How To Change Bearings On A Skateboard- Replacing easy ways in 2023

When it comes to replacing the bearings in your skateboard wheels. There is a way that you can save yourself some hassle.

If they’ve already been broken in and have had plenty of use on them before their failure. Then this will be an easy fix as long as someone has access to new ones. The article “How To Change Bearings On A Skateboard” looks at how different skaters. Maintain their boards by buying replacement parts.

Or fixing what’s broken themselves with old but still serviceable hardware. Giving readers everything they need to know without needing any technical skills whatsoever. 

Why replacing bearings is essential.

Pushing your skateboard can be a lot more work when the bearings start to go. It means nailing tricks or bailing out of them for good.

The most important thing you need to keep in mind is that. If these shields come off and one shifts around on its axis. This could block wheels, making it dangerous.

Especially since sharp metal pieces may pierce through other parts nearby well. Fortunately, replacing both wheelsets with new ones isn’t too expensive.

But having an accident due to something wrong will cost money after everything has been said and done.

How to Remove Bearings on a Skateboard

Removing the wheels from your vehicle can be difficult. But if you have an Allen key or screwdriver, it will make life much easier. Ensure that when taking off one of these hubs on its hub – not both together. They are connected by some form of nylon cord to prevent them from completely falling apart. 

If possible, try using leverage by placing something between two bearings. Where there’s plenty of room for this because my axle isn’t too far away.

Use more than brute force; take turns applying pressure evenly around each side. Until finally hearing/seeing little rubber pieces popping out, which should tell us everything is released.

Generally speaking, you’ll have better luck with older or more settled bearings.

If one of your wheel’s bearings has become lodged at an angle that makes it difficult to remove by hand tools alone (or if they are too deeply seated), try levering the race back off from different angles.

Before resorting to forceps for extraction purposes, this can help avoid damage during removal while still notching up some progress. 

Installing New Bearings in Wheels

When installing new bearings in your wheel. Ensure that you install them with the same process as when setting a direction. Place one on top of each cutout and firmly press down into place. Make sure not to hit any obstacles along this way.  

Be extremely careful by getting rid of or hitting anything. Because both ends would have pieces fall off from being laser-cut plastic. Which can cause injury if they’re sharp enough for humans. To even touch it at all while working around home tools etc. 

How To Change Bearings On A Skateboard

Once finished tightening everything together using an Allen Key socket wrench. Aligning up evenly across its widths until snugging tightly, then turning clockwise slowly but steadily till tight/enjoy. 

How to screw the Nuts Easily

If you don’t have a torque wrench, it’s essential to put washers between each bearing and the corresponding part. To install these parts onto your skateboard trucks (the metal bars that hold poses), screw them all down tight with fingers first.

If possible, before adding more force from tools like pliers or wrenches as needed. Be careful when doing so since high-performance skaters discourage this method due to its potential for damaging certain types of equipment.

Please make sure the nuts are firmly tightening around these bearings. So they don’t move at all when you spin them. Spin each wheel ten times or more. Make sure not to overtighten any of them in fear that it will give out on your car later down the road.

Once finished doing this step. Make sure everything is working smoothly by spinning both front tires. While pressing against various points along its length with an index finger.

If there’s no resistance, something may have gone wrong during installation. This would be unfortunate given how expensive replacement is parts can get sometimes.

How To Change Bearings On A Skateboard

Before putting it away for good, the last thing should always include giving every bearing some severe back-and-forth rotation punctuated only periodically. That is How to Change Bearings on Skateboard works. 

It is possible to convert your current set of rims into trendy-looking ones with just a quick cleaning and re-lubing.

Lucky for you, we’ve got the process down pat. Before beginning, be sure that all metal parts – like nuts or bolts holding them on are removed. So they don’t get scratched up in an attempt at DIY conversion work.

Then it’s time to use denatured alcohol (found at any hardware store) mixed half & half with mineral oil. As their medium-weight motor oil substitute. While applying small handfuls around outer edge areas where new rubber will attach (i.e., tires)

Final Verdict

We hope this article will help you to know How to Change Bearings on a Skateboard easily. We have explained all the pros and cons of using the old bearings for an unlimited time. You are good enough with this information for a smooth ride now. 

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