Best Longboards For Dancing In 2023 – Choosing The Best One

Longboard dancing is just like any other type of skating. You need to pick the right and best dancing longboard if you want to enjoy a nice thrill. These boards were created for those who love to skate and enjoy the freedom of motion.

If you are a dancing enthusiast and love to move out your steps in swirling style, you must be aware of selecting the best longboard for dancing. I have briefly discussed the best item you could buy online.

Let your feet slide and rhythm along the length of the dancing board…….

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Best Dancing Longboards To Assure Dancing Passion

1. Hana Longboard Skateboard 

Best Longboards For Dancing
Deck Length
Durometer Hardness
Wheel Size
Weight of Item
Bamboo with Maple
107 cm
70 mm
cutout deck
9 Pounds

Are you looking for a natural and remarkable longboard to enjoy surfing along the beach waves? Yes, you have been landed at an exact place to attire your desire.

The natural beauty of sand beaches provokes Magneto to assemble an eight-layer steel laminated bamboo board. Besides this, surfing graphics are crafted by laser on the top and bottom sides of pintail longboards.

The more grip, the more your feet control on its turn and move at high speed. It’s elegant to choose for downhill or freestyle due to its ultrafine w-concave curvature along the surface of the sliding board.

More so, sand grit finish emphasizes your feet locks, thus having some fun with speed and slide.

Unlike other drop Through boards, Magneto is the top choice equally for teens, men, and women. It’s Incredibly smooth! A 42 inch long and 9-inch wide deck, the width is narrower than others yet super flexible for nice carving.

Still, Magenta is super fit for exploring more dancing steps because of the soft wheels. 

Also, The cutout deck design helps prevent the wheel bite while sliding through the hard turns. So have fun with dancing rhymes and bells without any hurdle.

One more exception is extra holes for variant types of trucks, So no more pain of truck replacement.

Hurry! Make it your dancing duo, even if you are older or cumbersome.

  • Natural looks of the deck
  • High-quality material
  • On top, there is no grip tape
  • Very stable ride at high speeds of 30-35mph
  • Excellent amount of flex
  • Available in only two coloursDeck width is narrow  

2. Magneto Bamboo Carbon Fiber Longboards 

Length of deck length
Hardness of durometer
Wheel size
Natural Bamboo
46 Inches
70 mm 

Feel yourself young on your very own super dancing cruise!

Another drop-through carver comes with the maximal quality of bamboo, the best possible for both dancing and cruising. Double kicks at both ends of the board let the dancer visualize all kinds of flip tricks like shove-its, grinding, and cruising around. 

Perfection is in its dancing ramp, i.e. 46 inches in length and 9 in width. Added on its flexible deck having three bamboo piles is more durable with the adhesion of fiberglass. These aspects maintain top speed with fewer inputs with an upward shallow concave deck leaning deep in hard turns.

Same as Hana longboards, they are also erected with a sand grip finish, thus making it enormous in looks. Magenta added more perks in its deal with the free Skate Tool.

Magenta offers a great quality longboard with stability, the top mount trucks with 7-inch hanger alongside side 50-degree hanger angle and mid-level stiffness. So it is the best platform to dance on.

Take your dancing skill to the next level with this longboard furnished with 70mm Shore 78A wheels. By the way, soft wheels are good to cruise on all terrains with speed and control. It offers more satisfaction and maximum cruising onboard even for hulk riders of 275 pounds.

The quality of the bearings and wheels seem fine, but if you want more fast speed, I recommend replacing your bearings for more smooth riding and less pushing.

  • The right level of flex
  • Lightweight
  • Good design
  • High-quality material
  • Easy to ride
  • It’s hard to take turns due to the long deck length
  • Tighten the trucks to make them more stable for moving downhills

3. AODI 46″ Longboard Skateboard 

Width of deck
Length of deck
Durometer hardness
Wheel material
Wheel size
Item weight

Capacity to hold weight
10.51 Inches
46 Inches
2.6 Inches
8.3 Pounds
250 Pounds

Explore the dancing board that can assure your stepping thrill to delight your mood— it seems like flying on the moon.

Yes, you got it!

AODI comes with a unique design of a long dancing skateboard formed of 7 layers of top-notch maple wood.  

You might also like its incredible eye-catchy design and color, proving it an ideal gift for your kids. Also, it’s durable and has passed quality tests to ensure its stability to valued customers.

I must say it’s the most durable and sturdy as a mild concave deck is coated with non-slippery material with a low center of gravity. Hence the dancer can lead to either side so no more wobbles in one specific direction.

The length of the board is 46 inches wide, and its large surface allows the balanced placement of feet on a wider platform. Thus, take the joy of freestyle carving and cruising around all types of roads with optimum speed.

There is a good connection between the board and wheels that are large enough, so you don’t feel any crashes while riding. Plus on, there is no need to tighten up the trucks for firm wheels. Due to 85 A durometer hardness, they are well flexed and soft for smooth tuning, swirl tricks, and unlimited moves.

Now expand your dancing experience with ABEC-7 High-Speed bearing wheels that can slow down quickly, but they’ll do even better if you lubricate them. The shock absorption technique provides extra cushioning, resulting in easy push and slide.

At last, the kids like its wheels that glow on turns. Cool!

  • Stable maple wood construction
  • One-year free warranty
  • You don’t need to lose trucks
  • Most vales board in less price 
  • There are no kick tails on the board

4. Volador Dancing Longboard

Best Longboards For Dancing
Width of deck
Length of deck
Durometer hardness
Material of wheel
Size of Wheel
Item Weight
10 Inches
Aluminum Maple
117 cm
70 mm
8 Pounds
250 Pounds

Most surfers are searching for a stable dancing board, so be happy to avail an ample wheelbase with a 37-Inch distance between both truck holes. Added more stability by 46-inch length as the longer deck provides extra room for balanced grip. 

Flexible yet durable with an 8-ply layered aluminum maple deck for more energetic carves and pushes. Put spring in your steps along with the longboard flex due to the excellent shock absorption. Initially, you will find its deck slightly stiff, but once you move on, it will become a smooth and soft rider.

Its wheels are quite fine to ride on any uneven terrain even without losing control – thanks to Polyurethane material for extra cushion to ride. There is added more perk by precise bearings, letting you enjoy a matchless smooth ride.

Another thing Raiser pads coupled with wheels help encounter wheel bites even on any downhills or rushy areas. So the rider can experience lots of turns, dance maneuvers with no fall down.

One good news to expert riders, you can replace its truck if you find them incompatible with your skillful riding styles. But if you want to stay with a genuine one, you need to tighten trunks. I must say it is the best all-around longboard.

Hence we can say vulgar longboards are a great combo of graphic looks and fantastic quality. A Masterpiece indeed!

  • Flex board
  • Attractive design
  • Stable rideTrucks are replaceable
  • Its deck is stiff to some extent
  • A long deck with fewer corner turns

5. PlayStation Longboard Skateboard

Best Longboards For Dancing
Deck Length  
Wheel material
Wheel size
Item weight
Load capacity
Aluminum, Maple
Coconut Tree
70 mm
3.3 Kg
250 Pounds

Another creation in the world of drop through is the Playshion longboard for freestyle and dancing. It hits your longboarding joy to the peak level of cruise turns and thrills. 

It’s ideal for beginners since it has the least center of gravity that leads to utmost stability even at high speed.

Due to low gravity, there is less stress on the dancer’s hips and lower body parts. Thus it is easy for riders to push the cruiser with their right foot on hard, bumpy terrains. Alongside, 4-inch ground clearance due to drop through is an impressive spec. 

Unlike all above boards, its nose to the tail calculation is 39 inches, lesser than all above. But its slightly concave deck offers more grip to feet, so it is flexible in corner turns. Equally, its eight-ply maple deck is strong enough to hold the weight of up to250 LBS riders.

A most amazing thing to explore is 88A bushing around the kingpin that protects its subtle truck from any damage. Thus please your mood with stable cruising, surfing, freestyle carving, and dance steps.

Depending on your skill, trucks are adjustable. Hence you can lose them for executing more turns. Likewise, tight-fits trucks are superb for high and stable speed.

While it is a 7inches large wheel with bearings is a cute pair to control override. Hence there is no wheel bite issue. Also, the wide soft wheels let you roll over and grip well. Further, its larger 70x51mm wheels are fabricated with Polyurethane that offers more 

bounce and grip. 

ABEC-9 certified Bearings are built with hard steel and Nylon ball cages, which lessens the friction of bearing rotation. 

In short, it’s worth your penny to get a premium quality longboard, so save your extra bucks for the future. 

  • Good quality grip tape improved its gripIt can easily carry on 250 pounds rider
  • Easy to use for young beginners
  • Strong and sturdy dancing board
  • It’s probably not suitable for some kicks
  • Not an ideal choice for the pros

6. DINBIN Maple Complete Longboards

Width of deck
Deck Length4
Hardness of Durometer  
Material of wheel
Size of wheel
Weight of Item
7 Inches
Aluminum, Maple
41 Inches
Blue Flame
70 mm
6.5 Pounds
330 Pounds 

Exceptionally ideal for beginners in such a low price bracket. 

First of all, I want to tell you about the quality of the maple deck built with 8ply hardwood. Its deck is quite sturdy to tolerate a weight of up to 100kg. To ensure its non-slip surface, sandpaper is crafted on the top of the dancing board. Moreover, the drop-through feature of the deck lets the rider maintain the center of gravity for a stable stride. 

Let your feet enjoy freeride, downhill, and freestyle movement on your way to parks, roads, or even long-distance travels. All these perks are due to a slight concave deck which is fine for the perfect fit of dancer’s steps.

Dinbin’s 41-inch long deck is supported by an aluminum truck, easily fixable using simple tools. Its 7 inch truck alongside rebound bushings offers unbelievable control over the long dancing board. 

It comes with big and durable wheels that allow a hassle-free ride through uneven surfaces like pebbles or little sticks. The 85A wheel lies between the level of softness and hardness, making it suitable for all dancing styles. 

Although the truck is flexible, But, the wheel bearings need improvement. Because they couldn’t rotate, they needed more pressure to move. Due to this reason, it’s better to change them.

So I recommend it, beginners, only to practice their dance steps without putting any burden on pocket.

  • Good quality
  • Environment-friendly material
  • Non-slippery deck
  • Lightweight to carry anywhere
  • Suitable for routine dance practice
  • Available in 6 graphic colours
  • There are some quality issues with wheel bearings
  • Poor handling may lead to deck split

7. Windrunner 41inch Freeride Longboard  

Best Longboards For Dancing
Deck Width
Durometer hardness
Wheel construction
Size of wheel
Hold capacity
9.5 Inches
Aluminum, Maple
70 mm
330 Pounds

As you know, kids are more likely to play and do sports activities. Suppose you want to give your child a sporty gift that is full of fun to please them. Then you must consider the Windrunner longboard.

Skateboarders love the way these boards glide across the pavement, and it’s the most popular style for dancing. The deck is made of natural aluminum maple that is sturdy enough to hold 330 lbs. 

While the surface of the deck is covered with anti-slippery emery paper to exhibit the grip of your shoes on board, it’s great fun for kids to enjoy fall-free skate dancing in parks, basketball courts, even in other bumpy rounds.

Windrunner added 7 Inch alloy trucks with 70 mm wheels; the larger wheels don’t break on bumpy areas or uneven pavements.

The addition of a popular type of 80A wheel durometer hardness is sufficient for ample grip and roll speed. Further, a flavor of grip is added by the blend of Polyurethane material wheels. To ensure the tightening of the wheels and truck, a T tool is also included in the package.

Use this dynamic and pintail longboard for lookback dance steps, allowing front and back feet movement to perform this trick. 

One of the most remarkable aspects is the construction of rubber bumper guards on both board ends. Thus it not only protects the nose and tail but also saves the wall corner from being damaged. 

A premium longboard at an entry-level price is perfect for freestyle, cruising, downhill, and deep carving.

  • Versatile with loaded longboard deck
  • Great flexibility by 95A bushing
  • Ideal for riding on different terrains
  • Waterproof anti-slip paper fixed on top of the surface
  • Durable and stable with speed 
  • Sometimes chips of wood are missing from the front part of the board. 

8. WHOME Pro Design 44 Inch Longboard (Dancing Longboard)

Best Longboards For Dancing
Material of deck
Length of deck
Material of Wheel
Size of wheel
Load Capacity
Aluminum, Maple
Hot Pink
51 mm
350 Pounds

Another dancing longboard at a reasonable price for you is the Who Pro longboard. Although its looks are different from other longboards still its vibrant pink color is Impressive for many dancers.

First of all, explore its maple deck, which is 44 inches, an ideal length for both dancing and freestyle riders. Constructed with a 7-ply wood deck, its mellow concave surface shows slight flex while landing.

The double kicktail feature is a special attraction to the youngsters, who want to play hard tricks like ollie on the dancing board.

Good news for heavyweight folks, as Whome board can hold the weight of 350lbs.

Adding more, its deck has much broad room for wider feet, and also, its 80 grit tape is best to hold shoes on it. That’s perfect for dancing as well!

Whom special 7 inch trucks are just fine. Some riders find them loose. But its 51 mm wheels are smooth, even roll over any bumpy or cracky roads.

Along with 80A hardness, its polyurethane wheels have maximum bounce and grip. You will find them durable as well on uneven pavements.

Bearings are on the somewhat low-energy side. It will show inadequate response during turns.

It’s better to replace trucks and bearing if you want to gain full rhythmic joy.   

In my view, it’s a great bargain for less than $150, especially for new learners or kids.

  • Some riders like its unique shape
  • Beautiful pink color
  • Twin kicktail board
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Large wheels are stable for long commutes
  • The truck and bearings need to change, but it depends on you.

Guide to Choosing the Best Longboards for Dancing

Stepping and dancing side-by-side in style and comfort is the daydream of every dance lover. 

As I discussed above, it is more similar to a skateboard but differs in wheel size and speed. They assembled it with more durable materials like fiberglass composites, natural maple, carbon fiber, and aluminum. Hence there is more power to dancing skaters. 

Whenever you stride for long distances, you need a more sturdy and stable platform to move on. So it would help if you considered stability and durability at the top.

The most common uses of longboards are carving, traveling, cruising, and downhill racing, also known as Speedboarding. Dancing forums are normally longer than 48, mostly used for carving and pumping motion.

Different Riding Styles

Further detail of its uses are discussed below:


It is backward and forwards, turning the board down the hill for fun and related to speed control.


Freeride is more related to the expertise and skill of the rider. Further, it is a technical yet least organized downhill ride. Besides this, hand-down slides, foot braking, and stand-up slide are the skills required for freeriding. Here the various movements of the rider are responsible for speed control, so it’s a flexible kind of ride.


You are also referred to as Speedboarding and demanding more real skills. To complete a full cycle in a quick time, you should be aware of how to slide, drift, and air brake. As the circumstance varies speedily, the rider should know to control it.


Another most popular use of longboarding is freestyle. Mostly we call it “Dancing”. Although this style requires lots of technical skills, it is also flexible for riders of any skill level- plasticity is its reason for application. To adopt and execute the way the regular riding, dancing, and boardwalk are vital skills to understand a rider.


We call it board walking as well, the act of showing mesmerizing dance steps around the longboard. Further, the cross-steps, pirouettes, “peter pans” are kinds of dance moves, mostly riders amuse to perform on their boards.


For long terrain distances, pumping is an exceptional skill. Of Course, the rider moves under a series of turns on the board due to their accurate, balanced weight shifts.

Foot Braking 

The board riders lift their foot from the board and let it on the ground to slow their speed. In this way, they complete their cycle; to avoid careless skating by controlling speed.

Air Braking

Another speed-reducing technique is in which the riders lessen their speed through dragging wind by the straight angle movement of the arm for the body.

For this reason, this style is used to control speed while traveling along hillsides but is not a super choice of the rider during any emergency.

Above, I have guided you about all styles or, in other words, the uses of great longboards. 

Freestyle is the most popular style, as dancing is loved among people of all ages. Moreover, dancing and freestyle are an excellent blend of longboard skating.

To demonstrate your rhythmic steps along with the board, you should consider a long skating board. So don’t wait for more, and have a quick look at the features to satisfy your rhythmic soul.

Feature to explore

Take a look at some unique characteristics of the best longboard for dancing.

The Ideal Length of the Longboard Deck

For flexible freestyle, you should know the quality of the Effective platform area(EFP)-the deck’s foot placement or standing area. Usually, we calculate the length from nose to tail on the dancing board.

To take your freestyling to the next level, you should go for a deck area having a length of 40 inches plus. More so, along with this length, you can spin and flip more conveniently. Hence discover a natural ride and overcome your fear of ollie and tiger claws tricks.

Some different longboards of 47 inches in length are accessible in the market for technical dancing and boardwalk. We can say the deck’s 45 -47 inches space area is more stable yet slower in turns. Hence the stiff decks are good to avoid fall off.

To make a long story short, you should opt for a 40-inch deck to enjoy full turns with quick speed, while 45 plus are superb for stable dancing tricks.

Deck width to choose

To expose your vibrant dancing moves, you should have a keen look at the width of your long dancing board.

If you are an early learner, it’s better to go with a deck with a 10-inch width. It’s good for cross steps as well. 

Similarly, a slim width deck of 9.5 inches is quite sufficient for quick and fast translation tricks for pro riders. Keeping in mind, it’s not a first-rate choice for a smooth ride. 

So in my view, 9.5-inch width is best to buy for freestyle dancing moves.

Shape to consider  

The symmetrical design of the deck is most convenient for both dancing and freestyle riding.

Wheels size and types

If we talk about the importance of wheel size, we must observe it. So, don’t order too big or wide wheel longboards That are too big or too wide in diameter. 

The most significant sizes are:

60mm wheels:  if you are looking for some lightweight ride, it’s preferable to go with 60mm. So good for smooth terrain as well.

65mm:  there is a little difference between 60 and 65 mm. One more thing, this wheel size is ideal for both early birds and all others. 

70 mm: A heavy wheel of 70mm in height is one step ahead of 60 and 65 mm as it can bear extreme weather conditions. Most pros prefer this size due to smooth rolling and flexible dancing moves when you travel out for some pleasure. Hence more stable one to avail but a bit slow. 

In my opinion, 65 mm wheel size is good to go for flips, tigers claws, and other dancing steps. 

Weight capacity

But one question that arises in many weight-conscious skate dancers–Is this dancing board capable of holding my weight, and can I step my feet in a good manner? 

An average weight that a longboard can hold is roundabout between 200 to 250 lbs depending on the ply longboard, but 8-ply can hold. 

The rider within this weight range can enjoy the flow and tempo of their dancing thrills by putting all their pressure on the longboards. 

What about bulky ones? Don’t worry. You also take pleasure in the dancing board. 

Level of Deck flex

Flex is the level of bounce that you feel when you step on the deck of longboards.

A flexible longboard deck is easy to grab in three patterns of flex; light, medium and stiff.

Since the flexible longboard deck offers you comfortable carves even on bumpy, rough terrain, it’s super cool for beginners. Further, it maintains your standing to one side or center of the board, so you can’t take more turns on it.

Consequently, all foot moves like peter-panning and cross-stepping are easy to perform. Thus flex decks are very easy to maneuver and are light enough so it won’t weigh you down when you’re getting the hang of riding.

Moreover, flex decks are suitable for lightweight riders as they can carry out deeper carving, bouncy dance, and spring-like tricks.

On the other hand, most heavyweight freestyle riders like stiffer boards. Stiffer decks are more likely under the control of the dancer, as the board offers less bounce.

Lastly, I must say to consider medium boards if you are willing to move your footsteps for freestyle dancing tricks side by side. 

Torsional Flex is best for the slides, pumping, and carving. It’s a twisted material in the middle of the deck that lets the proficient bounce to the rider.

Weight of the Item 

The average weight of a long dancing board is between 10 – 13 pounds range. To enjoy freestyle camping, get a portable item of weight up to 10poundss.


Bearings are vital for a smooth, flexible ride. They are fixed inside the wheel to scale it to the axis. You can approach them in these average measurements 8mm (core), 22mm (outer diameter), and 7mm (width).

However, the bearing has no concern with dancing, so it’s better to replace your board if they appear out of order or you find them slow.

Safety Gadgets For Safe Riding

Safety is a big challenge while stepping on the platform of a longboard. Nobody wants to feel down while twirling with the flow of the longitudinal dancer board.

These are some safety tools you can use to avoid any fall, even if you are moving slow. 

  • Knee and elbow pads
  • Wrist guards
  • Freeride helmet.
  • Downhill speed full head helmet 
  • Freeride Slide gloves

Although the above-mentioned safety gadgets are very hard to wear during a hot day and to ensure a good for a safe ride, it is very important.

Final Thoughts:

Finally, I’m here with all the vital information requisite to guide you to choose the best longboard for dancing. 

Unlike skating, longboard dancing demands plenty of thrill and zeel. Keeping this in mind, you must opt for the right dancing tool with the most premium feather and quality.

If you’re interested in more stability at high speed, I suggest picking Drop through longboards like Magneto or PlayStation. Its lower center of gravity leads to flexible foot braking, cross-stepping, peter pan, etc. 

Another point in the Drop through is a superb option for long-distance riding at high speed without any breakthrough.

In my opinion, Magneto is the best choice in terms of budget as well as performance. But for attractive graphical looks, you can order Volador dancing longboards.

Thus, guys cherish your mode for outdoor funfairs, whether these are parks, beaches, or traveling and carving anywhere. 

Bring a swing in your steps while sliding and gliding at top speed. 

Hurry to shop for the best longboard for dancing!


1. What longboard shape is best for dancing?

The symmetrical deck design is best for freestyling and dancing.

2. How long do longboards last?

Most longboards last from 6 months to a year. But you can replace truck or wheel bearings, but it’s better to buy new ones for accurate performance.

3. Is longboarding a good exercise?

Dancer longboards burn some 4 to 7 calories per minute, so we can say it is a good aerobic activity. Besides, it helps increase body flexibility.

4. Are longboards faster than skateboards?

Yes, long boards are faster than skateboards. They have larger and softer wheels than skateboards, which adds stability and allows you to go over gravel and cracks in the road easier. Additionally, their bearings are usually higher quality to allow high speeds.

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