Top 10 Best Skateboard Decks For Street

Are you interested in street skating and confused about what skateboard deck you should get? There are many varieties of the best skateboard decks for street available in the market, so it is hard to pick the best one. 

Many people think that expensive decks are better, but it is not the case. The best decks depend on many factors, such as your budget, weight, height, and skating style. So it is a subjective thing and can vary from person to person. 

In this article, we have come up with a review and analysis of the best skateboard decks for the street to easily make your decision and pick the best one for yourself. 

Comparison Table


Best Skateboard Decks For POP

[CCS] Blank and Graphic Skateboard Decks
  • Brand [CCS]
  • Deck Width 7 Inches
  • Material Maple
  • Color Black
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Best Skateboard Decks For Street

Stoked Ride Shop Blank Skateboard Deck
  • Color Red
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Best Skateboard Decks For Street

Moose Old School Skateboard Deck
  • Brand Moose Skateboards
  • Deck Width 10 inches
  • Material Maple
  • Deck Length 76 Centimeters
  • Item Weigh 4 Pounds
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Best Skateboard Decks For Street

rabd Blank Skateboard Deck Natural USA Maple Wood
  • Brand Rabd
  • Deck Width 20 Centimeters
  • Material Wood, Maple
  • Deck Length 32 Inches
  • Color Black 
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Best Skateboard Decks For POP

Bamboo Skateboards Blank Skateboard Deck
  • Brand Bamboo Skateboards
  • Deck Width 7 Inches
  • Material Maple
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Best Skateboard Decks For POP

Blank Decks Warning Skateboard Deck
  • Deck Width 9 Inches
  • Material Wood
  • Deck Length 86 Centimeters
  • Color Natural
  • Item Weight 3 Pounds
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Best Skateboard Decks For Street

Cal 7 Blank Skateboard Deck with Grip Tape
  • Color Natural
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Best Skateboard Decks For Street

LOSENKA Maple Skateboard Decks Double Tail
  • Brand LOSENKA
  • Deck Width 8 Inches
  • Material Wood, Maple
  • Color 1 PCS
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Best Skateboard Decks for Streets Review

Whether you are a starter or an expert street skater, you must be looking for the best street deck that satisfy your skating needs and fulfills your requirement. 

So you should not worry as we have come up with a comprehensive list of street boards to help in your purchase. 

So let’s get started and learn about the best skateboards for the street.

1. CCS Logo Blank 

CCS Logo Blank

The CCS logo blank decks come with a sticker (small one) crafted near the truck on the tail. However, a natural deck does not have a logo. 

The decks with a logo are cheaper than those that do not have one, but it does not mean that they have less quality. They have the same quality.

The height, length, and concave are pretty suitable. The nose and tail are decently designed. This is suitable for the street as well as park skaters. It is comfortable to ride, so beginners and professionals can both use it. 

The deck is made with top-quality Canadian maple wood, which makes it sturdy and durable. 

The CCS logo blank comes in three sizes. 

One is Mini, which has 7 inches in width and 27.7 inches in length. The second one is a cruiser that has 7.5 inches in width and 27 inches in length and 

The last one is standard, 7.5-8.5 inches in width and 32 inches in length. 

  • It is made of High-Quality Maple Wood
  • It is available in different sizes. 
  • It has a well-crafted nose and tail.
  • It is highly durable and has excellent stability
  • It can hold up to 330 pounds
  • It Doesn’t Come With A Grip Tape

2. Stoked Ride Shop Blank

Stoked Ride Shop Blank

The stoked Ride Shop has been in the business for more than a decade, and they make one of the best skateboard decks for the street. They manufacture the decks for both beginners and experts, addressing the requirements of all level riders. 

The Shape of the deck is a double popsicle kick which is perfect for tricks and cruising. The board has excellent strength and flexibility because it is made with premium Canadian maple wood. 

It has different width sizes, and you have the option to choose any according to your requirements. The width sizes that are available are 7.75″, 7.875″, 8.0″, 8.25″, and 8.5″. The length is 31″ and weight is 3 pounds.

The stoked Ride shop blank deck has medium concave. It also comes in different colors such as green, blue, red, and purple. 

  • It is the best quality skate on a limited budget.
  • It is suitable for all skill levels.
  • It comes in different width sizes and different colors. 
  • It is durable and flexible. 
  • It has spots And Incoherence Everywhere

3. MPI NOS Mahogany 

MPI NOS Mahogany

MPI NOS Mahogany has vintage-style designs. The graphics are bold and inspired by the 1970s. You will get the feel of the 70s while riding this deck. 

The nose of the board is flat, and it has a narrow tail. It is solid yet light in weight. Because of its lightweight, you can carry it anywhere. 

It has a width of 6 inches, and a length is 23.125 inches. The thickness of the board is 7/8 inches.

It is made of single-ply mahogany wood, which is equal to 8-ply construction. The colors are dark. 

Since it is from 70s construction, the holes have old school pattern, but they are also compatible with modern trucks.  

  • It has Old Sturdy Mahogany Construction
  • The deck is Lightweight
  • It has Lovely dark Color
  • It does not have Concave

4. Rabd Blank Blank Skateboard Deck Natural USA Maple Wood 32″ x 8″

Rabd Blank Blank Skateboard Deck

Another excellent deck for street skating is Rabd blank skateboard deck. It is a versatile board. If you are looking for a deck that can ride on streets, in the railings, and in parks while doing stunts, then this is one that you need. 

This board is specifically made for beginners, but advanced and professional-level skaters can also ride on it. 

This is made of high-quality 7 ply maple wood. The layers of wood are cold-pressed together. Thus it is lightweight but durable. 

The best thing about this deck is that it provides incredible pop while skating in the streets. The concave structure also offers excellent control when you are riding on the streets.

 The Rabd skateboard has attractive and eye-catching designs. Rabd also sells blank boards, which you can customize accruing to your taste and requirements. 

  • It is suitable for streets, concrete flooring, parks, or wood ramps
  • It is a robust and stable deck.
  • It has a variety of designs available.
  • It is constructed with 7 ply maple wood.
  • It does not come with grip tape.

5. LOSENKA Maple Skateboard Decks

LOSENKA Maple Skateboard Decks

The next on the list is the LOSENKA maple skateboard deck. It is one of the best street skateboards that are available in the market. The experts highly recommend this board from LOSENKA for street skating.

This board is also made from maple wood. It is more elastic and flexible in executing flips quite quickly. It is made up of Russian maple wood, and it is light and robust. 

The best thing about this board is that you can easily differentiate between the nose and the tail. Isn’t it fantastic and hassle-free? 

  • It is made of Russian maple wood.
  • It is specifically designed for street skating.
  • The bard has high stability, which makes it perfect for street riding.
  • It is double-tailed.
  • It will not last long when the flip stunts rigorously and quite often.

6. Anti Hero Skateboard Deck Classic Eagle

Anti Hero Skateboard Deck Classic Eagle

The next board on the list is Anti Hero skateboard deck classic eagle. It is the best deck for beginners. Many beginners start their skating with this deck and have shown quite an apparent progress within no time. 

This is made with 7 plies of North American maple wood. The layers of the wood are stuck together with high-quality glue. This is a durable and lightweight board. 

It comes with diamond grip tape. It has excellent pop and an excellent concave structure that helps control and stability. The designs are also quite attractive. 

  • It is an ideal board for beginners
  • It is made of North American maple wood, solid and flexible.
  • The designs are attractive.
  • It comes with high-quality diamond grip tape.
  • What we do not like about this brand is that it lacks advertisement. It did not get the required and deserved attention. 

7. Cal 7 Blank with Grip Tape

Cal 7 Blank with Grip Tape

This brand is famous for selling decks in a pack of 3. This board can be utilized for any street activity like cruising or skating in the park or on the ramps. It is suitable for all skill-level riders. 

It is made of high-quality 7 ply Chinese maple wood. You might have heard about Chinese maple wood of low quality, but if we have included this product in our list, it means it is of high quality, solid and durable. 

It comes with medium concave. The design is an asymmetrical popsicle that balances the kick tail and nose of the deck.

It has many variations in colors, such as natural wood and red color.

Same as colors, it has variations in sizes as well. The available sizes are 7.75″, 8″, 8.25″ and 8.5. The highest demand dimensions are 32″ x 10″ x 3″ (L x W x H). The weight is about 7.4 pounds. 

  • It has variations in color and size.
  • It has excellent pop with medium concave.
  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • It comes with high-quality grip tape.
  • It is a bit heavy

8. Moose Old School BK1030

Moose Old School BK1030

The Moose skateboard decks have a unique structure and attractive vintage style. This feature of the brand has 100% grasping tape. 

It is straightforward to use, and you will not face any difficulty while riding on it. This is the best deck for street riding. It can hold against the rocks and can survive tremendous contact pressure. 

It is a solid and durable board that is also stable to ride. It is quite strong and can bear a weight up to 360 pounds. 

  • It is solid and durable
  • It is excellent for street skating.
  • It comes with grip tape. 
  • So far, no defects reported

9. Bamboo Skateboards Blank 

Bamboo Skateboards Blank

Bamboo Skateboards is the first company that started to manufacture bamboo skateboard decks. 

It is evident from the name that the decks are made of 6 ply hybrid bamboo. 

These boards have more pop, which will allow you to skate quickly. It is sturdier and absorbs shock better than other materials. It has a deep concave, which is perfect for any level skater.

It comes in different sizes; the most common are 

  • 7.5″ width with a 31″ length, it consists of a 14″ wheelbase
  • 8.25″ width with a 32.13″ length, it consists of a 14.5″ wheelbase

The board weighs 2.16 pounds, and the dimensions are 28′ x 7′ x 1″ (L x W x H). Do not forget to mention that it is eco-friendly as it prevents maple deforestation. 

  • It is lightweight
  • It has an attractive and good Shape 
  • The prices are reasonable.
  • It cannot bear heavyweight.

10. Blank Decks 1DEWBN775 

Blank Decks 1DEWBN775

The last on our list is the Blank 1DEWBN775 deck. It is an ideal one for beginners. 

It is made of maple wood which means it’s solid and durable. The nose and tail are perfectly elevated and help in control during skating. 

The deck is long-lasting, can bear all kinds of pressure, and has excellent stability despite it having a low price, which is quite remarkable. It will be safe to say that it is the best skateboard for street skating. 

  • It has different variations in sizes and colors.
  • It is a long-lasting deck.
  • The concave of the board is perfect.
  • It is an ideal deck for cruising on the streets.
  • Comes with grip tape.
  • You cannot buy a single deck as it is only available in packs of 3.

How to Choose the Best Skateboard Decks for Street

Today we have skateboard decks in different shapes and structures. Skateboarding technology is improving day by day, but it was not the case earlier. In the 1960s, skateboard decks were not very user-friendly and were straight and thick.

Today there are different shapes and sizes of decks. We also have other materials that are used in the construction of decks. 

Below, we will learn about the boards’ shapes, sizes, and materials and how to choose the best skateboard decks. 

The Size

The deck size is determined by its width, length, and concave. When you buy a skateboard, the first thing to consider is the size. 

Your height, size, and style also determine what size of the deck will be perfect for you. Everyone wants a comfortable and pleasant ride on their skateboards, which is why size plays an essential role in selecting the board. Let’s discuss and explain all three one by one. 


The width of the deck is a crucial factor during selection. The correct width is significant if you want to be a pro in skating. 

The typical widths of the boards are 7.25″-8.5′, 7.5″,7.75″, and 8.0″. It is easy to know which width size will be perfect for you. You just need to compare your feet length with the board’s width. 

The bigger your feet size, means you need a more expansive deck. The wider decks are accessible to land, and you have more space to place your feet. You will also have more control in more expansive decks.

The narrower decks are best for flips but are difficult to land. These boards are also easy to carry around. The street skaters usually go for limited skateboard decks. 


Length is also an essential aspect of the deck. As it affects the stability, that is why be careful with the length of the board. The more strength means, the safer your ride will be and vice versa.

The skate length ranges from 298 inches to 32 inches. But according to experts, the perfect size is 31.75 inches for beginners.

If you love to perform the tricks, you should prefer short decks as they are easy to control and more stable. But if your height is more than 5’3″, then you should go for 30″ -32″. 


The concave means how curved the deck is. It is measured from side to side. 

Earlier, the decks were completely flat. They were easy to break and also hard to ride. They are also challenging to perform tricks on. But nowadays, you will not find flat decks, which is a good thing. 

The steep concave decks are easy to ride and do tricks. You can perform tricks faster on steep concave as compared to shallower boards. Your feet will have a good grip on steep concave. 

Steep concaves are best for street skaters. On the other hand, if you love you cruise around, shallow concave is your go-to thing because you can control them quickly, and are more comfortable. 

If you do not know your skating style, you should choose moderate concave boards. 

Styles and Shapes 

As mentioned earlier, skateboard decks come in different styles and shapes. It depends on you which kind and Shape you prefer. 


These are most common among skaters, and it will not be wrong to say that shortboards are skaters’ favorite as they perform amazing tricks on shortboards. 

As it is evident from that name, shortboards are pretty small. It is easy to perform tricks on them. That is why skaters prefer them.

These boards got popular when famous skaters did different tricks on them. 

Old School

The old-school skates have a slight crooked Shape and consist of a flat nose and tail. The nose is wider than the standard boards. 

These are perfect for riding on a ramp or skating pool. You will not be able to do the tricks on old-school skates as you can do on shortboards. 


As the name suggests that longboards are giant in size. They have large wheels that will help you in controlling the deck. 

Longboards will give you an easy, comfortable, and smooth ride. If you are a beginner and want to get your first skateboard deck, we suggest you go for longboards as they will give you an extraordinary riding experience and comfort. 


These are another type of longboard, and they are typically mid-length boards. They come with kick tails. 

Cruisers are versatile and come in different designs. They are specifically made for cruising around. You should get the cruisers if you love to cruise the streets. 

Materials Used For Best Skateboard Decks For Street

Skateboards decks are manufactured with different types of materials. Bamboo and Canadian maple are the most famous. We are going to discuss the other materials that are used in deck construction below. 

Canadian Maple

Canadian maple is very famous for skateboard deck manufacturing, and almost all the popular brands use Canadian maple to craft the decks. 

Famous brands prefer Canadian maple because it’s long-lasting and more substantial. You do not have to spend again and again on decks when you get a Canadian maple board. 

The other available option is chinese maple, cheaper than Canadian maple, but it is not as strong as Canadian maple wood. But if you have a limited budget and you do not want to spend too much on skate decks, then Chinese maple is also a good option for you. 


It is a new thing in the market and is trending because of its properties. 

Canadian maple is strong, but it is a bit heavy, while bamboo decks are not strong, durable, flexible, but lightweight as well. 

Skaters can perform tricks efficiently on bamboo decks because of their lightweight.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is also a new and evolving material used for crafting skateboard decks. 

The boards made from wood tend to scrap quickly, but you will not see this thing in carbon fiber decks, and that is why these decks are long-lasting compared to wood decks. 

These decks are heavier than the boards made with wood. So it is difficult to do tricks on them. 

However, carbon fiber is more substantial than wood but comes with this drawback. 

These decks are also expensive, but if you do not like to change the boards very often and want something for a long time, also if you do not like to perform tricks, then you should go for carbon fiber skateboard decks. 

The Structure

It is also essential to know about the structure of the boards.

Number of Plies

Different brands make the best skateboard decks for street with separate plies, and it depends on the preference and creativity of the brand. The majority of the brands use 7 plywood for crafting boards, and generally, you will find 7 layers in a traditional and standard deck. 

Some boards are made with 8 and 9 plies to make them stronger and durable, while others are also made with 5 plies to make them lightweight. 

As we have said earlier, every brand has its preference and manufacturing styles, and they make boards according to their set standards. 

Nose and tail 

These are the two ends of the deck. The nose is at the front of the board, and the tail in the back. They are also called kicktail.  The nose is sharper than the tail, while the tail is short and snappy. 

With kick tails, you will perform marvelous tricks as well as cruising. 

It is also essential to change your riding style more often because when you ride in one particular style, there are chances to damage your deck and trucks. By changing your style, you will circulate the pounding all over the boards, and this way, your skateboard will last longer. 


Pop means how the reflexives are your deck while performing tricks. 

When the board is new, it has excellent pop, but it decreases with time and use. Pop can also be one of the reasons for changing your board, not always but sometimes. 


All the best skateboard decks for street that we have reviewed in this article are of high quality and unique. These boards are for the starters as well as the experts. 

Nonetheless, you should not solely depend on our list, but consider your personal preferences, such as your skating style, height, weight, and shoe size. That will help you to pick the best one. 

Always make sure that you have picked the right one, especially when you are a beginner. Because when you are choosing the deck for the street, it should be stable and safer to perform the tricks. 

However, the ultimate choice is yours, and we hope that you choose the best skateboard decks for the street. 


1. Which skateboard has more pop?

Many decks in the market offer more pop. But if you want a deck with great pop, you should go for bamboo skateboard decks. 

2. What is the best deck for street skating?

We have reviewed the best decks for street skating, but we recommend the CSS logo blank skateboard deck if you are unsure which one to choose. 

3. The experts recommend what size skateboard deck?

Generally, the experts recommend the deck with the size of 8.5 inches as this size is more comfortable, stable, and easy to ride. 

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