How To Make Skateboard Wheels Faster Longer

You probably already knew this, but the wheels that come on a skateboard can have a significant impact on how quickly and smoothly it can be ridden. Well, yes you did. Experimentation is the best way to figure out how to make your skateboard wheels faster longer.

After doing some study, I came up with a couple different approaches to accomplishing this. The process is the same one that assisted me in making it both quicker and longer.

Skateboarding is an activity that may be made more enjoyable via the application of a variety of strategies and approaches. But in the end, success will depend on the strategies that you implement. 

You will be able to make the skate wheels quicker, smoother, and last longer with the help of this article. Along with the instructions, you will also discover some helpful hints regarding how to get started.

Why Are Your Skateboard Wheels Slow?

Your skateboard’s wheels will finally have an explanation after all this time. Your skate wheel can be moving more slowly than usual for a few different reasons. Among the most typical reasons are as follows:

When the wheels are excessively tightly fastened, the skateboard might be cumbersome to manoeuvre. Wheels that spin more slowly than necessary because of dirty bearings. To some extent, the speed at which wheels travel is determined by their design. 

Clay, rubber, and urethane are among the materials that move at a more leisurely pace. You may also have slow wheel speed if the bolts of your trucks are too tight.

Skateboards with poor bearings and materials will be slower than you would expect them to be. If you are having none of these problems, you might want to evaluate the force with which you are pushing.

Clean Skateboarding Wheels

If you ever wondered how to make longboard wheels spin longer, you are just going to find the answer. Depending on the type of skate wheel you have, you can use one of several approaches to cleaning it. Soap and a toothbrush are one option. 

Alternatively, you might use a product made for cleaning wheels. When cleaning a wheel using a soap and toothbrush, it is important to moisten the wheel first.

Scrub the wheel with a toothbrush, making sure to be get into each of the crevices. We recommend giving the wheel a quick rinse in water and letting it dry naturally.

For best results while cleaning skateboard wheels, use the product as directed. It is recommended to begin by soaking the wheel. The next step is to lather up the cleaning agent by applying it straight to the wheel and afterwards working it in with your fingers or perhaps an old toothbrush. Using running water, rinse the cleaner until no more suds remain.

If your wheels are really grimy, you might need to do this method multiple times. Please let the wheel dry thoroughly before using it again. It is the most efficient method for cleaning roller skate wheels without replacing them. 

You may extend the life of your skateboard by regularly cleaning its wheels. If you follow these instructions, you will have a much easier time keeping the dirt, dust, as well as other debris off of your wheels.

Change Wheel Size

Skateboards’ performance and feel can be altered by using wheels of varying diameters. Beginners will have more success maintaining their balance on flippable decks with wheels no larger than 10 inches.

Get Bigger Wheel

Let us find out do bigger skateboard wheels go faster? Yes, an increase in speed can be achieved by upgrading to larger wheels. The larger the wheel, the better the grip and the faster it will go. 

They are also usually quite a bit heavier than you would like. This is why it is preferable to use skateboards with larger wheels. Large wheels, such as the Patterson G-Bones 97A Skateboard Wheels, are the way to go.

New Skateboard Wheels 

Seriously.. Yes. There are times when fresh skateboard wheels just will not spin and you would be wondering why my new skateboard wheels are stiff? Even with brand new bearings, your skateboard will not turn if the wheels have a significant amount of friction due to rubbing against the deck during turns. 

You should make sure the wheels and bearings on your new skates are in good working order before you use them.

Higher Quality Wheel 

Skateboards with cheap wheels and bearings may cost more money term because they are likely built of low-quality components that wear out rapidly. Invest in a better pair of wheels if you want them to last longer and go faster. If you are looking for long-lasting, high-quality skateboard wheels, go no further than the Spitfire F4 99 Classics.

Use Smoother and Steeper Roads For Riding 

Your skateboard’s sluggishness could be due to the uneven surface of road. The ride will go more quickly over a smoother surface, which is easier to detect that is how to make roller skate wheels spin faster. The best way to gain speed while cycling downhill is to take a road with a steep grade.

Cleaning the Bearings Regularly 

Faster speeds can be achieved by removing any dirt or debris from the bearings. Regularly cleaning things with such a solvent like acetone or alcohol can do the trick. Before reassembling the wheel, make sure the bearings have dried fully.

Lubricating the Bearings 

Bearing lubrication is another method for increasing the speed of your longboard wheels and making them fastest skateboard wheels. Adding a little layer of oil and lubricant can greatly reduce friction and boost efficiency. The frequency with which you need to grease the bearings will be influenced by how often you use the skateboard. However, experts advise doing so at least once every few months.

Use High-Quality Bearings 

Investing in high-quality bearings is a simple method to increase the speed of your board without sacrificing durability. Low-quality bearings may wear out rapidly and limit your skating ability. Your wheels will run more smoothly and at higher speeds if you invest in high-quality bearings.

Loosen Your Axle Nuts

Getting rid of the axle nuts is a quick approach to increase your wheel’s speed. It is up to you and your skating style to decide how tight you want to go. There are two ways to determine whether your axle nuts are too loose or too tight.

Checking the tightness of your axle nuts visually and by feel is the first step. First, you should inspect the sidewalls of your wheels for any signs of damage. That is a sign that the wheel is loose and needs to be fixed before it can be used again.

Secondly, after determining whether or not the nuts and bolts of wheel are sufficiently snug, give it a good old-fashioned hand spin. It has to be tightened if it seems very loose. If it is snug without being uncomfortable, you should be fine to go. 

The second way for determining the correct tightness of your axle nuts is a simple listening test. Either your palm or knuckles will do the trick; just smack the side of wheel hard.

When a wheel makes a high-pitched noise, it signifies it needs to be tightened. A low rumbling noise indicates that the wheel is excessively tight and should be loosened.

Remove the Spacer

To increase the speed of your skateboard, you can also try removing the spacers (the ring that holds your bearings in place). To slow them down once more, the spacer should be reapplied.

Checking for Damage 

Examining your skateboard for wear and tear is the last thing you should do if you want to increase its speed. It is possible that anything is wrong with your wheel if it is producing noise, wobbling, or does not spin easily. 

Damaged wheels can cause extra wear on the bearings and reduce the performance of skateboard, so it is better to have a professional look at the situation.

How to Fix Rusted Skateboard Wheels?

You could be wondering what to do if the wheels on your skateboard have corroded. Rust can accelerate the wear of the bearings, making wheel difficult to spin. Some solutions to the problem of rusty skateboard wheels are as follows:

To get rid of rust, step one is to use a wire brush. Repairing rusty skateboard wheels is a breeze with this method. On the other hand, if the corrosion has already done extensive damage, this may not be adequate. Secondly, prep the wheel with metal paint. It will keep the wheel from rusting any further. 

Apply a rust-proof coating to the wheel. Avoiding future corrosion of the wheel is a nice bonus. It may be necessary to get new wheels for your skates if the rust has gotten too bad.

How to Change Skateboard Wheels?

Skateboard wheel replacement is easy and requires few tools. 

This is the proper procedure:

First, disassemble the skateboard by taking off the trucks. It can do this by releasing the nuts and bolts that secure them. Remove the old wheels from skateboard trucks by unscrewing them. 

Third, depending on the thickness of your axle nuts, position new wheels on the studs of truck with the hubs facing inwards toward each other (so the wheels are not touching).

In order to keep the new set of wheels just on studs, you can either use glue or switch to thinner nuts.

How To Make Skateboard Wheels Spin Longer?

Many skateboarders wonder how to make longboard wheels spin longer. There are several things you can do to increase the lifespan of your skateboard wheels. It is important to check your bearings to make sure you are not getting lost. The wheel may not spin as smoothly as it should if the bearings are in poor condition.

The smoothness and rotational speed of bearings can be used as indicators of their condition. There may be a need for replacement when they are not spinning as quickly as they should. Wheel cleanliness should be your final priority. 

Wheels covered in grime and muck will not spin for long because dirt and grime increase friction. They are easily cleaned with water and soap plain water, or even compressed air.

The most crucial thing you could do to avoid speed drops and tyre out less quickly on your skateboard is to get some practise time on it. That way, whenever you need them to, your wheels will be turning quickly.


Skateboard wheels may be made lighter, stronger, and more durable in a variety of ways. Skating will feel more brisk and enjoyable if you follow the advice in this article.

To maintain your board in peak shape, you should inspect it frequently for damage and repair any worn components. I hope you enjoy tearing through the streets with your new fast ride.

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