leader needs all the help it can get, not to receive any hard impact, which is where these certifications come in handy.

This might be just an example – but we wanted to throw this out because this article is about how essential helmets and protecting your brain are. 

  • ASTM F1492 – The strictest certification in America and the world
  • CPSC – A bike certification, but good enough for skateboarders
  • CE – The European certification
  • En 1078 – The UK certification

Final Verdicts

Finally, as we come to the end of this article about the Best kids skateboard helmets, please make sure to dispose of your helmet correctly. The EPS foam used in the helmet expands on impact and cannot ever be worn again.

From the above list, you can choose according to the choices of your child. If a kid falls in a helmet, make sure to throw it away accordingly so that you don’t run the risk of anyone getting hurt.

Helmets can inspire confidence in both kids and their parents when they know they are safer on a skateboard or bike. It makes it easier for everyone involved to have fun while they are utilizing these items.

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