How To Change Skateboard Wheels alone- Practical Guide

If you are searching for how to change skateboard wheels, you have come to the right place. You get complete information about changing skateboard wheel many people think that this is a difficult task, but it’s very easy and can be completed at home without any problem.

Without wasting your precious time. Let’s start!

When To Change Skateboard Wheels

If you notice that the wheel is not gripping well or feels slow, it’s time to change it. Keep an eye on your wheels for these signs:

  • The wheel gets dented easily. This happens because of hard landings and high speeds. Popsicle Wheels are more likely to get dented than others because they are wider and offer more surface area. If your wheels get dented, it will be hard for them to roll as smooth as before, and they might even feel like rocks.
  • The wheel starts feeling slow after a few weeks of use. If you notice your speed getting slower and slower over time, chances are it’s time to change your wheels.
  • The wheel starts feeling extremely grippy and sticky on your deck/flooring. If the wheels feel too “grabby,” it means you need new ones as these can lead to bad falls and speed wobbles.

If you notice any of these signs, then its time to change the skateboard wheel

Tips to change skateboard wheels

  • You should always wear safety gear when changing skateboard wheels. This means wearing long pants, long sleeves, gloves, and a helmet. Safety first!
  • When removing the old wheel from your skateboard, do so at the furthest point away from yourself to avoid getting injured or hurting the bearings.
  • You should always do this when you are Changing Skateboard Wheels with your bare hands. It is important to have the wheel’s axel in between your fingers. This will prevent you from getting injured if the wheel starts bucking or spinning while coming out of its hole.

Gather Tools

Here are the tools that you need before you start. 

  • Skate tool 
  • Tray 
  • Skateboard Trucks

Remove Wheels

Remove wheel

1. Put the key into the wheel and turn counterclockwise to pop it out of place. For those who ride regular or cruiser boards, you can use your fingers to pinch the bottom half of the wheel down while turning it up with your other hand.

2. If there is wax covering over the bearings, clean them off with a degreaser and your finger and dry with a rag. Please do not use any solvents unless it specifically made for cleaning the bearings.

3. If there is glue on the wheel, you can either purchase a special remover or just sand it off using an emery board or sandpaper.

4. To install, place the wheel back onto the bearing and add a bit of lubricant to ease the ride when it spins.

Remove Bearings

If you need to replace bearings or clean them, this is how it’s done. You should always inspect old bearings for signs of wear and tear before reinstalling and riding again.


1. Place the wheel in a vice (wrapped in a rag) and use a hammer to knock out the bearing by hitting the outside edge. You may need to hit it multiple times, but do not go at it like you’re driving a nail. Be patient and gentle!

2. Clean the old bearing with acetone or isopropyl alcohol and use an old rag to dry them off.

3. You can install new bearings using this tool or use your fingers. Drop the new bearing into its hole and tap it in with a hammer until snug.

4. To ensure you have the bearings at the correct depth, lift the wheel off the ground while spinning it slowly to ensure it does not catch on anything before using your skateboard again.

Insert Bearings into New Wheels

When you install new bearings into your wheel, make sure to push down on both sides of the bearing. You will hear a click when it is secure and in place.

1. Put the wheel onto the axle and add a bit of lubricant to ease wheel spin when you use it again. If there are no holes for lubricant, you can always use a q-tip and drip it between the inner and outer bearing.

2. Push your bearings in until they snap into place using the method mentioned above.

3. You don’t need to reinstall wax or glue unless you think there is a problem with the wheel’s performance.

Mount Wheels

How To Change Skateboard Wheels

1. Put the kingpin back into place and push it down until it locks in. To make sure you are pushing it incorrectly, lift one end of your board with one hand to see if the wheel spins without catching on anything (like your bearings). If there is resistance, you need to try again or lift the board from a different angle.

2. Once you have mounted your wheel, grab your skateboard and turn it, so the grip tape is facing you. Push forward on both ends of the deck to ensure no issues with the wheels catching onto anything before riding again.

3. If there aren’t any problems and everything is secure, you should be ready to skate.


Rotate Your Wheels

If you’re a skateboarder, then chances are the wheels on your board have taken a beating over time. If your wheels aren’t spinning as well as they used to, or if you want to switch things up and experiment with different wheel colors, you can easily change out the look of your board by changing out the sk8ter’s wheels.

Fix Flat Spots

You can fix the problem quickly if your deck is starting to get a flat spot after taking some hard landings. Remove your wheels and push back on any dents that might have formed on the bottom of the board.

Clean Your Wheels

If you have a large collection of skateboards, chances are the wheels on your boards might be filthy. It is easy if you want to clean up your dirty wheels and bring back that nice new shine to them. All it takes is some elbow grease and some soapy water to get things looking fresh again.

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