Are Skateboard Bushings Universal?

Did you have access to a skateboard? Do you have the same bushings across all four wheels? If you do not, you may be facing a rude awakening. You may find bushings for your skateboard in various sizes and forms.

When it comes to skateboards, are bushings a standard item? I was wondering if these were compatible with all boards. Both queries have the same answer: no, they are not ubiquitous. Different shapes and sizes of bushings are available to ensure a snug fit in their designated decks. 

This article explores the question of Are Skateboard Bushings Universal? and what are skateboard bushings, And whether or not all skateboards use the same bushings. We will also go over the various bushing varieties and the applications for which they are best suited.

What are skateboard bushings, and what do they do?

Let us first discuss what skateboard bushings are. Small rubber or urethane discs called “bushings” surround the axle of such a skateboard truck. They reduce the impact of falls by dampening vibrations, and the degree of flexibility they offer makes it simpler for the skater to spin the board.

You can change the bushings’ hardness by loosening or tightening the kingpin nut, giving you greater or lesser turning ability and stability, respectively. Ultimately, it is up to the skater to determine the optimal hardness. The bushings in a skateboard truck are an integral aspect of providing a comfortable and secure ride.

Are Skateboard Bushings Universal?

This is a tricky topic because it relies on your definition of “universal.” The short answer to your question is no, not all skateboards use the same bushings. Most bushings are universal and may be used in a variety of vehicles, but they might function better than those made for a particular make and model of truck. 

This article is the bushings skateboard guide for beginners. Choosing the correct bushing for your truck is vital, as the toughness and shape of the bushing can significantly impact how your skateboard rides. However, some manufacturers produce universal bushings that can be used in any truck.

Therefore, universal bushings might be the best option if you search for one set of bearings that can be used across your trucks. But if you want the maximum performance from your skateboard, you need to have bushings made for your truck model.

Are skateboard truck bushings universal?

Sadly, not all trucks have the same bushings for skateboards. Although a select few manufacturers provide bushings that can be used in a variety of trucks, the vast majority of bushings are designed only for use with one manufacturer’s vehicles.

This is because the designs of different truck manufacturers are distinct, and the proportions of different truck models are also different. Due to this, different skateboard brands require different truck bushing setups. New skateboard truck bushings should be tested for compatibility with your trucks before you buy them. Ask someone at your local skate store for advice if you need clarification.

Can you skate without bushings?  

While bushings play a vital role in the functionality of a skateboard, you may still ride without them. Lacking bushings make a skateboard less agile and harder to control. Having bushings on a skateboard allows it to turn since they act like shock absorbers, reducing the force of the wheels striking the ground.

In addition, the friction provided by the bushings ensures that the wheels maintain traction with the road, keeping the rider’s board firmly planted on the ground. But expert skaters could still carve and perform tricks without bushings; it just requires more work and talent. While bushings facilitate skating, they are not required to learn fundamental skateboarding skills.

Different Types Of Bushings Skateboard

There are numerous types of bushings skateboard, and they are an essential component of any skateboard. The barrel bushing is the most popular form and is typically manufactured from a rubbery material like urethane. Barrel bushings are combined with tougher pivot cups to reduce vibration and increase ride comfort.

Cone bushings are another common form of the bushing, typically manufactured from tougher materials like polyurethane. Cone bushings are combined with softer barrel bushings to increase stability.

Finally, hybrid bushings combine the best of both worlds, hard and soft materials. Hybrid bushings are ideal for riders looking for a comfortable ride with increased stability since they combine the finest features of both soft and firm bushings.

When to Replace Skateboard Bushings?

Skateboards with worn bushings will not turn as smoothly as they once did. More wiggle room in the trucks is another sign of degraded bushings. This can be verified by rotating the truck from side to side. A significant amount of play indicates worn bushings that should be replaced.

Your bushings need replacing if you notice that your skateboard is becoming unbalanced or unsteady. To ensure the best performance, it is recommended that bushings be inspected frequently and replaced as needed.

What are some of the best replacement bushings?

When shopping for new bushings for your skateboard, there are several aspects to consider. The effectiveness of your skateboard can be influenced by several factors, including its hardness, size, and shape. That being stated, I have compiled a list of some of the greatest aftermarket bushings available:

Bones Super Reds are the primary choice. Made from premium urethane, these bushings are reinforced to support even the heaviest riders. They are also among the most forgiving bushings available, making them ideal for beginners or anybody seeking a smoother, more comfortable ride. 

Additionally, Riptide Bushings are a fantastic choice. These bushings have a one-of-a-kind cone shape and are constructed from high-strength polyurethane.

Skateboard Truck Bushing Setup

To execute this work, you may need a few tools designed specifically for skateboarding, but installing new bushings on such a skateboard truck is a simple process. To begin, you will have to get rid of the old bushings. 

A screwdriver or a utility knife could be used to do this task. After that, you will need to use a drill bit or a file to remove debris from the old bushing holes. After the debris has been removed from the holes, the replacement bushings can be pressed into position.

In the end, you will have to reinsert the axle nuts but then tighten them up until you reach the level of resistance you were looking for. You will be able to replace the skateboard truck bushings in a flash with only a little bit of training and some experience.

What are some of the risks associated with replacing skateboard bushings yourself?

While many skateboarders opt to do it themselves, there are several potential dangers you should be informed of before attempting to change your bushings. First, you must pick bushings that are the correct size for your vehicles. The ride quality of your vehicles may improve if a bushing needs to be more appropriately sized.

In addition, the bushing will only last as long as it should if it is lubricated before installation. Finally, keep the axle nut tight, as this could result in stripped threads and make removing the bushing more challenging.

How to adjust skateboard bushings?

It would help if you started by removing the old bushings from your skateboard with a bushing removal tool. Remove it with a Phillips-headed screwdriver or a utility knife if you do not have a special tool. After the old bushings have been removed, you can clean out the corresponding holes inside the truck using a drill bit or even a file. Before pressing inside the new bushings, make sure the holes are clean.

And finally, put on the axle nuts and tighten them once you feel a good amount of resistance. Changing your skateboard truck bushings might improve its stability or turn radius. If the axle nuts are overtightened, the threads may be stripped, making it impossible to remove bushings in future.

How long do skateboard bushings last?

If you take good care of your skateboard and don’t wear out the bushings, they will last a long time. My deck’s original bushings are still strong after over three years. Urethane, used in skateboard bushings, is a long-lasting material. But urethane can be harmed if it is ground on abrasive surfaces.

Because of this, you should keep an eye on your bushings and replace them whenever they show indications of wear. Your skateboard truck bushings can endure for years if you take good care of them.

Do trucks come with bushings?

Bushings are not typically included as standard vehicle equipment; however, some manufacturers provide them as an aftermarket accessory option. Bushings can improve fuel efficiency in addition to lowering vibration and noise levels.

As a consequence of this, many people who own trucks find that they are an appealing alternative. On the other hand, they are quite pricey and not suitable for use with all kinds of trucks. Before acquiring bushings for a truck, it is essential to make sure that you have checked with the manufacturer first.

Bushing Combos

  • Barrel + Cone
  • Barrel + Barrel
  • Cone + cone

Barrel + Cone (Standard setup)

  • Offers a happy medium between stability and agility

Barrel + Barrel (Double barrel)

  • Offers greater stability with more rebound from extra urethane
  • Preferred by most downhill / freeride riders

Cone + Cone (Double cone)

  • Extremely turny and unstable
  • Supercrave

Common Bushing Shapes


  • Very versatile
  • Stable
  • Used for variety of shapes


  • Compress and decompress very quickly
  • Cones have less resistance than barrel

Skateboard bushings soft vs hard

Transitions and tighter turns benefit more from the use of harder bushings. Flips and grinds are more manageable on softer bushings. You should weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each option based on how you plan to use your skateboard.

Regarding skating, street skates benefit from harder bushings, while vert skates benefit more from softer bushings. A skater’s preference for wheel hardness is ultimately what matters.


To conclude, are skateboard bushings universal? Skateboard bushings are not universal. They are designed to fit particular decks and are available in various sizes and forms to accommodate those decks.

If you want to get new bushings with your skateboard, ensure you are familiar with the dimensions and contours of your deck. This will allow you to select the appropriate bushings for your board. If you follow a few easy instructions, you will soon shred like an expert in no time!


Are skateboard bushings universal?

Yes, most aftermarket bushings are designed to fit a variety of skateboard trucks. However, some truck manufacturers may require specific sizes and shapes for their bushings so it is best to double-check before purchasing any bushing replacements. 

What materials are skateboard bushings made from? 

Skateboard bushings typically come in two types of material – urethane and rubber. Urethane bushings are the most common type and provide more rebound, while rubber offers more stability. Both materials offer advantages depending on the rider’s style and preference. 

How often should I replace my skateboard bushings? 

It is recommended to replace your skateboard bushings every few months or depending on how often you ride. Worn-out bushings can affect the performance of your skateboard and make it difficult to control. It is important to inspect your bushings for signs of wear and tear and replace them when necessary. 

What size skateboard bushing should I get? 

The size of the bushings you need will depend on the type of trucks installed on your board. Generally, most aftermarket bushings are designed to fit standard truck sizes but it is best to measure the inner diameter of the existing bushing before purchasing a replacement. You may also want to consider getting a softer or harder bushing depending on your riding style. 

Is there a difference between standard and hard bushings? 

Yes, the hardness of skateboard bushings is measured using the durometer scale (A-scale). Harder bushings usually have a higher durometer rating, which means they are more resistant to compression and will offer more stability at high speeds. Soft bushings are designed to give you more control and can help absorb shock from hard landings. It is recommended to experiment with different types of bushings until you find the best option for your skating style.

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