When Should I Replace My Skateboard Deck?

There is a proverb that states, “nothing lasts forever.” Even though you may have a lot of love for your skateboard decks, you must learn how to let go of them.

This article will explain what a skateboard deck is, answer your question about when should I replace my skateboard deck and how long it should skateboard deck last, and also provide information about the top skateboard decks currently available on the market.

Let us not waste any more time and jump right into it.

What Is A Skateboard Deck?

A deck is the structural backbone of a skateboard and arguably its most vital component. The deck bears your weight so you can park your wheels underneath it. Skateboard decks come in infinite colors, patterns, and materials, and grip tape is applied to the top.

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Skaters are partial to decks with dope artwork or sleek designs for increased speed (but still sturdy).

Many young skaters will have learned the basics of the sport by playing Tony Hawk’s Professional Skater video games, which feature hundreds of customizable skate decks rather than blank skateboard decks. The importance of a good deck is immediately apparent after witnessing Tony Hawk land the first ever 900.

Choosing The Right Skateboard Deck

Skateboards can be outfitted with a deck in a wide range of styles. Most skateboarders prefer to use shortboards.

However, longboards (sometimes known as cruisers) are acceptable for casual riding. One may perform a wider variety of tricks with greater ease on these shorter, lighter boards.

There will be heelflips, grinds, kickflips, other tricks from street riders, big spins, flips, and other acrobatics from vert riders.

A shortboard is essential for any skater who wants to get into advanced maneuvers like these because they are more challenging to perform on a longboard or cruiser. You should only worry a little about getting the perfect deck for your skateboard if you are already an expert.

Nonetheless, there is a plethora of alternatives to think about. Many characteristics, including width, length, material, concave, and shape, affect the riding experience.

If you skate frequently, you should check your board for signs of wear, especially in the nose, tail, and sides. The wear and tear on your board could be accelerated by riding in cold or rainy conditions.

What size of skateboard do I need?

Choosing a skateboard of the proper size is essential for various reasons. The width, however, is the most crucial dimension. That is because both a too-wide and a too-narrow board will become problematic. If your stance is inclusive, you will be using excessive force.

That will make riding more of a chore, and tricks will be nearly impossible. If the road is too narrow, you cannot ride safely or comfortably.

As a rule of thumb, a width of 7.5 “Most adult and teen riders should aim for a speed of or higher. 8 “boards with a broader width is sometimes associated with a more retro aesthetic and can be beneficial for vert tricks. 

Why replacing the skateboard deck is essential?

But you are putting yourself at risk of serious injury by delaying the replacement of your deck. The item’s overall durability declines with time. Pressure fractures in a deck might cause it to break in two if it is not replaced when the time comes.

It is possible to sustain catastrophic injuries from a fall of this magnitude. You risk injuring your ankle, arm, or even more severely.

As soon as you outlive your deck, its edges, corners, and chips will become more noticeable. You also pose a risk to others with a worn and damaged deck.

You will likely hurt your ankle, shin, or Achilles tendon, if not worse. How long do skateboard trucks last? You will not need to replace your wheels and trucks as often as your skateboard deck because they tend to last longer.

Surprising as it may be, many skaters prefer to use blank skateboard decks. Not only are they less expensive, but if you do tricks frequently, you will probably end up rubbing off all the excellent graphics.

How often should you replace your skateboard deck?

You may be startled to learn that you must replace your deck every two to three months if you skate daily. The chances of getting poorly hurt are much higher if you do that.

If you are simply an occasional skater, you might not need to buy a new skateboard deck for another four months. If you only go on cruises occasionally, you might only wear out your deck once every several years.

Full pipes or bowls for you? Therefore, you should only replace your deck once every six to twelve months. It is because your board will last longer on smoother surfaces. In addition, you can skate on these surfaces with far less concern about damaging your board.

How long do skateboard decks last?

It may be shocking to learn, but serious skaters must get a new deck every 2 weeks. On the other hand, cruisers have decks that will likely last a year or two – especially if they are just casually skating on an infrequent basis.

The business has also evolved as stronger decks are available – see our list of the 10 best

in this article for examples.

These decks will have fiberglass or carbon – which increases the lifespan substantially. However, the downside is that these boards are almost always more expensive. 

Traditional maple boards have gotten very cheap, making replacing your skate deck less hassle.

Why does skateboarding lose its pop?

Skateboarding’s “pop” culture is difficult to define. It refers to the air and snap available from a given deck. Unsurprisingly, a brand-new board will have the most oomph, while a used one will be completely worn out.

The difference in quality between a newly designed tennis ball and one used for six months is analogous to the two states.

The normal deterioration of a skateboard from skating causes it to lose its pop. The pop in a board disappears after 5 million landings because the wood undergoes compression and expansion.

How long does pop last on a skateboard?

Pop also on board is nearly nonexistent at the exact time, as a deck needs modification. This is because both of these effects are related. This is because both elements are associated with regular wear and tear.

The amount of time that pop remains on a board can range from two weeks to two years. Skaters who ride shortboards seriously may only have two weeks before they need a new board, whereas riders who ride longboards casually will not often need a new deck for 12–24 months.

Do skateboards break easily?

Sure, even the board with the best engineering can only withstand a certain amount of stress. For instance, if a man weighing 180 pounds landed directly on a board, the laws of physics would finally prevail in this scenario.

If you perform many stunts, the board will break even more quickly. If you ride on your longboard, on the other hand, you will not damage the decks.

Best Skateboard Decks


Do you want a superb skate deck that many customers have praised? You do not need to explore further because this is the perfect deck.

It is also available at a very reasonable price. This indicates that you can acquire 20 of these and not worry about the possibility of breaking a couple of them. It strongly suggested, and without a doubt, the best option.


This maple deck has such a fantastic design, is available in various colors, and can be reasonably priced. In addition, it has received a lot of praise from customers.

Critics have mentioned that in addition to a lot of pop, this deck comes with many cards, so make sure to put your all into this endeavor (or worst)—another excellent option, which might have won the best overall.


This vintage model features one of our favorite Santa Cruz deck designs. In addition to that, its construction is solid, and it can easily withstand any skating activity you may throw at it. Skateboard tricks? Check! High Speeds?

The answer is no. Although the fantastic design causes it to be more expensive, we believe the additional cost is justified. Critics have also mentioned that this deck has excellent pop; therefore, take advantage of it and enjoy the ride.


This well-reviewed deck from Moose is a marvel of construction. It comes in 10 different sizes and is made with premium 7-ply maple wood. It is also very affordable, so if you split one, replacing it is relatively inexpensive.

A good choice for beginners and experts alike. Also, warping should be fine with this deck.


The manufacturers of these bamboo skateboard decks claim that their product is superior to that made from maple wood in terms of both strength and weight. Thanks to its cutting-edge visuals, overwhelmingly positive user reviews, and eco-friendly construction, it is another top selection.

It is easy to use and inexpensive, making it perfect for novices. But, more experienced skaters may prefer a fiberglass or carbon hybrid board because of its extra durability compared to cheaper boards.


When should I replace my skateboard deck?

You should replace your skateboard deck when it becomes worn down or damaged beyond repair, or when it starts to affect the performance of your skating.

What are some signs that my skateboard deck needs to be replaced?

Signs that your skateboard deck needs to be replaced include razor tail, chips or cracks in the deck, warped or twisted shape, and reduced pop or responsiveness.

How often should I replace my skateboard deck?

The frequency of skateboard deck replacement depends on a variety of factors, including how often you skate, the types of terrain you skate on, and your skating style. As a general rule, skateboard decks typically last anywhere from several months to a year.

Can I still use my skateboard deck if it has a small chip or crack?

It is not recommended to continue using a skateboard deck with a chip or crack, as this can compromise the integrity of the deck and potentially cause it to break during use.

What should I look for when selecting a new skateboard deck?

When selecting a new skateboard deck, look for a size and shape that feels comfortable and suitable for your skating style. Also consider the material and construction of the deck, as well as the brand and reputation of the manufacturer.

Do I need to replace my skateboard trucks and wheels at the same time as the deck?

You do not necessarily need to replace your skateboard trucks and wheels at the same time as the deck, as long as they are still in good condition and functioning properly. However, it is often recommended to replace all components at the same time for optimal performance.


In conclusion, maintain your skateboard correctly; there is no exact answer to when should I replace my skateboard deck.

Skaters who put in a lot of hours on the board may consider replacing their decks every two weeks because of the risk of pressure fractures and warping from wet conditions. Once every year or two if you are a cruiser.

How you move around on skates depends on whether you are doing tricks or cruising. Skateboard decks must be replaced significantly more frequently for severe skaters due to increased wear and tear.

If you want to avoid flat tires, check your wheels regularly. If you regularly throw your board in a lateral direction, you may need to replace it every few months.

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