How Much are Skateboard Bearings – Factors affecting prices

Before buying anything, we need to calculate the price of the product. While purchasing a perfect skateboard, we need first to get the price of different parts.

Most skateboards do not come with suitable quality bearings, and we need to keep them changing with time. How much are skateboard bearings? 

The price of skateboard bearings mainly depends on the type and material it is from. If you want an aluminum, carbon fiber, or steel bearing, your budget will likely change accordingly.

You should also know about average prices for different types like ceramic vs. ball-bearing, where less expensive options exist, but they may not last long enough before needing replacement.

Factors Calculating the Price of Skateboard Bearings

The Material Used in the Bearings:

Steel Material

Ball bearings are crucial to any equipment that requires precision rotation. They offer the high level of accuracy and consistency needed in most industrial applications.

Still, their downside is corrosion with exposure to dampness or moisture near rivers where rust may form more quickly than other areas on its surface area due to this circumstance alone.

Though it doesn’t happen often enough for concern at lower instances when compared side-by-side with cheaper quality. These types are made abroad without regulations about purity levels guaranteeing rates close enough similar to what you would find here locally if possible. 

The average price range will fall somewhere around $35-$50 per bearing depending upon the materials and quality. 

Ceramic Bearings

Ceramic bearings are designed to be extra durable, requiring less maintenance than steel ones. They’re also much more heat-resistant, which means that they’ll expand less when pressured or heated in order not to generate as much friction while your skateboard travels at higher speeds.

One other great feature about these fantastic materials is how well they stand up against moisture. If you happen to ride through rain occasionally, ceramic wheel mates can last for hours before rusting, even under wet conditions.

So it’s easy enough choosing them over others with price tags ranging anywhere between $10-$150 depending upon what kind of bearing you are willing to spend most of their money on at any given moment. Ceramic bearings offer the best quality at an average price of $50 for a set.

How Much Are Skateboard Bearings

The entire ceramic will give you the highest cost, about 30 dollars per bearing, depending on how many sets they want in their racquet bag or closet.

However, suppose we’re talking just one single ball-bearing. In that case, prices may vary significantly between companies and models because these parts can get pricey quickly when not purchased with another package deal. 

Titanium Bearings

If you are looking to buy a new set or need some more items on your shopping list, titanium bearings might be the perfect fit. At the same time, they can seem like an expense at first glance due to their high price tag and weight.

These durable metal types will last much longer than typical plastic counterparts while also functioning just as well in most situations without any fussing needed on behalf of users. 

Titanium’s benefits include its lightweight nature, which makes it easier for riders with disabilities; corrosion resistance means less maintenance work if anything happens between uses, so no worries there either); plus 100% quality materials mean long-lasting performance time after time. 

It is costly and challenging to process and shape as a raw material due to its hardness. Due to these reasons, manufacturers mainly cover other materials such as steel. The cost of a bearing is available.

How Much Are Skateboard Bearings

ABEC Ratings System

As you shop for bearings, you can continually assess tolerance with high precision using the ABEC scale. The ratings will increase as you go faster and turn more, which shows that these particular components can take some abuse.

There are five levels: ABEC 9, ABEC 7, ABEC 5, ABEC 3, ABEC 1

Branding of the Bearings

There are many high-quality skateboard bearings available. Brands like Bronson, Andale, and Bones have all improved the industry over time with their innovative designs that appeal to skaters everywhere. A great product can sometimes come from an unknown manufacturer, though.

Don’t just settle on price alone when shopping around for your next set of wheels or gear combo kit because there could be better options out there waiting just below what you think is best based on pricing alone, even if they seem more expensive. Be aware of every step during this buying process to avoid missing anything important, even something simple. 

What Is The Average Cost Of Skateboard Bearings?

Small skateboard bearing can be purchased for about 35 dollars. They come in different materials, ranging from steel to titanium and ceramic.

Each material has its set speed class rating. Which influences how quickly the wheels spin when you push down on them with your feet and determine durability. (the amount of time before it cracks).

The best bearings will cost more than average because they use higher quality components like Sealed Immune Bearings’ proprietary fusion. The bonding technology or porous Viton O-rings – both costly options make these top-tier products well worth their price tags.

The prices vary depending upon what brand is being used. But have been compiled at an average rate between shops selling equipment such as roller skates ($30-$80)

Should it be considered how much skateboard bearings cost for selecting the best skateboard bearings? 

There are a few things to consider when buying bearings for your skating board. The first is the type of riding style you’ll be doing with it, and how often will this happen? If it’s just used on occasion or not at all, then cheap steel locked-in roller skateboards work well enough.

However, if there’s any chance that someone might use their board frequently, then higher quality options should suit them better as they last longer before wearing down too much. The expensive ones break easily without even being used very heavily.

If you want to make sure your bearings last as long and are safe for use while skating. Then they must be of high quality, with cheaper items prone to breaking or causing other problems under pressure. The best choice would be better-quality ones. And who doesn’t love investment in their future?

Final Verdict

You might be wondering how much are skateboard bearings cost. At the end of this article, you can find a comprehensive list to help with your decision-making process. In addition to providing average prices for each category found on their site (bearings + bushings), they also have customizable options.

Hence, even if money isn’t an issue, there are plenty more features that should factor into choosing just what’s suitable for you. We are thankful to you for reading the article about how much are skateboard bearings. Stay connected with SkateVella. Good Luck

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