10 Best Longboard For Tricks In 2023

What comes first in your mind when you think about the best longboard for tricks? Indeed, You want to buy that board on which you can perform your tricks more efficiently.

Longboard tricks for beginners are more technical riding styles that are quite different from simple rolling on the skateboard. In other words, it’s the art of riding down hills, kickflip, Ollie, flip tricks, tail whips, and many other techniques.

In it, the riders need some technical strides to control their speed and balance over the board making it the best longboard for tricks. 

Moreover, tricky longboarding allows the freedom of movement to execute a variety of maneuvers. To satisfy trick riding, you should prefer the longboard over the skateboard. Because longboards have flexible trucks and decks, that is best for the easy turns at the top speed.

Hey guys! Choose the superb riding style merged with cruising, downhills slide, and whatever you dreamed of for the best longboard for tricks. 

Our Top Selected 10 Best Longboard for Tricks

Let’s have a deep-tier look at the specs of the best longboard for tricks.

1. Best High-Quality Longboard: Splendour Longboard Skateboard

best longboard for tricks

If you are an enthusiast of freeride skating and want to explore tricks, then the good news is that Splendour is an Ideal choice in all senses this is the best longboard for tricks. 

It’s a drop-through cruiser built with top-notch material that is good for a stable ride. Because of its lower center of gravity, it’s easy to push this board with minimal kicking efforts. So on this carver, you can perform the trick of your choice. 

First, let’s talk about the deck, a 42 inches long deck with a super-strong hard rock maple, which can easily carry a 220 lbs load.

This 9 inches wide board has some flex, that’s good for a broad turning radius. An addition of a shock absorber is another perk to avoid any trauma during tricks. 

Moving toward trucks, they are built with high-quality aluminum alloy with steel bolts fixings. One of the dominant facts is that you can adjust the trucks at 40 or 50 degrees to taste different strides. It seems suitable for experiencing more turning radius.

Apart from this, larger 70 mm polyurethane wheels are the perfect pair of comfortable cushioning and rock finish material.

The addition of a shock-resistant ring is a reason for the comfortable ride on bumpy pavements making it the best longboard for tricks.

If colors attract you, then its attractive wheels have an ideal match with the patterns of the board- nice eye-catchy color to attract.

And its wheel bearings are made of steel chrome. Most longboarders are satisfied with its quality, but some have minor issues with it. But overall, they are good in performance. 

All in all, Splendour is the perfect board for those who want to start the longboarding journey. I must say it’s an excellent deal for cruising, carving, downhill, and other trick tricks you want to play as you need in the best longboard for tricks.

  • Constructed with top-notch material
  • Stable and comfortable ride
  • Beautiful wheels and bearings colour
  • Ideal for a smooth and secure ride
  • An excellent choice for moving on rough terrains
  • Price friendly longboar
  • Some riders want to change bearings
  • Wheels need to lubricate for smooth ridin

2. Best Smooth Ride Longboard: Atom All-Terrain Longboard

best longboard for tricks

Do you want to experiment with skating on bumpy roads, hilly areas, gravels, sandy areas, or other rough pavements? I hope you will. I’m here with Atom, the best longboard for tricks that is dominant among the best longboard brands, to realize your dream.

Of course, you want a drop deck with a lower center of gravity; this feature enables the rider to push and brake quickly during off roads. Also, a little flex in the board is perfect for a stable and smooth ride.  

Following the quality, the Atom board is powerfully built with maple-lam, which features it to capture the massive weight of 300pounds. 

While the reverse kingpin trucks are advantageous for stable rides unless they will not be making it the best longboard for tricks, they allow responsive turns at high speed. Sometimes, you need to loosen the trucks for smooth rolling on slopes.

To execute different tricks, you should check the quality and sensitivity of wheels. Its MBS100 mm wheels with 78 A high rebound urethane are top grade in quality. Due to this, the rider can have great privilege over on-road speed and off-road friction.

In other words, the wheels are super awesome and smooth to roll over pebbles. Also, the rubber shielded bearings are of superfine quality that is oil greased for high speed. 

Atom MBH longboards are the best choice for riders who love to execute tricks while riding on any terrain… you must give it a try as the best longboard for tricks.

  • Best fit for different trails
  • Super thick 46 grip tape for a foot lock
  • Top-notch solid material
  • Lubricated bearing for a speedy ride
  • Super quality wheels for rough drives
  • Easy on-road pushin
  • You may loosen the trucks for attaining high speed.

3. Best Comfortable Longboard: Sector 9 Blue Longboard

best longboard for tricks

Suppose you have an excellent board for tricks with great perfection for beginners to the intermediate level. Then Sector 9 is a perfect choice in your hand to convince your cruising passion. 

It is manufactured from natural bamboo wood; a 42-inch longboard is an excellent setup for 275 lbs weight or more riders. 

Because of a drop-through deck, this board possesses a lower center of gravity- having little flex that results in a more stable ride. Assembled with 5-ply laminated bamboo, not only are they smart-looking, but also nature friendly.

Also, its thin w-concave board is helpful in easy pushing while sliding on slopes. While, 9.6-inch width is a nice deck size, having enough room for the more giant feet for the best longboard for tricks.

Another breakthrough is the fabrication of 10-inches Gullwing Charger trucks, which allows the reverse kingpin setup for better turning radius during downhills and carving. Take the joy of bombs downhills with zero-speed wobbles. 

Wheels are 74 mm in size with 78 durometers rugged, suitable for fast and powerful maneuvers. In addition to this, they break in after one month of use, that’s helpful in the long run speed gain by the best longboard for tricks.

Although bearing are somewhat out of quality, it’s better to replace them to enhance speed and tricks.  

Overall, it’s the best longboard for experimenting with some tricks carving, and cruising, with an excellent grip and comfort. 

  • Great trucks for carving and sliding
  • No speed wobbles
  • Fabulous quality of wheels
  • Ideal for various free ride style
  • Bearing need to change
  • The deck may wreck down due to mishandlin

4. Best Durable Longboard: Magneto Bamboo Carbon Fiber Longboards 

best longboard for tricks

Magneto Bamboo longboards can become a part of your life due to their nature-inspired outlook derived from southern California.

Its high-end deck is crafted from bamboo fiber, and the upper surface has a shallow concave alongside an arched chamber. That’s good for a smooth and responsive ride with a comfy feeling across your feet. 

This three-plies board is 38.5 inches long with a sand grit finish on the top surface. That raises its grip and artistic look, making it a perfect longboard for both cruising and carving and the best longboard for tricks.

Another premium trait is kick tail, which is exceptional for experiencing a variety of riding tricks. Thus, you can enjoy longboarding skills over sidewalks, bumps, and downhills with excessive ease of turning. 

Gravity cast aluminum trucks, along with rebound brushing, are adding value to their worth. But to access more stability, you should tighten them.

One more thing is that its bushing has some level of stiffness, but you can loosen or tighten them on your preference as you require for the best longboard for tricks. 

You have the option to replace its ABEC bearings to gain more speed. But the final decision is yours if you see any loophole. 

It is 70 mm large wheels are super soft to execute various tricks and riding styles. Along with a 78A durometer, they are smooth with super grip with minimal speed wobbles.

All in all, it’s a nice, sturdy board that’s pretty good for beginners and experts as well.

  • Stylish decent longboard
  • Best wheels longboard
  • Firm and strong deck for the best longboard for tricks
  • Kicktail and drop through features are responsible for a stable ride
  • Best for all free riding styles
  • It had eight bearings; each wheel had two approaches.
  • One of the best longboard brands for beginner
  • You can change bearings for high speed

5. Best Eco-friendly Longboard: Volador Freeride Longboard

best longboard for tricks

Volador drop through longboard is a complete cruiser board that can take your cruising adventures to the next level. Cruising is not possible if you don’t have the best longboard for tricks. They healthily crafted this board using recyclable epoxy glue and hard rock- a pleasant gift to our surroundings. 

One of the superb features is the shock absorption of the durable seven-ply deck so that you can take the joy of a smooth ride on sloped areas. Its deck space confirms its sturdiness to foothold the weight of 250 lbs riders. 

Other than this, the 42 inches long deck with a 9 inches wide camber concave shape has a 34-inch wheelbase. It has an ideal foot placing space for bulky riders with massive feet.

Its 7-inch alum trucks are super responsive due to reverse kingpin and rebound brushing. Along with a 45-degree angle, the truck helps overcome speed wobbles for an all-day, comfy ride.

But you can adjust trucks at 50 degrees to cut corners during turns with great speed and perfection. 

Another dominant feature is 70x51mm large wheels, making it a stable commuter to ride on uneven, sloppy roads and downhills.

Moreover, Its 78-A wheels are responsible for additional grip; thus, it is possible to execute tricks and free ride patterns at speed safely. Sometimes its ABEC- bearings need to be substituted with other redbones for top working.

All in all, it’s a great piece of art to adopt for smooth freestyle cruising and carving and selecting your best longboard for tricks.

  • There are no wobbles in the ride at top speed
  • Best longboard for beginners
  • It’s easy to kickflip
  • kingpin trucks can adjust at 45 to 50 degree
  • Shock absorption deck
  • It has the best downhill longboard truck
  • You should tight its trucks for best performance
  • You can change its bearin

6. Best Budget Longboard: Photos Longboard Skateboards

best longboard for tricks

A sensational skateboard that would please your loved ones is a Phoeros longboard for sure. It’s an ideal gift to excite your kids on their birthday.

It’s not just for kids, but adults can also opt for the board to execute many tricks like freeriding, dancing, carving, downhill, and road longboarding.

For stability and safety, its 41 inches long maple deck is furnished with emery sandpaper for the foot grip. Besides this, 9.5 inches width is sufficient to carry 550lbs weight, thus providing extra room for a broad foot resulting in the best longboard for tricks. 

Its durability is enhanced by assembling solid aluminum alloy trucks; that’s the reason for a steady ride. Plus, the addition of a high PU damping system alongside trucks is accountable for comfortable riding. Thus, riders can take easy turns when passing through challenging roads and sloppy sides.

More so, the wheel dimensions are 70 x 51 mm, built with more grippy polyurethane material. They are super unique with light inside, which will glow when they slide at speed. Although the 95 A wheels are stiff, they still have an excellent grip on rough surfaces. 

The ABEC-11 Bearings of the wheels are equally smooth and lavish for all-time users. That is also good for maintaining high-speed riding making it on the list of best longboard for tricks. 

In a nutshell, I must say it’s a perfect budget option for beginners who want to go with comfortable and stable longboarding.

  • The 8-plied Canadian maple deck
  • Rebound wheels with a firm grip
  • The durable board fits for hefty users
  • Safe and secure longboarding
  • Super cool gift for your beloveds
  • Lavishing looks of board and wheel bearings
  • Affordable prices with excellent quality
  • It’s a fair deal for beginners and skilled persons
  • Anti-slip and waterproof deck surfac
  • Wheels are somewhat on the harder side.

7. Best Cruising Longboard: Playshion Freestyle Longboard

best longboard for tricks

Another masterpiece in the drop-through category is Playshion as the best longboard for tricks, tailored for sliding, cruising, carving, freestyle, and freeride. 

Now, it’s time to pat your feet with this top-notch freestyle longboard. Equally, it’s an exceptional choice for newbies, crafted with a 39-inch-long hardwood deck.

Here’s in, its 8-ply maple deck is not only firm but durable enough to tolerate the weight of heavy riders of up to 250 lbs or more. A slight concave deck offers a vast amount of grip to your feet, which results in hassle-free tricks and turns.

In addition to this, the lower center of gravity ensures superb stability. Consequently, its closeness to the ground helps in easy pushing and foot braking. 

Moreover, one more remarkable fact is the 7-inch aluminum truck coupled with soft brushing and wheels, which combat shock during the rides on crack spots and slopes for the best longboard for tricks.

To take the perk of maximal speed with stability, you have to tighten its trucks. An addition of a rubber riser pad helps eliminate wheel bite issues, which is the main point for aggressive carving.

With 51 mm width, they’re the all-time choice of free riders for excessive control while downhill sliding on the wheel side. Thanks to adjustable kingpins for gaining sharp and easy turns at high speed.

These premium features are hard to find in any other longboard at such an affordable price– an ideal choice for beginners at low rates.

  • Truck Kingpins are adjustable.
  • Large soft wheels
  • Reasonable prices
  • It comes with a skate tool
  • Good for downhill cruising
  • Good quality grip tap
  • You can adjust trucks for stable ride

8. All Rounder Long Board: Jucker Hawaii Original Longboard

best longboard for tricks

Like all other freeride longboards, Jucker is coupled with a kicktail and drop-through features. Both specs are ideal for maintaining a stable ride with a lower center of gravity.

Although the deck has some flex, but not too much to distract your smooth and steady ride, the addition of fiber bamboo glass boosts its durability as well as charming looks.

Here’s the fact that the lifestyle of Hawaiian is the leading spirit in its construction; its sturdy craftsmanship enables it to cope with the weight of 200lbs or more. 

The deck is enthralling and lightweight, with kick tails on both ends that let the users rock more tricks.  

What about the wheels and truck? Though they are top-notch in quality, some users found them out of their expectations. I would suggest you replace its wheels along with bearings to energize your cruising with tricks. 

On the whole, Jucker is an all-rounder, magnificent, the best longboard for tricks perfect for carving, cruising, sliding, freeride, and downhill.

  • Attractive looking longboard
  • Kicktail for executing various tricks
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth and stable ride
  • Suitable for all ages and weight
  • Perfect for riding immediately after unboxing
  • Wheels may not surpass through uneven terrains, so you have to replace them after sometime

9. Best Downhill longboard: Junli Freeride Longboard 

best longboard for tricks

If you are hefty and looking for a strong longboard that can support your weight? Don’t be dismayed; Junli can resolve your issue for sure. 

What about its deck, 41 inches long platform built with 8-ply of natural cold-pressed maple that can carry the weight of 330 lbs or more. Besides this, its 9.5-inch wide footplate is non-slippery due to the fabrication of black brush material.

On the side of the truck, the 7 inches alum-made trucks are highly elastic with a PU support pad. This unique point stands to eliminate the wheel bite. So, It’s easy to rock with more balance and speed, even at high speed.

And if we talk about the wheels?

Of course, its 70 mm wheels are durable with rockfish details for fewer bumps. And, its 80A level of wheel hardness is good to control your speed over hills and slopes.

Along with ABEC-11 high-speed bearings, it lets riders have a smooth cruising downhill. But the decision is all yours to replace them for vast speed making it the best longboard for tricks. 

It’s worth buying this best commuter longboard- an outstanding combo of quality and speed for flexible cruising and sliding for all ages.

  • Excellent choice for freestyle and downhill
  • Smooth riding
  • Available with T-tools
  • Durable shock-resistant wheels
  • Waterproof grip
  • It’s the best freestyle longboard in all aspects.
  • Some users may want to replace bearings

10. Best Pintail Longboard: Hana Longboard Skateboard Collection 

best longboard for tricks

Another best longboard for tricks on my list is the Hana collection. Most reputable brand Magneto comes with a marvelous pintail feature that’s an exceptional choice for freeride, freestyle, and cruising. Pintail longboards are best for downhill style and tricks. 

As the atom pintail longboard is more pliable, most riders have confidence in them for pumping, carving, and other sloppy tricks.  

Here’s in, take your passion for tricky riding to the next level of joy with an 8-plies bamboo board under your feet. Naturally crafted from hard maple, it urges for a stable ride because of its W-concave deck.

Moreover, its handsome look lies in sand grit despite the grip tape on the deck surface- another plus point for the youngsters. If you’re an expert in sharp turns, you must pick it due to plenty of flex in the board. 

Even if you have broad feet, its 9.5 inches wide deck provides an extra chamber to stand on it, no matter how much your speed is.

Wheels are always a crucial part of any freeride longboard; 70 mm large wheels are teamed with a 78 A durometer are ultra-fine for a smooth ride on rocky slopes and hilly areas.

Don’t worry about wheel bites, as they are fitted in the right way to the deck; there is no wheels’ traction- so for so good for all-day tricky riding. 

You will never disappoint by picking this fantastic longboard in an economical price range with a solid grip and durable structure.  

Thanks to its pretty looks and perfect for the best longboard for tricks, its well-structured exterior can prove it your great companion on your way to hills or to a university campus.  

  • Addition of two extra holes for truck assembling
  • Durable and strong construction
  • Excellent grip on the deck 
  • Ideal for cruising long hours
  • There is little smoothness in bearings
  • You can tight truck and wheels for more stability

How To Choose Best Longboard for tricks: Exclusive Features To Explore

Portray your life by filling the colors with longboards tricks- so riders, move on and take the joy at your own pace.

There is a wide variety of tricks that you can perform on your longboard. No matter, you are a beginner or a pro rider, but you all deserve the best longboard for tricks. 

The length and wheel size are the topmost point to think it over. Many pro boarders are always in favor of long deck boards with large wheels.

The reason behind this is the longer one provides more leverage and turning radius. And, of course, you can also achieve a balanced and stable ride at top speed.  

Other than this, there are many more aspects to consider before adding any item to your shopping cart. To satisfy your riding enthusiasm, explore the best cruiser before stepping your feet on its platform.

Here’s, I am to take you out of confusion. Let’s start a journey with me to the world of longboards in the light of essential features.

1. On The Deck Side

A. Construction Material:

The longboard decks are built-in with carbon fiber and a combo of hardwood maple along with bamboo. 

Maple is hard and stable, while bamboo is less durable. To indulge in long term cruising experience, I prefer carbon fiber as it is super durable and great in sharp turns. One thing to remember, it’s slightly on the high price side but with pro features.

B. The Deck Style

It comes with the three most popular options, namely:

Top mount – comes with truck assembles beneath the deck that’s good for massive leverage over the board surface. It’s an endorsed choice for responsive and sharp turns. 

Drop through  – The deck is closer to the ground; thus, it is easy to push and foot brake, even at high speed.

Drop deck- It lies lower to the ground, so it is more stable with low speed. Hence, suitable for beginners. 

If you are between beginning to mid-level expertise, you must drop through for a comfortable and stable ride at moderate speed.

C. Shape Of Deck:

The deck shape is another point that you can’t ignore. It’s available in two forms.

  1. Directional –  The directional longboards move in one forward direction and are pintail. They offer minimal wheel bite and having dropped through the deck.
  2. Symmetrical or Twin– it’s a multi-direction board that can moves you, either way you want to turn.

D. Size Of The Deck

On average, you have an option to choose between 35 and 47 inches lengths of the longboard. But a 38-42 inches long deck is a classic deal for tricks riders; always try to get your board in this specific range.

Although the deck width has no concern with tricks, 8.5-10.5 inches is the standard width of decks to have.

E. Flex and concave level of the deck

A tiny amount of flex is enough for stable strides, even at high speed, to execute tricks. 

To maintain foot grip on the deck, many boards are in hands with some shallow concave. 

2. On The Truck Side

Reverse Kingpin Trucks

If you’ve decided to express tricks, reverse kingpins are the best trucks as they’re fixed on the lower side. Another thing, aluminum-built trucks are astounding for tricks and free riding.

Baseplate Angle

An ideal baseplate angle is between (40-45°) for a stable stride, while a higher baseplate angle is excellent for those riders who want to put themselves in aggressive, powerful turns.


Truck width is always in accord with the deck. For efficient performance, 10 inches width is considered the best longboard truck for sliding.

3. On The Wheels Side 


Always keep in mind that the shape of the wheel does matter the performance. Mainly two shapes of wheels are Sharp lip (excellent grip on slopes and turn) and Round lip(best deal for carving with lower contact patch).


Typically, 64 to 80 mm is the diameter of all types of wheels. More specific to freeride tricks, 68-70 mm is an ideal specification to have. Also, wider wheels will provide more stability during sharp turns.


The term durometer derives from the hardness level of wheels. More often, it depends on the rider’s weight. Lightweight users under 150 lbs can go with the 81-84a range. 

On the other hand, bulky riders above 180lbs should prefer 82-86A to delight their riding pleasure.

Don’t forget that soft wheels are more on the grip and stable side. While the harder one accelerates to slop, so it is tough to control them. A mid-range(78-82) is an all-time favorite of all longboarders.

Wheel Bearings

If you want to surpass sloppy turns in accessible ways, then you must go with smooth bearing. It’s better to fit spacers between the bearing to avoid sliding damages for increasing its life and durability. 

Safety Is Always The Priority:

For a safe and secure ride, it’s super vital for longboarders to wear these safety gears. 

  • Helmet
  • Knee pads
  • Elbow pads
  • Slide gloves
  • Wrist Guard

Don’t ignore to get well-structured and great quality gadgets for your technical tricks. Although It’s hard to put them on sunny days,- care is better than cure.

To Sum Up with the best longboard for tricks: 

After all the above discussion, I’ve outlined all crucial facts that are important for you. Now It’s on you to chase up the best longboard for tricks according to your skill preference. All above cruisers are super great, equally have fun in sliding, cruising, downhill, or whatever pattern you want for the best longboard for tricks..

What creates thrill is Magneto, a super favorite of many riders, with all features to fulfill your desire. Equally furnished with pintail and drop through part, that will put rocket fuel in your cruising skill. 

Another exceptional choice is Atom longboard- amazingly best for a smooth ride on different terrains. 

So dear riders, I hope that opting for your dream freeride board is not a nutshell after all the relevant details.   

Hurry to grab-Happy shopping!❤❤❤

Q1. What are the best longboards suitable for tricks?

You need more expertise and flexible stepping of the foot to execute complicated tricks. The board that has lower decks provides easy pushing and stability. Plus, the kick tail is exceptionally significant for trick turns and mobility. 

Q2. Is there a weight limit for longboards?

The weight limit is directly related to the quality and durability of the board. The top-quality 8-ply board has a 200-250lbs capacity of weight to hold. But on the low-quality board, a heavyweight user can’t ride.

Q3. Which concave deck to consider for the longboard is suitable?

A decent amount of concave is good to go with freeride, tricks, and sliding. Medium concave is tailored for beginners, while high concave is the pro’s choice due to aggressive turns and flips.

Q4. Can you slide on any longboard?

Yes, an expert rider can slide on any longboard, but you should opt for a standard sliding platform to enhance your speed.

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