Best Longboard For Kids In 2023 [experts selection] – Top 11+ 🛹

Here I come with the idea that will excite your kids on their birthday. Guess what? 

Chill! Just take a moment to think it over. Yes, you’re right. It’s the best longboard for kids that can turn their day into an everlasting memory. Now it’s time to take out your kid from the comfort of their room and let them be involved in some playful activity. 

However, selecting the best longboard for kids is not a piece of cake, and you need to check some vital factors. Keep in mind the fragility of petite angels. Seek the board that would be sturdy and smooth under their delicate foot.

Moreover, designs and color schemes attract the younger, picking a more catchy color that seems appealing is ideal for boosting their pleasant mood. So playing and surfing with their best longboard for kids is a crucial element for their mental and physical health.

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Our Top List Of 11 Best Longboard For Kids in 2023.

Here’s the list of top longboard after deep-dive research of three and a half months. Let’s take a tour with me into the world of the best longboards for kids and deep dive into their features.

1. Volador Maple Longboard – Beginner Level Choice

Rating 4.7 / 5


  • Brand VOLADOR
  • Deck Width 9 Inches
  • Material Maple
  • Deck Length 40 Inches
  • Color Cooper
  • Durometer Hardness 80A
  • The 40inch drop through cruiser was designed to meet basic needs for longboard beginners, or transport needs for on campus.
  • 8-ply natural hardrock maple and epoxy glue make the board strong enough to handle most riders.
  • Genuine alluminium 7-Inch reverse kingpin trucks are adjustable as 50 or 45 degree, and take to you great maneuverability.
  • Durable 70mm 80A PU wheels work with ABEC-7 presion bearings, letting you enjoy an unsurpassed smooth ride.
  • Geometric graphic makes you board stands out from crowds.

If you want to spend fewer pennies, then Volador is a superb bargain to access for your toddler to get the best longboard for kids selection.

Although its 40 inches length seems more for small kids, it provides extra leverage for kids of more than ten years.

Moving on to further details, its 8-ply hard rock maple is vast and sturdy, having minor amounts of flex. But it doesn’t depict its instability. 

An addition of epoxy glue is proof of its well-built structure, with 7-inch reverse kingpin trucks. You can adjust these trucks at 40 or 50 degrees to avoid speed wobbles to take complete pleasure.

One more thing, rot is less likely to happen due to the installment of rust-free carbon steel bolts.  

It is 70 mm. Polyurethane wheels are very soft and stable, even too good for sharp turns with right or left foot tilting. No, it needs to replace its incredible wheels, which don’t bite the deck during the ride. 

While bearings are not as by the expectation of the rider, Don’t worry; you can restore them with another direction of your choice finalizing the best longboard for kids.

All in all, its geometric graphic design is the enthralling feature that can fit in the eyeball of your kid. Plus, it’s hard to find all the incredible features at such a low-budget price. An ideal pick for beginners

  • Excellent grip on the top
  • Outstanding wheels
  • Strong and durable structure
  • An appealing graphical look
  • Bearings are on the rough side

2. Magneto Kicktail Longboard: A Sturdy Choice

Rating 4.8 / 5


  • Brand Magneto
  • Deck Width 9 Inches
  • Material Aluminum, Bamboo, Maple
  • Deck Length 44 Inches
  • Color Black
  • Durometer Hardness 78A
  • MADE BY SKATERS All of our boards are designed by skaters and inspired by our location in Southern California, the birthplace of longboarding. Many of our design cues come from the local surf culture and natural materials, we let the simple aesthetics shine on their own. We also prioritize our customer service and want you to be completely stoked with your new board. All messages are replied to within 24 hours and we’ll do our very best to ensure satisfaction and maximum cruising on our boards.
  • VERSATILE BOARD 44-inch Longboard Skateboard designed for cruising and skating around town. Kicktails make this board super functional for all sorts of riding styles.
  • WHEELS FOR CRUISING A 78A soft high quality urethane is used for the 70mm wheels. The wheels are nice and soft for extra grip while turning and a super smooth ride over rougher roads. With a cool translucent look, the wheels are sized perfectly for the cruising this board excels at.
  • QUALITY MATERIALS The deck is made with bamboo veneer on top and bottom with a maple core to add strength and stiffness. This makes the deck super durable and beautiful. The sand grit finish provides grip without the hassle of replacing grip tape and shows off the beautiful bamboo design. The trucks are made from gravity cast aluminum which makes them strong and durable. The bushings are SHR (medium stiffness) which adds to the cruising experience.
  • ENDLESS SKATING OPTIONS This board is the perfect accessory or alternative for many outdoor activities or methods of transportation. Take it to the park, the beach, traveling, camping, the bike path, pump track, you name it. Or maybe you’re tired of your bicycle or roller skates. It’s also great for land SUP paddling or paddle boarding. Be creative, happy skating!

A fantastic deal for your little champ is offered by Magneto longboard- one of the all-time favorite brands. I’m a big fan of this super-sturdy board due to an extraordinary couple of bamboo and hard maple core in its assembling and its qualities make it the best longboard for kids. 

Now you can expose variant freestyle, cruising styles, kick tail Magneto, and beautiful grit sand on the top foot grip area. 

That’s not all; 44 inches long stiff board ensures the massive room for beginners and kids to explore hitch-free rides around the roads.

As durability is the first choice of parents, gravity cast aluminum trucks alongside stiff brushing have added value in their strength. 

Apart from this, 7-inch aluminum trucks with 70 mm urethane wheels are smooth, soft, and adjustable. You can set them as per your taste and skill level.

The grip of wheels added extra value for hard twitchy turns even at rough terrains and roads. Don’t worry about wheels tearing off on pebbles; just chill out with your kids for multiple cruising around the beach. 

Besides this, its awe-inspiring looks can put an extra spark in the outdoor games of kids. And in terms of price, which won’t make a hole in your pocket- an excellent value for money.

So hurry to get this awesome board for safe and study rides. 

  • Cost-effective
  • Stylish and gorgeous design
  • Durable and strong board
  • lightweight to carry anywhere
  • Soft and sturdy wheel
  • You can upgrade the bearings.

3. Slendor Longboard Skateboard- A Comfortable Choice

Rating 4.7 / 5


  • Brand Slendor
  • Deck Width 9 Inches
  • Material Rock Maple deck + Soft PU wheels + Aluminum trucks + ABEC-9 bearings
  • Deck Length 42 Inches
  • Color Coconut
  • Durometer Hardness 85A
  • Wheel Material Polyurethane
  • Wheel Size 70 Millimeters
  • Item Weight 7 Pounds
  • Age Range  All age sports enthusiast groups
  • ✅ 42 X 9 Inch Longborads Skateboards, drop through camber deck offers super flex and shock absorber.
  • ✅ Cold press 9 ply natural hardrock maple and epoxy glue, healthy materials bring more fun, and is better for environment.
  • ✅ ABEC-9 high speed chrome steel bearings,7 inch 180 genuine aluminum trucks are adjustable as 50 or 45 degree, and take to you great maneuverability.
  • ✅ Durable 70x51mm 85A PU wheels with rock finish. PU shock absorb ring: providing effective cushioning, adds more comfort to your skateboarding experience.
  • ✅ Built for downhill, speed and freestyle riding, wide turning radius, suitable for all age sports enthusiast groups. 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE, buy with confidence, if for any reason you are not satisfied, we will give you a full refund.

One more addition in the best longboard for kids drop-through format for beginners is a slendor longboard. We love these boards due to the super cool graphics and captivating color; highly appealing to kids to have. 

Don’t mess over its durability. 9ply cold press hard rock maple with epoxy glue is sufficient to carry 250lbs weight.

With its 4.5-inch deck height from the ground, attaining a complex turning radius is easy with minimal pushing. I love its waterproof anti-slip grip on the surface for high friction.

The deck has some flex with a lower center of gravity– another plus point for stability. Thanks to shocking absorption due to which, It can surpass the bumpy surface with ease. 

What’s more, its top-notch 7-inch aluminum trucks can adjust at 50 or 40 degrees so that you may tight them as per your need. 

You can see durability in its large 70 mm, 85A wheels with rock finish details. Its Polyurethane shock-absorbing cushioning helps to eliminate wheel bite, thus leading to a more comfortable ride. 

Further, ABEC-11 chrome steel bearings are good color capped, absolutely perfect for beginners to ride at high speed. But you have a right to replace it if you want.

It’s an all-rounder longboard to taste variant maneuverability like downhill, freeride style, and broad turning radius. We can say it is the most worthy board for riders of all groups in this reasonable price bracket for selecting the best longboard for kids.

They are also offering a 100% refund if it doesn’t match your expectations. So hurry to grab it.

Bring more fun to your kids with this super fantastic longboard.

  • Attractive design
  • Beautiful grip tape on the top
  • Waterproof back patter
  • For all age groups
  • Suitable for different riding styles
  • Some riders consider it on the slower side.

4. WHOME Longboards Skateboard – A Smooth Choice For The Best Longboard For Kids

Rating 4.7 / 5


    • Brand WHOME
    • Deck Width 8.25 Inches
    • Material Aluminum, Maple
    • Deck Length 31 Inches
    • Color 1
    • Durometer Hardness 80A
    • Wheel Material Polyurethane
    • Wheel Size 51 Millimeters
    • Load Capacity 198 Pounds
    • Age Range  6 Years & Up
    • 【Special Design Pro Small Longboard】- 31 inch longboard, 8.25″ width 8-ply alpine hard rock maple wood deck, Max load: 198lbs. 6” truck, 63mm big wheels, streamline flat shape. You could do all longboard tricks with it. Easy to control and convenient to carry.
    • 【Design For】- This skateboard is designed for both kids and adults, beginners and advanced, very Versatile, you could learn & practice Cruising, Carving, Commuting, Freeride, Freestyle, Dancing and more basic longboard tricks. We also designed more patterns that thermal transfer on the back of deck for teenage & youth girl & boy adults & kids.
    • 【Parts Detail】- Premium OS780 Grip Tape – provide enough traction, making skateboarding more stable. 63x51mm 80A PU Wheels – better grip to the road while carving, riding or performing other tricks. A356 aluminum alloy 6” Truck – medium carbon steel shaft inside and baking paint outside. High Rebound PU Bushing – great turn ability and better control at fast speed. WHOME special high precision steel ABEC-9 Bearings – making wheels roll fast and smoothly. Rustproof Hardware.
    • 【Professional Brand】- WHOME is a traditional skateboards design and manufacture brand, all of our staff are loving skateboarding. We update the design and manufacture according to tons of skateboard buyers users and fans’ feedback and review every year.
    • 【Get & Give】 – WHOME All-in-one T-Tool, No assembly required, just for adjusting the screw with different terrains weights and ages. So you could give the skateboard to anyone for nice gift for cool present. Our fan-favorite 12-month warranty and friendly customer service with both you.

Whome is a multitasking and the best longboard for kids with top features that are hard to find at such a low price. Dig deep into its components, the 31 inches long deck is a particularly small size for the mini feet of kids to hold on it. 

Its 8-plies rigid maple board is grippy with the premium OS780 grip tape that allows traction for a stable ride. Moreover, the 8.25 inches wide deck is strong enough to cope with the maximum load of 198 lbs in the best longboard for kids.

This gorgeous board comes with solid aluminum alloy trucks. It can run smoothly if you loosen them as per your speed demand.

For the sharp turns, PU bushing is all set for experimenting with tricks at top speed. You may need to loosen bushings to take the pleasure of extreme maneuverability. 

Although its 63 mm wheels are smaller than the others, even then, they have an excellent grip during riding or carving. The wheels are smooth and can quickly move on less rough surfaces with only one kick.

While the chrome Steel ABEC-9 bearings seem nice, some users want to replace them for incredible speed and hard turns. 

And the best part is T-Tool and customer friendly service- so don’t take stress about after-sale facilities.

Al last, Whom is a super fantastic deal for kids, teens, and adults. 

  • Premium grip tape
  • Twelve months warranty
  • Lightweight and firm
  • Best mini longboard for kids and teens
  • Smooth and stable ride
  • Nice starter deck
  • Truck bushings and wheel bearing are tight.

5. Atom Drop Through Longboard-A Premium Choice

Rating 4.7 / 5


  • Brand Atom
  • Longboards Deck Width 7 Inches
  • Material Maple
  • Deck Length 40 Inches
  • Color Blue Geo
  • Durometer Hardness 78A
  • Wheel Material Rubber
  • Wheel Size 70 Millimeters
  • Item Weight 7.2 Pounds
  • Deck: 8-ply Maple laminate – CNC drop through cut-outs – photo heat transfer graphic
  • Trucks: reverse king pin – 50 degree base – 7 inch aluminum hangers – heat treated crmo axles – grade 8 king pins
  • Wheels: atom area 51 – 70mm diameter x 51mm wide – 78a – Super high Rebound. High speed. High traction
  • Grip: durable 80 grit silicon carbide
  • Bearings: rubber shielded ABEC 9 with high speed lubricant

Whenever I think about any premium drop-through longboard, the very first image that hit me is Atom longboard -perfect in all aspects for kids and teens.

The great art of craftsmanship comes with graphics embossed on the deck through the heat transfer process. Its 40 inches deck is flexible and curved for supreme strength and support. 

Just like ironclad, it can support the weight of 275 pounds of rider. Also, I’m highly impressed with its pretty versatile deck that is covered with coarse silicon grip tape for the firm support of your kid.

The aluminum trucks are solid and responsive as a result of the reverse kingpin attached at 50 degrees. This is a great feature that allows the wider turning radius at 180-degree turns. In this way, the little champ requires a bit lean to take a turn around the corners.

One more point, a pair of 70 mm wheels and a high rebound bearing is perfect for rolling over smooth terrain. If your kid wants to explore more tricks, then it is better to replace them. 

Is it portable? Yeah! It’s lightweight to carry anywhere. Now your child can taste excellent cruising either at a school campus or at the playground.

Finally, it’s a fantastic cruiser longboard for downhills and fun games for beginners, preteens, and teens.

  • A versatile longboard
  • Amazing cruiser for beginner
  • High speed with excellent traction
  • Silicon 80 Grit grip tape
  • Easy to handle
  • Good for beginner
  • Some riders want to change wheels and bearings.

6. Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard- A Versatile Choice

Rating 4.6 / 5


  • Brand Playshion
  • Deck Width 9.1 Inches
  • Material Aluminum, Maple
  • Deck Length 39 Inches
  • Color Coconut Tree
  • Wheel Material Polyurethane
  • Wheel Size 70 Millimeters
  • Item Weight 3.3 Kilograms
  • Load Capacity 250 Pounds
  • Age Range (Description) Adult/Kid
  • 39″ x 9.1“ drop through longboard for beginner
  • Strong but Flexible Eight Ply Maple Deck make longboard can Hold Up to 250 LBS weight
  • Big Soft 70x51mm PU Wheels combined with ABEC-9 Bearings for Smooth Ride
  • Solid 7 Inch Aluminum Trucks equipped with soft bushings for Comfortable Longboarding
  • Easy to Learn for Kids and Adults beginner due to low to ground feature come from Dropthroguht mounting technology

Are you looking for the best longboard for kids? Playshion can make the day of your little champion as the kids are pickier, so the color of their choice can swing their mood. 

Its 39 inches long deck is a perfect duo of 5 layered maples and two-layered bamboos. There is a slight concave in the middle; that’s why it’s specious for the mini feet.

The deck is likewise flexible and sturdy to foothold the load of 250. The addition of 0s 780 grip tape at the upper surface is liable for food security, which lets the rider take easy turns. 

An insertion of 7-inch reverse kingpin aluminum alloy trucks furnished with 88A PU bushing is excellent for stable cruising. The riders have the customized option to adjust the truck bushing according to their speed, demand, and turns.

I’m a big fan of its perfect couple of wheels and bearings. The 70 mm large wheels are soft for smooth and stable rolling, so the riders prefer them for carving and cruising.

Thanks to rubber riser pads for zero wheel bite; thus it is easy to handle various styles on the road.

The well-built structure of steel bearings ensures the top speed along with control making it in the list of the best longboard for kids.

Additional stability is attained by a 4-inch clearance of board from the ground. That’s a nice perk for kids or beginners.

What’s more, it is a multi-style board that is ideal for beginners to execute carving, cruising, freeride, or whichever style you want to opt for. 

I must say to give it a whirl for a delightful smile on the beautiful face of your cute child, a fantastic board with all vital features to impress!

  • Available with free skateboard
  • Versatile board
  • You can access it in variant colors
  • Durable and stable wheels
  • Best for all ages
  • Cost-effectiv
  • Proper bearing lubrication is required for smooth runs

7. ReDo Skateboard Kids San Diego Palms- A Cost-Effective Choice

Rating 4.6 / 5


  • Brand ReDo Skateboard Co.
  • Deck Width 8 Inches
  • Material Alloy Steel
  • Durometer Hardness 78A
  • Wheel Size 65 Millimeters
  • Item Weight 5.14 Pounds
  • Age Range (Description) 8 years
  • 8″ COMPLETE SKATEBOARD: Features a classic California-inspired cruiser shape with palm leaf graphics on the top and bottom for a tropical addition to your little one’s board collection
  • FUNCTIONAL CRUISER BOARD: Lightweight design, clear grip tape, and custom wheel wells make turning and steering a breeze
  • SMOOTH RIDE: 65mm 78A soft urethane wheels with REDO Abec 7 speed bearings and 5” Geo Full aluminum trucks with hardened axle deliver a smooth, stable ride on any surface
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: 8-ply maple wood construction for long-lasting fun
  • STREAMLINED SIZE: Measures 8″ wide x 34.5″ long and is recommended for kids ages 8 years and up

Step up your game with the terrifically designed Redo longboard, which features a cruiser shape having palm graphics on deck. Its colorful tropical graphics can catch the attention of your little one.

Its unique 8ply-rock stern maple deck is accessible with clear grip tape. Plus, the overall shape of the nose enhances the edge control for the best longboard for kids. 

Moving to the deck length, 34.5 inches deck has all vital features required for kids longboarding. Along with 8-inch width, ts has massive room for feet to enjoy ultimate riding fun. 

The 5 inches aluminum trucks deliver a smooth and stable ride. But most of the riders didn’t find it up to the mark.

Further, the smooth ride is ensured by the 64 mm urethane wheels along with Abec 7 speed bearing are best for customized riding style for smooth and steady cruising. Its wheels are adjustable to take the full-fledge joy of carving and turning. 

Also, the wheel bushings let the rider have a tight turned radius as they are less prone to friction.

The board is on the lighter side, and your kid can have fun with it in any place they want to go. 

Now, for many of you, this is an excellent beginning-level board within a few bucks. 

  • Excellent turning radius at sharp carves
  • Perfect grip tape
  • More tricks with balance 
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Nice soft wheels do well on rough asphalt
  • Have a value for money
  • It’s not a good choice for pros
  • Tight bolts on the trucks

8. SOLA Bamboo Premium – A Graphical Choice


Rating 4.7 / 5


  • Brand SOLA
  • Deck Width 9.75 Inches
  • Material Bamboo
  • Deck Length 99 Centimeters
  • Color FUTURE
  • Durometer Hardness 78A
  • Wheel Material Polyurethane
  • Wheel Size 70 Millimeters
  • Item Weight 8 Pounds
  • Deck Size: 38.75 x 9.75 inch, 7 ply Bamboo + Maple
  • Wheels:2 Colors of 70x52mm, 78A hardness, ideal for carving, cruising & freeriding
  • 7 inch Aluminum Black Trucks, Aluminum alloy base plate and hanger with ABEC 7 speed bearings
  • SOLA longboards are all with Designed Clear grip tape on top.
  • Longboards are assembled for you.

If you’re looking for the best cruising partner for your junior, then you have landed in a perfect place. The 36 inches long Sola longboard is a perfect playmate for your kid with premium and lucrative graphics. 

Undoubtedly, this stylish and firm board comes up in four unique designs, and it can be an apple of the eye for small riders. Its 38.75 extended deck is 9.75 inches, teamed with seven-ply Bamboo and Maple.

This distinctive feature pretty much ensures its durability to support 100 kg or more. These dimensions are suitable for the young one to place their small foot on this sturdy board.

Further, a clear grip tape enhances the shine of the board top surface. Their aluminum alloy trucks are featured with reverse kingpins; that’s pretty good for stable cruising at high speed. But they tend to loosen after a long ride, which needs to adjust.  

Here’s another appeal for a bit of rider in the dual colors of 70 mm large wheels. The 78A softness of the wheel is best to adopt for a smooth ride on any pavement. There is a superb grip in the corner, but for buttery slides, you need to push and kick out. 

Thanks to the drop deck feature, its deck is lower than the truck and closer to the ground. That way, it’s easy for the young one to push or break stably. 

On the whole, it’s a perfect deal for the new rider and kids, who are most enthusiastic about learning cruising, carving, and freeride. Remember, it’s not the best option for pros who want to execute challenging tricks.

An excellent deal of best longboard for kids within the budget range.

  • Strong structure
  • Ideal for cruising and carving
  • Soft wheels
  • No wheel bite
  • Supreme grip in the corners
  • Bearing are of inferior quality
  • Not recommended for pro

9. White Wave Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete- A Lightweight Choice

Rating 4.8 / 5


  • Brand White Wave
  • Deck Width 8 Inches
  • Material Aluminum, Bamboo, Maple
  • Deck Length 71 Centimeters
  • Wheel Size 60 Millimeters
  • Item Weight 5 Pounds
  • Suitable for All-Skaters: Multi-layered Bamboo deck is 28″ Long x 8″ Wide and made from Canadian maple, provides a stable grip during skating. Ideal for Beginners, Medium or Advanced riders, who embrace the Skating lifestyle.
  • Missile Vibe: The Bamboo Missile really is the perfect board for all different sizes and has the benefits of a longboard built into a smaller compact board.
  • High-Speed Smooth Ride: Enjoy a smooth ride handling all your adventures with precision Hellion 2 ABEC-9 Bearings with built in spacers, that is ideal for fast runs and quick turns.
  • Stable, Strong & Sturdy: Enhance your gliding with high quality, heavy duty 5″ Aluminum Alloy trucks, 60 x 45mm Hooligan Wheels, making the wheel durable and lively – ideal for cruising, carving, dancing, downhill speeds, freeride, and freestyle riding.
  • Designed by Skaters for Skaters: This Longboard skateboard is the perfect gift for family and friends. It comes fully assembled ready to ride, all you have to do is ride the wave, enjoy and have fun.

Let’s dive into the White Wave longboard, available in multiple styles and crafted with heat-pressed graphics. The clear spray on the grip tape looks pretty cool. That’s good for the excellent foot lock. 

The strength of this beautiful board is depicted by the quality blend of bamboo and Canadian maple layer. Apart from this, the drop deck is coupled with drop-through trucks, ensuring a smooth ride with fewer efforts. 

Its 28 inches long deck has a slight flex to attain a comfy cruise for kids. While 8 inches, board width is proficient to sustain the tiny foot with grip and control. 

Its 5-inch aluminum trucks are sturdy and lightweight, and polished finishing raises its looks. While its rebound brushing is highly responsive during abrupt turns, kids can enjoy high-speed cruising. 

Its wheels are unique with customized designs due to the installation of rib core- so good for an even and fast ride. The oversized ribbed center features a unique design that creates a smooth and fast ride. 

One more thing, the high-end 60 mm urethane wheels are durable, which you can trust for kids in the long run.

The utmost speed is gained through Abec 9 bearings due to built-in spacers fitting. Surprisingly, most users are satisfied with the silent and smooth-rolling of direction, which is a dominant feature regardless of other longboards.

Its natural looks and appealing design inspire me, and your kid will love its unique graphics.  

Give it a try for your kid, and you won’t regret it.

  • Easy and smooth ride
  • Hitch-free cruising due to top quality bearings
  • Durable and strong deck
  • Great value for money
  • Good customer servic
  • Truck bushings on the board are very tight

10. Magneto Mini Cruiser Longboard- A Short Deck Choice

Rating 4.7 / 5


  • Brand Magneto
  • Deck Width 7.5 Inches
  • Material Maple
  • Deck Length 27.5 Inches
  • Durometer Hardness Shore 78A
  • Wheel Material Polyurethane
  • Wheel Size 60 Millimeters
  • Item Weight 5 Pounds
  • Load Capacity 275 Pounds
  • MADE BY SKATERS All of our boards are designed by skaters and inspired by our location in Southern California, the birthplace of longboarding. Many of our design cues come from the local surf culture and natural materials, we let the simple aesthetics shine on their own. We also prioritize our customer service and want you to be completely stoked with your new board. All messages are replied to within 24 hours and we’ll do our very best to ensure satisfaction and maximum cruising on our boards.
  • SUPER PORTABLE Designed to be fun to ride and easy to carry around, this is our go-to board for anyone who skates everywhere. The small size of the board makes it easy to carry and take on the go while still being a great board for cruising and riding everywhere! Length = 27.5″ | Width = 7.5″ | Wheelbase = 18.5″
  • DOUBLE KICKTAILS Double kick tails add fun and versatility to the mini cruiser skateboard. Mannies, ollies, flip tricks and general tick-tacking are all made possible because of these kick tails. Asymmetric front and back kick tails makes for a cool directional surf style design while maintaining the performance of a great skateboard.
  • HIGH QUALITY DECK Manufactured from 6 full plies of Canadian Maple, the deck is very strong and durable. The board sports a sand grit finish on top to grip your feet and show off the maple deck and the unique graphics.
  • STURDY TRUCKS The trucks are made from quality gravity cast aluminum making them super reliable and sturdy. The top mounted trucks have a 5 inch hanger and kingpin angle of 55 degrees and the wheels and bushings are cast in high quality SHR polyurethane…no plastic parts on this board!

Magneto mini cruiser is another addition to the series of mini skateboards that can boost the pleasant mood of your little rider.  It is considered the best longboard for 10 year old.

The premium blending of California surf culture and native material raises an extra spark in its graphical outlooks. Another particular hot point is its short 27.5 inches length, and kids will love to carry it with them in their routine sports and skating. 

On a sturdy side, the deck is made from 6-plies Canadian maple with an 18 inches wheelbase that has a massive room for mini feet to thrill on the top.

Other than this, adding a sand grit finish on the deck surface gives an equally attractive look and foot grip. 

Double kick tail is an added advantage as it offers versatile tricks like Ollie, flip tricks, and tick-tacking. It’s kind of a directional design, perfect for great cruising tricks with super precision and style.

What else, the gravity cast made aluminum trucks are reliable and well-built. The aggressive and sharp turns are possible due to the top mount truck. 

Of course, you want more grippy wheels for the great carving joy of your mini soul. Its polyurethane wheels and bushings are of top quality 51 mm ground contact patch, best for grip.

While 78 A durometer ensures a lot of confidence in your child by the smooth rides over rocky terrains

Despite its beautiful, sturdy structure, the wheel bearings are of average quality.

I love this board as its light bulb color with bold graphics mesmerizes my eyes, just like for your little rider too. It’s not only for kids but adults and teens can also have it for cruising in style. Perfect choice for day-to-day longboarding

  • Soft wheels suitable for rough roads and sidewalks
  • Plastic is not used in its body built-in
  • The stylish ride with sturdy trucks
  • Fit for versatile tricks
  • Attractive graphic design
  • Free skate too
  • Bearings are of average quality
  • Some users complain about wheel bit

11. Sanview Bamboo Longboard Cruiser For Kids- An Ideal Choice For Tricks

Rating 4.6 / 5


  • Brand SANVIEW
  • Deck Width 9 Inches
  • Material Bamboo
  • Deck Length 86 Centimeters
  • Color 34″/Totem
  • Wheel Material Polyurethane
  • Item Weight 6.6 Pounds
  • Load Capacity 220 Pounds
  • Deck:34″ length and 9″ width,6 ply rock maple and 1 ply bamboo deck more flexible and durable.
  • Truck:Use ABEC-9 Bearing.Make it more stable and smoother
  • Wheel:The wheel made by high elasticity and durability pu.You will feel free when you ride it.
  • Weight:Board weight is 6.6lbs.The max limit weight is 220lb.
  • Age:Our longboard suitable for 8 ages up kids and adults.Good choose for beginner or pros.

Now I’m going to tell you about a new pintail longboard, and it’s lightweight and compact for the best longboard for kids.

Its 34 inches length is short enough for the juniors to carry with them when they play with fellows. Moreover, its charming graphical looks can gain the attention of any toddler.

Its strong deck is furnished with h six-ply hardwood maple in duo with one-ply bamboo. It can hold on to the weight of 260lbs. There is a fair amount of flex in the deck. Thus your child can have a springy feeling under his foot.

Its single kick tailboard is flourished with anti-slip grip tape; that’s why it is perfect for tricks and cruising. 

To demonstrate the strength of the good longboard for kids, the high-end aluminum trucks come with 7 inches of reverse kingpin for smooth slides.

You have a choice to loosen it for easy steers and more turning radius. But if you reduce them too much, then you will lose speed too.

If your kid is fond of smooth cruising, 70*51 mm large wheels are pretty nice to enjoy. To gain long spinning of wheels, adjust them to 50% turn overall good wheels for kids.

While ABEC-9 bearings are smooth on uneven ground, so they are ideal for beginners and toddlers alike.

Overall, it’s a fantastic longboard that’s worth each penny. An excellent choice for early learners. 

  • Affordable price
  • Smooth and comfortable ride
  • Periphery for beginners
  • Available in vibrant colors
  • Flexible and firm deck 
  • High-quality materia
  • You need to upgrade the bearing, but it’s better to give them a chance

Buying Guide: Select The Best Longboard For Kids: 

Nobody won’t take a risk on the safety of their children while thinking about a sports activity. The joy of longboard riding is tailored for 5-10 years of kids, but the strict supervision of elders is quite essential.  

Some notable factors that you can’t ignore are discussed underneath.


As far as the age is concerned, longboards are not suggested for kids under five years. Hence, toddlers above the age of 6 have the full right to move on their longboard for beginners. 

Types Of Longboard: 

If your kid is an early learner, get the drop deck type of board to soothe their skating joy. Some pros also prefer it due to its maximal stability and inclination towards carving and tricks. 

But if your little one is reluctant to execute some hard trick and downhill slide, then it’s good to go with pintail type- a simple style with the most minor freestyle moves.

Deck Material:

One of the all-time popular materials is hardwood maple, which is firm enough to foothold the weight of more than 200 lbs.

That’s why if your little rider is bulky, then you must prefer a sturdy deck. On the other side of the spectrum, the bamboo material is cheaper but less durable for a kid to have. 

Length and Width:

The more the width of the board, the more leverage it would provide while turning. Therefore, a 10-inch wide longboard can provide spacious room for feet to cruise well.

At the same time, 38-inch length is best to adapt for easy turns and massive control.

Wheels and Trucks:

Although wheels are crucial factors in the board’s construction, so opt for one with top-notch quality. The skinny wheels are easy to push and maintain the portability of the longboard.

While on the truck side, perfect built-in material and proper alignment along the board are remarkable facts to think about. 

Don’t go with the cheap longboard, as your child is more precious than saving a few bucks.

Design and Color:

Attractive outlook and eye-catchy color sound appealing to young persons. So always think about the preference of your child.

Some kids want to have their favorite character, like sponge bob, on their longboard. Buy a longboard that attracts your mini champ. 


Another factor to consider is the price value of the toddler longboard. Although, many parents just want to satisfy their kid’s demands without paying more attention to the quality of the board. 

Though price matters a lot, quality is the most determined point to move on in the long run. Don’t try to pick a low-quality board that can risk the safety of your kids.

Whenever you want to order, try to hit the most trustworthy and reliable brands. Only a top-rated company will come up with valuable items with premium features. 

So parents! Pay more and get more for a beautiful smile on your lovely child for the best longboard for kids.

Safety Gear to Adopt:

Safety gears have value for keeping your little one to stay away from injuries. Here’s the safety gadget to avoid unwanted incidents. 


It’s crucial to wear a helmet if you want to keep away from head strikes, as kids are more delicate.

Elbow and knee pads:- 

As these two areas are more exposed and more inclined to hit, it’s better to wear pads.

Skate Tool: 

Along with skate tools, it’s better to tune trucks and wheels before the first leisure action of your toddler.  

Q1. What size longboard is best for kids?

As far as the length of the board is concerned, it doesn’t matter a lot. But for the older kids of more than ten years, a longboard with more than 40inch length is not hard to control.

But for the small, kids under ten years should prefer shorter boards up to 38 inches long for easy control.

Q2. Is longboarding hard to learn?

From the kid’s point of view, longboarding is easier than skateboarding. It’s a fun and playful game for the kids to take the joy of a short journey.

Toddlers can quickly learn this skill under the guidance of their parents. As practice makes a man perfect, so it demands daily riding hours to gain expertise. 

Q3. Are longboards safe?

If we compare it with skateboarding, the ride on the longboard is on a safer side. You need to take some safety measures to avoid injuries. It’s better to wear some safety gear to prevent any unwanted mishap.

Last Point:

I’ve described all the vital features of the best longboard for kids in detail. 

Now take action to make a joyous day for your junior, so let them have the best mid-size longboard.

All the above longboards are of supreme quality. In my opinion, the Magneto mini-cruiser is the best fit for kids of more than five years. But if you’re looking for a Catch and a graphical cruiser, then you should go with the Sola bamboo longboard.

Also, the Playshion longboard has its pros and cons, and the last decision is yours- go for one that suits the gaming fun of your child.

So little riders, be ready to cruise the extra trilling mile on your super fantastic longboard.

Hit the click and order your best longboard for kids.


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