The 14+ Best Longboard brands in 2023 – Complete Buying guide

Are you searching for the best longboard brands for you?  Do you not know what are good longboard brands best suit your riding style? Not all the boards are alike. To get a good longboard brand at a reasonable price, we will make you invest wisely.

Whether you are looking for cruising boards, freeride boards, downhill boards, or longboards for dancing, many top longboard brands are available in the market.

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Best Longboard Brands Reviews

1. Atom Drop Deck Longboards – 39 Inch

Atom Drop Deck Longboards - 39 Inch Review

With the collaboration of MBS multi-terrain board wheels. Atom Drop Deck Longboards deals in electric boards, hybrid longboards, and multi types of longboarding-related products.

The board comes in eye-catching and superb graphics on its decks. With its beautiful design and incredible performance, you can get this longboard on a very reasonable budget.

Atom Drop Deck Longboards is manufacturing the best longboard decks for beginners and intermediate-level players. The company is famous in the market due to its drop-deck boards. 

Atom longboard would strongly suggest it for those people who are going to be longboarding for the first time. Hence it is a great option for newbies and also for intermediate-level longboard riders.

What’s more? Most people who want the ease of riding and cruising are welcome by atom longboard. If you want to enhance the quality of your riding and want to get more satisfaction, it is a good idea to change the bearings. 

The board is more challenging and withstands a harsh environment. It is also built to hold overweight riders.

Atom Drop Deck Longboards is one of the top longboard brands and is perfect for giving you the flavor of multi-riding. It can also be used for off-road boarding.

  • Affordable in price
  • Attractive Artwork on Deck
  • Incredible performances
  • Highly Durable & multitasking board
  • capable of holding 300 pounds
  • The attached bearings are not good.

2. Minority Downhill Maple Longboard

Minority longboard is one of the best longboard brands for downhill riding. If you plan to get something worthy on a reasonable budget, you have no other choice than Minority.

These boards are strong and durable and can withstand a lot. The board performs better and lasts longer with proper maintenance and little care.

Make sure every expensive longboard means that it is better than a cheaper one. There are many best longboard companies in a Market producing great longboards at a lower price for their customers from the year.

Longboarding is a good choice if you are a complete beginner.

Minorities enable you to become more familiar with boarding in a short time and perform better.

The board is more flexible and provides a quality ride while doing downhill riding at a very high speed. Minority Downhill Maple is also known as low gravity longboard.

Many people face issues in balancing on a board in their easy days. But due to its safe design, if you are using the minority board, it may help you learn balance fast.

The deck of this longboard is a bit wide for some riders, and many intermediate-level riders don’t like the way it rides. 

The board is in the shape of a drop deck that offers a pro-level of performance. It is also a super lightweight board, and 220 pounds is its weight limit. 

  • Great for downhill boarding
  • Strong and durable
  • Long-lasting Perfect for beginners
  • 220 pounds is its weight limit.
  • It may not be suitable for some intermediate and pro-level riders.

3. Playshion Freestyle Longboard

Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard is a new company that was founded in 2013. It counts among the best longboard companies and supplies quality longboards to their customers all over the world.

Due to its stunning design and responsive shape, it is highly demanded in the market, with a high customer reviews rating.

The company is using high-quality material in the construction of the board. When I bought Playshion, I couldn’t find any flaws from its black longboard deck to its bearing.

No doubt they have been manufacturing the mind-blowing quality longboard for the past nine years. It is the biggest achievement of the company to make its space in the best longboard brands in a short time.

Playshion freestyle Longboards are highly reliable, strong, and sturdy. The riding quality of Playshion is better than many other boards as it is using noise-free strong steel bearings in its construction.

Due to the limiting friction, the bearings allow you a smooth and comfortable ride during rotation.

If you are searching for the best longboard bearings, you can check the post. It will surely help you make the best decision in picking the quality bearings for you.

After reading many of its great features, maybe you think that it’s pricey, but it’s not. You can get this longboard at a very affordable price.

Playshion is the highly durable and best choice for heavy riders over 250lbs. The board offers multifunctionality; it is best for freestyling, cruising, sliding, carving, freeride, and downhill riding.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to ride
  • Best longboard for beginners
  • Eye-catching look
  • Multi-function longboard
  • Not suitable for experienced riders

4. Rayne Longboards Supreme 36″

Rayne, a Canadian brand, is one of the top long board brands that was founded in 2004. The company is manufacturing super lightweight boards that are also waterproof and long-lasting.

Rayne Longboards Supreme company is producing unique products that are minimalistic and visually appealing. This brand is making good-quality downhill longboard skateboards.

The deck quality of this brand is fantastic and the real reason for its fame in the market. The pure wood of bamboo and laminated glass of fiber are used to construct the board to make it more durable.

These perfect longboards are reliable, but they are fairly expensive. The deck of Rayne is deeply concave and withstands a harsh environment. 

It is listed as the best longboard brand because the brand guarantees you to survive for months and even for a year with your little care.

With one investment, you will get unlimited packages in one go, such as Rayan’s longboard, which lets you enjoy dancing, city riding, cruising, freestyles, and especially downhill racing. 

You can choose from a variety of Rayne longboards on the market with unique characteristics. But keep in mind that if you are a beginner, you have to avoid them. However, we would suggest Rayne to a more experienced rider.

  • Best for heavy riders
  • High quality and durable
  • Very Lightweight board
  • High versatility
  • Perfect for dancing
  • It’s expensive
  • Not for beginners.

5. Sector 9 Lookout Complete Longboard

Sector 9 longboarding company was established in 1993, and it became the industry’s most famous skateboard and longboard manufacturer. Longboards from this brand are unbeatable.

Whether you are nervous about buying it or not, we guarantee that it is the best option and you will enjoy it. The company also makes carvers, commuters, downhill longboards, cruisers, and classic longboards. 

Sector 9 longboards are not expensive, and their decks are high quality and last for years. The board has great graphics and impressive visuals printed on it. 

Sector 9 offers a wide variety of lightweight longboards in different shapes and styles. In the market, this is the most popular longboard brand. Because of the quality of its products, the brand is renowned among skaters and longboarders.

The company offers plywood decks, bamboo cruisers, and downhill decks for any type of riding you desire.

Additionally, the company manufactures the best longboard wheels. Wheels of high quality are great for all types of riding. The products of the company are not very expensive but of good quality. Their longboards offer a lot of stability and a good ride.

Sector 9 is the best longboard brand for beginners and intermediate-level riders as the deck is thick and long, so you can control it easily. The board is challenging, long-lasting, and perfect for heavy riders.

  • Affordable price
  • Perfect for beginners
  • High quality and durable
  • None

6. Magneto 44 inch Longboard

Magneto 44 inch Longboard is the best cruiser longboard available at a very affordable rate in the market. 

Magneto boards are super durable and lightweight. By making quality products, the brands got the market’s attention and ranked as the best longboard brands.

The best point about Magneto is that it is very easy to handle and is ideal for beginners to pro skaters. It is designed in such a way that it suits every type of riding you want to do.

No doubt, the board is totally flawless and gives safe and sound riding with ease of handling. So I strongly recommend you to get a Magneto Kicktail Longboard for great riding.

The company uses pure Canadian maple and bamboo wood in the deck to make it super strong and durable.

It is also one of the top longboard brands in making bearings and wheels with high quality and durable decks. The brand makes smooth, soft, and grippy wheels to give a quality ride on rough terrain.

Magneto longboards can hold the weight up to 275lbs. Its deck is designed in such a way that it can be used for many types of riding.

The only minor issue is the board is a little high, which might make the legs tired. Magneto longboard is best for freestyling, carving, cruising, and dancing board.

Check out Magneto Longboards Bamboo Longboards for Cruising, Carving, Free-Style, Downhill, and Dancing to get great riding.

  • Ride safely
  • Ultra-high quality
  • Durable and strong
  • Use for many riding styles
  • The high deck may cause fatigue in the legs.

7. Volador 40inch Maple Longboard 

Volador 40inch maple longboard is specially designed for beginners who want to enjoy riding in their spare time around the town.

The company uses high-quality wood to make the board highly sustainable and long-lasting. The board is also famous in the making with the name of best cruiser longboard. Volador is the strongest longboard with high stability.

Due to their quality products of longboards from many years. The brand has a great reputation and has many loyal customers. Additionally, Volador is available for you at a cheap rate but of incredible quality.

They make the boards in many different prints such as Arrow, Antume, Kaleidoscope, Poker, Rainbow, Raindrop, Sun, Sword, Spectrum, etc. So with great durability, you have many options to select the style and design of the longboard that is closer to your heart.

It is a very simple cruiser with a lot of maneuverability at a reasonable cost. Another great point of the board is you do not need to replace any part of the board. From its deck to bearings, the Volador longboard is flawless. 

We discussed that it is strong and has good flexibility, so the board also works well for heavy riders. It is also a challenging board with stand-in harsh environments. 

The Volador maple longboard has a wide space and gives an excellent grip for foot placement. Although it has a fair price with good quality parts, you have to keep in mind that it is just designed for cruising purposes. You cannot use it for downhill riding.

  • Affordable
  • Best for cruising 
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Available in Multiple styles
  • Not suitable for Downhill Riding.

8. Santa Cruz Lion God Freeride Longboard

The company was established in 1970, and it is the oldest brand in the world of skating. They are making high-quality cruiser boards and supplying them almost all over the world.

Santa Cruz Lion God Freeride Longboard is the best for starting your journey. If you are a complete beginner or intermediate-level skater.

The board is also affordable in price and high in quality, so I highly recommend the Santa Cruz Lion God longboard if you wish to get a great taste of riding.

The board also gives an incredible performance if you are interested in performing tricks and want to cruise in your city or skatepark.

Beginners have a great opportunity to learn riding by using the Santa Cruz longboard. Santa Decks come in nice art, and they are durable and reliable.

  • Amazing art on deck
  • Best for beginners
  • Sturdy and smooth longboard
  • Not super quality 

9. Junli Freeride Longboard

Junli freeride longboard is the most durable longboard skateboard brand in the world of longboarding. The board is super strong and also perfect for any age.

The manufacturing company uses eight plies of Maple wood in the construction of decks. Hence the longboards that come from Junli are super strong and long-lasting.

The board has a great shape and is available in so many different unique designs such as  Fantasy, Sea Blue,  Green, Grey, Flowers, Initial, Forest,  Zone Grid, Starlit Night, Ocean Fish. Every design is eye-catching and unique.

Junli is the best longboard for adults and it is specially designed for heavy riders. It can easily hold up to 350lbs of weight.

People who want to ride downhill and at high speeds should consider the Junli Freeride Longboard. But Junli may give the average performance in cruising because it is specially built for downhill riding. it is known as a downhill racing longboard.

Even though it is very lightweight, you can easily carry it in your backpack. In addition, this board is extremely affordable and one of the most sought-after on the market. 

  • Affordable in price
  • Holds up to 350lbs of weight
  • Easy to carry
  • Durable & Sturdy
  •  Lightweight board
  • A little bit noisy

10. Quest 44’’ Longboard

If you are looking for a top cruising longboard. You should check out Quest. It offers great performance at a very affordable price. 

There is an excellent diversification of graphics, colors, and designs with eye-catching design. Those who want options in their selection are easily satisfied with Quest longboards.

Quest 44’’ longboards use high-quality trucks, wheels, and bearings and have earned a strong reputation in the market.

Soft and smooth wheels help to give you outstanding riding. With impressive wheels, the bearings of the longboard are made of pure steel that reduces the noise and makes your journey pleasant.

Whether riding in parks, towns, or your home backyard, Quest the super cruiser bamboo and maple longboard is perfect.

High-quality pure bamboo and maple wood are used in the construction of the board. The deck is durable, stable, and provides great grip. 

The maximum weight holding capacity of the longboard is 250 pounds. Quest longboard is one of the best freestyle longboards.

The board has a wider deck, and it is the best option for new riders to get a comfortable ride. Before the first ride adjusting the truck bushings and smoothen the bearings, applying the speed cream is a good practice.

  • Very Affordable board
    Variety of colors
    Eye-catching Graphic
    Durable and strong
  • Bit Heavy longboard

11. Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Longboard

Yocaher is the best long board brand that produces a quality longboard for its customers. Without making any changes in price for a very long time. The company continuously strives to enhance the quality of its boards.

Yocaher’s Professional Speed Drop Down Longboard is made of maple wood, making it highly durable, strong, and reliable.

The board is ideal for cruising, downhill riding, or racing. It is designed so that a beginner can easily handle the board on a sharp turn and pinpoint without any issue. The board is also suitable for intermediate and pro-level riders.

The cheap longboard skateboard is incredibly stable and readily holds a weight of around 275lbs. With little care and maintenance, the board is expected to survive from 3 to 4 years.

Another advantage of the board is that it is best for carving, commuting, cruising, and downhill racing.

There is no flex in the deck, which makes it ideal for downhill racing and cruising. It provides a great chance for a beginner to learn weave, slides, leans, and dance.

  • Available at a very reasonable price
  • High-quality Longboard
  • Best for beginner to pro rider
  • Best board for downhill riding and cruising
  • A little bit of stiff wheel

12. Landyachtz Battle Axe Longboard 

Landyachtz Battle Axe Longboard company was established in 1997, and it is one of the best longboard companies of all time. Their longboards are not only of high quality, but they are eco-friendly as well.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, it is perfect for you. The Landyachtz is a versatile and flexible board that can perform many tricks. You will find that these brands offer a large variety of designs and styles to choose from.

Landyachtz Battle Axe Longboard is the best freestyle longboard that ever gives an amazing experience on every ride. It is one of the best drop-down types of a longboard with its concave shape decks. You may feel like gliding. 

The company uses pure maple wood in the construction of the board. Other parts like a wheel, truck, and bearings of the longboard are made up of good quality material. Landyachtz is also famous in the market because it is known as the best board for cruising.

It is expensive, but it is also not wrong to say that no other board can beat the Landyachtz Battle Axe Longboard. It is also best for downhill riding and freeriding. Here I’m going to recommend a few other boards for other styles of riding.

  • Variety of sizes and designs available
  • Best for beginners
  • Eco-friendly longboard
  • Strong and durable
  • Expensive

13. Arbor Axis 40 Photo Complete Longboard

Arbor Axis 40 Photo Complete Longboard is one of the best rated longboard brands in the market. Arbor is an old board brand established in 1995. The company works hard to promote the development of forests all around the world.

In old times many people used to fix the truck with their older snowboards for enjoying downhill racing during the summer season, So the board is specially designed for these snowboarders.

Construction of the boards is done with both maple and bamboo wood. Arbor longboards are good in quality, lightweight, stylish, and beautifully designed. It is a versatile board that is ideal for commuting and cruising.

The board is durable, strong, and provides great stability to the rider. It is also highly recommended for those who want to perform flip tricks. The wheelbase of Arbor is more stable, and the board has a big room for your feet placement.

With the Longboards of Arbor, you can also do downhill riding. The brands have a wide variety of boards, but they are different from other longboards, and yes, they are also a little bit slower and not much responsive.

  • High-quality brand
  • Best freestyle board
  • Best for downhill riding 
  • Long Lasting longboard
  • Amazing Design
  • Expensive
  • Bit heavy

14. Loaded Longboard 

If you want to have a fantastic riding experience. Loaded longboards are highly recommended for you. The company was founded in 2002 in partnership with Orangatang, the best longboard wheels company in the market. 

Although this board is costly, it is well worth the price. The loaded board is fast and one of the top-quality longboards that nicely fulfill the needs of riders and give them a memorable riding experience.

 The board is excellent and for all levels of riders, it provides a safe ride to beginner-level riders.

The drop-down shape deck provides great stability, and it will take you to push the board quickly. Due to the big cutouts, the wheels take a sharp turn smoothly.

 I enjoy riding the Dervish Sama Bamboo Longboard and highly recommend this long-lasting board for anyone wanting to get a taste of longboarding. Loaded longboard is a durable, lightweight, and highly reliable board.

The company uses top-notch quality material to produce beatless quality for their customers. They are using a layer of fiberglass and pure bamboo to enhance the quality. Loaded board is one of the top longboard brands for downhill racing.

The company makes excellent longboards for freestyle, freeride, and snowboard. Loaded longboards are the most exciting to ride compared to other boards. The Loaded longboard brand is also making the best electric skateboard kits.

  • Best for downhill racing
  • Great for performing tricks
  • Highly durable and lightweight
  • Best for all riders
  • High-quality board
  • Bit Expensive

Types of Longboards

Many kinds of longboards exist depending on various factors, including shape, style, material, and wood. If you are searching for the best longboard brand and also want to know the best place to get a longboard. It all depends on your interest in what type of riding style you like the most.

  • Cruiser

If you want to ride around your town or you like to spend some time in a skating park or grounds, then you should need to buy a cruiser. Many best longboard companies are preparing outstanding quality cruisers in the market.

People also buy them for commuting, and few use them to go to work, academies, and school. In general, pintail-shaped longboards are considered to be the best cruiser longboards. The best choice for beginners is a carving or cruising board.

Sector 9,  Arbor Axis, Landyachtz, Quest, Volador, Magneto 44 are the best cruiser longboards.

  • Downhill

Compared to cruisers, you should have to be more focused and keep the most important factors in your mind before selecting any longboard you are picking for downhill racing. Such as you need a board with high stability, flat shape deck with soft wheels.

If you are a beginner, it may be difficult for you to perform downhill racing by using these longboards. However, If you are an intermediate or a pro-level rider, it will be enjoyable for you.

Remember that some longboard brands are best for both cruising and downhill racing. You can pick Loaded Longboard, Sector 9, Minority, Atom, and Yocaher to meet your needs.

  • Freestyle

Freestyle longboards are the best option for beginners and intermediate riders. Usually, we search for such a type of longboard that is lightweight, maneuverable, and slim in shape. 

On these boards, you can perform dancing and sliding which are supposed to be more technical.

 Landyachtz, Rayne, Loaded Longboards, Arbor Axis, Playshion are the best freestyle boards.

  • Freeride

As a beginner, if you don’t know what riding style is best for you, you should go for freeride longboards. Another fantastic benefit of getting a freeriding board is that you can perform without having to think about which function it’s best suited for.

These longboards have kick tails, and they are strong, durable, and symmetrical. You can perform downhill, cruising, tricks, etc.

Junli, Loaded Longboards, Rayne, Santa Cruz, and Arbor Axis are the best freeride longboards.

  • Dancing

Rayne Longboards are the best dancing longboards. You can dance and move the board according to your needs. 

The board’s deck is lower than the earth, which reduces gravity and increases stability.

  • Electric Longboards

Skatebolt Electric Longboard is recommended for you if you are searching for good electric longboards.

How to Choose a Good Longboard

Are you confused about picking the best longboard brand for you? Do you want to know what kind of longboard is best for you? While selecting a longboard, there are a few things you should keep in mind. 

  1. Riding style
  2. Ability level
  3. Deck style
  4. Longboard shape
  5. Longboard Trucks
  6. Board length
  7. Longboard wheels
  8. Bushing
  9. Protective Gear

Riding style

The selection of a longboard depends on the riding style of the rider. Suppose you are interested in cruising, or you are interested in downhill riding. A longboard for these different riding purposes would be entirely different in shape, style, and specification.

It’s a common concern for newcomers to pick the best board for them. They are unsure of their riding style. The market has many great and high-quality long boards that can be used for all riding styles, so you do not need to worry. 

Ability level

No doubt there are many good longboard brands, and they are preparing the board fit for all levels of riders. But It’s a little bit better to choose the longboard for a specific level of riding. 

If you select the specially designed board for beginners, it will contain extra features that help you learn the riding in a short period.

Deck style

  • Top Mount – These decks are not much stable and cheaper in comparison to other types of decks. Top mount decks are great for downhill, cruising, and freeriding.
  • Drop Through  – These types of decks are supposed to be the best longboard deck. You need less energy when you need to stop or push the board. These decks are highly durable and do not cause leg or foot fatigue. These decks are best for long riding, downhill, and freerides. 
  • Drop Deck – This is one of the best decks for freeriding and fast downhill racing. The Drop Deck is very easy to brake, and it provides great stability.
  • Double Drop – Decks like these are just closer to the ground. The Double Drop deck combines a drop deck and a drop-through in a single board. These decks are best for downhill riding, and they are expensive. 

Longboard shape

In general, longboard shapes are divided into two types.

  • Symmetrical longboard
  • Directional longboard

Symmetrical – If you want a longboard that can be used for tricks, dancing, or riding, you should pick a symmetrical shape.  

Boards with symmetrical shapes are best for cruising, freeriding, dancing, etc. They’re more stable, flexible, and long-lasting.

Directional – Directional shape longboards are only used in downhill riding. Although these broads are highly stable and controllable, they are only capable of traveling in one direction.

Longboard Trucks

The truck is the part of the longboard attached below the deck and directly connected with wheels. There are two most common kinds of trucks. The first is the reverse kingpin, and the other is the traditional kingpin.

best longboard brands

You should have to pick a reverse kingpin if you want speedy and stable riding. And for normal use, you can easily go with a traditional kingpin truck.

If you are interested in getting more information about longboard trucks, you can check the complete post on the best longboard trucks for better knowledge.

Board length

Again, it depends on your riding style. If you want to perform tricks and make sharp turns easily, you need a shorter board. However, if you are looking for more stability, a longer board is best for you.

Longboard wheels

Wheels are integral to longboarding, and they play a crucial role in the riding style. To ride downhill, you will have to use a specific wheel, and you have to choose different wheels for cruising.

If you want to know more, check the best longboard wheels. You can pick the best product for you at an affordable price by reading the articles.


The bushing is the smallest part of your longboard that helps in taking the turn of trucks. It depends on you what type of riding you are expecting and then accordingly you will lose or tight your bushing.

You will enjoy a stable ride if the bushings of your longboard are tightened. In contrast, if you prefer a board with turns that are flexible and comfortable, you should loosen the bushings.

Protective Gear

It should be your priority to keep yourself safe and sound while riding. If you are cruising or doing downhill racing, you have to wear safety gear properly. Check the best skating helmet post to find the proper gear for you.


The above best longboard brands are over-tested, and we are pleased and satisfied with them. There are many longboard brands available in the market. We cannot say that what we did not review is not good. Some other longboard brands might also be reliable. Over-recommended brands are 100% guaranteed, and we promise you that your selection from them will never disappoint you.

But I have a strange love with these three boards, Landyachtz, Atom, and Loaded, because I spent most of my time with them.

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