14 Best Longboard Wheels That Will Make You Go Downhill, Cruising and Dancing

Are you a keen longboard rider? Or enjoy the hourly long-distance rides on your longboard? What is bothering you to get the long-distance ride?

The answer is Yes, the only thing is the smoothness and quality of the longboard wheels you are looking for. Longboard riders usually enjoy riding, cruising, and downhill travel. So a team of experts is here to help you to enjoy the best longboard wheels.

The nightmare is over now buying good longboard wheels is an easy one. It is on record that buying it is the most challenging thing to finalize previously.

There are particular types of wheels used for longboard riding. Our expert team has concluded several products for you. It will help you understand the quality and how to get the best longboard wheels for our customers.

Here our team of experts has finalized 14 products for you that are the best longboard wheels

Top 14 Best Longboard Wheels Review In 2022

Before using any product, one should know the essential requirements and know-how about the product. Before all of the efforts and starting your research. You must know what to know and look for in a wheel. Longboard wheels are of different types. Especially different for the following styles. 

  • Commuting
  • Cruising
  • Dancing
  • Sliding

1. Shark Wheel Sidewinder 70mm 78a Longboard Wheels

Rating 4.6 / 5


  • Color: Ice Blue
  • Size: 70mm
  • Skate on all Surfaces: These 70mm skateboarding wheels were designed to explore the world. Start cruising down the backroads, taking hard curves, or skating at the park.
  • Shark Wheel’s Advantage: Shark Wheels tend to push small objects left and right out of the way when riding, which provides a smooth ride unlike a traditional wheel that acts like a steamroller.
  • Less Friction: Shark Wheels have 57% less friction when the wheels are in motion. Combined with California-made high-rebound polyurethane which gives the board extra speed, range, and comfort.
  • Less Shock: The unique 30-degree approach angle strikes objects at an angle. Like driving a car over a speed bump at an angle to reduce shock, smoothing the ride with its sine wave approach angle.
  • Made in California: Unlike 95% of other electric skateboard companies, Shark Wheels sources the best high-rebound polyurethane in the world. This leads to a fast and smooth riding experience.


Are you facing difficulty with longboard skating on a different surface? Shark Wheels are known to produce wheels for all types of surfaces.

There are rocky roads, rough paths, or uneven, muddy surfaces in the parks. These wheels are best for rough surfaces.

These 70mm wheels for longboarding are designed for you and will help you to explore the world. These best longboard wheels will help go smooth around every path.

Don’t be afraid of any accident or any injury from the rocks. These wheels will handle you.

Longboard wheels will make you slide over with increased grip. The wheels have a wave design that allows maximum grip in uneven pathways.

Your rides will strike the ground with the best longboard wheels. The only thing you see if you are going shopping is the durability of commodities.

These wheels designed to cope with the speed of the wind. These wheels are compatible with storms as well, while Shark Wheels is manufacturing in the United States.

The material used in the process is the best locally purchased material. Believe us. These wheels are doing to male your longboarding to a new level.

Shark Wheels have incorporated the latest technology in these wheels. These have less friction while longboarding and elevate your staking performance. Shark wheels are going to provide your future with exciting opportunities and fun.

The Shark wheel has an incredible new design and provides a full grip for cruising and sliding. These wheels give an optical illusion because of the shape of wheels closer to a cube.

These are best for riding in the rain. Shark wheels are different from traditional wheels, and carving is smooth. The shape of the wheel takes away the liquid of the wheel. 

  • Best for the Rough surfaces
  • Better color selections
  • The sticky surface is superb 
  • Control the friction on RoadsEasy to clean
  • They are most costly
  • There appear air bubbles on the surface of the wheel

2. Orangatang Caguama 85 Mm

Rating 4.8 / 5


  • Color: Purple, 83a
  • DOWNHILL LONGBOARDING WHEELS – Designed for maximum speed and grip for downhill skateboard racing, hard carving, pumping, and long-distance pushing. Package includes Loaded Jehu V2 bearings (set of 8) with extended inner raceways to eliminate the need for separate spacers and speed rings.
  • ROLL OVER ANYTHING – With a large 80mm diameter, the Kegels roll with breakneck speed and plow over cracks, rocks, sticks, and the roughest roads.
  • MAXIMUM TRACTION – Sharp, square lips provide maximum grip while still sliding smoothly when desired.
  • HAPPY THANE – The original Orangatang urethane formula is smooth, plush, and grippy with a buttery-smooth slide. Now available in three durometers: 77a (blue), 80a (orange), and 83a (purple).
  • LARGE, SUPPORTIVE CORE – The fully exposed 46mm core reduces weight while providing quick acceleration and crisp slides.


Orangatang has designed these wheels for maintaining high speed, comfort, and momentum. The company makes the best wheels for these types of rides. Likewise commuting, carving, long-distance pushing, pumping, and electric longboards.

These wheels help to add the Loaded Jehu V2 bearings incorporated with spacers and speed rings.

The 85 mm diameter wheel gives you the Caguama rolls with great speed. These wheels roll over the plows over cracks, rocks, sticks, and the roughest roads.

The measurement of the contact patch is 56mm. The contact patch provides a comfortable grip and round edges to move smoothly.

These wheels have a longboard to prevent fishtailing. The Orangatang urethane uses a happy Thane Formula of fast, smooth, and grip is so strong.

The three durometers are 77a (blue), 80a (orange), and 83a (purple). The large outer core, 46mm, reduces weight.

In addition to that, they provide quick acceleration and lots of momentum. These wheels are compatible and are faster and smoother to ride with an accelerated grip.

Besides the size of the wheels, they are fit for heavier riders. The maximum speed for Caguama longboard wheels is 21mph (34km) and is excellent for the boosted boards.

To enhance the best quality, use the Bone Reds 608 size bearings. These wheels have a softer feeling for the road vibration, and turns can have easily been excess. These are more likely best for cruising. 

  • Multitasking wheel for all rides
  • Heat Resistant urethane
  • Excellent Ride quality
  • Avoid wheel bite
  • Best for heavier riders
  • Gets dirty easily
  • Fade colors
  • They are costly

3. Sector 9 Skiddles 70mm 78A

Rating 4.5 / 5


  • Size: 70mm, 80a
  • Color: 4


The Sector 9 wheel with a 78a durometer and 70 mm diameter has a super soft, fragile grip. These wheels cannot be fast and furious.

This sector’s nine wheels are a little harder on the sidewalks and parks. There is a lot of pressure on the wheel bearings.

The placement of paths is critical. Rightly placed wheels can give you a smooth ride like a cloud. These wheels have the Top Shelf of the Urethane formula.

Wheels control the complete form of control and center-set core. Sector 9 wheels are perfect for cruising and carving wheels but are not suitable for sliding.

As per our research, these are smooth but are not significant to all extents. 

  • Have great durability
  • It is perfect for beginners
  • Not good for sliding
  • Not suitable for parks
  • Due to colors, they become dirty

4. Big Boy 70mm Gel Solid Longboard Wheels

Rating 4.7 / 5


  • Offset


Are you looking for the best longboard wheels that provide the best support for cruising? The Big Boy 70mm Gel Solid Longboard Wheels are for you.

The diameter is 70mm, while the durometer is 78a wheel. Moreover, these wheels are the offset type, considering the bearings are in the center.

Many properties provide an extra firm grip for the wheels. Big Boy 70mm are inexpensive and give more bounce to you. Moreover, these wheels are ideal for cruising and slides with the comfort that you are not wasting money. Don’t worry about the bad weather conditions; I have used these in storms and rain.

Big boy 70mm has a great shock absorption property. They are easy to ride over the sticks, pebbles, and cracks. Try confidently using downhill riding, slides, and carving.

Additional points in buying these wheels are that they come with bearings and spacers that will help you cover the extra dollars. Ahh, you are worried as you think these are larger wheels.

No problem getting a riser pad with 1.5″ hardware to avoid getting wheel bite as you ride. Any standard bearings are suitable, and recommended ones are the best Bones Reds Bearings.  

  • Inexpensive
  • Excellent for beginners
  • Grip is strongIt comes with bearings and spacers
  • Creates noise
  • May cause wheel bite

5. Seismic Speed Vent Defcon Longboard Wheels

Rating 5 / 5


  • Slightly wider contact patch, Stone-ground surface
  • Double-radius profile, Centerset bearing seat
  • Easy hookup, Excellent grip-to-slip ratio


Seismic speed wheels specially designed for longboarding have a diameter of around 85mm. That is going to impress you with its speed on the downhill racing wheel.

Large wheel with the speed of the smaller wheel and speed property is enhanced. The grip of the wheel is stable enough because of its lips design. These are pure high-end wheels. Seismic wheels are the best longboard wheels for carving and cruising as well along with downhill.

These wheels are for long-distance rides. In addition to the vent, the wheel is for roll speed and downhill riding.

The unique urethane formula is used for a smooth feeling while maintaining speed and stability in the ride and the wheel’s durability. The durometer of this wheel is 77a.

The vast big wheels will grip the ground and will provide perfect balancing of longboarding. The speed vent wheels are not suitable for sliding and will accelerate slowly but will keep moving.

The long-distance wheels will make it easy to accelerate the speed. Enjoy these wheels with Zealous Bearings.

Featuring this product, our team has come across the three main formulas for the properties these wheels have in different ways:

If you are searching for a balance of grip, traction, smooth and comfortable ride, try for BlackOps.

Defcon provides insane speeds or enhanced speed, sliding in different directions and enjoying long-lasting grips and perfect durability. 

Premium Clear: It is Smooth, fast, and super grippy. The Encore Crystal Clear longboard wheels are perfect for longboard freestyle and dance.

  • Grip is strong
  • The massive size of Wheels
  • Stable in high speeds
  • Fraction is substantial and rolls quickly
  • Perfect for long-distance
  • Costly
  • Heavy in size

6. MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels

Rating 4.7 / 5


  • Brand: MBS
  • Color: Black
  • Durometer Hardness: 78A
  • Wheel Size: 100 Millimeters
  • Item Weight: 2 Pounds
  • 100mm x 65mm all-terrain longboard wheels
  • Cast with 78a super-high-rebound urethane for unparalleled speed
  • Perfect addition to any long boarder’s quiver
  • Add off-road capabilities to your existing longboards
  • Ride sidewalks and pavement hard packed dirt or short grass


These All-Terrain Longboard Wheels are 100mm *65mm. The urethane formula shows a 78a SHR measurement. At the same time, MBS is designed for off-road riding especially. The amount of traction present in the wheels makes them suitable for the wet surface.

A considerable amount of spins are for big trucks in the board higher off the ground. The bearings are the built-in feature of these wheels. The size of the paths is 8x22mm. Try to avoid power sliding on these wheels. 

You are now open to ride on the concrete surface, roads, and hardcore packs. Because of the size of the wheel, you will need a riser for the board. This will prevent the wheel bite.

The height of the riser will be 2*½ inches. So it doesn’t create a fraction with the deck. There are built-in bearings, but the one recommended by our team is Bones Bearings Reds Bearings.

  • Durable
  • Best for on/off-road
  • High Traction
  • Need a riser
  • Slow cruising

7. Cal 7 90mm 78A Longboard And Cruiser Wheels

Rating 4.6 / 5


  • Color: Avaliable in 9 different colors
  • 90x52mm PU wheels (4 pack)
  • 90x52mm PU wheels (4 pack)
  • 78A durometer
  • 44.45mm center-set hub
  • 19.05mm PU depth
  • Bearings and spacers included


You are lucky to have the best longboard wheels at a reasonable price. And especially for cruising. Cal 7 is a wheel with a diameter of 90mm. The contact patch is 47mm, and the wheels are 52mm wide. Moreover, the wheel is a center-set wheel with a great shock absorption feature. The built-in bearing is called ABEC 7 bearings.

Along with the 90mm diameter, the wheels are weighty. Therefore, it requires extra effort to push the wheel. But we assure you a superbly smooth ride. When you start using them and are new, the wheel’s grip is not firm enough.

Hence, with the passage of time and usage, the hold will automatically enhance. If there is a chance of bad weather, stay calm during the ride. If you are looking for a giant wheel, try Cal 7 does a 97mm 78a Longboard Cruiser Wheel.

The speed reaches above 45 mph. The cruiser wheels give you a smooth and fast ride as per your choice. While talking about the 97mm wheel, they have sharp cutting edges and roll smoothly. The quality of inbuilt bearing might be of low quality, so try the Shiver ABEC 9. 

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8. Shark Wheel DNA Formula 72 Mm 78a Longboard Wheels

Rating 4.6 / 5


  • Color: Ice Blue
  • Size: 70mm
  • Skate on all Surfaces: These 70mm skateboarding wheels were designed to explore the world. Start cruising down the backroads, taking hard curves, or skating at the park.
  • Shark Wheel’s Advantage: Shark Wheels tend to push small objects left and right out of the way when riding, which provides a smooth ride unlike a traditional wheel that acts like a steamroller.
  • Less Friction: Shark Wheels have 57% less friction when the wheels are in motion. Combined with California-made high-rebound polyurethane which gives the board extra speed, range, and comfort.
  • Less Shock: The unique 30-degree approach angle strikes objects at an angle. Like driving a car over a speed bump at an angle to reduce shock, smoothing the ride with its sine wave approach angle.
  • Made in California: Unlike 95% of other electric skateboard companies, Shark Wheels sources the best high-rebound polyurethane in the world. This leads to a fast and smooth riding experience.


These are the shark wheels with a new modified formula of DNA. At the same time, the shark longboard wheels provide you with less friction, sliding control, and outstanding performance. The DNA formula offers the best grip support and a faster ride.

The only problem is that they are not affordable due to their cost. But still, you will not regret it. The DNA formula gives a chance to the wheels to go through the rough surfaces, dirt, water, and rocks quickly.

The smoothness of the reels will not make it intimidating for you to push them. These wheels are suitable for cruising and commuting daily.

In contrast, the contact patches are thin while striking the ground. They are resulting in a minor fraction while riding. The wave shape of the wheels makes the grip stronger. Try the pairing with the bearings as ABEC 9. 

  • Greater Durability
  • Maintain fast speed
  • Enjoy lovely colors
  • Traction is fast
  • Vibrating starts at a rapid speed
  • Bubbles appear

9. Freedare 70mm Longboard Wheels

Rating 4.6 / 5


  • 70mm diameter x 51mm width;83a durometer polyurethane wheels
  • There comes with ABEC-7 high steel bearings and spacers, which have been installed on wheels.
  • The pro longboard wheels roll pretty smooth, it’s very durable for street skating as well as on skate park terrain.
  • The wheels are better for PU material, it rides fast and smooth, you can go over small road pebbles with ease.
  • I think you would like to dress up your skateboard, the delicate design with dot pattern enhanced your wheels all entire series interest.


Freedare with a diameter of 70mm and 83a durometer polyurethane longboard wheels. The best option for the new beginners. The cost of the wheels is appropriate and affordable for everyone.

The features of the wheels are present in several colors. The rolling of the wheel is smooth and in a skate park. Don’t put a lot of cash into this buy. 

They are very easily wearable. The only thing is that if you want to start with a news beginning, these are the ones that will help. The size of the inboard wheels is more minor.

They might not reach the concave side of the longboards. At the same time, are pre-installed spacers and a free set of ABEC-7 Bearings. The contact patch is only 51mm. 

  • Cheap Price
  • Smooth on rough surfaces
  • Best for the beginners
  • A bit of low quality
  • A bit unbalanced

10. Bigfoot Cored Classics Longboard Wheels

Rating 4.6 / 5


  • Measuring in at 97mm x 53mm with a 78A SHR hardness, these are some of the biggest longboard wheels on the market
  • The 78A Super High Rebound (SHR) hardness provides a good amount of grip, roll, and slide-ability
  • Being as soft and big as they are, they will grip and roll over just about anything you encounter
  • The center set core allows the rider to flip and rotate wheels for longevity
  • The Cored Classics are designed for the intense downhill riders. These work great on drop through boards or boards with cutouts to avoid wheel bite


As its name says, Bigfoot Cored Classics are the wheels with big diameters. They are specially for downhill longboarding wheels. The durometer of the wheel is 78A with a center set core. The hardness of the wheels is rebound and super hard.

The center-set and round tip wheels allow the longboard riders to control their rides. The intense design of the wheel is for downhill riders. The control will not allow it to lose the traction of the wheels and carve. 

The large and bulky wheels are soft, and the board needs to avoid wheel bite. The colors of the durometer are 83mm in red, 90mm in green, and the largest, 97mm in black.

The built-in bearings are not up to the mark, and if you purchase as recommended, Bones Reds 608 bearings.

  • Grip support is strong
  • Give long-distance push
  • Bearings are weak
  • The core is extreme hard

11. Orangatang Stimulus 70mm Longboard Wheels

Rating 4.9 / 5


  • VERSATILE FREERIDE WHEELS – The Orangatang Stimulus is the perfect mid-sized longboard wheel for freestyle tricks, dancing, and freeriding. Includes Loaded Jehu V2 bearings with integrated spacers and speedrings.
  • PERFECTLY SIZED – At 70mm in diameter, the Stimulus is large enough to carry plenty of speed and roll over debris while still being light and quick for tricks and slides.
  • SMOOTH SLIDES – Rounded lips and a stone-ground contact patch ensure smooth, predictable slides right out of the box and throughout the life of the wheel.
  • HAPPY THANE – The original Orangatang urethane formula is fast, smooth, plush, and grippy with a buttery-smooth slide. Now available in four durometers: 77a (blue), 80a (orange), 83a (purple), and 86a (yellow).
  • STRONG, SUPPORTIVE CORE – The encapsulated core maintains a smooth ride and supports the lips for crisp slides and even wear.


Orangatang will never disappoint you and have come across these freestyle longboard wheels. These are fit for tricks, dancing, and freeriding and are a mid-size wheel. There are already present  Jehu V2 bearings and integrated spacers and speed rings.

Moreover, while wheels are 70mm in diameter. The orangutan is a large wheel. These wheels are good for rolling on rough surfaces. Hold your breath to do cool tricks and slide around. The lips of the wheels are rounded and have smooth slide cuts.

Contact patch ensures a smooth ride after the wheel hits the ground by about 42 mm. The Happy Thane Formula is applied and is available in four durometers 77a (blue), 80a (orange), 83a (purple), and 86a (yellow).

The urethane formula provides more grip of wheels on the ground and is smooth like butter. The wheels are best for beginners who want to learn how to slide. Longboard wheel shields are not included with orangutang.

The best ones are Dragon spaces and speed rings. At the same time, the bearing is with bearings and bones super red bearings. 

  • Best for learning slides
  • Smooth slides
  • They are versatile
  • Air bubbles in wheels
  • Bearings are not good quality

12. Cloud Ride! Slusheez 78a 62mm Lime Jelly

Rating 4.6 / 5


  • Slusheez are a thaney, slide way, freeride wheel perfect banging out those long standups you’ve been longing for. Along with our special “slush” Urethane formula, we rounded The lips and Stoneground these puppies to make the first few slides even sweeter.
  • Slusheez are a perfect new addition to any complete longboard setup for sliding or freeriding. Our super smooth urethane formula gives a buttery ride on any surface & features a rounded lip to offer a slide that is easy to kick out yet controllable.
  • Slusheez come pre-ground, offering consistent slides right out of the package. They feature an offset bearing mount that makes them well-balanced for different types of riding as well as a rounded lip for easy slides and speed checks.
  • Cloud ride pours quality urethane into every wheel they produce, manufactured to focus on durability with an amazing attention to detail. Leave your mark on the hill with some Insane thane under your board & grab your next set of wheels from cloud ride
  • Beyond Compare: cloud ride’s full line of wheels compares favorably to products from orangatang, sector 9, hawgs, powell -peralta, blood Orange


The cool name of these stylish wheels has a Urethane formula. The round lips of the wheels are best for making the slides. Enjoy your time slides and freeriding with enjoyment. The diameter of the wheel is 62 mm, while the durometer is 78a.

This is the perfect addition to a complete longboard, provides smooth butter rides, and controls the rider. The Slusheez has offered the Cloud Ride-like smooth ride. Their main features are an offset bearing making a well-balanced ride.

The lips rounded in making the rides easier for different styles of riding and speed. The company makes sure to add their best urethane formula to every wheel they make.

The durability level is high enough, so you will only change the wheel once you get bored out of it.

The wheels will make a mark everywhere they go. The high density of the wheels makes the high acceleration and speed making them accessible and will help you not constantly pushing the wheels. Forget about the constant kickouts.

The super control of the wheels makes them fun and rejoices the moments. Now master your short hill riding skills. The bearings that the best selection can use are Fireball Dragon Precision 608 Bearings.

  • Best for slides
  • Forget about the wheel bites
  • Durability
  • They may be worn easily during slides

13. Cloud Ride Wheels Cruiser 69mm 78A Longboard Wheels

Rating 4.8 / 5


  • Our Cruiser Wheels were designed to be ideal for carving & cruising but also one heck of a freeride wheel! They measure 69mm in diameter, 78a in hardness & are sold in a set of 4 wheels. The high rebound urethane is well-suited to any type of riding.
  • The square-lipped design grips when you need it but can still be pushed out for a smooth slide thanks to characteristics of the urethane itself. These wheels will leave fat thane lines but are surprisingly resilient. Each set weights roughly 1. 45 pounds
  • These 78a wheels have great grip for cornering & easily roll over cracks, small rocks, & rough surfaces. When sliding, they offer great control, slow you down rapidly, wear quickly, & leave thane lines. Ideal for cruising, carving, freeride & downhill
  • Cloud Ride pours quality urethane into every wheel they produce, manufactured to focus on durability with an amazing attention to detail. Leave your mark on the hill with some insane thane under your board & grab your next set of wheels from Cloud Ride
  • BEYOND COMPARE: Cloud Ride’s full line of wheels compares favorably to products from Orangatang, Sector 9, Hawgs, Powell-Peralta, Blood Orange
  • Sport Type: Skateboarding


Cloud Ride offers you the cruiser wheels that are stated perfectly for carving and cruising. Not only that, but it also does the best tricks for freeriding as well. The cruiser wheels are in diameter of 69mm, while the durometer measures it as 78a.

In comparison, the set of wheels consists of four wheels. The urethane formula for the rebound is to be suited for any riding. These wheels are square, with the lips engraved on the wheel. The approx weight of the wheel is 1.45 pounds which makes it resilient to the ground.

The grip of the wheels is firm enough that it survives the rough paths as well. They can roll over the cracks, rocks, and uneven surfaces.

In addition to that, the amount of the sliding you do, you will feel protected while speeding and slow dowing, leaving thane lines. The suitable bearings are red.

  • Best for curving and cushioning
  • Provides smooth rides
  • Wear out quickly

14. Fireball Tinder 60mm 81a Longboard Wheels

Rating 4.7 / 5


  • DESIGNED FOR LONGBOARDS SKATEBOARDS & CRUISERS – 60mm of USA Made ‘B-Type’ Formula, designed and manufactured in California. The unique ‘buttery’ high-rebound polyurethane provides a fast and smooth riding experience
  • CRUISE OVER ROCKS, CRACKS & DEBRIS smoothly and quickly with the softer 81a Urethane. Perfect for cruising, dancing or freeriding. Don’t let stones or sticks slow you down as you are riding your board
  • DUMP THANE – Each wheel comes SlidePrepped(TM) for leaving massive urethane lines. The rounded lips break in the wheels progressively and allow for consistent slides all the way to the core. You can easily see how far you slid at your favorite freeride spot. Get some!
  • PREDICTABLE SLIDES & EVEN WEAR – The Centerset urethane fiberglass core gives maximum strength and predictable slides throughout the entire life of the wheel.
  • 60MM SET OF 4 WHEELS – Diameter = 60mm, Width = 40mm, Durometer = 81a, Contact Patch = 35mm, Core = Centerset (50%). 65mm and 70mm Tinder Wheels are also available. 


Fireball has introduced small wheels for longboards, mini skates, and mini cruisers. Wheels are premium Urethane formula made in California.

The wheel’s width is 40mm, while the durometer is 81a, a bit harder to use. The 81a urethane is reading along with the diameter of 60mm. At the same time, the contact patches are about 35 mm contact.

These are best to roll over the roads, cracks, rocky and uneven surfaces.

The Centerset core has a good show of sliding and sound patterns while the fiberglass of the center provides strength to the wheel.

And the rounded lips of the wheels bounce you forward. These are compatible with Bones Red Bearings Indy 169’s.

  • Inexpensive
  • Good for speed
  • A bit harsh

How to Choose Best Longboard Wheels- Ultimate Buying Guide:

The most crucial factor to be kept in mind while choosing the best wheels for longboards. After reading this article, our primary focus is that you will hopefully understand all about the best longboard wheels.

That is what you would want. Therefore, several following factors should go in line to choose the best longboard wheels. 

Size And Diameter of the Wheel

The first thing that is needed in the selection of wheels is their size. Globally the measurement of the diameter of the longboard wheel is always in mm.

The simple authentic formula for longboards is therefore that the bigger the size of the wheel, the more smooth ride.

The perfect diameter of a good longboard wheel is generally 70mm – 80mm. At the same time, some expert riders like to have 64 millimeters to have a great experience. 


  • Larger wheels have a higher speed but with lower acceleration
  • Small wheels are slow but faster acceleration
  • Bigger wheels are smoother over rougher surfaces
  • Smaller Wheels have less inertia that controls the spinning.

Width of the Wheel/ Contact Patch/Edges

The question is how to measure the width of the wheel. The wheel’s width can be calculated from the furthest point on the wheel face to the furthest point on the wheel back.

The primary purpose of studying the width of the wheel is because it affects the grip and traction. The Flat part of the wheel makes a smooth way on the road.

The larger flat area will make the grip stronger. While if these wheels are narrow, they will help to slide and drift in a better way. 

Square Edges Wheel:  Longboard wheels with square edges will have a larger contact patch with the surface and make it challenging to take smooth drifts. 

Beveled Edges Wheel:  Longboard wheels that are at 45 degrees have compatibility with the shortboard wheels. 

Rounded Edges Wheel: Longboard wheels mean that they have more progressive curved edges. Therefore, the reduced contact patch with the surface will make the wheel slide more smoothly than the previous one. 

Acute Angled Wheel: This is accurate for the slalom course riding. Pick a wheel with an acute angle tip if you are a slalom fan. But if you intend to slide, don’t ever go for an acute-angled Wheel. 

The Fit of the Wheel

At the same time, the most important knowledge is to avoid Wheel bites. Wheel bite occurs when larger wheels install on longboards.

Moreover, It can automatically stop movement without giving any warning, resulting in causing an accident. The cutouts of the wheels in the longboard must be chosen wisely. 

In contrast, if you don’t have any cutouts on your board, don’t worry. We are here with the solution. It recommends installing a 1/4-inch riser pad on your longboard. That will give you the chance to buy wheels more significant than 70 millimeters.

The Hardness of the Wheel

The hardness of the best longboard wheel is measured by the Shore scale and following both formulas. In general, the harder wheels are for sliding while the softer ones are for grip. A spin around 80a is usually a safe midpoint.

Durometer & Urethane Formula


The ideal range of the stores available is 75a to 88a. The hardness of the wheel types starts from 83a. In comparison, the Longboard wheels have softer wheels as compared to the skateboard wheels. The range of the skateboard varies from 90a-101a degrees. 

It is the best because it leaves many urethane lines on when it strikes the ground. In addition to that, the wheels that are soft and have low durometer reading have more grip but less speed. The only flaw that they have is their durability issue.   

At the same time, a high or hard durometer reading has less grip with more speed. For more slides, you can select these wheels. 

Urethane Formula

The durometer formula cannot decide the strength of the wheel or the quality of the best wheel for a longboard. Having the same durometer doesn’t mean you can expect the same performance and quality from both. The most authentic option is only the urethane formula.

Urethane formulas divide into two formulas. The freeride and downhill formulas. Moreover, the freeride is about smooth slides and transitions. Furthermore, downhill rides require the durability of wheels and perfect grip.

The Core of the Wheel

The following factors decide the wheel’s core properties and essential elements, including placement, size, and material. These options can increase and decrease the quality of the wheel’s core.

Placement of the Best Longboard Wheel 

The placement of the excellent longboard wheels are of three kinds:

  • Sides
  • Centerset
  • Offset

Sideset core is the perfect choice for novice and freerides users. This placement is inside the sort of the inner lip of the wheel.

At the same time, the grip is at the minimum level and can slide effortlessly. It is a common choice for beginners and freerides users. Moreover, these are hard to control because of the faster wear of the inner lip. 

In addition to that, centerset core placement is at the center of the wheel. In contrast to the sideset core, it has the maximum grip one can provide.

Its grip comes from the enlarged inner lip it makes. Another critical point here is the core’s durability, and flipping is an easy task to do. In addition, freeride wheels have advantages by adding a core to the rounded lips and narrow patches. 

At last, the offset core is primarily the combination of the centers mentioned above. It is ideal for smooth slides, along with a subtle grip and great control.


Another thing that matters for the core is the size of the diameters. The larger the diameter faster are the wheels.

Wheels with big diameters are acceptable for commutes, road trips, downhill rides, and free rides. That matters is the extra width. 


The material of the core decides the quality. The more complex the center of the longboard wheel, the faster they will ride. More complex roots maintain the structure of urethane no matter what and how you slide all the time. 

However, avoid using the hard wheel cores for downhill racing. It becomes difficult for riders to control the ride and this can lead to accidents. 

The recommended preventions and suggestions to keep the wheels in good form are :

  • Wipe off remains and dirt from the core with a washcloth.
  • Soak the wheels in warm soapy water for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Scrub the reels while still the soap on them with an old toothbrush.
  • Clean the wheels with dry paper towels or rags.

Types of Longboard Wheels

There are numerous types of designing wheels. However, our team has finalized the types of wheels according to the riding styles. 

  • Street
  • Cruising
  • Downhill
  • Freeride.

Street Wheels: 

These wheels are also known as park wheels. Wheel with a smaller size and the complex structure is known as the Park or street.

The riders will automatically accelerate the speed and will help to perform the tricks more easily. They are for landings on the streets. 

Specifications of Street Wheels:
Height: 50mm-60mm
Contact Patch:15mm-20mm, 90a-100a Round LipsGenerally Elliptical Centerset Core

Cruising Wheels

Choice of the best longboard wheels depends on the riders themselves. The expert riders are going to have larger wheels with more width while considering the softer durometer. Wheels will help to have a good amount of grip. 

Cruising Wheel Specifications:
 Height: 70mm-80mm;
Contact Patch: 45mm-55mm; 75a-80aSquare or Round LipsGenerally ThickOffset or Sideset Core

Downhill Wheels

The rider’s experts of the downhill ride will select the wheels which can provide the speed, depending on that.

You will go with something more significant and more challenging. Technically the riders can add slightly smaller and softer wheels as per their choice.

Specification of Down Hill Wheels
Height: 70-80mm
Contact Patch :55mm; 78a-83a Square/Sharp lipsOffset Core.

Freeride Wheel

The freeride wheels are used for the traditional shortboard and have more significance and have softer durometer urethane.

These wheels will have a centerset and have a nice blend of grip and shape. Usually, the large spectrum of the free ride wheels has variability in form, core position, and durometer. Many riders’ slides are dependent on an individual’s size, weight, and riding style. 

Specification of Freeride Wheels
Height: 65mm-70mm 
Contact Patch: 45mm; 78a-86aRound LipsOffset, Sideset, Centerset Cores.

Final Verdicts

All you need to know about the best longboard wheels are for you in this article. Our experts have placed different options and recommendations for you. In comparison, all the necessary points and learning to buy the best longboard wheels.

The above hand on information will make you able to find the right product for yourself. Increase your skills and update your findings according to your own choice and preferences.

Wheels are expensive and can make you buy them of low quality as they will only waste your money. There are many best longboards trucks and wheels packages available in the above recommendations. We hope that you’ll enjoy it.

Frequently asked questions by visitors

1. What are the different types of longboard wheels?

There are three different types of core placement for longboard wheels: centerset, offset, and sideset. These have different styles but will give you slightly different performance and slide characteristics.

2. What are good cruising wheels?

  • 1: Ricta Clouds
  • 2: Sector 9 Race Wheels
  • 3: Everland 65x51mm Skateboard Wheels
  • 4: Blank Pro 52mm Skateboard Wheels
  • 5: Sector 9 Butterball Wheels
  • 6: Sector 9 Nine Ball
  • 7: Orangatang 4 President 70 mm Cruising Longboard Skateboard Wheels
  • 8: Spitfire Skateboard Wheels – Spitfire Formula F

3. Are longboard wheels different from skateboard wheels?

Yes, the size, diameter, and other factors are different from each other. 

4. Are bigger longboard wheels better?

Usually, more extended decks work well with larger wheels, while the smaller longboard decks will have smaller wheels. The Smaller wheels can work with the prior one, but a giant wheel would provide a better overall ride.

5. What is wheel bite?

While the bite is a deadly thing that occurs when a wheel comes into contact with the deck during a turn, stopping the forward motion, there are chances that the rider will lose balance or fall off the board, making the situation uncomfortable.

6. Is Wheel Bite normal?

Yes, it is normal. You don’t need to worry about it. But precautions are always better. I think you need risers to stop wheel bite or higher trucks. 

7. How much should I make by paying for a longboard?

 A good-quality longboard costs anywhere between $150 to $450. If you are a beginner at longboarding, purchase a complete longboard for $60 to $250.

 8. Is it cheaper to build a longboard?

Yes, building a longboard is cheaper than buying a new one. By making it, you can use the products of your own choice. You need good quality wood, access to tools, and creative ideas. If you have good motivation, you can do it right. 

9. Do longboards need to be broken in?

The wheels of the longboard are soft and fragile as compared to the skateboard wheels. Soft plastic has excellent absorption. The breaking is essential to have a slide and turns. 

10. What should you not do on a longboard?

  • Headphones are fabulous to set the mood but restrict your safety. Don’t ride while wearing headphones. 
  • DON’T ride under the influence
  • DON’T bomb Garvin Heights
  • DON’T grab cars to hitch a ride.
  • DON’T leave your longboard
  • DON’T ride wet.

Suppose you have any more queries or suggestions for us. Please leave a comment for us. 

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