Best Longboard Trucks for free riding, Downhill, and Cruising in 2023

Talking about the best Longboard Truck, what exactly it is. A longboard truck is the T shape of the body made of metal. The longboard truck is placed under the longboard truck between the two wheels. These provide the best support to the customized skateboard. 

Our team of experts has finalized the best longboard trucks for you. The article will ease your selection criteria. 

Top 10 Best Longboard Trucks

1. Sector 9 Gullwing Sidewinder II Longboard Truck 

Are you worried about making your longboarding skills stronger? Here we are with the Sector 9 Gullwing Sidewinder II, which provides you with many colors and sizes. They allow you to select the product according to your need and specifications.

Along with that, the best longboard trucks come at affordable prices. So avoid the unnecessary pressure on your pocket. The experts think that the price is worth buying the longboard truck. 

These longboard trucks make all sorts of turns easy for you. You will not face any difficulty in the easy crucial, and dangerous turns during your ride.

Your ride will be full of fun, making these turns exciting for you. These trucks contain double kingpin features that make the trucks best in the turns. These can be changed into a single one as well. 

At the same time, this kingpin will require adjustment in the setting. And you’re good enough to ride the best longboard ride now.

Every best thing requires some effort, so is the case of these trucks. There is little effort required in adjusting these trucks and pins.

But we assure you that if you are done with this adjustment, there will be an incredible ride for you, which will be long-lasting as well. Please get a 50° or 44° base plate along with a 180mm and 165mm hanger. 

These trucks will make you obese with yourself. All its features and the ride quality will automatically improve. While commuting, cruising, or dancing, Sector 9 is going to give you a perfect ride in all these rushy areas and crowded places. 

  • Wider Hanger
  • The Prices are easy on your pocket
  • Wide range of colors and sizes
  • Perfect in turns
  • Look is decent
  • The double kingpin is a perk
  • Sometime it creates problems in high speed

2. Caliber Trucks Cal II Longboard Trucks 

This product comes as a serial for Caliber Trucks Cal I Longboard Trucks. Both are known to be the best longboard trucks. Any product is best if we have used the best material in it.

These trucks and parts are passed through minor quality checks, and the best quality products are used there. Caliber Trucks Cal II is durable enough to ride through rough surfaces. 

We can recognize these trucks are the best longboard trucks. After using these trucks, we can assure that the riders can easily use these trucks for about two years. Use them in the rain, rough surfaces, and rocks as well. 

In comparison, the strength of the product has increased from its ancestor by 40 percent. The strength is evaluated because of the new technology introduced in the production units. 

In addition to that, a new feature of bushing seats is introduced. These are designed to have a comfortable ride.

These bushing seats include a comfortable feeling with reducing the excess movement. This will help to balance the weight capacity of the riders. This truck is another example of smoothness and stability. 

You have the freedom to use these products with the bearings or without the bearings as well. If you are keen on cruising and downhills, then using them with bearings is recommended.

The only difference is the prices, While the installation of the product is easy. This won’t make any hurdles for you. 

  • The level of strength is high
  • Good quality material
  • Best in a challenging climate
  • Easy in installation
  • The bushing used are a bit noisy

3. Paris V2 180mm 50°

The perfect fusion of bushing seats, hanger rake, and carving makes the truck the best longboard truck. Paris V2 180 mm 50° is incredible for sharp turns. Are you a passionate rider and keen on the best smooth rides? You are lucky to get this. 

Another stunning feature of the truck is the 50° baseplate. That has an excellent fitting to this truck. 

Due to market competition, manufacturers are using quality materials for the products. This product is also constructed from the best quality material and the latest technology available in the market.

Virgin aluminum material is used in the making process of the truck. They result in the lightweight of the product. 

Despite the lightweight, it has not impacted the durability of the longboard quality. They can survive well in demanding weather conditions. The abrupt turns in the rides will now be more simple and easy for you.

The durability of the trucks lasts for almost 12 months or more. The company provides a lifetime warranty for it. In contrast, the baseplate can make it up to modern technology. 

The only wear and tear can be in the shape of light stretches and marks. There will be no rough cracks. 

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Durable and Lightweight
  • Smooth in turns
  • Variety of Colors
  • Squeaky

4. Yocaher Longboard Skateboard Trucks Combo Set

The best longboard brands, the selection is simple here. Yocaher Longboards is among the longboards brands, and the trucks are made of black aluminum alloy. The combo set carries a pair of trucks and is sold together. 

Assuring the durability and long-lasting features of the trucks, the company has used heavy-duty hangers and axles. The measurements are 7″ or 180mm and are 9.675″, respectively.

These trucks are best for longboarding and sliding, While skateboarding Trucks Combo Set provides trucks with the best affordable prices. Especially if you are looking for the best longboard for beginners, you are in the right place.  

Another exciting feature is reverse kingpin trucks and wheels and bearing, 90a PU bushings, hardware, and risers. These trucks come with a complete package. 

The whole kit provides the starters with this great package. Enjoy your rides with more stability and grip. One flaw that users have identified is that they are difficult to adjust and get loose with time.

The bushing is complex enough that they capture the plastic products, and they turn out quickly. 

The hardness is over the full product, so they are better at use in critical weather conditions. Like rainstorms and hails.

And over the hard surfaces as well, such as rocks, pebbles, etc. The properties lead to misfit them for carving. The company must work on improving the quality of bearing as well. 

  • Durable 
  • Best longboard for beginners
  • Affordable price
  • Smooth
  • A little hard
  • Get squeeze at turns
  • Bearings are slow

5. BEAR Grizzly 852 52° 181mm Gen 5 Longboard Skateboard Trucks (Flat Banana)

Being a newbie, if you want to try new styles and rides, a bear grizzly longboard skateboard is best for you. These trucks will accommodate you to ride in different styles. The particular design of the hanger will make you flip the board in a different style.

The size of the truck is 65 mm taller, and the hanger is 61 mm. You can adjust the board and trucks according to your own choice. The trucks are stable enough to protect the riders at tricky turns and flips. These flips are 180 degrees with excellent stability.

While moving in a short radius, don’t worry about the injury or falling out. These trucks will make responsive behavior towards the flips. Moreover, the stability increases with the increased speed while riding the downhills racing. 

The baseplates are wide with thicker legs, and it will help in avoiding baseplate wrapping. Our team of experts has recommended these trucks for the best longboard for dancing as well.

These trucks are lightweight and excellent in performance with heavy riders as well. The features of the trucks are best for both modern and old schools of thought. These trucks are best to avoid wheel bite as well. 

The reverse kingpin is 10″ trucks with 85a soft bushings. The base plate is of high-quality material. It comes with eight-hole designs that might not be compatible with a few longboard designs.

The product dimensions are‎ 10.3 x 7 x 5.7 inches, and the weight is 2 Pounds. 

The riders do not use any risers and shock pads for these trucks. At the same time, I need a slight adjustment in the bushing. 

  • Durable
  • Light-weighted
  • High-Quality aluminum
  • Prevents wheel bite
  • Suitable for sliding and pumping
  • Kingpin is not available
  • The bushing is not good quality

6. Bear Kodiak Forged Precision Longboard Trucks

The bear Kodiak forged precision is on the list of the best longboard trucks. The product dimensions are based on 13 x 6 x 4 inches.

The weight of the product is 2.8 Pounds approx. You can find all the best features that the riders need in the trucks. These come within a wooden crate. 

These are lightweight trucks. They are specially designed for speeding and avoiding slob. Based on the base plates and forged hangers, these are the best longboard trucks that are stable and durable.

Despite the lightweight trucks, they are not prone to bending. The wheelbase has eight holes in the plate, and the maximum stability is of degree angle flip. These trucks are ideal for free rides and downhills. 

These trucks come with extra bushing. Experts recommend shock pads as risers for these trucks, These trucks forged hangers and base plates provide strength and quality performance.

They have three different types of the bushing and are almost 19mm tall. The primary manufacturers are Landyachtz. These trucks don’t have bearings along with them. 

  • Forged hangers
  • Heat Interference and pressed axle
  • Tall bushing
  • Eight hole baseplate
  • No bearings

7. Paris Savant 180mm 43° Longboard Trucks

The Paris Savant longboard trucks come within the pair. The complete package contains different parts for the longboard trucks.

The product will help you make your rides and turns more smooth and convenient. Paris Savant will give you a flip of 43 angles.

Moreover, they are available in 50 degrees and 43-degree baselines as well. At the same time, making them the best longboard trucks for offering sharp turns and edges or on any harsh ground surfaces. 

If you are a keen rider and want agility and stability simultaneously, then this is the right pick for you. Paris Trucks are best for your rides if you are a rider for downhill, freeride, intricate carving, or all-around skating.

The hangers of these trucks are solid. The elasticity of these hangers is because they are made of metal, and on the other hand, the structure is thick and robust.

These hangers are manufactured with heat and pressure tolerance. They cannot be torn off easily. Try them for downhill and sliding longboarding.

The axles are dead straight with a captive axle system. This system does not unscrew them easily. 

These trucks have hardware and bearings. But the flaw is that bearings, mount bearings, and mount bearings are not included. 

  • Durable
  • Hangers are of Aluminum
  • Axle Lock system
  • Try any type of skating
  • Bearing spacers are not included

8. Independent Skateboard Stage 11 Trucks

The most elegant looking best longboard truck is enlisted for you in our top selection. These are present in two elegant colors of black and silver.

We can assure you that these trucks will not disappoint you in any manner. Nor in its super performance, nor by its making.

The product is made of pure strong aluminum (356), primarily the hanger and baseplate. The kingpin is of 8-grade quality. In comparison, the axle is made of steel alloy 4140, mainly chromium and molybdenum. 

The use of quality material in the trucks is used, so the results are durable and incredible in performance. This will make the product survive over the years to enjoy your rides.

Marking the point, these trucks will also not wear off quickly and survive the harsh weather as well. That can be hailed, rain, or hard rocky surfaces. 

Thrasher Magazine has launched this as their very first product. They have made the looks so stunning that the eye-catching red cursing and elegant silver lining make them attractive and a good buy. There is a logo printed saying (“Thrasher Time to Grind”).

The approximate weight of the product is 2 pounds, while they are 169mm wide. The baseboard has six holes and has old-school-style pins.

  • Beautiful outlook
  • Durable on hard surfaces
  • Aluminum quality is good
  • Bushings are not good

9. Thunder Polished Team Skateboard Trucks

Thunder polished is primarily made from solid Chromoly. The Kingpins and axles are incredibly stable and durable. The support from the manufacturer is for a lifetime.

Suppose you have any difficulty with the product. You can always go for their customer support. The guarantee is for many years.

These trucks are lightweight and are strong enough. You can easily slide turns and have sharp turns easily.

The longboard trucks will give you a great experience of riding turns and slides quickly. Quality products are used in these products and are made in the USA.

The bushing is strong and of good quality, as they will not be torn off easily. The holes in the baseplate are at the places where adjustment becomes easy. 

  • Stable
  • Lightweight
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Strong bushing
  • Single truck


The longboard truck becomes the best longboard truck because it comes with a complete set. The exciting product is the colorful wheels in the package.

The wheel’s hardness on the durometer is 80a with 70x50mm. Moreover, the size of the hanger rises to 7.5 inches in the product. The wheels are solid and versatile. 

The truck comes with o-rings gaskets that a new one can replace according to your riding style and the adjustment you want to make.

Those rings that come in the package are pretty much better for daily use. These wheels are compatible with numerous decks and boards. 

Installation of these products is much easier as compared to other trucks. 

There can be missing parts from some packages, but it was replaced by the company as well. The quality of the product is average and of satisfactory quality.

But considering it to be of high quality at this low price can only give you cheap longboard trucks. 

The best part of the product is that you don’t need to go and search for the parts of the products at different shops.

You get all that is needed in one box. It will not pressure your pocket. Get relaxed and enjoy this complete pack. 

Adjust them according to the style and type of riding you want to have. No one can stop you now. 

  • Cheap
  • PriceFull complete package
  • Fine quality
  • Some parts are missing from the pack
  • Bearings are not of satisfactory quality.

Guidelines to Choose Longboard Truck

Few features need to be reviewed before buying the best longboard truck for your perfect rides. The best buying guidelines are here for you. Each longboard requires two trucks. 

Click to see the: best complete longboards for beginners.

Longboarding requires good equipment and the best placement of different parts of the excellent longboard trucks. These are the parts that need to be considered before buying a good longboard truck. 

Width of the Truck

The main idea is to see the compatibility of the longboard deck and longboard truck size. The axle width must be of the same size as the board.

Usually, a longboard is 9 and 10 inches in length. The axle must be of this length, but if there is some difference, the difference can be of ¼ inch difference. 

If the width of the axle and truck is different, that can cause accidents too. If the trucks are more comprehensive, they provide stability but might be slow in response. 

Longboard Kingpin Trucks Reverse

The position of the kingpin is different in the longboard. The kingpins are inserted in a reverse manner. In the case of the longboard, the kingpins are reversed.

And these are known as reverse kingpin trucks. The axle of the trucks is at the complete opposite side as compared to the traditional way.

The best longboard trucks have good quality bushing in the trucks as they will help maintain the quality and a smooth ride for the riders.  

At the same time, different types of rides and styles of riding require different bushing in trucks. The downhill rides require a little rigid bushing for controlling the speed at the high levels.

The best buying guide for any product must tell you about the different parts in detail. The truck is a very minute part of your longboarding gadgets.

But we are sure that it will make a lot of difference to your ride if they are selected right. Hence, you will be able to select the best now. 

Difference between a “Reverse Kingpin” and “Traditional” trucks

To make it simple, the difference between “Reverse Kingpin” and “Traditional” trucks is the position of the kingpin.

In reverse kingpin trucks, the pins are at the complete opposite side of the axle. While in the traditional type, it is entirely different. 

According to this new school of thought, as its name says, the traditional type of kingpin position is reversed. With modern technology, each day quality is getting better, so these new reversed kingpins are considered the best longboard trucks for riding. Moreover, the reverse kingpins are taller, resulting in rising the longboard. 

Size of the Best longboard Truck

In longboarding or any ride, you need first to adjust the height of the board from the ground. That helps to avoid any accident and wheel bite as well.

The average size of the longboard truck must be139 mm to 169 mm for a longboard deck of 8 to 9 inches, respectively. It is always better to check the product as per your standard before buying them.

The common concern among the riders is regarding the low and high trucks as well. 

The baseplate of the Best longboard Truck

Baseplate means the flat part of the truck that gets connected to the deck. This is another important part one should not ignore. The truck is attached to the deck with the help of kingpins in the traditional type of truck. 

Moreover, the baseplates have mostly 6 to 8 holes for connection. The kingpins are easily replaceable, and angles can be adjusted too. 

The bushing in the Trucks

Bushing works as the cushions for the trucks and longboard as well. Mostly the trucks have two bushings supporting them at both sides of the trucks. Suppose you are a stunt lover and want to perform tricks on your longboard. You will need rigid bushing. 

Hangers of the Trucks

The T-shaped aluminum structure is called the hangers. These hangers support the longboard trucks. They are flat and are stable to support the truck’s durability. The weight of the hanger is 10 to 13 oz lightweight. In comparison, the hanger should be ¼ of the deck. 

Riser for the Trucks

The tiny and thick rectangular rubber pieces are added to skate or longboard to raise the height of the trucks. They not only increase the height but make them more stable and reduce the vibration while riding. 

But if the trucks are at a good height, they will not need the risers anymore

 Importance of Longboard Trucks 

 At first, we need to know about Skateboard trucks- these are metal equipment assembled underneath the longboard. They are T-shape in appearance, most vital for the secure attachment of wheels and bearings to the deck.

Skateboard trucks are made up of several parts: axles, suspensions, axles, and bushings.

Now it’s time to consider which truck is best for dancing longboards.

First, 180 mm 50° trucks are no doubt the high-rated metal pieces. Simultaneously it’s ideal for curving with lots of turns as well as durability and strength. Hence it is according to all security expectations of dance riders.

Second, Some riders think about 180mm 43°as they are most reputed in quality and elegance. But they are slow in performance, and it’s suitable for beginners who don’t want more turns while dancing.

Last, 180 mm 50° offers more flexibility and wideness with just the right amount of turns. So it is better for early dancers who want to lean in any specific direction during a dance with more input attempts.

Some pros prefer a 165 mm truck due to its speed and fast turn-on even with little input, so opt for one that suits your skill level.

Final Verdict:

Before buying any longboard or its connecting products, remember that you can replace and make a customized longboard on your own. Any part of the longboard trucks is available in the market. 

As per our experts’ opinion, our list consists of the ten best products. Many brands offer a lifetime warranty. We all know that it’s not practical, but many manufacturers offer that with their products. Always take your time and do your homework before buying. 

We hope our article was helpful for your beginning. Enjoy your ride now and relax. Everything can be replaced by its best. Please share your feedback with us. 

Frequently asked questions

1. Do trucks matter on a longboard?

The second important part of the longboard is trucks. If you want to enjoy your turns and flips, you need to select the best longboard trucks for yourself. Trucks will make your wheels safer. 

2. What trucks are best for cruising?

If you are fond of cruising and tricks, try to find street trucks. While the recommended are V2/V3’sV3’s. They have refined bushing and new pivot cups. 

3. Difference between longboard trucks and skateboard trucks? 

In comparison to both, the longboards are more comprehensive than the skateboards. The width of the longboard is almost 150 mm to 180 mm.

At the same time, the skateboards have 100 mm to 145 mm hangers. They are comparing the decks for a longboard. It’s 9 inches, while for skateboard, it’s 7.5 inches. 

4. Are Paris longboard trucks good?

Many companies provide the best longboard trucks. Along with them, Paris longboard trucks are the most reliable. Another most important feature is the weight of the truck.

Parish brand is known for making lightweight trucks. They have numerous options for you to enjoy your flips and rides. 

5. Why do Longboards have the trucks backward?

The longboard trucks are backward as they have reverse kingpins. Those are located on the opposite side of the axle. These reverse pins allowed the turns to get more smooth and ride efficiently. The quick turns and carving are easier with reverse kingpins.

6. Can you grind with reverse kingpin trucks?

The answer is No. The recommendation is that traditional trucks are best for street rides and grinding. In comparison, the reverse kingpin is more suitable for cruising and sharp curves.

7. Are cruiser trucks different?

Yes, possibly the cruising trucks have narrow nose types. While they have flare wheels. The wheels should be clear to avoid any accidents. 

8. Can you put regular trucks on a drop-through longboard?

It is said that any kind of truck can use drop-through decks. But in practical terms, it is not so. recommends a proper longboard truck rather than a regular “Street Style” truck. 

9. Is skateboarding better than longboarding?

Longboards are more smooth and well soft than skateboards. So longboards are best for beginners to get practice on the right way. 

10. Where should I put the trucks on my longboard?

The traditional kingpin trucks should be placed at the facing center of the longboard so that each truck’s kingpin and bushings face inward. 

Moreover, Reverse kingpin trucks toward the tip and tail of the deck.

11. Do longboards wear out?

Wear and tear are part of longboarding. When you start riding, these will eventually start. But things are bought to use and enjoy. Some components are more durable than others, but none lasts forever. 

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