The 10+ Best Skateboard Decks for POP in 2023

If you love to perform stunts while skating and are more interested in street skating, you should buy the best skateboard decks for pop. Decks with no pop are difficult to perform tricks. 

If you are a beginner and also like to execute stunts and tricks during skating, you must be looking for skateboard decks with pop. 

What do we mean by POP?

Pop is a popular stunt that skateboarders do. When skaters jump over the obstacles or perform tricks, it is called pop. Pop is the effect of kicking the tail of the skateboard towards the ground to drive the board into the air. 

Pop is done in all skating disciplines, but it is more popular in street skating. Pop improves the performance. That is why professional skateboarders always look for ways to increase pop. 

Here in this article, you will find every detail about the pop, its maintenance, and a list of the best skateboard decks for pop. We have compiled every detail that we think will help you in your skating journey. 

Best Skateboard Decks for POP Reviews – Buying Guide

1. Anti-Hero Classic Eagle

Best Skateboard Decks For POP

Anti-Hero classic eagle is an attractive deck that will certainly catch your attention. The designs are amazing that; you will like them for sure. 

It has a very classic shape and size. The kick tails are moderately pitched to do outstanding ollies, and medium concave is perfect for performing tricks. 

It is a stronger deck yet lightweight. This is suitable for every skill level and so is the Best Skateboard Deck for POP. Anti-Hero classic edge is a versatile deck with loads of pop. 

It’s a solid skateboard for its price. I like that it has 7-ply Canadian maple and pre-drilled holes, as these two things make me confident in the durability of my new board; after all, who wants to risk breaking something when they can just go buy another one?

It sure does hold up well during impacts from pops or ollies without hesitation. All while keeping you safe (and stable) throughout your session on this thing.

There are no worries about slipping because grip tape isn’t included but don’t worry since most people already have some lying around either way if you’re Looking For A Good Skateboard At An Affordable Price from my side. 

  • Great Graphics and looks
  • Suitable for every level
  • Lightweight  
  • DurableMedium Concave
  • Best for ollies and flip tricks
  • You have to buy Grip Tape Separately. 

2. Bamboo Skateboards Blank Skateboard Deck

Best Skateboard Decks For POP

If you want great pop, a bamboo deck is for you. These boards are lighter and more flexible than maple wood. 

Besides offering excellent pop, bamboo skateboards are eco-friendly. If you want to have a smooth ride with good pop and also want to save your environment by saving maple trees, then bamboo is the one you should get. 

The plus point of this deck is that you can customize it according to your taste. This Bamboo Skateboards Blank Laser-cut Perspex Board is a nice canvas to pour in your creative juices. Sand it down, paint with acrylic, and you’re ready for anything. 

This Best Skateboard Decks for pop on this board stands out as a crisp snap when I fly around the halfpipe or swag 360 flips while skating over rough terrain. It’s no surprise that bamboo’s shock absorption properties seem better than maple because they last longer, so ladies, if you’re looking not just for style but also performance, then look no further. 

For those who love deep concave, this board is exactly for you. I can assure you, from my personal experience. 

  • Incredible pops
  • Smooth
  • Environment Friendly
  • Great shock absorption
  • Lightweight and durable
  • If someone doesn’t like deep concave, this is not for them.

3. Chocolate Skateboards Original Chunk 

Best Skateboard Decks For POP

Chocolate is another famous brand in the skateboard industry. Since 1994 it has been manufacturing high-quality and unique boards. 

The size of the deck is perfect, and its concave makes it easy to perform rigorous tricks. It is also strong and long-lasting. It also absorbs the pressure quite well. 

It is suitable for all skill levels and offers quite amazing pop and stability, making it safe and comfortable to ride. 

I am one happy customer. Skating on this board is a dream come true for me. The durability and quality are top-notch, as advertised by the many satisfied customers who have reviewed it online.

I can attest to their claims myself because mine does not seem like anything special at first glance. Either way, you look into these things, but sometimes beauty lies in simplicity.

  • The best Skateboard deck for pops is known for its high quality and style
  • I like the size and concave just right
  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • Superior-quality wood 
  • It offers stability for a safe and comfortable ride
  • The availability of products is low. 

4. Aware Hybrid 7-ply Hybrid pro-Skateboard Deck ONLY

Best Skateboard Decks For POP

If you are not sure which skateboard deck to get, you should go for hybrid ones, and Aware hybrid is the best choice when it comes to hybrid decks. 

Aware hybrid is a 7 ply board with 5 layers of Canadian maple wood and 2 layers of bamboo. This great combination makes it stronger, durable, and more flexible with amazing pop. 

It is medium concave and ideal for street riding because it is comfortable and easy to ride. 

The Aware Hybrid Skateboard Deck is a one-of-a-kind deck that has five layers of Canadian Maple and two layers of bamboo. The unique selling point about this product is its hybrid capabilities, which allow for more durability while still providing incredible pops.

 I love how it looks; with natural grain divisions in clear varnish on top iced over smooth grip felt beneath my hands when riding around town or at school–it really stands out from other decks because people notice them right away due to their stunning design features such as cutting patterns found throughout these creations by designers who know what they’re doing (I think.).

  • A robust, durable hybrid deck
  • Pop music at its best
  • Perfect medium concave
  • Great finish
  • Ensures a comfortable, steady riding experience
  • The brand’s email address and phone number could not be found.

5. Enjoi White Panda Logo R7 

Best Skateboard Decks For POP

Enjoi is a famous and reliable brand. The Enjoi white panda logo R7 comes in 31 inches in length and 7.75 inches in width. 

It is made of maple wood. It is durable and light in weight. It is light and has incredible pop as it is easy to flip. This is appropriate for beginners as well as professionals. 

The trucks of this board are made up of high-quality materials that should last you for years. The steel kingpins and axles, pivot cups, and bushings all come first-rate. At the same time, Abec 5 bearings make it ideal even if beginners or intermediates want to give skateboarding a try. 52mm 99A wheels work best on streets.

Still, they may be too small so consider what else is required depending upon preference before buying them individually instead? It comes assembled out yet again, giving customization options with ease–just change whatever parts need changing according to as desired since there’s no wrong answer here. 

As a result, Best Skateboard Decks for pop it is very easy for beginners to assemble, making it ideal for learning how the board works and its components.

  • Nice graphics
  • It gives noticeably smoother pops and ollies
  • Both heavy-duty and lightweight
  • It is easy to assemble
  • Some seasoned skaters might not be able to use bearings

6. CCS Logo Blank 

Best Skateboard Decks For POP

CCS is a premium skateboard deck brand that offers the product at a very affordable price. Their boards are not only affordable but of high quality. 

The width is7.5 to 8.5 inches, and the length is 32 inches. It is also available for kids with 7 inches in width and 27.7 inches in length. 

It is made from high-quality maple wood. These decks have quite decent pop.

If you have a low budget and are a beginner, this board is specifically for you.

This complete beginner skateboard set is perfect for those who are just getting into this whole “skating” thing. It has all the tools you need and more, including a toolkit with spare parts so that even your grip tape can be replaced easily. 

The trucks came loose during shipping, but there’s no problem because of how well-built these boards seem – I only needed to tighten up some screws once my hubby helped me out (he loves us wrenching.). And speaking of smooth glides. The bearings kept things moving nicely without any hiccups or screeching sounds, unlike other brand name decks we’ve tried before, where sometimes they’ll lose traction right away. 

  • Trusted and reliable brand 
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Complete and ready to use
  • It gives excellent pops and smooth rides
  • Stable and flexible
  • A bit of a snag with the trucks

7. Baker Skateboard Deck

Best Skateboard Decks For POP

Baker is another good name in the skateboard industry. It comes in 8.25 inches in width and 32 inches in length. If you are looking for a board with good pop, Baker is a good choice. 

It is made with 7 ply maple, which means it’s strong and will last longer. Also, it does come with pre-drilled holes, which are easy to assemble. The shape and design of the deck are standard, and it is appropriate for every skill level. 

This Baker board has that perfect, mellow concave, and nice classic shape. It makes me feel one with the board as I am able to do cleaner ollies. The lightweight construction allows for easy lugging around–I take it anywhere, so my flips are always fresh wherever we go.

  • Suitable for crisp pops 
  •  perfect, mellow, concave, and classic shape
  • Carry-friendly
  • All the other components must be purchased

8. Toy Machine Monster 

Best Skateboard Decks For POP

Toy Machine is known for its durability, firm pop, exceptional graphics, and extraordinary shape. The eccentric design of this deck catches everyone’s attention. 

It is made of 7 ply maple wood, which means it will last longer and is strong. The construction of the deck is more stable and is suitable for beginners and professionals.

The top layer of the board has a reinforcement panel for extra strength. It also comes with pre-drilled holes, which means assembly is very easy and hassle-free. 

The board construction is far superior to others. This skateboard has a reinforcement panel on the top ply layer for extra endurance and pre-drilled holes so you can put it together quickly.

The guys at this company are also super helpful if something comes up while purchasing or shipping your product–they’ll be there within 24 hours every time without fail.

  • Ionic Graphics
  • Easily Assembled
  • Great Customer Support
  • Durable Quality
  • Grip Tape is not present in the package

9. Moose Blank Skateboard Deck – Premium 7-Ply Maple 

Best Skateboard Decks For POP

Moose is another good skateboard deck brand. This particular deck comes in a natural finish, and you can customize it according to your choice. 

It is made with 7 layers of Canadian maple wood. It is lightweight and strong. The durability of the board is guaranteed. It has a modern concave, which makes it comfortable to ride. It is a stable board with solid pop. Once you ride it, you will come to know how smooth this is. 

This is the best skateboard deck I’ve ever used. It has landed on its tail multiple times whenever I attempted to do tricks (and failed), hit walls on both ends, but still no chips or dents.

The durability of this product truly amazed me, going strong after six months with zero maintenance needed other than wiping down excess dust once every week or so? 

  • Quality maple wood construction 
  • precise holes
  • A lightweight, durable, and flexible material
  • Low wheel bites
  • Grip Tape quality is low

10. Blank Skateboard Deck

Best Skateboard Decks For POP

The last on our list is the Blank skateboard deck. It is ideal for beginners and amazing for street skating. 

It is made with maple wood which means it is sturdy and long-lasting. The concave is perfect, which makes the skating comfortable and safe. The nose and tail of the deck help in control during skating. It has amazing pop, which makes your riding experience more exciting. 

The first time I cruised down the streets, popping and flick boarding on my new wheels. The added weight made me pop harder than before. It’s not easy to be consistent when you’re using a lighter board, but this one has been perfect for all of our sessions so far because even though it is heavier it is still the Best Skateboard Deck for pop. 

Which can sometimes cause issues with balance or getting comfortable with balancing tricks- these problems don’t exist anymore since there’s no way I would ever want anything else now that I’ve found something good.

  • Its smooth surface is ideal for use as a canvas
  • Deep concave
  • The deck is affordable, sturdy, and strong
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Grip tape went on easily
  • A bit Heavier

Ways to Get More POP

The main factor that determines the pop of the deck is its quality, but you cannot rely only on the quality of the board without having any proper skills. You must have some skills to get more pop. 

Here are a few tips that can help you to get more pop. 

Right Feet Position

The board’s pop depends on the way you place your feet and pick them up while skating. 

When you do not pick your feet high enough or place your feet incorrectly, that affects the pop, and you can reduce it. 

There is not, as such, any idea of feet position, and you have to make a choice and determine which feet position enhances pop. 

There is one position that increases the pop, and that is to place your front foot below the bolts and bend down lower than usual. Bring your knees to the chest and come up to produce pop and clear the hindrances. 

To Increase The Speed

Speed and pop are directly related. The fastest you go means the higher you will go and the better the pop will be. 

When you go at slow speed, your weight is supported on the same point, which makes you go slow, but when you go at high speed, you will be able to take off quickly and go higher with more pop. 

High Jump and POP

It is a common thing that almost every skateboarder knows that the higher you jump, the higher the pop will be. 

You can do exercises to strengthen your muscles that will help you to increase your jumping height. Strong muscles help increase the vertical size that further helping you to jump higher. 

Here are a few exercises that increase your muscle and legs strength squats, step-ups, and level jumps. Push-ups, planks, and back bridges are very helpful to fortify the calf muscles. 

To Buy a New Deck Frequently

Another way to get more pop is to buy new decks more often. New decks always have more pop as compared to old ones. If you want to get more pop, then replace your deck every three months. 

When you see that skateboard’s tail wears out, it’s time to change the deck as it reduces the pop. 

Picking the Deck with High POP

Picking up the right skateboard deck with high pop is not easy, especially when you are a beginner. It would help if you considered many factors while choosing the right deck for yourself. 

We have compiled a few things that can help you to pick the best skateboard deck with high pop.

The Quality

Quality is the main factor when choosing the skateboard deck. If you want a board with high pop that lasts longer, look for the one that is of high quality and well crafted. 

The quality decks are made by stacking and pressing the layers of wood one by one with fine-quality glue. The pressing helps to attain the required concave shape and also helps to transfer all energy to the ground. 

Lighter Decks are better.

The lighter the deck, the more pop you will get. The reason is lighter decks are easy to pick off the ground. So if you want a high pop, you should go for a light board in weight. 

Most of the lightweight decks are made with composite materials, so always pick the one that is made of carbon, fiberglass, bamboo, and maple. 

When you pick the boards of composite materials, make sure you choose the reputed brands because of the correct manufacturing.

The Material of the Decks

The deck’s material is also an essential thing to consider when you want high pop on your board. We are going to discuss the different materials that give high pop.

Benefits of a Maple: 

Most skateboard deck manufacturers use maple wood for making decks. There are many benefits of maple wood, and one such benefit is its perfect density which gives high pop. High pop means you can perform tricks efficiently. 

Benefits of Bamboo: 

You should go for bamboo boards if you want the best board with high pop. It is one of the best deck materials. 

The boards made with bamboo are more flexible, stronger, and lighter. Also, these are durable and last longer, and you do not need to replace them very often. 

Bamboo skateboards absorb shock better than other decks. The essential characteristic that makes bamboo decks better is their veneers. The veneers are more elastic, which means they reflect more energy in the ground, making the board more proficient. 

Hybrid Decks: If you cannot choose which deck to choose, go for hybrid decks. They have both bamboo and maple wood characteristics and qualities and are suitable for most riders. 

The riders can easily and comfortably ride bamboo maple hybrid boards. 

The Concave of the Board

Concave boards are perfect for pop. You cannot get pop in flatter decks, but a board with a steeper tail and nose will give more pop. 

Concave has three main types. Low, medium, and high. You can choose the one according to your comfort and ease. 

Ways to Maintain the POP of the Deck

  • We have learned so far that there are many ways to get the pop and which factors are essential to pick the right deck with high pop. 
  • Once you get the right board, it’s your responsibility to keep it in good condition so that it may not lose its pop quickly. 
  • We have come up with a few maintenance tips that will help keep your board in perfect condition and maintain its pop. 
  • Store in a Dry and Clean Place
  • Always keep your deck in a clean and dry place to make it the Best Skateboard Decks for pop. A wet place will make your board rusty and will make it wear out permanently. Buy a rack for keeping your board. This way, your board will be safe, dry, and dust-free. 

Please do not use the deck when it’s raining or wet.

The rain can cause damage to your skateboard trucks, bearings, and other parts. Moisture causes rust to all directions. This will result in low performance and will make the sound during skating. 

Water also damages the deck of the skateboard. It makes it soggy, and the patio loses its pop. Also, the skateboards are made with several layers that are glued together. When the skateboard is exposed to water and wet conditions, it will separate layers. 

Replace Skateboard Parts When Needed

When you see that the skateboard parts are damaged, you should replace them immediately. Using the damaged skateboard will cause more damage and will make it less durable.

If the deck shows cracks and other signs of damage, it is the right time to replace it because a damaged deck has already lost its pop.

Maintain The Grip Tape

Grip tape on the skateboard deck helps to keep your feet on the deck while riding. When the grip tape wears down, get a new grip tape. You do not need to change the deck. 

Do not throw away the skateboard.

It is essential to keep the skateboard in good condition if you want to keep it popping. To maintain the pop, the tail part of the skateboard needs special care. That is why never throw away the board to avoid damage. 

Avoid Extreme Temperatures 

Extreme temperatures can affect your skateboard and can shorten its life span. That is why it is pivotal to avoid extreme temperatures and keep your boards safe.

Extreme heat affects the wheels and bushings. It causes them to wear and collapse. Hot weather also affects the bearings and can damage them.

On the other hand, cold weather makes the bushing freeze, which affects the performance of the skateboard and reduces its pop. 

Which skateboard deck with great pop is perfect for you?

We have listed a few skateboard decks with great pop for you. Go through it below and find out which one is perfect for you as per your requirements. 


It is a dream for every skateboarder to have the best skateboard deck and high pop. This dream can come true if you go through all the aspects mentioned in this article. 

The skateboard decks from top brands are made with high-quality materials, that’s why they are more durable and have high pop, but that does not mean other brands are not good enough and do not produce quality products. For your guidance, we have reviewed different products so that you can choose the best skateboard decks for pop. 

Spare some time and go through all the parts that are mentioned in this article. As we have stated earlier, for an excellent popping experience, you must have some other skills along with a high-quality deck. 

We hope that your search for skate decks with the most pop ends here through our article. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which deck has a high pop?

That deck will give high pop, which has finely compressed layers. These compressed layers give the deck a sharp edge and produce more pop.

2. Which deck size is perfect?

There is no perfect size as it varies according to height, weight, feet size, and riding style. Always choose the deck in which your feet’ size matches the board’s width. That size will be perfect for you. 

3. Is a narrow board good for performing tricky stunts?

The narrow board is good to perform the stunts and showing your skills because narrow boards are easy to flip and do tricks. 

4. Can a Skateboard Lose Its Pop?

Yes, skateboards do lose their pop. With use, it loses its pop gradually. You will notice it when it’s difficult to perform tricks and take off the ground. 

5. How can you Improve Skateboard Pop?

There are many factors to consider to improve skateboard pop. Such as the choice of the right skateboard is the most important thing. The other factor to consider is your riding style. It would be best if you also learned to position yourself better on the board. That will help you jump higher and pop harder.

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