Best Wheels For Bowl Skateboarding- tried and tested in 2023


Buying the best wheels for bowl skateboarding set-up is important. Wheels come in different sizes, durometers, and core placements. You want to make sure you get the right size wheels for your deck, the right hardness (durometer) to match your skating style, and that the core placement is compatible with your trucks. This guide will help you understand all of these factors so you can make an informed decision when selecting your next set of the best wheels for bowl skateboarding .

There is a range of different wheel sizes available, so selecting the right size for your individual needs is essential.

If you’re new to bowl skating, it might be good to start out with a smaller wheel size to get the best wheels for bowl skateboarding. Work your way up as you become more experienced.

When choosing the best wheel for skateboarding according to its size, it’s also essential to consider the type of bowl you’ll be skating in. Some bowls are narrower than others, so you’ll need smaller or bigger wheels depending on the bowl’s dimensions.

They are generally smaller in size than those used for skating on flat surfaces. When sliding on bowl surfaces, you need more control, and smaller wheels provide more accuracy.

Read ahead to learn more about these fantastic little machines called “bowl” skating Wheels. 

Best Wheels for Bowl Skateboarding In 2022 Reviews

Here are some tips and what to look for when picking the best wheels for bowl Skateboarding. Sure, the wheels I listed work, but don’t take my word for it. There are a few caveats.

1. Spitfire Formula Four Conical Full

Best Wheels For Bowl Skateboarding
  • Wheel Profile: Extra wide, lots of grips
  • Wheel Shape: Conical Full Shape, better lockings
  • Recommended size: 54mm, 56mm, 58mm
  • Recommended durometer: Wood: 97A – Sticky concrete – 101A – Slippery concrete – 97A or 99A
  • Purpose: All-around bowl skating, mini ramp, skate parks

When it comes to finding the perfect wheels for your bowl skateboard, one of the most important things is choosing an appropriate size. The best bowls will have a 56mm radius and 97A durometer (grippy concrete).

Go ahead if you want something more on top, like a 54-58 mm radius with harder tires. The conical full is a broader version of the average skateboard wheels.

It provides you with better balance and control while pumping, which means that it takes longer to pump but allows for more stability when doing tricks on your board.

Softer versions are more accessible because they require less force from riders who want an edge in competition or have lighter feet than others.”

  • Strong Grip
  • Contact patches are great
  • No unexpected slides
  • Not suitable for street sliding

2. Santa Cruz Vomit Mini 2 Slime Balls 97A

Best Wheels For Bowl Skateboarding
  • Wheel Profile: Slim
  • Wheel Shape: Conical
  • Recommended size: 54mm, 56mm
  • Recommended Durometer: 95A or 97A for slippery bowls
  • Purpose: Carving bowls

While the Vomit Mini 2 is ideal for those who want to skate both parks and streets, it’s also great if you only have space or budget constraints. The asymmetrical wheels allow me (and my 50-the 50s) more options when practicing tricks on coping surfaces like ledges–I love how they look.

The combination of a rounded and conical shape on the outside creates optimal airflow for skating bowls, but not streets or parks. Try our new tweaked design for those who want both styles combined in one deck.

It has been proven effective so far without any issues to report back yet though we are still testing different things out, such as materials, etcetera. Stay tuned

  • Asymmetrical Shape
  • Rounded Shape Helps To Increase Your Grinding 
  • Pocket Friendly
  • Less Grip

3. Spitfire Classics

Best Wheels For Bowl Skating
  • Wheel Profile: Slim
  • Wheel Shape: Rounded
  • Recommended size: 54mm, 56mm
  • Recommended Durometer: 97A for slippery bowls – 99A for slick concrete – 101A for grippy concrete
  • Purpose: Carving bowls and more technical coping tricks that require locking in.

99A classics may be the best option if you’re looking for a durable, long-lasting pair of skates. Compared to softer conical rinks like 97-99 A-class, they have increased traction, but it’s not at an uncomfortable level, so they should work well on any surface. 

If your preference lies with more complicated surfaces, then pick up some Spitfires making them The best Wheels For Bowl Skating.

These will give outstanding performance in both skate parks and concrete bowls alike because their slim contact patch makes them ideal while still providing excellent grip when riding downhill without sacrificing too many slides.

  • Great for street and parks bowl
  • Great for tricks
  • good balance
  • Stable
  • Thin contact patch
  • No grip

4. Powell Peralta Park Ripper II Wheels

Best Wheels For Bowl Skating
  • Wheel Profile: Extensive
  • Wheel Shape: Conical
  • Recommended size: 54mm
  • Recommended Durometer: They only come in 84B
  • Purpose: Carving rough bowls

Powell Peralta’s Park Formula 83mm wheels are perfect for skating concrete bowls. The retro artwork on these rippers gives them a very stylish look, and apart from that, they have better maneuverability.

The shape provided by their urethane material makes it easier when turning at high speeds or trying tricks in tight spaces because of how concave each lip is designed with 84B durometers (104A). Great choice if you’re looking for some good quality skate gear.

Park Ripper IIs are great for everyone, regardless of their experience level. They’re super performance and look great with an excellent design to match. 

The 60mm diameter makes them perfect if you want an old skateboard or dirt board as well, but there are also other options available, including 54 mm-56 MM that will work well on any surface from beginner best wheels for your bowl skateboarding up to expert bowl skaters,

So don’t let price keep you FROM skating today because it won’t be regretful at all when trying out these bad boys especially since they come highly recommended by most pro riders who use this type of wheel. 

  • Smooth Ride
  • Durable and Fast Ride
  • Great Pick up
  • Low chance of sliding
  • No complaint has been taken

5. Bones ATF Rough Riders 56mm/80A

Best Wheels For Bowl Skating
  • Wheel Profile: Extensive
  • Wheel Shape: Conical
  • Recommended size: 56mm
  • Recommended Durometer: They only come in 80A
  • Purpose: Carving rough and worn bowls

Bones Rough Riders will have your back when the gnarly bowls of life get you down. These guys offer a vast contact patch, and at 80A, they ignore virtually every crack or rough spot in whatever bowl recipe that gets thrown at them. Not only do these smooth-riding wheels keep things running smoothly on most surfaces. 

Suppose there’s something specific about which grip type we need for certain environments (like skate parks versus streets). In that case, their versatility allows us to optimize our ride no matter where it occurs – even outside under moonlight while cruising around town doing tricks before bedtime.

  • Plastic Core Makes Them Faster
  • Great For Those That Ride Worn Parks
  • Great For Cruising Around And Carving A Bowl
  • Push hard
  • Bouncy nature

6. Spitfire Formula Four Conical

Best Wheels For Bowl Skating
  • Wheel Profile: Wide enough for stability and more technical skating
  • Wheel Shape: Conical Shape
  • Recommended size: 54mm, 56mm
  • Recommended Durometer: 99A for slick concrete/ 101A for grippy concrete
  • Purpose: Carving bowls and coping tricks, at 53mm and 54mm, you can take them to the park.

The Spitfire Formula Four Conical solves my problem. With less effort, these wheels have a good combination of the broader contact patch, speed, and locking in coping tricks.

The best part about these skateboards is how versatile they can be. I use them often when skating on concrete because it’s very grippy but still allows me enough comfort.

While making sharp turns at high speeds through wood bowls or other tight spaces that would otherwise cause discomfort due to lackadaisical riding styles.

  • Great for the more technical bowl skater
  • Suitable for mini ramps
  • Perfect for any surface
  • Long-lasting wheels
  • Ideal for parks and bowls
  • Grip is week
  • Heavy on pocket

7. Bones SPF P5 84B

Best Wheels For Bowl Skating
  • Wheel Profile: Medium
  • Wheel Shape: Conical
  • Recommended size: 54mm, 56mm
  • Recommended Durometer: 84B for grippy concrete
  • Purpose: Carving quality bowls 

The Bones SPF P5 are fast, don’t flat spot, and I love how they lock in. If you’re used to a slower wheel, then your reaction might be “Wow.” when hitting them for the first time – especially if that was on an epoxy surface.

This is because these hard wheels require less pumping, which means there’s no wear on our hands or arms from having too much power go into spinning.

Something so significant while being pulled along by gravity at its most sluggish pace (not saying anything about mountains). Despite their moniker as being ‘epic, they aren’t that difficult once mastered; really easy sliding back onto track just requires some effort.

  • Pocket Friendly
  • Great for mini ramps
  • Fastest wheel
  • No complaint yet

Ideal Size of Wheels is Best for Bowl Skating?

Wheels are arguably the most critical part of a skateboard, as this is what keeps your board running. The wheels themselves and their size (measured in millimeters), it has been shown that there’s an ideal range between 54mm-60 mm. 

This will provide you with just enough responsiveness for Bowl Skating but not too much speed or acceleration when skating on traditional surfaces such as pavement, etc. When it comes to finding the perfect wheels for your bowl skateboard, one of the most important things is choosing an appropriate size. 

The best bowls will have a 56mm radius and 97A durometer (grippy concrete). Go ahead if you want something more on top, like a 54-58 mm radius with harder tires.

Choosing the Best Wheels for Bowl Skateboarding?

So, what are the best wheels for bowl skating? The answer to this question is not as easy. A lot goes into selecting your perfect set of bowling shoe(s), and it all starts with finding out how big they should be.

As we discussed earlier in our guide, size-adjusted clothing sizes come into play when buying shoes or other sports equipment.

So make sure you know strictly which category applies before going shopping because there isn’t one single type available from every manufacturer, even though some may seem similar at first glance. 

Harder wheels are better for bowl skating. The durometer of 96A to 99 is ideal because these more complex surfaces focus more on drag instead grip-which you need when doing tricks in a round space with a limited area like an open-air skate park.

You can also check out bearings before buying by looking at how smoothly they roll across the ground or if there’s any shaving paint along their edges (this sometimes happens).

Setups for Bowl Skateboarding

When skating in a pool or bowl, it is crucial to have the right equipment. The deck of your skate should be as wide and loose to gain speed quickly with little effort on takeoff.

If tight trucks come off while gliding, then there’s not enough space for optimum control, making slows easier than they need be especially when combined with harder wheels at 56mm diameter – but this also allows us more momentum towards our destination. 

58 mm sounds enormous (and yes, it really does help) because these larger dimensions allow skaters faster top end mph speeds without sacrificing any power through turns, etc

What are the main setups from different brands: 

  • Independent Stage 11 – 149
  • 1/8″ shock pads
  • A Powell Peralta Flight deck (like the mellow concave and shape, but it’s a bit too expensive)
  • The Bronson G3 bearings
  • For grippy concrete, you may prefer Spitfire Classics 56mm/99A / Spitfire Full Conical 56mm/99A / or Bones SPF p5/84B
  • Tape for gripping the mobile (extra grip will be needed.)

With the right equipment and preparation, skating bowls is an enjoyable experience. To help you get ready for your next session on wheels, I’ve put together a few tips to make it easier.

Wider Deck

Why a more expansive deck and larger wheels are essential for bowl skating

You indeed need the right equipment to succeed at this type of skateboarding, but it begins with your own board. 

A good quality utilized in whatever size (even if length) will make all difference when pressed 12 times less, leading to deformation and warped boards.

It would also help tremendously if possible to have an even curve along each edge instead of having them flat against one another because concaves offer more stability while going down hills and making turns.

To make your riding experience as enjoyable and safe as possible, it’s essential to choose a board that will suit all of your needs.

A good rule of thumb when shopping for the perfect size is 8 1/2″ wide; if you’re tall or have huge feet like me (size 13), look no further than 9″. It might seem too big at first, but once I learned how to ride, my new more expansive deck made things so much easier.

To make your riding experience as enjoyable and safe as possible, it’s essential to choose a board that will suit all of your needs. A good rule of thumb when shopping for the perfect size is 8 1/2″ wide; if you’re tall or have huge feet like me (size 13), look no further than 9″.

It might seem too big at first, but once I learned how to ride, my new, more expansive deck made things much more manageable.

Trucks for Bowl Skating

There’s no denying it: bowls are a lot of fun. If you’re looking to take your skating up another notch, consider investing in some high-end trucks from Venture and Indy brands. 

Like Thunder hockey gear for street skaters who want better control when they go off-road or Indys, which offer even more responsiveness. Due to the added leverage provided by their longer axle tubes (which make them perfect if we will be riding our board around town).

It would be best if you also used larger wheels; an 8 1/2″ inch width works excellent with both park AND cruising settings on terrain ranging between flat sidewalks all way down hillsides covered largely grassy balds.

Bearings for Bowl Skating

You might want to consider some quality bearings if you look for the best performance. I recently tested Bronson ceramics, and the guys were fast but not worth their price tag, Skated Super Swiss a while ago, but somehow these don’t perform well after 2-3 months of use. 

Probably due partly because there’s always dust around here slowing me down. It seems like all blades become slower as time goes on, so make sure yours last by buying new ones often (or upgrading) sooner rather than later.

Bushings for Bowl Skating

The minute I go bowl skating, it’s like my trucks will never be able enough. They feel too loose and wobbly even on flat ground – but if you’re not a great skater, then this might not matter as much. 

My friend, who also has medium bones, found that Bones’ hardcore bushings helped him significantly by eliminating any tweaking of the truck mount at all, which saved time/frustration in getting things dialed right again quickly after tuning up. 

He says they were straightforward compared to side entry or other types since there wasn’t much adjuster movement needed before finalizing adjustments; plus, these babies come stock with the super low rebound, so there is no need.

If you’re not sure which wheel size is best for you, it’s always a good idea to ask for advice from someone who’s more experienced in bowl skating. With the right set of wheels, you’ll be able to enjoy this exciting and challenging skateboarding discipline safely and with confidence.

The importance of an excellent bowl-shaped skateboard is undeniable. These boards offer tricks and slides that can’t be done on any other type of terrain but concrete, making them popular among skaters who want something different from traditional streets or ramps.

But what about the wheels? You need special ones for this style since they don’t have much kickback when you push off with your feet – perfect if we’re talking 1080s.

Large Size of wheels

Go with the best if you want to ride your board like it’s on wheels. Full disclosure- I recommend choosing between 58mm or 80A durometer Bones SPF P5 and Conical shape for super grip. If wood bowls are more priority than suitable slides, choose anything else.

The correct size is crucial because without enough lip at slower speeds bumping into walls will happen more often than not, which isn’t exactly fun when riding outside where there can be sharp edges everywhere, too – so make sure they’re soft enough (like 95+), wide.

The wheels I ride make me feel more confident on the board, but if you want to go fast, then higher numbers are better. Spitfire Conical Full 56mm/97A is what helped my speed while still providing a good grip with more complicated surface streets or snowboarding downhills.

I highly recommend getting these types of skateboard tires for any person who wants an all-around product that will work in most situations – even though they may be slower than other options out there today.”

Mob Grip Tape

I’m usually a Jessup guy, but I noticed that my feet weren’t sticking to the deck as much when riding indoors on dusty bowls. So instead of using Mob Grip Tapes for indoor skating and racing outside in races with dust everywhere or even after practicing at home by yourself where there’s more traction from floor matting etc., use Jessup if you ride mainly outdoors.

I do think this change was worth it, though–the difference between having good grip all around versus just above your shoes seems minimal enough without ever experiencing anything less than perfect adhesion while faster speed.

FAQs Related To Best Wheels For Bowl Skateboarding

Why Small Wheels Are Not Recommended

If you’re not in shape or used to pushing hard, don’t ride anything smaller than 54mm. It will take more effort and make it harder for your body’s muscles to get a good workout because they have less time to focus on each individual muscle group while riding with small wheels. 

56 – 58 millimeters are recommended and quality bearings. Not only does this require us as riders put our entire force into turning the pedals instead of just using arm power.

If we were riding a more extensive wheel setup, but there isn’t enough traction available from these tight confines when trying something new. Hence, beginners often fall off numerous times before finally getting what was supposed to.

Different Types Of Bowls & Wheel Type

Some factors might influence the type of wheels that work: 

Concrete Bowls

Some bowls can be slippery depending on the concrete formula used and require a softer wheel. Cracks and wear from the environment also need a less disruptive surface. So it doesn’t cause instability, but if it is not too bad, you could ride dirtier or harder types than usual.

This will compensate for any grip loss caused by smoothness in your bowl’s surface due to traffic patterns near busy roads (or other environmental factors). Concrete surfaces tend towards being fast–grippy—which makes them perfect skateboarding terrain.

Wooden Bowls

Bowls made of wood are typically more slippery and require wheels with a firm grip. Go more prominent, primarily when they’re located in an old building.

You know how dust gets everywhere—it can also hurt your hands if you don’t wear gloves or keep them clean at all times (donations welcome).

What Age is Perfect to Start Bowl Skating?

The sport of bowl skating is best started early. Yes, you can learn to skate at any age, and there might have been many older skaters who are already doing so, but your experience will never be like one that began their training in youth or during early adulthood – this goes for both males AND females.

At 50+, it becomes even more essential to take precautions because injuries happen much less frequently than they do while younger; however, don’t forget about wearing protective gear whenever possible, regardless if we’re talking former athletes such as myself (a certified pro)

Final Verdict

Wheels are the key to success when it comes down to how you want your board to perform. There are different styles out there for every kind of skater.

Still, among all these options, the best wheels for bowl skateboarding seems like a perfect mid-point allowing users to do tricks at once while also making things easy enough so beginners can learn alongside them if needed too. 

One thing about wheels that was made very clear in our article The Best Wheels For Bowl Skating was their significant role in this style.

Powell Peralta is the best on the list. We hope that reading through everything carefully and researching further than what was originally stated above may give anyone who still has questions regarding which type or size would work well with themselves.

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