Skateboard Wheels On Roller Skates

There are a lot of roller skaters out there, and if they find that they do not fit in anymore, they will look for any reason to get rid of their roller skates. Earlier, a roller skater questioned, “Can skateboard wheels be used on roller skates?” or vice versa. 

If you are one of the people who have attempted to inquire about this topic, then you are more than welcome to read the following essay. Can skateboard wheels be used on roller skates? In this article, we will be responding to this particular question. In addition, we are going to discuss how to install rollerblade wheels on a skateboard and many other topics.

Will Skateboard Wheels Work on Roller Skates?

Many people who roller skate need to be made aware that the wheels designed for skateboards may also be used on roller skates because they are virtually identical to skate wheels for roller skates. How is it that this is even possible?

In principle, roller skates and skateboards have interchangeable hardware and configuration configurations. Both roller skates and skateboards employ axles with a diameter of 8 millimeters, the same size as each other. 

Skateboard wheels and roller skate wheels are compatible with one another because roller skate wheels and skateboard wheels have the same core spacing. Roller skate wheels and Skateboard wheels are interchangeable, and in most cases, all that has to be done to make them fit exactly is to modify the size and location of the bearings in the wheels of the skateboard or roller skates.

The main drawback to using roller skate wheels for roller skates would be sacrificing some flexibility, which is not an issue with roller skate wheels because roller skate wheels have enough of it. This indicates that pushing this will seem more stressful than it usually would.

Skateboard and roller skate wheels are relatively comparable in diameter, shape, and core spacing. This makes it possible to put skateboard wheels on roller skates. However, it may be impossible to fit larger skateboard wheels on roller skates. Even if you were successful, the skateboard wheels would make the roller skates seem too heavy and may hinder your ability to skate.

Differences Between Skateboard And Rollerblades Wheels

The size of the wheel is the primary point of differentiation between a rollerblade wheel and a skateboard wheel. Skateboard wheels are on the bigger side compared to the narrow wheels used in rollerblades, which is why the latter are referred to as rollerblades.

Skateboard wheels are typically available from 80mm to 110mm. This makes it possible to have more diversity than with inline skate or rollerblade wheels. Skateboard wheels measuring 110 millimeters in diameter are called racing wheels.

Because of their more significant proportions, skateboards tend to make the rider travel quicker, glide for more extended periods between pushes, and ride more efficiently. Because of this, you will be able to preserve more energy, which will be to your advantage when you skate over a very long distance.

Rollerblade wheels varies between 72mm to 80mm in diameter. They will move at a slower speed, but it is lighter, gives greater agility, is simple to maneuver, and has superior control in terms of stopping it.

Skateboards are going to provide only some of these benefits to you. If you are utilizing skateboards, it takes significantly more time, as usual, to make sharp turns and come to a halt.

The configuration of their wheels is yet another significant point of differentiation between them. Skateboard wheels are constructed so that a single axle connects two wheels on opposite sides of the board. With most vehicles, the axle connects two wheels in front and at the back.

However, in rollerblades, the wheels are supported by one wheel per axle and are all aligned in the same direction. 

Rollerblade wheels are positioned at an angle to the ground, in contrast to skateboard wheels, which the truck supports to keep the wheels in a flat position on the ground.

Rollerblades and inline skates are notoriously difficult to learn in a short period due to the frames’ design and the wheels’ configuration. After making a few mistakes and falling off the skateboard, the skater will need a lot of perseverance and determination to achieve proficiency. 

You may have difficulty jumping off skateboards, but it is also possible that you will not. This is because it is more stable, simple to master, and glides at a higher speed.

Skateboarding, on the other hand, offers fewer benefits to the lower body than inline skating does. This is one of the sport’s disadvantages. The only leg used for propulsion in skateboarding is the leg that pushes the board, which means that the great benefits of skating are only experienced by one leg during this sport. 

Skating will have a beneficial effect on the other leg. Because you are using both legs to propel yourself forward, you can fully appreciate the advantages of using inline skates or rollerblades.

Your level of skating proficiency will have a significant impact on the wheels that you select for your skates. The vast majority of skaters interested in increasing their speed will go with wheels with a diameter that falls somewhere between 80 and 110 millimeters. 

Skaters that value other aspects of their skating experience more than speed, such as lightweight capability, easy mobility, agility, and so on, will undoubtedly go for smaller wheels. Please take note of wheels, regardless of whether you plan on rollerblading or skating on a skating board, as both require them. Skating relies heavily on their use, after all.

Differences Between Skateboard Wheels And Roller Skate Wheels

The axle of a skateboard is longer compared to that of outdoor roller skate wheels, but other than that, there is no significant difference between the two. In addition, most roller skates feature brake or stop near the toe area, allowing for more precise maneuvering.

Skateboards need a toe brake; therefore, stopping can be tricky unless the rider has mastered the technique.

How to Put Rollerblade/ Roller Skate Wheels on a Skateboard

Stay calm if your rollerblades no longer fit. Skateboards are compatible with roller skate bearings and wheels. We now know both skateboard and rollerblade/roller skate wheels are mechanically and dimensionally identical. Rollerblades and skateboards use 8mm bearings, but since rollerblades possess wheels ranging in size from 65mm to 120mm, mounting rollerblades to a skateboard results in a more comfortable ride.

What You Need

For this job, an Allen key set is all that is required. The wheels of some rollerblades cannot be removed with a standard Allen key, which is why you will need this. Due to the possibility of variation, you should experiment with a few before finding one that fits the pin and releases the wheel. Wheels are secured using pins.


Get an Allen wrench. You should buy one if you do not already have one. It is under $2 in price. The following action is to remove the wheel. You can unscrew the wheel pin with the right size of Allen key. It is common knowledge that rollerblades feature anything from two to four wheels, each pinned at the nose and tail. So, remember that while you take out the pins.

As soon as the pin is removed from each of the four wheels, the wheel may be slid out and removed from its location. Take off the bearing spacer made of plastic from within the wheel bearing. The bearing spacer reduces the inner diameter of the bearing; thus, your new rollerblade wheels will only fit in the skateboard if you do this. 

It will not fit on the skateboard if it is too snug. Rollerblade pins, and not skateboard ones, are what they are made for. This is why its removal is necessary.

It still requires the use of the Allen key to be removed. Use the Allen key to pry open the spacer from its socket. It is pointless to worry about ruining it since you probably will, anyhow. Removing the bearing from its socket requires considerable effort.

The bearing and spacer ought to have been removed by now. Now you may put the bearings back into the wheel by separating the spacer from it. Your skateboard’s axle should be able to accommodate the bearing. Skateboarding can begin as soon as you attach rollerblade wheels to the skateboard.

What Types of Wheels Are Best for Roller Skating?

Skaters sometimes argue over which wheel types are more suitable for roller skating. In the end, people’s preferences would win out. What works for one person may not be practical for another. Roller skate wheels are selected based on several criteria. Just what are they?

These characteristics include dimensions, hardness, surface, and hub construction. Once again, these aspects rely on the skater. Some skaters prefer a smaller wheel diameter, while others prefer a larger one. Similarly, some skaters may favor wheels with a 74A rating on the hardness scale, while others may favor a 92A rating. 

There are specific wheels that are better for you than others, depending on your level of skating proficiency. Nonetheless, they are the best skate wheels for roller skates.

Choose wheels with such scale rating of 97A in indoor skating and 85A in outdoor skating if you are starting. Skate wheels should be 62mm in diameter for indoor and 70mm for outdoor use. There will be increased steadiness while skating as a result of this. Wheels in the 92A to 95A range are optimal for skating on slick surfaces.


Skating is an enjoyable sport, but it is not without its challenges. Up until now, skaters have been largely ignorant of the idea that skateboard wheels may also be used on roller skates. I believe that the solution to your query, “Can skateboard wheels be used on roller skates?” has been provided by this article.

 I say this with a high degree of confidence. Do not get rid of your skateboard just because you believe it is past its prime. The wheels may end up being your savior.


What should I look for when selecting skateboard wheels on roller skates?

When selecting the right skateboard wheels for your roller skates, consider both style and performance. You should consider the size, shape, and durometer (the measure of a wheel’s hardness) of the wheel to determine if it will best suit your skating needs. You also need to make sure that you select the proper size bearing for your wheel so that it fits securely in your skate trucks. Finally, keep an eye out for any special features such as urethane compounds or hubs that can help improve overall performance. 

How often do I need to replace my skateboard wheels on roller skates?

Depending on your skating style, terrain and other factors, you will probably need to replace your skateboard wheels every few months. However, if you take good care of them and clean them regularly, they can last longer.

What is the best way to clean my skateboard wheels on roller skates?

To keep your skateboard wheels clean and in top condition, be sure to use a soft brush or cloth lightly moistened with water to wipe off any dirt or debris buildup. Be careful not to use too much pressure as this could damage the wheel surface. Afterwards, make sure that you dry off the wheel completely before using it again.

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