How to Get Better at Skateboarding [ Quick Tips ]

How To Get Better At Skateboarding

Are you worried about your skills and want to know How to get better at skateboarding? Look, I was riding my skateboard, and I fell over. It hurt a little the first few times, but it didn’t matter because I wasn’t getting any better anyway. I just kept falling over. 

How Dangerous is Longboarding – skateVella

How Dangerous Is Longboarding

First, determine how dangerous is longboarding. Many experienced riders have broken bones or in determining knees because they weren’t paying attention while on the board and crashing into things at high speeds.

How to Ollie Higher on a Skateboard – Effective Trick

How To Ollie Higher On A Skateboard

When you first start skateboarding, Ollie is the very first trick that needs to be learned. You need to know how to Ollie Higher on a Skateboard. It’s nothing more than a simple jump, but this essential skill will help with everything else and should never escape your memory as long as we’re on our boards. But how does one do an “Ollie”?