Can Skateboard Helmets Be Used For Snowboarding?

Skateboarding and snowboarding are similar if we talk about balancing techniques, but if we look in detail at both sports, we know they are different in many aspects.

The movement of the body, for example, your head, shoulder, and upper limb, are almost similar to skiing and skateboarding. Now the Question is Can Skateboard Helmets Be Used For Snowboarding? This article will help you know the answers for the query. 

Still, on the other hand, you ride on four wheels when you are skateboarding while you have to ride on the edge of a snowboard. Can a skateboard helmet be used for snowboarding or not? 

When we talk about safety measures, both sports have different types of falls and accidents. For example, during skateboarding, they mostly fall on the back of their head while riding a snowboard. Another query is do you need helmet for skateboard.

The most common tragedy is bumping into a tree, rock, or person due to high speed. So this indicates that safety gear, mainly helmets, can be different for both sports.

So while choosing a helmet, you need to be specific about the function. Helmets for both games are designed regarding safety measures. Let’s talk in more detail about the differences in the helmets.

Skateboard Helmet Vs. Snowboard Helmet

If we look deep into the structure of helmets, we will understand that there are many minor and significant differences and that both helmets are designed to give special protection.


 The snowboard helmets have earpads because while skating in the middle of the mountains, entirely covered with snow, you do not want to be freezing, so it is compulsory to have earpads. 

But if you are skating in a skating park, you do not need earpads. But you can remove the earpads in some helmets; hence they could be used as skating helmet.

Insulation and Ventilation

Again snowboarding comes with ventilation places to avoid sweating, and due to cold, you need some heat insulation to keep yourself warm during your ride. 

So if you are planning to buy a snowboarding helmet, look for one with a significant layer of insulation plus many vents to keep you dry.

Goggle Clip

Another thing you will see in a snowboard is the place for google clips. You will need a google clip to make sure you place google. There is no google clip available in skateboard helmets.

Low Profile Helmets

Snowboarding helmets are specially made to protect the back of the head because ice or snow can injure that part if it falls from up. Skating helmets are miniature and hence low profile, while snowboarding helmets are high profile. 

Standard Safety Measures

Standard safety criteria check Skateboard and snowboard helmet safety levels. The snowboarding helmets are tested by a well-known ASTM(American society of testing material) F2040, while ASTM F1492-15 checks the skating helmets.

Mainly snowboard helmets are tested for high speeds because speed levels for snowboarding are usually double that of skateboarding. Plus, snowboarding helmets are tested for severe weather conditions like rain, cold, hot, etc.

Price Range

Due to different designs, skateboarding helmets are cheaper than snowboarding ones. Because snowboarding helmets have more function than skateboarding helmets, that’s why they are more expensive, and a regular skateboard helmet is usually around 50 dollars.

In comparison, snowboard helmets start from 80 and sometimes can go even higher than 300 dollars. 

BMX Helmet for Snowboarding?

Now, most people ask is that okay to use a BMX helmet for snowboarding. So the answer to this question is yes, you can use a BMX helmet for skiing because this helmet is similar to the one designed for skiing. The only main difference is no insulation and ventilation for use.

What is a BMX Helmet?

A BMX helmet is a special helmet for biking. It has complete face protection and is suitable for riding a bike.

Many people are curious whether skate helmets can be used as bike helmets. So if we see safety measures ahead, helmets are not that safe and may fail to protect while riding a bike. So it would be best if you got a BMX helmet for biking.

Now let’s talk about some great skate helmets one by one.

Thousand Heritage Helmet

Thousand heritage helmet is a helmet that it can use for both skating and biking. These helmets are specially designed to protect you while you fall on hard surfaces.

They are available in various colors and are good-looking, so there is no way that they will not draw your attention. 

The good thing about this helmet is that it comes with an adjustable buckle-type lock that is easy to use and has a shield from sunlight. While skateboarding, the most predicted fall is on the back, so this helmet is specially designed for that.

Low Profile Helmet: Unhelmet Sport

This helmet is suitable for people who do not want to wear a helmet because this helmet can fit under any cap you like. 

If we talk about security, I will not suggest you have this one because even though it is an excellent helmet with many good features, it could have better protection for the back of your head.

So if you want a helmet for safety reasons, this can fail you, and it’s best to choose among others. The good things about the helmet are that its light weighted, easy to adjust, and you can cover it with your favorite cap.

Triple 8 Gotham

A very comfortable helmet with six ventilation on the top, two at the back, and two on the front, both ASTM and CSPC certified. So this fantastic ventilation will help you avoid sweat production during your ride. This helmet is easy to adjust and does not move around.

 Protect Black Metal Flake

Protec is an old company making lightweight helmets for more than 40 years, meaning they are experts. Many known professionals are using their helmets because they are safe and convenient. 

If we talk about the helmet features, it has almost eleven ventilation places and two foam layers to make it soft and fixed in its place. 

Even though this helmet does not have any certification, but this helmet has fulfilled all the requirements for safety. click on the link below to find this helmet on amazon.

Protect Sticker Bomb

So if you love more fancy and decorated helmets, this one is for you because it has a stunning sticker print. This helmet has four certificates that show it is safe to use while riding bikes and skateboards.

It has no dial system, but it provides eleven ventilation pores and will fit your head well.

Lumos Matrix/Street

If you are looking for the most incredible helmet, here we go. This Lumos matrix is only for you. This one is usually for those who like to skate in the dark because it has LED lights on the front and back of the helmet. 

It will also be used as a brake light because it will light up when you slow your speed. It has a unique technology, and you can upload your data after connecting it to a watch plus, it will give you ten hours of battery time. 

There are two types: Lumos, which provides a larger LED panel, and street. This remote control helmet is a bit expensive, but it will not make you regret your purchase.


Snowboarding helmet or skating helmet, which one is better?

Many people ask either skiing helmets or skating helmets are better. It is not easy to tell which helmet is better, but skiing helmets are better if we discuss safety. 

In contrast, skating helmets are suitable for starters because it will be challenging to deal with a high-profile helmet on the first day of riding.

How important is a helmet when you are snowboarding?

It is crucial to use a helmet while riding a snowboard because accidents are common while snowboarding, and to avoid those severe accidents, and helmets are the best solution.

What is the difference between a ski helmet and a skateboard helmet?

A ski helmet is designed to protect you from the cold weather, as well as provide extra protection should you crash while skiing or snowboarding. 

Ski helmets also come with a variety of features that make them more comfortable and functional than other types of helmets, such as adjustable straps, removable earpads, and adjustable vents. 

Is there a difference between a bike helmet and a skateboard helmet?

A skateboard helmet is designed specifically to protect you while performing skateboarding tricks and maneuvers.

A skateboard helmet is made with a hard plastic outer shell and gentle foam inner lining, which offers superior protection when compared to a bike helmet. 

Skateboard helmets are also available with an adjustable chin strap and more comfortable padding for improved comfort and safety. 

Is a snowboard helmet necessary?

Yes, a snowboard helmet is necessary for any rider. Snowboarding can be an extreme sport and carries a lot of risks. A snowboard helmet helps protect against potential head injuries by absorbing the impact of falls or collisions. 

It also provides warmth in cold weather conditions, as well as additional protection from wind, rain, and other elements. 

Are snowboard helmets different?

Yes, snowboard helmets are designed differently than other types of helmets. They typically have a larger shell to provide extra coverage and protection for the back of the head and ears, as well as adjustable straps and vents to ensure optimal comfort. 

Many helmet models also offer additional features such as audio systems, camera mounts, and emergency locators.

Final Verdict

We discussed some essential differences between skating helmets and skiing helmets. Many people worldwide wonder if skateboard helmets can be used for snowboarding.

Still, we concluded that skiing and skating have many differences based on which they use different helmets. 

The most crucial difference is safety because the design for skiing is the best for skiing and better not to use for skating. 

Sometimes we become lazy, or because not ready to spend money, we think it is okay to use the same helmets for both skateboarding and snowboarding, but the truth is one cannot use the same helmet for both.

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